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Dam that Mulligans Flat

By 26 July 2012

Wondering what the situation is with the Mulligans Flat dam earthworks in the Mulligans Flat Sanctuary. I would have thought works in the Sanctuary would have needed some form of consultation or approval, and yet looking at the ACTPLA website there is nothing. Seems that they are making a bit of a meal of it [...]

Trivia Night Roll Call

By 25 July 2012

It’s been sometime since the last RA post asking where regular trivia nights are being held.
We already know about Civic PJ’s (Mon & Wed’s), King O’Malley’s (Mon), Turner bowls (Thurs) and the Phoenix (1st Tues of the month).
So fellow RA’ers what other regular trivia nights can you recomend?

Help!! – babysitting. need ideas

By 25 July 2012

Okay so I (stupidly) agreed to babysit a friend’s kids for free. She has a 12 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. I have them all day saturday. Neither have been to Canberra. What is something that I can do with them to keep them occupied all day? I am reliant on [...]

Real-time energy monitoring in Canberra?

By 24 July 2012

Having just received my jaw-dropping gas and electricity bills for the past quarter, I’m interested in those devices that give you real-time feedback about how much energy (let’s just worry about electricity for the moment) you’re using and what it’s costing you.
Same thing could presumably be achieved if the meters were inside the house, [...]

Where to get cargo shorts and a straw cowboy hat in Canberra in July?

By 23 July 2012

So later in the week I’m handing you lot over to the untender mercies of Editorial Resource No 2 and jetting to Japan for the RiotACT Tokyo Bureau Chief’s bucks night.
Now the bucks proceedings are at the Fuji Rock festival which means your correspondent needs clothing suitable for a summer festival.
In particular I’d like [...]

Oral Surgery in Canberra?

By 23 July 2012

I recently visited an oral surgeon in need of some extensive excavation work.  
It was agreed that the operation would involve hospitalisation and a quote for the work was provided. 
This, together with anaesthetist fee and hospital charges came to an amount  in the multi $Ks. 
Checking with Medibank revealed that they do not cover [...]

Costco photo printing – any good?

By 20 July 2012

Just wondering if anyone has had photos printed out at Costco, and is able to comment on the price/quality?

Are mower repairers in Canberra killing the trade?

By 20 July 2012

As a hobby based in passionate intrest, I run an add hoc mower repair/sales shop from home for a little extra cash on the side, and some of the stories I hear from the folks who find me have me wondering weather mower repair for the domesic market is an industry being killed by the [...]

Currawong Chorus in Canberra?

By 20 July 2012

Can anyone explain the reason that every couple of weeks it seems every Currawong across Canberra decides to break into chorus?
Is it a mating thing?
I certainly don’t dislike the sound but have always wondered about the frequency of it.

Cricket in the ACT?

By 20 July 2012

Are there any decent cricket teams worth watching round here in the summer?
I see Australia have got WI in February at Manuka, but is there a local league, or any professional sides?

Snow near Canberra?

Thinking about taking the Freeman family for a day to see some snow this weekend.
Not after anything fancy as none of us are skiers, just enough to get the littlies excited – any Rioters know where the closest snow to Canberra is at the moment?

Reverse Graffiti in Canberra?

By 18 July 2012

I was up near Old Parliament house last week and saw some reverse graffiti on the pavement. Does anyone know who does this in Canberra? 
I think it would be great for an event that we are looking to promote.

Does the public service drive employees mad?

By 18 July 2012

My wife is a career public servant who has been driven to the verge of mental illness over the last few years by her mid-level role in the APS. It’s placed her, our family and our marriage under great stress, which we are still struggling to work through.
Her brother recently left the APS due to [...]

Exorbitant specialist fees in Canberra … what’s going on here?

By 18 July 2012

I needed to see a specialist (ob/gyn) last month, and the cost was $250, with medicare reimbursing only $70. That’s $180 out of pocket for a 15 minute appointment. My partner had to see a specialist (gastro) this month, and it was $325 for a 10 minute appointment! (I’m guessing that medicare [...]

Learning to spin [wool] in Canberra?

By 17 July 2012

I am looking for someone (either an individual or group) to teach me how to spin.
I have an antique saxony spinning wheel and would like to learn to spin my sheep and alpaca fleeces.
Can anyone help?

Electronic Road Safety noticeboards. A call for suggestions

By 16 July 2012

They’re getting a bit repetitive, so maybe we should give them some suggestions for new ones.
I’ll start off with:
“No fog?, no fog lights”

Direct debit flexibility at Canberra gyms?

By 16 July 2012

Hey guys,
I’m having a few issues with my gym as they won’t process my direct debits on pay week and as a disablity pensioner i’m usually empty on the week they want to deduct the cash. I always pay though with a late processing fee which i was ok with. Unfortunately now they’ve decided to [...]

Best hot chocolate in Canberra?

By 15 July 2012

We’ve had numerous posts on coffee… as it is winter, wondered where the best place to get hot chocolate is?
Had a good one today at Urban Pantry in Manuka – made using real chocolate instead of the powdered form.
I do not have a sweet tooth at all, but found this one to be [...]

Avian vet in Canberra?

By 14 July 2012

Dr Sandy Hume is out of Canberra – looking for a different avian (bird) vet.

Insulation installer recommendations in Canberra?

By 13 July 2012

My wife and I are starting to look into improving the insulation in our home.  Our place was built in 1973, and the only insulation it has is terribly installed ceiling insulation.  In some places, the batts are slung across the roof trusses…kinda looks like someone stood in the man hole and just threw it [...]

Building Repairs – Belconnen area

By 12 July 2012

I have been successful in claiming against my “Dodgy-Builder” Builder’s Insurance. It must of been a bad year in Canberra in 2007.
Anyhow, I now have to find a “Great & Awesome” builder to do the repair work, ie:
Remove roof tiles from second storey roof, remove battens, Install sarking, then replace all [...]

Quick replacement of iphone battery in Canberra??

By 12 July 2012

Hi Grizzled RiotAct veterans,
I am heading overseas on Monday next week and my iphone battery has died – overnight charge lasts about 30 mins.  Can anyone suggest where I can get the battery replaced quickly? – I guess quickly and cheaply is too much to ask?

Primary schools near Bruce?

By 11 July 2012

Hi rioters. We are moving to Canberra shortly for work. I will be working in Bruce and my hubby will be in the Parliamentary Triangle.
We are planning to live near my work – somewhere like Bruce, Kaleen or Aranda. My main concern is to find a school for my eldest (starts Kindergarten next year) and [...]

Man & Van Hire Suggestions

By 11 July 2012

Howdy riot folks…
i require two pieces of furniture – cocktail cupboard and (smallish) bookself – to be picked up in Banks and dropped off in Campbell.
Alas i’ve done the measurements and it won’t fit in my car
Can anyone suggest a realiable man & van hire service (by hour)?
The furniture is quite sentimental, so [...]

Carburetor Service?

By 11 July 2012

I’d like to utilise the Hive Mind about where to get my poor old Suzuki’s carburetor fixed. It’s gulping petrol and propping a bit, and after having its electricals all re-done, suspicion has shifted to the carby and fuel level being the problem (something about a float).
Carburetors being rare things these days, it appears that [...]

Best lawyer for DUI charge in Canberra?

By 10 July 2012

Recently I was pulled up on a super low range drinking charge and am now faced with a summons and licence suspension which is going to have significant impact on a recently agreed shared custody arrangement.
I haven’t had any issues with police (other than stupidity in a car when I was younger – 15+ years), [...]

Why no pedestrian crossing on the corner of Officer Cres and Ebden St?

By 10 July 2012

Can anyone tell me why Officer Cres/Ebden St in Ainslie seems to be the only main arterial road in the inner north without a pedestrian crossing?
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What church is this in Kaleen?

By 10 July 2012
What church is this in Kaleen?

Helene has sent in pictures of a church in Kaleen and wants to know more:
Just wondering if anybody knows anything about this amazing church building in Georgina St, Kaleen?

Body Corporate Services in Canberra?

By 10 July 2012

Wondering why we only have three body corporate management services in Canberra?
With the huge growth in strata/community title living in Canberra. I see units popping up everywhere in Canberra these days , especially around Town Centres. We are clearly heading the way of London, Paris, New York, where there are so few if any houses.
I [...]

Large load on the Hume Highway on 8th of July?

By 9 July 2012
Large load on the Hume Highway on 8th of July?

Hey all,
I was on my way from Sydney around 2ish last Sunday (8th of July), and ran into horrendous traffic. As it turns out, there was a massive truck moving what mast have been some really heavy equipment (there were three prime movers connected up to move the thing!).
Anyone know what it was? Unfortunately I [...]

Key fob replacements in Canberra?

By 8 July 2012

Hi Rioters.
The other day I dropped the key fob for my car and broke it. I need to get it fixed or replaced. I’ve gone to a few locksmiths who tell me they don’t do it. The only recommendation I have been given was for a certain business in Fyshwick that I normally won’t use [...]

Cost to replace a Commodore radiator in Canberra?

By 7 July 2012

The radiator in my wife’s VS Commodore V6 needs replacing.
This morning I was quoted $650 to do this. the price includes a new radiator, new hoses, coolant and labour.
Does this seem like a fair price, or can it be done for less?

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