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Chic Henry and the tram to nowhere?

light rail artist impression

I’ve had a couple of long conversations with Summernats’ Chic Henry, who is tossing up whether to run in the 2016 ACT election.
He told me that the Liberals want him to stand but one of the reasons he hasn’t yet committed is his age. If he were fifteen years younger he’d have no hesitation, but [...]

Best of Canberra Taste Off – Juice

Penny University

I quite enjoy a good fresh juice. When I’m out for weekend breakfast with my mates, I’m always the indulgent one that orders a coffee and a juice. This week I put the word out to RiotACT readers for the best juice in Canberra. 
Votes came in for a few of the markets around town – there [...]

Should Norfolk Island be self governed?


The bun fight between the Norfolk Island Legislative Assembly and the Commonwealth Government regarding governance of the island has been going on for decades.
The island has about 2000 permanent residents and they are Australian citizens. It has an interesting history dating back to 1856 when the bounty mutineers moved from Pitcairn Island to Norfolk Island. [...]

Light rail and intersections?


According to Capital Metro:

Who will have priority at traffic lights?
A level of priority is typically provided for light rail to help the service run efficiently. This occurs as a part of planning that helps the light sequencing to support the major traffic flow (such as the inbound traffic in the morning peak). This means that [...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 screen repairer?

By 28 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

I recently cracked the screen on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
Trying to find the best place to get it repaired because I’ve experienced a lot of dodgy people…
Hope you can help. Much appreciated.

Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: The Juggernaut, Braddon


Have you been looking for the Juggernaut? If you were wondering where this coffee trailer has been, well it’s been everywhere! After opening on West Row in the city last year, the Juggernaut moved out to Aranda shops temporarily, until Sunday night when it appeared on Lonsdale St, Braddon.
The Juggernaut has been a favourite coffee [...]

Cheap gym in Tuggeranong?

By 27 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

I’m putting this in the “Ask RiotACT” section in the hopes I can find a good solution from someone with a bit of knowledge of Tuggeranong.
I’ve been out of work for a while, and have recently picked up some work for a few months near the Hyperdome.  Because some of the shifts might finish just after [...]

Possum beater on video not convicted

By 26 February 2015
Baby possum cared for by RSPCA ACT

I am outraged by the results of one of our most recent animal cruelty cases. As published in The Canberra Times today, Lyons resident Domaneco Zizi escaped conviction after attacking a possum with a pole and eventually killing it.
In this case, our RSPCA ACT inspectors received actual video footage of the attack.
Furthermore, although we were unable [...]

Canberra GP recommendations

By 26 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

I was wondering if anyone can recommend a GP in Canberra who takes the time to listen and explain things to you, and preferably specialises in chronic disease?
Also, does anyone know of a chronic illness support group in the ACT?

Seeking a new future for Canberra planning

By 26 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
planning dickson

The Canberra heritage lobby is engaged in a public stoush with the government as a result of the heritage ruling to hang onto one of the Northbourne Towers. I disagree with the heritage decision, as my view is that these towers are not worth fighting for.
However, I share the concern that we will most likely [...]

Recommendations for good, reliable builder?

By 25 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

I know there have been lots of comments regarding builders on the site (most advising that I should run to the hills in fear), but we have taken the plunge and we are building a house so I would love some feedback.
We are looking to build a sustainable, energy efficient, modern feel house and would like [...]

Canberra – a little piece of somewhere other than Australia

By 25 February 2015

What’s up with Canberra’s obsession with feral and introduced trees and shrubs?
I think Canberra fits much better into a European landscape – one filled with deciduous trees and no understorey – rather than an Australian landscape of diversity and bush. Unfortunately, the Canberra look is perpetuated by a government-led planting regime that reinforces its un-Australian appearance.
What [...]

Costco petrol no longer cheaper?

By 24 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

I filled up at Costco on 22 January at $1.16 per litre. Checking Woolies fuel app on 23 January it would appear that the airport is the same price as most other outlets in the ACT at $112.9.
Does this mean that Costco is no longer offering cheaper petrol than anywhere else? I thought this would happen. [...]

Advice for sick Kay Parris Magnolia plant?

By 24 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

 Hi, new to this forum and hoping someone can help!
Two weeks ago I planted a beautiful Kay Parris Magnolia in our front yard. Western facing, full sun, created a garden bed filled with lovely soil with the typical Canberra clay beneath it. It has now turned rather ill looking.

The bottom leaves are becoming dry and [...]

Dickson Woolworths – I hope you’re not in a rush!

By 24 February 2015 FEATURED ARTICLE

We all hate having to navigate through a packed supermarket and we all hate waiting for a loooong time at the checkout, but surely copping both of these annoyances at once is pretty uncommon, right? Not if you shop at Dickson Woolworths.
I challenge anyone to go to Dickson Woolworths to buy a handful of groceries [...]

Best of Canberra – Juice


Apple, orange or breakfast juice – growing up, my juice options were often limited to that sad trifecta. But juice has really lifted its game in recent times. These days I can slurp down a juice with just about any combination of fruit, vegetables or even herbs if I am so inclined.
This week I am [...]

Does the Color Run mislead participants?

By 23 February 2015

The Color Run is a terrific event in terms of being genius marketing and it encourages local community participation.
Both my teenage daughters were in teams with their school friends. It cost me $130 ($65 each). I thought this was expensive for a ‘run’ and to have some coloured powder thrown over you. They assured me [...]

Netball clubs at Arawang or Deakin?

By 23 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

I’m keen to back into (relatively) competitive weekend netball after a few years off, and I’m looking for a club to join, preferably at Deakin or Weston Creek.  I’m in my mid-twenties, so I’m interested in the seniors competitions. I’d like to play for a team that is social, but also competitive.
Any information about registration dates [...]

Best of Canberra Taste Off - Hot chips


Well didn’t hot chips turn out to be a popular topic? This week, RiotACT readers got passionate about who serves up the best fried potato in Canberra.
Overwhelmingly, Kingsley’s Chicken was the favourite, getting more than twice the votes of any other places suggested by readers. The next most popular was Grill’d, with a special mention [...]

Ruddock given the whip

By 23 February 2015

The sacking of Phillip Ruddock caused me to contemplate a number of issues.
Firstly, I have served with Phillip Ruddock on a couple of ministerial councils and found him to be a warm and honest man. A little dry perhaps, sometimes appearing to lack humour and very semantic, he was nonetheless a man of conviction and [...]

Canberra clothing stores that stock small designers?

By 22 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Fang at Ainslie shops used to stock Melbourne alleyway fashion designers till it closed a year or so ago. Are there any other (current) boutiques that stock small/local and Melbourne designers?

Know of a Canberra Protestant church run by the congregation?

By 21 February 2015

Anybody got a suggestion for a Protestant church in Canberra or surrounds run by the congregation? I.e. not the hierarchical Episcopal model, with a Bishop with sweeping powers, nor the Presbyterian model with elders elected by the congregation.

Selling an old car in Canberra – is it a hassle?

By 21 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

So I have a 2001 Lancer that I want to sell. It’s a fairly old car and it’s got a couple of dents  by the previous owner (only one of them by me!) and rego is about to run out and I really don’t think it’s worth us having two cars so I just want to [...]

Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: Pialligo Estate


This Saturday’s weekend cafe hot spot strays a little from our usual format. Instead of reviewing a cafe for breakfast, Sophia headed to the new restaurant at Pialligo Estate, which opened its doors last Friday, for lunch. 
I recently went out to the Estate before its grand opening for a first look, and was so impressed that I [...]

What can I do about an overgrown hedge ?

By 20 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

It’s not a nature strip issue. The hedge is growing in the neighbour’s yard, along the side fence.  It’s higher than a two-storey house and it blocks the light in the downstairs rooms.
I’ve pruned it back to the fence but the sheer height of the photinia still causes an issue for reaching the canopy.
There is apparently [...]

Are Canberra’s gateways welcoming?

By 20 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Does anyone think the Welcome to Canberra signs are not welcoming?
We previously had a large blue sign with text that read “Canberra the Nation’s Capital”. Below that, the sign featured the coat of arms, yellow text that said “Welcome to Canberra, Sister City of Nara, Japan,” and – below that –  “Welcome to Ngunnawal Country.”
That seemed nice.
Our current [...]

Cost of continuous flow hot water system?

By 19 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Hi all,
Newbie here – please be kind Our electric tank hot water system has died, leaving us without hot water. Instead of paying to get it fixed we thought we may as well get a continuous flow hot water system (gas) installed, as we’ve been talking about it for a while, but have never [...]

Two years in the capital

By 19 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

This week I mark two years in Canberra. This is a milestone for me given I despise the cold and I wasn’t sure if I’d make it once I discovered what winter was like.
When I first moved here, I made a promise to myself that I would give it a minimum of two years in [...]

Dickson shops a major disappointment

dickson shops

The proposal for the new Dickson supermarket site is the latest disappointment for residents in the way the ACT Government delivers on urban development within Canberra’s established suburbs.
In earlier discussions about Dickson, the consensus was that despite the centre having a special ambience, some visionary developments and upgrades were necessary to respond to the growing [...]

Best local children’s gymnastics clubs?

By 17 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Hi Rioters,
Im looking at enrolling our 2yo daughter in one of the gym clubs around town. There’s a stack of different programs for kids of different ages and skill levels.  My opinion is that gym is one of the better activities on offer for children this age as there are so many positive benefits from [...]

What’s happening to the grass area at the back of the Spence Community Centre?

By 17 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

I came home yesterday afternoon (Monday 16 Feb) and the grass area at the back of the Spence Community Centre has been graded and I believe a car park is going in. There has been no community consultation and having a house in the area I would like some information as to what is actually [...]

Best of Canberra – Hot chips


In my opinion, there isn’t much that beats sitting down to a big serve of hot chips. Sometimes they come wrapped in more than a few layers of butcher’s paper. Other times they arrive in a big bowl with some sort of fancy seasoning and secret sauce on the side. I even know of a [...]

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