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Budget New Year’s Eve venue

By 29 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Hi guys,
I am really keen to have a New Year’s Eve wedding and wondering if anyone knows of any budget venues that would potentially allow us to stay until 1am. Most venues close at 12am but considering it’s New Year’s Eve I’m hoping to find somewhere that’s more flexible on this.
Also has anyone had experience [...]

Dumping at charity shopfronts – don’t be a tosser

By 27 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

If you drive past a charity bin – or a charity shopfront like the Salvation Army or Vinnies after closing hours, it’s likely you’ll see a few overflowing bags, and possibly a variety of electrical goods like fans and heaters (I’ve even seen a dishwasher before!) cluttering up the area next to the bin, or [...]

The ACT needs to stop having stupid arguments

By 27 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

To have a tram or not to have a tram? To have well-behaved dogs on public transport or not? $50 or $20 notes for poker machines? Bikes or cars?  These are not questions.
I appreciate that it is important that we as Canberrans discuss these issues, and I respect the principle that that the public has [...]

Canberra’s development dilemma

dickson flats

Canberra is undergoing a metamorphosis. Until now, it has grown outwards, slowly engulfing farms and spitting them back out as suburbs, terraforming the landscape from grazing pastures to a white collar playground. Shopping centres, cars, cafes, the tame opiates of the archetypal Canberran.
The age and maturity of this town is becoming more obvious, however. As [...]

Best of Canberra – Rice paper rolls

Rice Paper

I find it frustrating that the world is becoming such a health conscious place, yet it is still ridiculously difficult to get healthy, or even semi-healthy, foods on the go.
My beautician, Jacqui, is a business owner, mum of one and general superwoman. She leads a busy life and often runs out of time to make herself [...]

Best of Canberra Taste Off – Chicken wings

By 26 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Last week the call went out for Canberra’s best chicken wings, and for a while Smoque was the only restaurant receiving recommendations. I was delighted to eventually see other venues being thrown in the mix, from Treehouse Bar to Ginseng and Mandalay Bus.
BentSpoke also came highly recommended and having never been there, I thought it [...]

Five electorates, Green pastures?

By 26 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
election vote

The change to the ACT electoral system, now with five electorates of five members, is fertile ground for the ACT Greens.
Over the past couple of years we have seen letters from Caroline LeCouteur both in social and print media. Caroline has been true to her beliefs and constantly pushed the environmentalist line. Good on her too, [...]

Carpenter and joiner

By 25 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

We need two built-in wall units made.  Can anyone recommend a carpenter/joiner who could help us?  I’m currently thinking of contacting two – Ray Browne Joinery and Benchmarc Joinery – any comments on these two would be much appreciated.

Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: Dobinsons

By 24 January 2015 FEATURED ARTICLE

Years ago, before the Canberra Centre expanded into what it is today, there was an area called the city market place, where Dobinsons first established itself as a small bakery. Dobinsons was doing well for itself and eventually the family-owned business moved to its current location on Bunda Street and became one of only four [...]

Don’t mask the mosque

By 23 January 2015 FEATURED ARTICLE
Muslims in prayer

I recently went to the open day of the Gungahlin Muslim community and had a very enjoyable but brief time there. I had to go and feed the five thousand descending on my place for a feed-up later that day.
The visit made me think of a few things.
Firstly the occasion was very welcoming. The speech [...]

Urban opportunities being squandered in Dickson

By 21 January 2015 FEATURED ARTICLE

Just days before Christmas last year, Dickson residents noticed that a development application with significant ramifications for the Dickson precinct was available online – with a month to comment. The development application involves 91 documents with no easy access to the most relevant information.
Most residents were on holidays and many are on the authority’s email list, [...]

One flag, one day and one country…

By 21 January 2015 FEATURED ARTICLE
Australia day stock

I must confess I hadn’t given a great deal of thought to the Australian flag until I returned to these shores in 2012. I found it very easy when out of Australia to have limited thought about our culture and heritage, and subsequent historical unease.
In London, I celebrated Australia Day like many other Aussies, in [...]

Recommendation for car brake pads replacement?

By 20 January 2015

I’ve had a lot of trouble with mechanics, like everyone. Can anyone recommend a good place for a brake pads replacement? Reasonably priced etc.
Please don’t tell me to do it myself. I am a girl with little to no mechanical skill (other than changing fuses). I have no tools. I know it’s simple enough but [...]

A city of obese gym junkies

By 20 January 2015

A day doesn’t go by when I don’t see a gym selfie, or a photo of a meal hashtagged #cleaneating. We seem to be obsessed with exercise, fitness, and healthy eating. So why is Australia ranked fifth highest in the OECD for obese adults?
It could be due to several reasons. Perhaps people go to the [...]

Best of Canberra – Chicken wings

By 20 January 2015
Buffallo Wings

I feel like chicken wings used to be a very American thing. When I first went to the States I tried my first ever American Buffalo wings and now I am addicted. I hate blue cheese, but I love blue cheese sauce with wings!
Recently though, wings have become a popular menu item, particularly in bars. [...]

Excuse me, ACT Health. I would like to choose where I birth, thanks.

By 19 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

By now we are all aware of the proposal by ACT Health that pregnant women in the ACT should be allocated their birthing hospital depending on their postcode – Calvary for the North, TCH for the South. The new facilities at TCH are reaching capacity – they are state of the art and give women [...]

Synthetic drugs – the new Cold War?

By 19 January 2015

Last week two young men died tragically in Queensland after smoking a form of synthetic cannabis. The media and police wasted no time in attributing the deaths directly to the use of the synthetic substance, unfortunately in the absence of a proper investigation into the actual causes of death.
Eros Social Tonics Coordinator Nick Wallis said [...]

Best of Canberra Taste Off – Ice cream

By 19 January 2015
Frugii 2

I was really excited last week when the call went out for Canberra’s best ice cream. I was watching the RiotACT site all day, waiting eagerly to see where readers were going to send me.
The same business was nominated over and over again, with one reader even scolded for daring to recommend Goodberry’s.
That’s how I found [...]

Doris the Tea Lady – Can you come back?

By 19 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

When I left the ACT public service (and before that, the Commonwealth public service) I had just short of 30 years’ service.
When I started (in the Palaeolithic period), we had to sign on and off in an attendance book, and had one hour for lunch with two fifteen-minute breaks per day. Tea and coffee were [...]

The PMs 11 – An under celebrated top day out! Did you go?

By 18 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

On Wednesday I went to the PMs 11 for the first time in two years and just so I can get this one away for a quick single, did 2015 seem a bit quieter than other years? Was it the absence of Hussy (a late scratching) or fear of Canberra’s current monsoonal weather? Maybe it [...]

Weekend Cafe Hotspot: TwentyOne Cafe & Groceries, New Acton

By 17 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
TwentyOne 3

Since Christmas I haven’t been as active as I normally am. Before Christmas, I would regularly find myself at the lake on Saturday mornings participating in boot camp, or taking a leisurely stroll around the lake. I would often walk over the foot bridge near the paddle boats and into New Acton to grab a coffee. [...]

Politics and the price of pillory

By 16 January 2015 FEATURED ARTICLE

The price we sometimes pay for freedom of expression is that people can use language to strip people of their dignity and self-respect and reduce them to lesser mortals. It is no more evident than in politics.
Members of parliament (read: Legislative Assembly here in the ACT) and ministers appear to be the targets of [...]

Where in Canberra can I buy wholesale lollies?

By 15 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Where in Canberra can I buy small amounts of wholesale lollies, chips and snacks for a new social club snack bar, now that Campbell’s Cash and Carry has closed?
Does the Riotact community have any suggestions?

Ticketek “Print At Home” cost

By 14 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

I was looking at the cost of tickets to the upcoming Cricket World Cup group games at Manuka.  $20 general admission seemed to be not too excessive.  Standard mail delivery $7 – registered $10. Sounds a bit high but hey-ho.  Or, I can print them at home – awesome, save on delivery costs.  Wait a [...]

Best of Canberra – Ice cream

By 13 January 2015 FEATURED ARTICLE

Ice cream is an all occasions food. Whether it’s a hot Summer’s day at the pool with your friends or you need comforting after you just broke up with your boyfriend (forget him, he was a loser anyway!). There just never seems to be a wrong time for ice cream.
As a kid, vanilla was my [...]

Hot cross buns and Easter eggs already?

By 13 January 2015 FEATURED ARTICLE

Christmas and the New Year have passed, their only remnants being reduced price wrapping paper and tree-shaped biscuit boxes. But that’s okay, because Easter is next week. Or so you’d think if you walked in to most supermarkets these days.

Woolworths and Coles are already stocking chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and I’ve even seen a [...]

Childcare challenges

By 12 January 2015 FEATURED ARTICLE

For as long as I have been a mother I have been aware of the cost of childcare and impact it has on the family budget if parents either have to or choose to work.
In Australia we are reasonably lucky to have government subsidy on childcare, which, frankly, makes it vaguely affordable for many families [...]

Best of Canberra Taste Off: Cocktails

By 12 January 2015 FEATURED ARTICLE

I think I spent most of my week tipsy, having had to search for Canberra’s best cocktail.
I started my search at Molly. I’ve talked about Molly before when I searched for Canberra’s best charcuterie. Molly was the winner in that “Best of” round and I am personally a big fan of the venue, being one of [...]

Canberra – Donut capital of Australia

By 12 January 2015 FEATURED ARTICLE

I’m no town planner; never claimed to be. However, I have lived in Canberra for 47 years and I’ve seen the city grow from a large country town into a cosmopolitan city.
There is much to love about Canberra, especially my part of heaven: Tuggeranong. But I’ve extolled its beauties and benefits and its drawbacks for decades. [...]

Super Sparky to the rescue – again!

By 11 January 2015

I posted a recommendation for Super Sparky Electrical way back in 2013. He delivered prompt, friendly and efficient service.
Today, on one of the hottest, busiest times of the year I had to call Super Sparky again after a partial power failure.
He said he was absolutely flat out until next Monday or Tuesday and could I [...]

Mechanic recommendation – A&D under new ownership

By 10 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

A&D Automotive has changed hands so it was with a bit of trepidation that I booked in with the new guys there, with former owner Darren a difficult act to follow. (A&D is at 301 Canberra Ave Fyshwick next to the music shop).  I didn’t have time to clean my car and it was dusty [...]

Weekend Cafe Hot Spot: Waldorf Hotel, Canberra City

By 10 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Waldorf latte

Eating breakfast at a hotel restaurant is just not something I have ever thought about doing, unless I’m actually staying in the hotel. This week I was thinking about where I would like to have breakfast; I wanted somewhere new because I eat out a lot. While I was thinking about it, all the usuals [...]

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