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Stop Short Term Accommodation in Residential Apartments

By 28 July 2014

I am seeking your support to draw to the attention of the ACT Legislative Assembly the Social and community problems associated with allowing short-term accommodation in residential apartment complexes. These include the behavioural impact of short-term guests on residents, compromised security and inability of residents to enjoy their own home due to crowd sourced noise [...]

Need a builder for a small job

By 25 July 2014

I need someone to tell me if we can knock down an internal wall without making the house fall over and then, if it is ok to do so, knock down said wall.  Any recommendations for someone professional who could do this small job?  This is the first step in doing up our place and [...]

Lost Chook

By 24 July 2014

While walking the dog today near the pond on Bugden Avenue, Fadden, I encountered a lost chook. She is an orange/brown Orpington, very tame and when called (here, chook chook chook) she immediately walks briskly to your feet and doesn’t mind be handled. I have her in my backyard now but there are lots of foxes [...]

Wanted: pic of Mouse house at Weston park and other old Canberra pics

By 24 July 2014

Hi All
I run a little website called Capital Yarns where I invite readers to submit 3 items and I write them a short work of fiction featuring all 3 set in Canberra. It’s at
I would love to get some requests from RiotACT readers and contributors!
I like to feature a photo of each item with [...]

Is there a PUP Canberra branch?

By 23 July 2014

With yesterdays news that the Sex Party is running in the next ACT Election.  It got me thinking is PUP registered in the ACT as a party? Surely the ACT has a wanna be Jacqui Lambie ready to run, win and be Chief Minister. Any suggestions?

Best of Canberra: Steak (straight up)

By 21 July 2014
Best of Canberra: Steak (straight up)

I still pine for days gone by, when I lived around the corner from an Argentinean steak house in London. The menu was limited to steak (big or small) and corn on the cob, with a local form of crème caramel for after’s. It was good food cooked perfectly.
Is there [...]

Fridge repairer

By 20 July 2014

I recently purchased a fridge off gumtree which turned out not to be working. I didn’t try it out as soon as I purchased it as I was still using my old one and now the seller has moved overseas so there is no recourse there. I did try calling him and he insisted that [...]

University of Canberra the rich kid on the block?

By 19 July 2014

Is it just me or do others get the impression UC is the rich kid on the block?
For example this week was one of the few weeks they didn’t buy a Canberra sporting team but instead they opened a $16 million sports field. I’m sure next week we will read about their new UC Canberra [...]

Have you lost a Beagle?

By 17 July 2014

I have custody of a faded Tri Colour Beagle which has escaped from its regular digs. She was found somewhere around Eggleston Cres in Woden, goes by the name of Bridgette, (or at least she used to) and is approx 7 years of age. I believe she may reside in the Bonython area normally.
I know [...]

Private Car Purchase – Reliance on Verbal Advertisements

By 15 July 2014

Recently I’ve bought a used car from a lady in Jerrabomberra. It’s a BMW 320i 2009. The car was registered under her company name.
When I inspected the car, she said the car was equipped with a CD stacker. I believed her and did not test that. After I bought the car, I tried to load [...]

Best of Canberra – Laksa

By 14 July 2014
Best of Canberra - Laksa

Pizza and burgers are all well and good if that’s what you’re in the mood for. But sometimes you need something a little more exotic to fill that gaping space in your tummy.
For our third ‘Best of Canberra’ post, we’re asking for the best place to get a Laksa.
That steaming bowl of spice-y, noodle-y, [...]

Would BusPlus system be a viable transport solution?

By 14 July 2014

Matthew kindly sent in a link to an article in the Canberra Times which we missed amidst all the heated discussions over light rail, suggesting it may stimulate some good discussion.
Given all the conversations had in the past few weeks over public transport in the ACT, would this potentially provide any answers or [...]

Recommended bricklayers

By 14 July 2014

I have recently purchased a block of land, have had an architect draw up some plans, now I am looking at trying to find a reputable bricklayer to do the brickwork (obviously) for our house. It is a one storey house, approx. 18 sq. in size. Could anyone recommend a good bricklayer? Thank you.

Cholesterol testing

By 13 July 2014

As usual, I had the standard five cholesterol (Lipid Studies) tests done via my Dr.  From reading, I know that there are a number of others than can be done to get an idea of the Why? of a high LDL reading, e.g. LDL-P, LipoProtein(a)…  Anybody know whether it is possible to get these done [...]

World Cup Final 2014 – Where are the Argentina fans gathering?

By 13 July 2014

Does anyone know where in Canberra the Argentina fans are gathering on Monday morning?
Hugo Diaz

RAPID – Is it generating money?

By 9 July 2014

Hi everybody,
I am driving past more and more RAPID camera equipped police cars with their lights flashing having pulled over some dreadful infringing member of society. It has also been ages since the ACT Government issued registration labels. This raises the all important question…
Where do we go to see how many cars are [...]

Best of Canberra: Burgers

By 8 July 2014
Best of Canberra: Burgers

Following up from our recent Pizza to go question (we’re road testing the two most popular and will have a decision for you ASAP), we’re on to the next staple in takeaway – burgers.
I have a friend who includes ‘Find the worlds best burger and eat it’ on her bucket list. She also has [...]

Registering a trailer

By 7 July 2014

I know I can find this out from Canberra Connect, but I can’t be a*^ed waiting on hold for 40 minutes, not lining up at one of the speedy shopfronts.
Does anyone know how much it is to register a trailer?
I am trying to work out the maths of purchasing vs hiring, and I can’t find [...]

Curtain / window warmers

By 5 July 2014

Hi, has anyone had their Curtains done lately, at a good price and good quality? Do Firths of Yass, or any other competitive regional area companies still exist – as per 2011 curtains review on here ? Thanks for any useful updates you have.

Landscaper recommendation

By 4 July 2014

We want to replace our grass with loose gravel, and replace the dead plants in our hedge.   Small front area and even smaller side area. In Crace.   Not up to doing it ourselves.  We’d like a neat and permanent job.  Any recommendations?

Fireworks – 2nd July

By 3 July 2014

Two questions, Does anyone know what and where the fireworks were at about 19:00 on Wednesday night, hearable from Deakin?
What is the best resource for looking up such info (beside RIOTACT ). There was nothing on the Canberra Events sites.

Finding Bakkwa

By 1 July 2014

Hi folks,
I’m on the hunt for some bakkwa, a Chinese salty dried meat similar to jerky. Also called Rougan popular among Singaporeans.
Last time i was able to have some was in Sydney and being a Hispanic person i couldn’t remember the name of this delicious treaty until i did some extensive googling.
If anyone could give [...]

Tailor to fix leather pants

By 30 June 2014

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone can recommend a very good tailor who can fix a hole (where the belt buckle loop is so in) on leather pants? I have asked around and not gotten much feedback.
Preferably Southside, but would be willing to travel just to make sure the pants get fixed well without being damaged.


By 27 June 2014

I am looking for helpful advice, and really don’t mind getting a pitch from someone who wants to make a buck.
Because I am old, usually cook and eat at home and am generally unsociable, the task of organising something has fallen to me. It’s natural, in the same way as a romcom plot.
Anyhow, there is [...]

Best of Canberra – Pizza to go

By 26 June 2014
Best of Canberra - Pizza to go

When I was backpacking in Italy (it sounds romantic, but I never want to see a hostel again…), I consumed pretty close to my body weight in pizza. It was so good – light crisp crusts and simple but perfectly prepared toppings. All generally washed down with a cheap and non-descript carafe of [...]

Capital Pathology Management – unethical treatment of patients?

By 24 June 2014

I went to have some tests done at capital pathology today.
The staff member pointed out that the Dr had not written bulk bill on the form so it wasn’t bulk billed as my tests have always usually been.  (That is not their fault of course but led to the problem)
I asked then how much the [...]

Kitchen Exhaust Fan

By 24 June 2014

Hi. This is my first time posting this forum. I am looking to renovate my kitchen on a reasonable budget.  The kitchen currently has a basic exhaust fan above the stove.  The fan was replaced a year so so ago with a good quality fan.  At the same time the tubing on the roof side of the [...]

The Uriarra Track

By 22 June 2014

There was an old track that went from Uriarra to Queanbeyan before Canberra was built. Sheep used to be driven to the Yarralumla Wool Shed from Uriarra, but we are not sure what traffic continued along the track to Queanbeyan (possibly via what is now the Governor General’s residence). Remnants of the track are located [...]

Copa Restaurant closed for good?

By 21 June 2014

Does anyone know what’s happening with the Copa restaurant in Dickson? I tried to go a couple of weeks ago and it was closed, and appears to have remained so. The website also appears to be down. Are they closed for good or are all the staff too busy watching the World Cup?

Stamp duty deduction on a rental property

By 19 June 2014

I’ve just purchased a rental property in Canberra and I am aware that, because I am leasing it on a 99 year lease, then the stamp duty is deductible in the 1st tax year as a “lease document expense”.
My question is regarding the other expenses (conveyancing etc) incurred in obtaining the property. Again, given that [...]

Asbestos assessor

By 19 June 2014

I’ve been reading up on the possibility of asbestos being present in older houses in the ACT and would like to get it assessed.
I have come up with a list of questions to ask:
Do you have any licence restrictions? (I read about the possibility of some assessors not being able to check above 2.4 m)
How [...]

Fire exit locked… what can I do?

By 18 June 2014

Greetings hivemind,
I work in a small commercial building where the front door is locked after 5.30pm every day.  This means the only way out if I stay back is via the back door.  I guestimate that the floor area of the building is about 1200 square metres, i.e. 600 ground floor and the same upstairs, and [...]

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