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Need a builder for a small job

By 25 July 2014

I need someone to tell me if we can knock down an internal wall without making the house fall over and then, if it is ok to do so, knock down said wall.  Any recommendations for someone professional who could do this small job?  This is the first step in doing up our place and [...]

Lost Chook

By 24 July 2014

While walking the dog today near the pond on Bugden Avenue, Fadden, I encountered a lost chook. She is an orange/brown Orpington, very tame and when called (here, chook chook chook) she immediately walks briskly to your feet and doesn’t mind be handled. I have her in my backyard now but there are lots of foxes [...]

Why I Joined The Australian Sex Party

By 24 July 2014
Why I Joined The Australian Sex Party

To understand modern politics through the Left/Right divide is to misunderstand the great challenges of our generation.
The battlelines of modern Australian politics are certainly not as clear as those of my parent’s generation. They knew it was finally time to force white man to withdraw his gun from the throats of black citizens throughout the [...]

Wanted: pic of Mouse house at Weston park and other old Canberra pics

By 24 July 2014

Hi All
I run a little website called Capital Yarns where I invite readers to submit 3 items and I write them a short work of fiction featuring all 3 set in Canberra. It’s at
I would love to get some requests from RiotACT readers and contributors!
I like to feature a photo of each item with [...]

Canberra dog exercise areas – what do you think?

By 24 July 2014
Canberra dog exercise areas - what do you think?

The ACT Government is consulting on changes to dog exercise areas in Canberra. It’s really important that everyone has their say.
The proposals offer some new off leash areas, for example, Yarramundi Reach on Lake Burley Griffin. But overall the changes will reduce off leash access to Canberra’s urban open spaces for dogs and their owners.

Curtin [...]

Legalise Pot

By 24 July 2014
Legalise Pot

I’m connected with a agency supporting people who are dealing with significant drug issues in their lives. But one of the the hidden issues around the use of so called illegal drugs is the application of some drugs for positive therapeutic use.
I speak of the application of marijuana for pain control in the terminal patients.
I [...]

Canberra’s Best Burger – Taste Off

By 23 July 2014
Canberra's Best Burger - Taste Off

Calling for Canberra’s Best Burger drew the expected range in opinion, including an unexpected debate on the difference between a hamburger and a burger (apparently one is the posh type, the other a more grungy experience – who knew?).
The two most popular burgers according to you guys are Brodburger (Kingston) and London Burger [...]

Is there a PUP Canberra branch?

By 23 July 2014

With yesterdays news that the Sex Party is running in the next ACT Election.  It got me thinking is PUP registered in the ACT as a party? Surely the ACT has a wanna be Jacqui Lambie ready to run, win and be Chief Minister. Any suggestions?

Dickson Shopping Centre: Start with a proper car park!

By 23 July 2014
Dickson Shopping Centre: Start with a proper car park!

The development of Dickson reminds us how important it is to plan new developments around the needs of motorists now and into the future.
Science fiction writers and the concept car division at Toyota have exhausted themselves looking for alternative transport solutions. Robert Heinlein even proposed a network of rolling treadmill-like roadways moving at graduated speeds. [...]

Has Shane Rattenbury thought the medical marijuana question through?

By 22 July 2014

I feel for the families of desperately ill patients interstate who need medical marijuana – but has Shane Rattenbury thought this through? If the ACT becomes the first and only prescribing state/territory, there will be a flood of medical immigrants looking for prescriptions. That might not matter in terms of just prescriptions – but what about the [...]

Best of Canberra: Steak (straight up)

By 21 July 2014
Best of Canberra: Steak (straight up)

I still pine for days gone by, when I lived around the corner from an Argentinean steak house in London. The menu was limited to steak (big or small) and corn on the cob, with a local form of crème caramel for after’s. It was good food cooked perfectly.
Is there [...]

BCC July Forum: Higgns primary School redevelopment and Dog exercise areas

By 21 July 2014

[ 22 July 2014; 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. ] The July 2014 Belconnen Community Council Public Forum will be held at:

7.30pm, Tuesday 22 July 2014
Community Room above the Belconnen Library
Chandler Street, Belconnen

Representatives from the Economic Development Directorate will present a summary of the community engagement activities and resultant community feedback about proposed redevelopment of the former Higgins primary school site and the adjacent decommissioned [...]

How to handle Social Media from what I’ve learned doing Talk Radio

By 21 July 2014
How to handle Social Media from what I've learned doing Talk Radio

There is something to be said for the catcalls of the rude mob. Of course they’re more easily enjoyed if they’re directed at someone else. But they can possess a certain crude candor… which brings me to social media now and how I can compare it to talk radio in the early days.
I kicked off [...]

RiotACT Face off: Yarralumla Development

By 21 July 2014
RiotACT Face off:  Yarralumla Development

For our second RiotACT Face Off, we invited The Yarralumla Residents Association and John Miller (Executive Director of the Master Builders, ACT) to answer the following question:
Is the proposed development of the area surrounding the Yarralumla Brickworks simply inevitable change in progress, aligned with society needs, or does it represent the end of a community [...]

Fridge repairer

By 20 July 2014

I recently purchased a fridge off gumtree which turned out not to be working. I didn’t try it out as soon as I purchased it as I was still using my old one and now the seller has moved overseas so there is no recourse there. I did try calling him and he insisted that [...]

University of Canberra the rich kid on the block?

By 19 July 2014

Is it just me or do others get the impression UC is the rich kid on the block?
For example this week was one of the few weeks they didn’t buy a Canberra sporting team but instead they opened a $16 million sports field. I’m sure next week we will read about their new UC Canberra [...]

Have you lost a Beagle?

By 17 July 2014

I have custody of a faded Tri Colour Beagle which has escaped from its regular digs. She was found somewhere around Eggleston Cres in Woden, goes by the name of Bridgette, (or at least she used to) and is approx 7 years of age. I believe she may reside in the Bonython area normally.
I know [...]

A taste off for Canberra’s Best Pizza

By 15 July 2014
A taste off for Canberra's Best Pizza

We had a broad range of nominations for Best pizza in Canberra, from the local Crust options (reliable, reasonably priced, easy etc.) through to the more gourmet options, with some inclusions of local takeaways.
The two that proved the most consistently popular were Zucchini Brothers in Chisholm and Pizza Gusto in Braddon.
We went with a standard [...]

Private Car Purchase – Reliance on Verbal Advertisements

By 15 July 2014

Recently I’ve bought a used car from a lady in Jerrabomberra. It’s a BMW 320i 2009. The car was registered under her company name.
When I inspected the car, she said the car was equipped with a CD stacker. I believed her and did not test that. After I bought the car, I tried to load [...]

Heard of the Ben Chifley Ghost? – A look at Canberra Folklore

By 15 July 2014
Heard of the Ben Chifley Ghost? - A look at Canberra Folklore

If you’ve lived in Canberra for any amount of time, you would have a ghost story or two up your sleeve. It seems that Canberra may well be the most haunted city in Australia.
Since taking up residence in the Capital, I’ve heard several rumours about supposed secret tunnels. I’ve heard just about everything: Old Parliament [...]

Nerves: The good the bad and the ugly

By 15 July 2014
Nerves: The good the bad and the ugly

I’m very fortunate in the fact that I have always naturally dealt with pre competition nerves well. I always enjoy lightening the very stressful atmosphere in the change room before a fight with sometimes awful attempts at levity and schoolyard humour.
Everybody deals with stress in different ways, I’ve seen multiple people look like world champions [...]

Professional Pomposity

By 15 July 2014
Professional Pomposity

I reckon I can count the times I have agreed with Jack Waterford on one of my toes. Imagine my surprise when I found I agreed with what he was saying about the magistrates and their wanting to be addressed by the title Your Honour!
What errant pomposity and arrogance!
We see them appointed (not [...]

Best of Canberra – Laksa

By 14 July 2014
Best of Canberra - Laksa

Pizza and burgers are all well and good if that’s what you’re in the mood for. But sometimes you need something a little more exotic to fill that gaping space in your tummy.
For our third ‘Best of Canberra’ post, we’re asking for the best place to get a Laksa.
That steaming bowl of spice-y, noodle-y, [...]

Would BusPlus system be a viable transport solution?

By 14 July 2014

Matthew kindly sent in a link to an article in the Canberra Times which we missed amidst all the heated discussions over light rail, suggesting it may stimulate some good discussion.
Given all the conversations had in the past few weeks over public transport in the ACT, would this potentially provide any answers or [...]

Homeless People

By 14 July 2014

While walking across Hobart Place in Civic last Monday morning at 8.00am in zero degrees temperature on the way to work, I came across a person curled up in what passed for a sleeping bag on the concrete floor of the shelter opposite the entrance to the AMP Building.
I say ‘person’ because it wasn’t possible [...]

Cabaret – Canberra Philharmonic (Review)

By 14 July 2014
Cabaret - Canberra Philharmonic (Review)

Boy meets girl.  Boy gets girl.  Nazis.  Boy loses girl.  Canberra Philharmonic’s production of Cabaret delivers fantastic singing and ensemble numbers but struggles (slightly) with the relationships that drive the story.
In the early 1930s American would-be writer Clifford Bradshaw (Mat Chardon O’Dea) travels to Berlin to find inspiration.  Rather than actually trying to write something [...]

Brand Canberra… again – The Canberra Sign

By 14 July 2014
Brand Canberra... again - The Canberra Sign

The idea is to create a larger than life Hollywood style sign, just on the outskirts of Canberra, to greet visitors to the nation’s capital.
Now I must admit that it’s definitely a better idea than renaming Canberra after one of the world’s most popular Japanese motorbikes, the Honda CBR, but can’t we do something more [...]

Recommended bricklayers

By 14 July 2014

I have recently purchased a block of land, have had an architect draw up some plans, now I am looking at trying to find a reputable bricklayer to do the brickwork (obviously) for our house. It is a one storey house, approx. 18 sq. in size. Could anyone recommend a good bricklayer? Thank you.

Cholesterol testing

By 13 July 2014

As usual, I had the standard five cholesterol (Lipid Studies) tests done via my Dr.  From reading, I know that there are a number of others than can be done to get an idea of the Why? of a high LDL reading, e.g. LDL-P, LipoProtein(a)…  Anybody know whether it is possible to get these done [...]

World Cup Final 2014 – Where are the Argentina fans gathering?

By 13 July 2014

Does anyone know where in Canberra the Argentina fans are gathering on Monday morning?
Hugo Diaz

At Home for the Scandinavian Film Festival

By 11 July 2014
At Home for the Scandinavian Film Festival

Last night, I went along to the Scandinavian Film Festival at Palace Electric to see Swedish Film, Home.  Starring Moa Gammel, Anita Wall, Simon J Berger and Erik Lundqvist and directed by Maximilian Hult, the film was billed as a Comedy/Drama.
For the entire 90 minutes, Home treads a fine tightrope between light comedy and slightly [...]

Business Lunch Series – Smoque

By 11 July 2014
Business Lunch Series – Smoque

Smoque has been around for a couple of years now and every time I go its pumping. This is probably due to its unique offering of American BBQ. So I thought I would check it out to kick off this new food series – Business Lunches.
Situated in Baileys Corner, parking [...]

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