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Barr pushes for autonomous vehicles trials in Canberra

Autonomous vehicle from Google

In a serious pitch to become a pioneering test city for autonomous vehicles, ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr has said today that even Canberra’s notorious roundabouts could play a role in helping to attract global players in the developing market to the capital for trials of driverless cars.
Mr Barr told the Legislative Assembly this morning [...]

Bike helmet laws — baby steps


I wrote about the compulsory wearing of bike helmets back in 2014 suggesting that the laws were ill-conceived, arbitrary and downright dangerous.
I talked about the benefits of cycling and admitted happily that helmets do in fact prevent soft tissue injury and hairline fractures.  But I also suggested that the increased head mass due to the [...]

Light rail to arrive sooner, cost less and bring more trees to Northbourne

light rail model

The consortium chosen to develop Canberra’s light rail project says it will complete the project more cheaply and quickly than the Government’s estimates, and will replace trees along Northbourne in a staged manner and with 4m-tall plantings so that no section of the corridor is without trees for more than four months.
There will, in fact, [...]

Singapore Airlines CBR direct flights are go


Singapore Airlines chief executive Goh Choon Phong has this morning confirmed last week’s reports that the Asian carrier will introduce direct flights between Singapore and Canberra and Wellington and Canberra. Flights on the service, dubbed the ‘Capital Express’ will commence September 20, with tickets available from this Monday.

As foreshadowed last week, there will be four [...]

Plaza would revitalise Civic’s iconic Sydney and Melbourne Buildings: Barr

An artist's impression of the revitalised Sydney and Melbourne buildings precinct.

A proposed plaza between the Sydney and Melbourne Buildings in Civic would help Canberrans reclaim the iconic art deco landmarks and revitalise the precinct, according to ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr.
Mr Barr has today invited Canberrans to have a say on a Government strategy to create a series of “urban villages” at key points on [...]

Singapore Airlines to fly into Canberra: report

By 12 January 2016 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Singapore Airlines is reportedly set to announce plans next week to operate international flights in and out of Canberra Airport.
The Australian Financial Review has reported that Singapore Airlines will soon offer flights between Canberra and Singapore and Canberra and Wellington.
According to the report, Singapore Airlines chief executive Goh Choon Phong will announce the move during [...]

ACTION offers 14 free Christmas Day services

By 23 December 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

ACTION will provide a free bus service on Christmas Day so people can get to Christmas events and spend the day with family and friends.
“ACTION will operate 14 special bus routes that will travel between major shopping centres and local town centres on Christmas Day – all of which will be free,” Acting Minister for [...]

Light rail development application approved

light rail

The ACT Environment and Planning Directorate has approved development applications for light rail links between Gungahlin and the City and from the City to Russell.
Minister for Capital Metro Simon Corbell said the development applications were open for public consultation for 15 working days during which 22 submissions were received.
“These approvals are an important milestone for [...]

Woden bus platforms close for maintenance

By 22 December 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Woden bus station platform closures

A number of platforms at Woden Bus Station will be temporarily closed after the morning peak today, according to ACTION.
“From 10 am, platforms 8, 9 and 10 will be temporarily closed to allow for unforeseen maintenance work required by ActewAGL,” Bren Burkevics, ACTION’s Chief Operating Officer, said today.
“Bus services that would usually operate from these [...]

Libs offer up light rail alternatives for Northbourne

Northbourne Ave

The ACT Liberal Opposition has today proposed three alternatives to light rail on the Northbourne Avenue corridor based on ideas provided by the community.
Canberrans can read the 19-page paper outlining the alternatives on Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe’s website here.
Until today, the Liberals’ anti-light rail campaign had focused on criticizing the transport plan without [...]

Uber-factor makes ‘sharing economy’ word of the year


Sharing economy v. An economic system based on sharing of access to goods, resources, and services, typically by means of the Internet.
You knew the arrival of ridesharing service Uber had disrupted the taxi business, but did you also know it has disrupted the very language we speak, inspiring rapid uptake of 2015′s word of the [...]

‘Dragon’s teeth’ road markings for school zones at Macquarie, Macgregor

By 9 December 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Dragon's teeth

The ACT Government is trialling a new style of triangular road markings called dragon’s teeth to encourage safer driving on roads around primary schools at Macquarie and Macgregor.
The road markings are placed in pairs on each side of the road to provide a visual narrowing and increase the awareness of motorists as they enter [...]

Walk, cycle and Park & Ride upgrades in works

By 24 November 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
eddison park canberra

The ACT Government is conducting feasibility studies and undertaking design work to improve walking and cycling connections in Woden, Tuggeranong and Belconnen, and has added 30 new parking spaces to the Park & Ride facility at the Tuggeranong Bus Station.
There were already 58 spots at Tuggeranong but they were among the most highly used of [...]

Dickson Intersection “upgrade”: yet another useless red turn arrow for Canberra

By 7 November 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask RiotACT

(First off, I am aware that there have been ACT red arrow rants posted here before, but the most recent post was several years ago.)
Hi RiotACT,
As many of you Northsiders are probably already aware, after months of roadworks, the ACT Government has finally finished the signalization of the intersection of Antill St. and Badham St. [...]

Locals should be tram’s priority


Just when most locals probably thought that there have been more than enough discussions and surveys about the Canberra’s new light rail (or trams), the ACT Government has launched another consultation on the topic.
But wait – do not despair just yet – this time the focus is not about whether or not, or when or [...]

ACTION, Capital Metro to merge under Transport Canberra umbrella

By 27 October 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Transport ACT

A new single agency, Transport Canberra, will oversee the territory’s light rail and bus network from July 2016 when light rail contract negotiations are complete, putting an end to any speculation that ACTION may be privatised.
There will be no change to the ACTION and Capital Metro brands at this time and Minister for Capital Metro [...]

Beware light rail cost blow-outs

By 26 October 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Well, what a debacle that mess in the ACTON Tunnel was. It’s hard to imagine in this city of ours how much of a headache an over-height truck can cause. However, due to the unfathomable use uf ‘asbestos’ tiles on the roof of this decades old structure it did indeed cause a headache. What this [...]

Tunnel collapse truck had no permit

By 21 October 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Tunnel collapse

ACT Roads Minister Mick Gentleman says the truck that caused the Acton tunnel collapse yesterday morning did not have the required permit for oversized vehicles/loads.
Mr Gentleman told ABC Radio that ACT Policing were still investigating the incident and it was a matter for them whether to press charges against the driver or his employer and [...]

Behind the light rail survey

By 21 October 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Survey methodology

Surveys into whether we Canberrans are for or against the ACT Government’s planned light rail system have been in the news all week, and many of our readers have questioned the research methods used.
We contacted Piazza Research, the Phillip-based company contracted to undertake surveys on light rail for the ACT Government, to find out how [...]

Age a key factor in light rail support

By 19 October 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Light rail

A majority of older Canberrans are anti-light rail but overall capital residents are for the Capital Metro according to new survey results.
Only 46% of over-65s are pro-light rail compared to 67% of 35-49-year-olds.
ACT Minister for Capital Metro Simon Corbell has released a summary of data from surveys undertaken by Piazza Research for the government showing [...]

Light rail impact statement now online

By 15 October 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
An artist's impression of Canberra's light rail.

The environmental impact statement (EIS) for Canberra’s light rail network is complete, has been lodged with the planning and land authority and is now available to the public at
A draft version of the EIS was published in June and after four weeks of consultation, the Capital Metro Agency had received 60 responses from the [...]

Corbell to include Russell in light rail application

light rail artist impression

The ACT Government has sent a strong message to the anti-light rail lobby today by announcing it will lodge a development application for the optional extension to Russell together with that for the initial Civic to Gungahlin line within weeks.
A statement from Minister for Capital Metro, Simon Corbell, said the application would cover works required [...]

Light rail build to nab half a carpark

An artist's impression of Canberra's light rail.

The ACT Government will use up to half of the Magistrates Court carpark on London Circuit as a construction compound during stage one of the building of Canberra’s light rail network.
Minister for Capital Metro Simon Corbell said the Government was in talks with Civic businesses and other stakeholders to ensure sufficient car-parking remained available during [...]

ACT Government gives Uber the green light

Uber website

Rideshare business Uber has the green light to operate legally in the ACT from next month.
The ACT Government announced this morning that it will introduce reforms to regulate ridesharing operators and taxi drivers/owners in a bid to provide Canberrans with safe, flexible and affordable ridesharing services while reducing costs for taxi drivers, owners and passengers.
See [...]

A war on cars or visionary policy?

By 29 September 2015 FEATURED ARTICLE
light rail artist impression

Canberra’s MLAs are not exactly famous for lively repartee, but last week duty called for Liberal MLA Giulia Jones. She gave it a good hard crack, flexing her silver tongue and delivering an unbridled bombardment to the Greens.
“Mums and dads trying to get their kids to school and earn the double income needed to survive these [...]

Booking a taxi that comes on time

By 27 September 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask RiotACT

I booked a taxi with cabxpress the night before my planned trip, for 6am. The operator said it would be there on time.
Long story short, when I called at 6:05 the operator said you’re in the queue, no eta. I then jumped in my car and drove to my destination and got mum to pick [...]

Who is Harry and why does he love gardens? – ACTION Bus ad

By 25 September 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 9.54.03 am

Recently I saw an ACTION bus driving around Canberra with a full side advertisement that said ‘HARRY Loves Gardens’ and had a picture of a dog.
I Googled ‘Harry loves gardens’ and came up with nothing.
Does anyone know what this bus advertisement means? Does a really rich person just want Canberra to know that his dog [...]

Smart parking trial coming to Manuka

By 24 September 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
smart parking trial

The ACT Government will next year introduce a smart parking trial in Manuka, Chief Minister Andrew Barr has announced today. 
Barr says the smart parking technology will save time, reduce traffic delays and provide “a better overall user experience”.

“Drivers will be able to use a smart phone app, as well as intelligent, real-time traffic signs, to [...]

3 years since light rail announced as ALP policy

By 22 September 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
andrew barr light rail

On 21 Sep 2012, the ALP announced that Capital Metro light rail would form part of the policy platform they would take to the 2012 ACT election.
It was covered by ACT Light Rail here.
The ALP and Greens won that election, and formed Government. Light rail commencing construction formed part of the agreement to govern between the [...]

Will proposed cycling laws make roads safer?

By 21 September 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Canberra drivers will need to keep a minimum distance from cyclists under a new trial announced by Minister for Justice Shane Rattenbury this week.
The media release is below.
Minister for Justice, Shane Rattenbury, has announced that, from the 1st of November motorists will be required to provide a minimum distance when overtaking bicycles as part of [...]

What do you think about the Gungahlin Drive improvements?

By 14 September 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 3.21.26 pm

The below information is from the TAMS website:
Project background
Gungahlin Drive is currently experiencing considerable congestion, particularly during peak periods, as traffic accesses the Mitchell commercial and industrial precinct. This traffic congestion is expected to increase as the Gungahlin Town Centre and greater Gungahlin area continue to grow.
In late 2014, engineering and development consultants SMEC were [...]

Border Force by tram

By 3 September 2015
Barcelona tram

Just a nuance about last week’s Operation Fortitude demo in Melbourne.  I’ll bet most of the demonstrators (not to be confused with rioters), got the site at Flinders Street Station by tram – read light rail.

Ha ha.
As the Newcastle song goes……….. Don’t you ever let a chance go by, oh Lord.
(Photo: Barcelona tram)

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