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Angle Crossing and Sunshine Crossing now open

By 22 October 2013

This just in from TAMS
The ACT Government wishes to advise motorists and other road users that Angle Crossing and Sunshine Crossing have reopened.
The crossings have been closed since last month due to flooding.
If the ants around here are anything to go by don’t expect them to stay open long.

Welcome to Canberra, home of Australia’s roughest road seals

By 22 October 2013

Looks like now th ACT Goverment’s rock bottom quality, coarse chipseal has come to area’s of Kingston, Red Hill, around Hotel Realm and Yarralumla. So now not only do you get extreeme tyre roar and rumble right as you pass the “Welcome to the ACT” sign, now if you stay in Canberra’s only five star hotel [...]

Bunda Street is going all footpath on us!

By 21 October 2013
Bunda Street is going all footpath on us!

Mayor Rattenbury has announced that the demands of the Great Civic Cycle Loop will require Civic’s Bunda Street to become a “shared space” which is probably for the best as it’s a lousy street right now.
Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Shane Rattenbury, today announced that Canberra City’s Bunda Street will become an innovative ‘shared [...]

More red light running

By 21 October 2013
More red light running

A YouTube account called Canberra Car Chaos has just sent us a link to a small collection of Canberran red-light-runners, which we will now share with you.

Belco Labor Club car massacre

By 20 October 2013

ACT Policing is investigating the extensive damage to several vehicles in a parking lot last night (Saturday October 19).
Around 9.40pm police received a report of several vehicles parked behind the Belconnen Labour Club off Cameron Avenue.
A witness allegedly saw a group of men damage several cars before leaving the car park.
Police estimate the damage to [...]

Musical bikes gone missing ahead of The Canberra Pursuit

By 16 October 2013
Musical bikes gone missing ahead of The Canberra Pursuit

The Centenary Team are asking for help tracking down stolen musical bikes:
Three musical bikes have gone missing ahead of a large-scale Centenary of Canberra event this Friday night, as bike makers continue efforts to create 100 musical bikes for The Canberra Pursuit.
The General Manager of the Centenary of Canberra, Adam Stankevicius, is asking the public [...]

It’s all your fault! The ultimate cyclist troll?

By 16 October 2013

On Ride2Work day it’s probably worth having a chat about a proposal from Pedal Power, who would like the national road rules changed to:
“place the responsibility for a crash involving a bicycle and another vehicle on the driver of the other vehicle, unless the driver can prove that the person on the bicycle was clearly [...]

Work begins on Ashley Drive and Erindale Drive

By 15 October 2013

Canberra has been sorely lacking in road works recently, but never fear, today Shane Rattenbury announced some more!
“The ACT Government is upgrading Ashley Drive and Erindale Drive, including intersection improvements, to make the area safer for motorists, cyclists and other road users and reduce traffic congestion,” Mr Rattenbury said.
“Carrying over 20,000 vehicles a day, [...]

Crace Eggstravaganza!

By 14 October 2013

ACT Fire & Rescue and the ACT Ambulance Service are on scene at a truck accident on the Barton Highway and Gundaroo Drive, Crace.
ACT Ambulance Service intensive care paramedics have assessed one patient who is currently being taken to The Canberra Hospital.
ACT Fire & Rescue crews will remain on scene to assist in the clean [...]

40 zones back Monday

By 11 October 2013

ACT Policing is advising motorists that 40km/h speed limits will be enforced in school zones for the start of the new school term on Monday (October 14).
Officer in Charge of Traffic Operations, Sergeant Mark Steel said the restrictions are in place between 8am and 4pm and warns motorists there will be tough penalties for those [...]

Cotter Road Stage One. UPGRADE COMPLETE!

By 11 October 2013

Mayor Rattenbury is claiming success in the first stage of Cotter Road upgrades:
Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Shane Rattenbury, today announced Cotter Road has reopened to traffic following the first stage of upgrades.
The ACT Government invested $7.15 million toward stage one of the upgrade to help cater for the increased population in new [...]

Barton Highway Duplication push gets a website

By 10 October 2013
Barton Highway Duplication push gets a website

The Duplicate the Barton Highway Community Action Group has been in touch to let us know their website is now up and running.
The need to duplicate the Barton Highway is something the community understands well. Unfortunately it is an infrastructure project that neither the State or Federal Governments find compelling. The number of fatalities [...]

Park and road closures

By 9 October 2013

Territory and Municipal Services wishes to advise that due to a total fire ban that has been declared for tomorrow, Thursday 10 October 2013, the following nature reserves and roads will be closed:
• Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve (the Visitor Centre will remain open);
• selected roads within Namadgi National Park including Apollo Road, Orroral Road, Old [...]

Hands an over-rated aid to driving?

By 8 October 2013
Hands an over-rated aid to driving?

This just in to us from Canberra Car Chaos:
Guy on Tharwa Drive decides that using the steering wheel isn’t as important as using his mobile phone – Caught on dashcam!

Centenary of Canberra Rally heads to Old Parliament House

By 8 October 2013

The Centenary of Canberra Rally doesn’t appear to be a race, which is a shame.
A procession of cars will be driving at reasonable speeds from Jervis Bay to Old Parliament House, and probably none of them will be going sidewards at any point.
Disappointing Canberra.
That being said if looking at old cars is you thing, you [...]

More nabbed this long weekend

By 8 October 2013

ACT Policing issued 127 Traffic Infringement Notices (TINs) and 54 cautions over the Labour Day long weekend (October 4-7) despite a heavy police presence on Canberra roads.
ACT Policing identified 59 speeding offences over the period. On Friday a man with a provisional licence was detected riding a motorcycle on Drake Brockman Drive, Higgins in excess [...]

On roundabouts

By 8 October 2013
On roundabouts

With Canberra so famous for its roundabouts it’s worth noting The Economist has a story on their history, and the social capital required to make them work:
The fate of roundabouts abroad thus repeats in miniature that of another British export, parliamentary democracy—another fine idea that backfires when mixed with jiggery-pokery. Just as democracy tends [...]

And in October we’re back to speeding!

By 4 October 2013

ACT Policing will be targeting speeding motorists during the month of October as part of its multi-agency road safety strategy.
At different periods during the year, the strategy targets specific issues and behaviours which contribute to death and serious injuries on Canberra’s roads, with speeding among those concerns.
Officer in Charge of Traffic Operations Mark Steel said [...]

192 crap drivers chastised in September

By 4 October 2013

ACT Policing issued a total of 97 Traffic Infringement Notices (TINs) and 95 cautions for Traffic Control offences during the month of September as part of its multi-agency road safety strategy.
At different periods during the year, the strategy targets specific issues and behaviours which contribute to death and serious injuries on Canberra’s roads, with Traffic [...]

NRMA smash repairers? Any good ones around Canberra??

By 3 October 2013

Hello RiotACT!
Recently I was involved in a accident and received some minor damage to the rear of my car.
Has anyone delt with any of NRMA’s approved smash repairers?
Which ones were the best?
I’m looking for somewhere that does high quality work over anything else.
They did suggest A & A smash in Fyshwick but I [...]

So what does your dad do? He’s senior management at Capital Metro!

By 3 October 2013

It may not have trains, or rails, but Simon Corbell has the happy news that Capital Metro has senior appointments:
Two important project leaders have been appointed to the Capital Metro Project, to drive and direct the development of Canberra’s first light rail line, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, announced today.

Nasty crash in Queanbeyan

By 2 October 2013

The Queanbeyan Age have reported a story about a nasty five car collision at lunchtime today, along with a request from Police for information on the accident.
QUEANBEYAN Police are continuing their inquiries after a five vehicle crash in town this afternoon.
At about 12.45pm today, a sedan was travelling east on Canberra Avenue and was nearing [...]

13 year old girl run down in Nicholls

By 2 October 2013

ACT Fire & Rescue and the ACT Ambulance Service have attended a pedestrian accident on Clarrie Hermes, Kuringa Drive in Nicholls.
A 13 year old female patient has been treated by ACT Ambulance Service intensive care paramedics for lower leg injuries and has been taken to The Canberra Hospital in a stable condition.
3:09 PM
[Courtesy ESA]

Science on why cyclist haters are basically nazis

By 2 October 2013
Science on why cyclist haters are basically nazis

With all the dicussion of cyclists in Canberra it’s worth noting the ABC’s Catalyst program from last week which assigned the mindless rage of flabbies in death boxes (aka cars) on “out-group homogeneity bias”, something the Nazis were rather keen on (just to get Godwin out of the way).
Anyway Nazis may think they’re cool in [...]

Tuesday Parking Adventures!

By 1 October 2013
Tuesday Parking Adventures!

Parking doesn’t stop on public holidays, but I do.
I hope your long weekend was as long as your sleep-ins Rioters, however the weekend is over.
It’s week-time now, and week-time is time to get serious.
Serious about bad parking.
If you’ve got any photos of bad parking to share send them to! Be sure to include the [...]

Cycling Tips for Northbourne

By 28 September 2013
Cycling Tips for Northbourne

Here’s a great first person perspective of the trials and challenges of cycling Northbourne Avenue:
A quick video I made with some of my tips for cycling on Northbourne Avenue in Canberra.
Please remember to set to 720p+. These are only my tips, so don’t get carried away

Pining for Mussolini

By 28 September 2013
Pining for Mussolini

The Liberals’ Alistair Coe is expressing concern (with attachment at the general deterioration of ACTION and the one in three buses not running on time:
Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe has highlighted that ACTION’s performance has deteriorated under Shane Rattenbury’s first year in charge, with not one performance indicator showing improvement.
“ACT Government annual reports show [...]

Car damaged by lawn mower in Canberra?

By 27 September 2013

My car was hit by a stick/branch thrown from a mower near the Barton highway/Gundaroo drive roundabout yesterday morning.
Does anyone know who to contact to get compensationfor damages or to get it fixed?
Do i need to get a quote myself?

Have you used goCatch? How was it?

By 27 September 2013

The Canberra Times has an interesting yarn on the conflict between Canberra’s horrible taxi system and the goCatch app based startup.
A taxi turf war appears to be erupting in Canberra with an established network accused of warning drivers not to use an emerging smartphone app which lets customers directly book and pay for cabs.
So who’s [...]

You’re all pretty happy with TAMS it would seem

By 26 September 2013

At least 920 of you are satisfied with the ACT’s municipal services.
Shane Rattenbury has announced that TAMS randomly called 1000 Canberrans and discovered that 92% of them are satisfied with the ACT’s current state of municipal affairs.
“Canberrans rightly place much importance on municipal services such as their roads, paths, publictransport, parks and garbage collection,” Mr [...]

Critical Mass coming to Canberra

By 26 September 2013
Critical Mass coming to Canberra

[ 27 September 2013; 5:45 pm; ]

The Critical Mass movement is a great bit of fun if you like cycling.

Even better is that it’s come to Canberra starting this Friday:

Gathering 5:45pm, Launching 6pm, Garema Place, ending at The Civic Pub in Braddon.
Last Friday of every month

To bring: a self-powered vehicle with wheels, as many lights/bike-accesories as you can muster, a [...]

Shane and the sun moths

By 25 September 2013
Shane and the sun moths

Mayor Rattenbury is letting us know about the work he’s been doing on Golden Sun Moth preservation and the Majura Parkway:
Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Shane Rattenbury, today joined ecologists from the University of Canberra (UC) and SMEC Australia Pty Ltd to translocate Golden Sun Moth (Synemon plana) larvae, from the Majura Parkway alignment, [...]

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