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Asbestos assessor

By 19 June 2014

I’ve been reading up on the possibility of asbestos being present in older houses in the ACT and would like to get it assessed.
I have come up with a list of questions to ask:
Do you have any licence restrictions? (I read about the possibility of some assessors not being able to check above 2.4 m)
How [...]

Fire exit locked… what can I do?

By 18 June 2014

Greetings hivemind,
I work in a small commercial building where the front door is locked after 5.30pm every day.  This means the only way out if I stay back is via the back door.  I guestimate that the floor area of the building is about 1200 square metres, i.e. 600 ground floor and the same upstairs, and [...]

Recycling bags delivered in the mail

By 18 June 2014

When checking my mail yesterday I noticed I had been left a couple of blue plastic bags.  I assumed it was a Govt initiative to support a local charity, but on closer inspection noticed a link
From what I can tell, the company collect the bags for item resale in third world countries.
In ten years [...]

Weekend electrician

By 17 June 2014

Does anyone have a recommendation for an electrician who is able to work on Saturdays?
I’m in the inner south if that helps.

Cannabis for medicinal use

By 16 June 2014

Just been watching a tv program about legalising cannabis for medicinal use.
Is growing small amounts for this purpose legal in the ACT?

Direct bus from Gungahlin to Woden

By 16 June 2014
Direct bus from Gungahlin to Woden

Hello Rioters,
I am one of the many people commuting from Gungahlin to Woden.
Currently the only option is to travel to City interchange and catch a bus to Woden interchange.
The buses are usually full and it takes more than an hour to reach Woden. A direct service to Woden from Gungahlin via Gungahlin Drive will be [...]

Tonsillectomy – Laser or Thermal Fusion?

By 14 June 2014

Sadly, the time has come, after decades of recurrent tonsillitis, I have been advised to have a tonsillectomy. However, I find the idea of two weeks post-operative pain, something I just do not want to endure.
Thanks to the joys of the internet, there are a couple of newer tonsillectomy techniques that have shorter recovery times, [...]

Should Mr Fluffy be a cause for concern?

By 13 June 2014
Should Mr Fluffy be a cause for concern?

Another day, another report in the Canberra Times regarding a ‘Mr Fluffy’ house.
I am at a loss why the ACT Government has had very little to say on the ‘Mr Fluffy’ issue. For that matter, I’m surprised there has been very little in the way of posts on here regarding it too. Is everybody hoping [...]

Mutton in Canberra?

By 12 June 2014

I’m hoping that someone can point me to a butcher that sells mutton (sheep) not lamb. I’m looking for a butcher in the Canberra or Queanbeyan area?
Many thanks.

Curtain makers / fitters in Canberra region

By 11 June 2014

Looking for heavy drapes to install for both noise and thermal insulation for a house in Queanbeyan. Any recommendations for a place that will measure up, make and install them?

Kitchen makeover and carpeting advice

By 10 June 2014

I’m after some advice / suggestions on a kitchen makeover and carpeting three of our bedrooms.  
The background is we are looking at selling in two to three years time and not looking to spend lots just a bit to make it comfortable for us now and to look nice for the sale.

Three bedrooms all [...]

Massage chairs

By 9 June 2014

I’m thinking about buying a recliner / massage chair; has anyone got one?
I’d be interested in any recommendations or problems encountered.

WANTED – Children’s books for 2-5 year olds

By 5 June 2014

My daughter’s childcare centre is a not for profit centre (part of South side children’s services) – they are struggling with resources and have hardly any books! They’ve put out a call for more books. Does anyone out there have old childrens books that they’d be happy to part with?
Any donations would be gratefully received.
(If [...]

Looking for Help: Supplying and fitting LED or CFL Down lights?

By 4 June 2014

I’m looking to change our old inefficient down lights to LEDs or Compact Fluros. A total 16 lights in all. Any Rioters have any experience (good or bad) in doing this type of work in the ACT or can anyone make any suggestions of local businesses who can supply and fit????

Yum Cha

By 3 June 2014

We’re keen to try out some yum cha!  
We’re after something with a mix of lovely steamed and fried dumplings along with the usual yum cha type morsels. Reviews on places around Canberra seem mixed and we’d rather write a good review than a bad one!
Any recommendations on where to go?

Venues to watch the WorldCup?

By 2 June 2014

Daniel has asked about venues to watch WorldCup matches in Canberra:
“Hey I am looking to watch the England Vs Italy world cup game on June 15th at 8am. Does anyone know of any pubs or bars that would show it!!!!!!?”
Makes me wonder if there is anywhere in Canberra showing the matches across the competition?

Growing grass in Canberra

By 2 June 2014

Fellow Rioters.
My lawn is now more weeds than grass and with Spring approaching I thought I would kick off proceedings in replacing it. I was hoping to get thoughts and opinions on the following queries:
(i) Best ever green non-invasive grass variety to grow in Canberra? Have heard good things about Zoysia though not sure if [...]

ISP/Telephony bundles in the ACT – help

By 1 June 2014

I am looking for suggestions from Canberrans on home broadband/telephony bundles (please).
I have recently moved and am in the market for a new home broadband and telephony bundle. I would say I am a light/medium user (currently < 10Gb).
I like the idea of bundling all calls and broadband into 1 package.
(for unlimited calls to relo’s [...]

Windscreen cleaning at traffic lights

By 30 May 2014

I have never been a big fan of windscreen washing at traffic lights.
I was surprised to see it used on the corner of Melrose and Hindmarsh as a bit of a fundraiser a few times for a local women’s Aussie Rules competition, but REALLY surprised to see it used by the Fire Brigade (must have [...]

Canberra mortgage brokers?

By 29 May 2014

Hi all,
I’m in need of a good mortgage broker and after googling came across Trilogy and Tiffen&Co. Anyone have good experiences with them or have any other recommendations?

Household Rubbish Smugglers….

By 28 May 2014

I have just discovered that a neighbour dumps their excess household rubbish in their neighbours bins as they have insufficient room in their own bin.
What would you do in this circumstance???

Affordable small office space (or co-working area) for hire by the hour?

By 27 May 2014

I’m looking for a small office space to hire by the hour, preferably in Woden (though Civic or Tuggeranong areas could work too).
I’m self-employed and working with life coaching and personal development clients one-on-one, so I really only need a small room, just two chairs and a table. Wifi and a power point is a plus, [...]

Tuesday Night Trivia?

By 27 May 2014
Tuesday Night Trivia?

People of Canberra!
My trivia group is looking for a new place to participate in Trivia on Tuesday evenings? Preferably somewhere with good food and an early finish so we can eat and play at the same time!
Is there anywhere people can recommend? In the city would be ideal!

What happened to AXIS automotive?

By 27 May 2014

I used to get all my mechanical repairs and services performed by Neil at AXIS automotive in Tuggeranong but have just noticed that they seem to have moved or closed down?
Does anyone know what happened?
I really dont want to have to look for a new mechanic especially one that I can trust.

Taylor Primary School

By 26 May 2014

I am moving house at the end of the year and Taylor Primary School (Kambah) will be nearby. Does anyone have kids there and/or know whether it has a good reputation? I have two boys at another Tuggeranong primary school which has so far served us well, so I would hate to move them to [...]

Re-negotiating rent to match the sagging market

By 26 May 2014

Figures released this week by SQM Research show vacancy rates in Canberra climbed to 2.5 per cent in April, compared to 2.3 per cent nationally, according to the ABC.
There are more than 500 additional rental properties vacant compared to the same time last year in the ACT.
Accompanying the vacancy rates rise is a drop in [...]

Non tacky Australian gifts?

By 25 May 2014

I need to send a few small gifts to family in England and want to get something Australian, whilst avoiding the tacky nastiness around.  I will unfortunately miss the Kingston Markets today, but does anyone have any suggestions of somewhere selling nice locally made gifts for kids and adults (not too $$$ or heavy…)?

Used a credit card in the new parking meters for the first time

By 23 May 2014

Surprisingly, it was very simple.  However, it did draw my attention to one aspect of the new meters that could be improved – the display.  Black letters on a mid-grey background do not make for very good legibility in low light conditions (such as in the early morning) or for people with poor eyesight or who [...]

Vet bills for accidents

By 22 May 2014

On Tuesday 20/05 while I was driving I came across a cat that was hit by a coward driver who left him there to die. When I saw the cat laying, I quickly pulled up and carried it to the side of the road so other cars don’t run over it. I could see the [...]

Can anyone recommend someone to clean my oven?

By 22 May 2014

I have heard rumours that there are angels out there who will clean ovens for cash.
Does anyone have experience with these miracle performers?  I’m looking for recommendations and an idea of cost.
Now that my oven smokes whenever it gets turned on I figure it’s perhaps time to clean it, but I fear I am likely [...]

Car Insurance Quotes – Any intell?

By 20 May 2014
Car Insurance Quotes - Any intell?

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time playing the “Online Quote” game for car insurance – and I was a bit shocked as to the variation between the various companies.
Q: Does anyone have any intell on how these systems work?
Firstly I thought I would utilise one of those “comparison” websites that advertises on TV [...]

Long boozy lunch venue

By 19 May 2014

I’m looking for a venue for a long boozy lunch with a small group of friends.  Something warm and inviting, where we wont be shuffled out the door as soon as the meal ends.  Prefer something central to save on taxi fares but happy to travel for if worthwhile.  I’m after an English pub kind [...]

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