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Recommend restaurant that caters for dietary requirements?

By 30 May 2013

Hi all
My wife and I are finally getting the chance to go out on a date night for the first time since the birth of our daughter 3 months ago. We want to go to a restaurant however we have limitations on what my wife can eat due to a number of intolerances our daughter [...]

Witchcraft on Mount Ainslie?

By 29 May 2013

Hi I’m a Year 12 Student who is doing a school documentary on Canberra witchcraft and was just wondering if any one has any contacts I could interview to help my project?
Whether it is for or against, I’m more just interested in the story of the coven, and looking to find out as much as [...]

Who gives way on Cotter Road?

By 29 May 2013

Going out this morning, I have to pass though the mess that is McCulloch St/Cotter Road/Lady Denman drive. We now have single lane working at the lights in McCulloch Street, guided by a road worker doing point duty. But the lights are still on, making things very confusing for some. Coming back, wanting to turn [...]

Needing cash for breakdown. Where to get quick money?

By 29 May 2013

Hi, I have just received the bad news that my 7 year old car is almost dead, it needs major work now. My problem is having just moved to Canberra and paying so much money to relocate, rental bond etc I have no money left, but I really need my car.
I am trying to [...]

End a rental lease early in Canberra?

By 29 May 2013

Just wondering what your experiences are in terms of leaving a rental earlier than the lease end.
So I’ve been living in a place for about 1.5 years. We signed on for another year lease in Feb (should’ve asked for month to month I know…)
Recently, we found out there may be an opportunity for me which [...]

Meteoroid Over Canberra

By 28 May 2013

Did anyone see the Meteoroid over Canberra last night (27th May) at about 11.30pm??
I was watching from Gungahlin towards Civic last night and it came in extremely fast and was clearly in the atmosphere, and burnt out with a very bright magnesium flash at the end. It literally only happened over a second. It was [...]

Who Gives Way on Sandford St?


I stopped at the left turn on Sandford St. turning into Flemington Road to go toward Franklin this afernoon. The sign said “left lane must turn left” so when the lights went green I proceeded to turn left. Unfortunately there was a poor guy on a bike in the bicycle lane to my left who [...]

Chick wanting to join a gym in Woden/Phillip/Weston Creek?

By 28 May 2013

Hi all,
Any feedback about the Edge in Weston, Elite Fitness in Phillip, Curves, Fernwood? Any others?  I am keen to know what you think about the classes, value for money, how crowded they get etc.  
I’ve looked into Curves in Weston Creek but the opening hours (ie not open on Sundays at all) seem prohibitive.
Thanks [...]

Anyone know a good acupuncturist?

By 27 May 2013

Seems as though it’s been a few years since this topic was covered here.
Just wondering if anyone knows of a good acupuncturist anywhere in Canberra, or surrounds? Thanks.

Fencing and development applications in Canberra?

By 25 May 2013

Hi all I had a search and couldn’t see any other threads so forgive me if this is a repeated question.
We have neighbours who put in a development application for dual occupancy and a condition of this was to have the fences fixed at their cost. Now, they’ve advised that they aren’t going ahead [...]

I need help with a bullying issue?

By 23 May 2013

Hello fellow rioters. I thought I would throw the question out here to see what knowledge you guys have.
I am not a wordsmith by any means so apologies in advance if this is disjointed and or confusing, I will do my best and apologies for any spelling and or grammar issues.
I have a dilemma on my hands [...]

Dodgey fellas in Dodgey van offering free Home Enterntainment System?

By 22 May 2013

So 5.15pm today I swing into Fyshwick to pick up the wife from work (no not what you think), just as I pull up and the wife gets in a van pulls up next to me toots the horn ????   I wind down the window and this middle eastern fellas says “moit do you want [...]

Why is the Glenloch Interchange surface falling apart?

By 21 May 2013

Seriously, it’s been what, 2 years, 3 years and already huge pot holes are appearing, long rumble lines where the bitumen is falling apart, patching needed in so many places, bouncy uneveness …
What is happening to road making in Canberra?  The Baldwin Dr/Maribynong Ave intersection cost a bomb to be made worse by the most stupidly designed traffic island in history, [...]

Gungahlin Drive holdups?

By 21 May 2013

Anyone know what the deal is with Gungahlin Drive between Well Station Drive and Sandford Street citybound? There’s been a few mornings this week where its gotten to be like there is a bottleneck like there was when the GDE was one lane – only once you crawl to the lights at Sandford Street, [...]

Air Conditioner / Heating annual maintenance service recommendations in Canberra?

By 20 May 2013

Can anyone recommend a reliable local company to do an annual service on a Daiken Reverse Cycle ducted system?  
I don’t want to use Climate Master due to a previous poor experience.

Cracks in Walls. Canberra repairs?

By 19 May 2013

Hi rioters,
I’m starting to get some cracks on the brickwork on my 1970s house and the internal walls.
According to the Internet, these sorts of things aren’t a problem until you can fit your hand into them… But I’m not keen to wait that long.
Who does one call to look at this sort of [...]

Small Business Accountant Recommendation in Canberra?

By 17 May 2013

Hoping someone can point me in the direction of a quality accountant who has a sound knowledge of small business finances.
I work a full time job and run a small business on the side which is growing by the day.  I currently have an accountant who has seemingly limited knowledge and only expands on said [...]

Turf laying in North Canberra

By 16 May 2013

I am finally preparing to move into our brand new house in the Gungahlin area. One of the things I want to tackle straight away after I move in is the backyard. I have a dog and I want grass in there asap. Because of a combination of having to organise the move, not being [...]

Quad copter for hire this weekend?

By 14 May 2013

Hi all,
We have not had much luck locating a quad copter/hexacopter type machine (and pilot) to take some footage at Million Paws Walk this Sunday 19 May – any suggestions from Rioters?
We would like to obtain about an hours worth of footage of the crowd at Stage 88 and the immediate surrounds, as well as [...]

Aquaponics v traditional veggie patch in Canberra?

By 14 May 2013

Hi rioters,
I am starting to look at getting my veggie patch up and running. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what they think of Aquaponics? Is it easy or hard? Is it better than a traditional veggie patch?
I’ve noticed that building a traditional veggie patch might cost me about the same as a [...]

Network Ten reception or rather lack of it?

By 14 May 2013

Is anyone else in North Canberra having trouble with Network Ten reception?
Neither Ten, ONE nor 11 are coming through properly and are pixelating badly. Last week reception was perfect. This week; awful.

Lower back pain specialist in Canberra?

By 13 May 2013

Hi Gang,
The missus is fighting some significant lower back pain, been a problem for her for about 3 years. Other than that, she is a fit and healthy specimen, maintaining a stunning appearance and physique.
She has visited a couple of doctors and both agreed with my diagnosis, weak core (stomach muscles) leaving the back to [...]

On-site PC repairs in Canberra?

By 13 May 2013

Seeing as all the online ads look…iffy at best, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good on-site PC repair service (I’ve got hardware issues) in the ACT?
I’m in Gungahlin and can’t really afford to be without the computer for 1-2 days at a bricks-n-mortar joint,

Boarding kennels in the Canberra area

By 13 May 2013

Hi all,
I know there was a similar trail here before but it’s over 2 years old so here goes: can anybody recommend a good dog boarding kennel in the Canberra area?

Hey RiotACT, what kind of bird is this?

By 9 May 2013

Hey guys, you’re all super clever at answering these sorts of questions, that’s why Roundhead89 wants to ask you guys something:
I was in my backyard and a flock of birds descended. I took this pic and I was wondering if Rioters could positively identify it. I’ve always called them King Parrots. There [...]

Best hair colourist in Canberra?

By 9 May 2013

Hi all. I’m on the search for a new hair hairdresser.
One that is great with colour.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :))

Looking for super Super in Canberra?

By 9 May 2013

Like many people I have super all over the place. My largest fund is a multi-billion dollar one, with all sorts of investments and regularly advertises on television. Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired though. It is bad. I can’t go visit them in an office because their nearest one is in [...]

Selling your own house in Canberra?

By 8 May 2013

Has anyone had experience selling their own home?
We have an updated, split level, high ceilinged home close to Coolemon Court. Houses seem to sell reasonably quickly in this area.
Is it worth the hassle? Have sold 4 houses all through agents and had an un-nerving experience with the last one on the North Coast. We left [...]

Dead kangaroos in LBG, just accidental?

By 8 May 2013

Last week I saw a dead kangaroo in Lake Burley Griffin just in front of the National Gallery.
It is a steep shore and it may have drowned accidentally.
Today, kayaking, I noticed a dead kangaroo just off Weston Park East. It is unlikely that it would have drowned there by accident, it is a [...]

What bug is this?


Dannybear has sent this one in for help from the hivemind:
Hello! wondering if anybody knows what this is?
a yellow thing poked out of it for a second but not long enough to ID, its about 6 inches long, thanks!

Commercial photography charges in Canberra public spaces? (read, the National Arboretum!!)

By 7 May 2013

I was reading this morning the charges up at the National Arboretum and spotted that they want to charge $200 “per image” for any commercial photography done up there and $200 an hour for non-commercial photography!!
Some of the other charges for “hiring” some of the spaces up there seem ridiculous as well including if you [...]

Caravan parks around Canberra?

By 6 May 2013

Looking for expert opinion on caravan parks.
An acquaintance is planning a visit from Melbourne to Canberra to stay in their own caravan with kids (I think young teens) in July and looking for advice on best caravan parks to stay in. They have mentioned  Creastview in Queanbeyan and Capital Country Holiday Village in Sutton.
As I [...]

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