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Want to see a truck driver act like a jerk?

By 12 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
Rioter Rik D sent us in this:

People get frustrated when cars do this, let alone a semi-trailer. I like how he indicates at the very end.
if you missed the plate on the trailer, it was: W10632

Country roads might take you home, but they can kill you too

By 11 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

The NRMA is putting out word of Canberrans bucking the trend of crashing close to home and instead coming to grief on the rural roads of surrounding NSW:
Fatal crashes involving ACT drivers and riders were 3 to 5 times more likely to occur in NSW than in the ACT on the basis of vehicle kilometres [...]

Do you have what it takes to be an ACTION driver?

By 11 November 2013

While their online personas may be rude, abusive, and staggeringly entitled, ACTION bus drivers in my recent experience have been rather nice.
Since the introduction of ACTION timetables to Google Maps I’ve been finding the buses actually useful, and the drivers have been great.
That said let us turn our attention to TAMS recruitment drive:
ACTION is putting [...]

The ghosts of Constitution Avenue ride again

By 9 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Mayor Rattenbury is out for his first Constitution Avenue Rodeo.
A stretch of road dominated by gravel car parks and bordered by Canberra’s oldest graveyard will, we are repeatedly promised, be transformed into the Paris of the South.
Anyway, here’s Shane’s stab at it:
Work is progressing on the upgrade of Constitution Avenue with design plans now finalised [...]

Jorian goes DUI

By 7 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Rarely out of the news for long Jorian Gardner has just posted the following to facebook:
I am beating The Canberra Times to it. Tomorrow they will publish a story, because apparently they can’t resist putting in the boot when I screw up, where they allege I was pulled over by ACT Police & blew over [...]

Giulia Jones having a go at other people’s parking!

By 5 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Angels and Ministers of Grace preserve us, the Canberra Times has got Guilia Jones on record about the poor parking of people not in her liveried car!
Spokeswoman and Member for Molonglo Giulia Jones said several of her constituents had voiced concerns about services accessing clients in the suburb, including Staverton Place.
“It is not good enough [...]

Bywong’s “aggression problem” Daniel West pleads guilty to beating up cyclists

By 4 November 2013

The ABC has the tale of one 26 year old Daniel West who can’t share the road:
Daniel John West, 26, from Bywong has faced Queanbeyan Local Court.
He has pleaded guilty to one count of common assault and one count of intimidation relating to an incident on April 21, 2013.
He has also pleaded guilty to [...]

Snowy Ride carnage

By 4 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

The ABC reports on a staggering 3 motorcycle accidents in the wake of the Snowy Ride charity event.
The riders were part of a 3,000-strong contingent taking part in the Snowy Ride to raise funds for a children’s cancer charity.
A 37-year-old woman from Wollongong was found dead after her bike ran down an embankment near [...]

New weekly free bicycle fix workshops

By 4 November 2013

hey guys
my friend jac has recently setup a new weekly bike fixing workshop.  its held 4- 6pm every wed afternoon at the recyclery.  go along with your bike, use the tools and get some great advice on how to service/fix your bike all for free
read more here
go check it out.  jac is great guy [...]

We need hire car for family who are visiting with a newborn

By 1 November 2013

We have friends coming from interstate and need a hire car for family with a newborn.
Can anyone recommend a good hire company who use good quality car seats, and install them for you?
I’ve often found myself in in airport car parks trying to install crap car seats in hire cars.

A dark dark time for Canberra

By 1 November 2013

There’s disturbing news on the Canberra Times about a very rare drink cycling conviction:
A teenager who rode his bicycle drunk through Canberra streets has been convicted, despite protesting that he didn’t know “drink-riding” was a crime.
The 19-year-old Canberra man, who was caught riding under the influence earlier this year, has been fined and has been [...]

Bugger the Civic Cycle Loop. What we need is obviously a Hovenring!

By 31 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

bird’s-eye view Hovenring Eindhoven (the Netherlands) designed by ipv Delft from ipv Delft on Vimeo.
Gismodo have the details of more Dutch cycling genius.
Rather the just cover an intersection I propose a mighty spire rising out of the Vernon circle suspending the overhead cycle loop.
Come on Canberra, it’ll be our Harbour Bridge!
Melbourne will be properly jealous!

Future bike parking in Civic ?

By 31 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

A video showing how they park their cycles in land short Tokyo.
Could be useful when our cash strapped council starts charging for cycle parking.

Braddon Parking

By 31 October 2013

I made a casual observation today about the increasing number of new apartments, shops, and restaurants planned for southeast Braddon (area bounded by Northbourne, Haig Park, Torrens, and Cooyong) and the apparent decreasing number of places to park a car. 
Is ACTPLA planning directed towards making parking difficult for people who do not live in [...]

Milton Keynes getting ahead of us

By 30 October 2013

Canberra is oft compared to the UK’s Milton Keynes (over planned and badly planned, sterile, lots of roundabouts).
So it is with considerable distress I read in The Register that MK is getting roboting transport pods:
Milton Keynes will play host to a fleet of smartphone-controlled driverless pods powered by electric motors and gunning around the [...]

Action Buses… AGAIN

By 29 October 2013

I rarely use Action Buses, however on occasion do particularly on weekends.
I find the Red Rapid between Gungahlin and Canberra a great way to get in and out of town.
However the service that runs on the weekend is such an ambiguous winding route that it took me best part of an hour (estimate) [...]

Belco safety sign rampage?

By 28 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

LSWCHP has noticed something a that seems a little disturbing happening in the North, anyone else spotted this?
Driving through Dunlop today on Kerrigan circuit I noticed that many of the safety signs on the road had been smashed to the ground, as shown in the attached image. There must’ve been over a dozen signs damaged [...]

Road closures for Parkes Way widening

By 28 October 2013

TAMS are warning of the impacts of their seemingly interminable Parkes Way road widening:
The ACT Government wishes to advise motorists and other road users that there will be temporary road closures along Lady Denman Drive and Clunies Ross Street on Tuesday 29 October 2013 from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm.
Lady Denman Drive will remain [...]

Melbourne abandons real time bus tracking

By 28 October 2013

The Age has an interesting story on the Victorians giving up on GPS driven real time tracking of buses.
“Given the age of the technology, the review indicated that progressing with the tracking system in its current format is not cost effective,” a spokeswoman said. “PTV has suspended the rollout of the system and is investigating [...]

The Latest Round of Re-surfacing

By 28 October 2013

Now I know the state of re-surfacing of roads in the Capital has been covered many times on RA, but I have a directly related issue on my mind.
Having driven from one side of Canberra to the other and back again on the weekend, I couldn’t help notice all of the “This road will be [...]

Push bike servicing in Canberra.. Who does it best?

By 26 October 2013

The sun’s out, the weather is warmer. I’d love to start riding my bike again and i’ve been told I should get it serviced.
So, who does it best, where would you go?
Looking at living in a big city in the next few months and plan to use my bike as my main form [...]

A hotel for the airport

By 24 October 2013

The ABC has word on plans out at Snowtown for a hotel to join their legoland collection.
The Canberra Airport will build a four-star, 180-room hotel to help attract international flights to the capital.
The hotel would be built between the airport and the Brindabella Business Park, five-minutes walk from the terminal.
The airport would build and [...]

Trinity Christian School wants a crossing

By 24 October 2013

Nicole Lawder is getting steamed up on behalf of Trinity Christian School and the risks of a lack of a crossing:
ACT Labor has denied students at Trinity Christian School in Wanniassa road safety, dismissing the Canberra Liberals calls for a school crossing over McBryde Crescent, Member for Brindabella Nicole Lawder said today.
“Today in the [...]

Giulia wants action on the Hinder and Hibberson Street intersection

By 23 October 2013

The Legislative Assembly’s worst parker is intrepidly wading into transport issues with a demand for action:
The dangers at the Hinder and Hibberson Street intersection in the Gungahlin Town Centre must be prioritised as a matter of urgency by Minister Shane Rattenbury, Member for Molonglo Giulia Jones said today.
“There have been 66 crashes at the [...]

Buses stopping work next Wednesday

By 23 October 2013

Bus services will be temporarily suspended between 10 am and 2 pm on Wednesday 30 October 2013 to allow for an essential scheduled meeting of ACTION drivers, transport officers and special needs transport staff to discuss their enterprise agreement, James Roncon, Director, Public Transport, announced today.
“The Transport Workers Union (TWU) has requested a [...]

Capitals’ bus wrap 2013/14. This time they’re a team!

By 23 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

The Canberra Capitals have unveiled their bus wrap for this season:
The bus livery is part of ACTION’s sponsorship of the benchmark female sporting team along with game day promotions and appearances by Capitals players at ACTION events throughout the year.
Yvette Berry the ACT Government member for Ginninderra was on hand at the launch along [...]

Critical Mass rides again this Friday

By 23 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 25 October 2013 at 5:44 pm; ]

This just in:

when uranium-235 is bombarded by a neutron, it undergoes fission which in turn releases more neutrons. Some of these escape, but a portion seeds further fission events – that in turn releases more neutrons. A critical mass is the amount of fissile material needed for a sustained chain reaction.

Friday 25th October, [...]

Angle Crossing and Sunshine Crossing now open

By 22 October 2013

This just in from TAMS
The ACT Government wishes to advise motorists and other road users that Angle Crossing and Sunshine Crossing have reopened.
The crossings have been closed since last month due to flooding.
If the ants around here are anything to go by don’t expect them to stay open long.

Welcome to Canberra, home of Australia’s roughest road seals

By 22 October 2013

Looks like now th ACT Goverment’s rock bottom quality, coarse chipseal has come to area’s of Kingston, Red Hill, around Hotel Realm and Yarralumla. So now not only do you get extreeme tyre roar and rumble right as you pass the “Welcome to the ACT” sign, now if you stay in Canberra’s only five star hotel [...]

Bunda Street is going all footpath on us!

By 21 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Mayor Rattenbury has announced that the demands of the Great Civic Cycle Loop will require Civic’s Bunda Street to become a “shared space” which is probably for the best as it’s a lousy street right now.
Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Shane Rattenbury, today announced that Canberra City’s Bunda Street will become an innovative ‘shared [...]

More red light running

By 21 October 2013

A YouTube account called Canberra Car Chaos has just sent us a link to a small collection of Canberran red-light-runners, which we will now share with you.

Belco Labor Club car massacre

By 20 October 2013

ACT Policing is investigating the extensive damage to several vehicles in a parking lot last night (Saturday October 19).
Around 9.40pm police received a report of several vehicles parked behind the Belconnen Labour Club off Cameron Avenue.
A witness allegedly saw a group of men damage several cars before leaving the car park.
Police estimate the damage to [...]

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