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Airport Transfer with Kids?

By 30 October 2012

Hi, I’m looking for a solution to the problem of how to get my partner and young kids (2 + 4) to the airport at 6am in the morning? 
Presumably a taxi is out of the question as they won’t have car seats available? 
6am is too early for the buses to be running from [...]

School enrolment help in Canberra?

By 30 October 2012

We have moved from another state to Canberra.  We enrolled our child at a catholic high school.  
Now this is not a session on bagging the school but due to some bullying issues we need to find our child a new school.  
Most private schools I have contacted are full.  
I have nothing against public [...]

Require Technical Learning Help

By 30 October 2012

Can the Hive point me in the direction of a local course/individual who might be amendable to providing instruction on the casting of metal in Canberra?
Bit off the wall, but I have a strong interest.

Recommendations for hairdressers who work from home in Canberra?

By 29 October 2012

I’m returning to Canberra soon after three years away. Here in Ocean Grove there are several hairdressers who work from home. You get fantastic service as there’s one-on-one attention, no problems with parking, privacy, and very reasonable prices.
I did a search on hairdressers before I posted this but only found recommendations for general hairdressers. Could [...]

Portrait Gallery as wedding venue?

By 28 October 2012

Hi Rioters,
Have any of you been to the National Portrait Gallery as a guest for a wedding? Or even had your own wedding there?
It’s top of the venue rankings for my ceremony and reception and I’m wondering if there’s anything you loved or hated about it.
I’ve never been to a function there so [...]

Dogs and Canberra’s lakes?

By 26 October 2012

Does anyone know which if any of the lakes in Canberra are safe for dogs to swim in?

How do you like the Parkview complex in Holt?

By 25 October 2012

I was wondering if anybody could please tell me how is it like to live in the Parkview complex in Holt, or around that Kippax shops area.
Thanks heaps!

Unreasonable tenant agreement?

By 25 October 2012

Hi guys,
I’m new to Canberra and is in the market for a room to rent. I found a place I like, but the rental agreement requires the tenant to continue paying rent until a replacement tenant is found, if the tenant wants to move out earlier than the agreed fixed term.
I know that renting is [...]

Late70s early 80s bars in Belconnen?

By 25 October 2012

Help please in settling one of those over dinner memory lapse things.
What was the name if the bar on the corner, a couple of doors down from the Pot Belly? Late 1970s/early 80s.

Pram Friendly Restaurants in Canberra?

By 25 October 2012

Hi Everyone,
I have a 3 month old baby and am after suggestions on nice restaurants that are pram friendly. I know there are children friendly places that have play rooms and so forth however I’m after restaurants that are ok with prams and have the space to bring a pram through (and wont act like [...]

Parliament Sitting Dates for 2013?

By 24 October 2012

Working in the private sector, I only occasionally need to check the sitting dates for parliament (every few months or so), and usually when I go to it’s right there to help me plan my calendar. Perhaps it’s nothing unusual, but I’ve been trying to find the dates for 2013 for several months now, [...]

Coffee shops and community life in Harrison/Gungahlin?

By 22 October 2012

My husband and I are returning to Canberra after three years away and we’ll be renting in Harrison. I’ve never lived in Gungahlin before and I’m sort of familiar with the town centre but not the rest of the area.
I can’t see any Harrison shops on Google Earth but maybe it’s an old picture. Does [...]

A new pet dog in Canberra?

By 21 October 2012

We have recently lost our much loved dog and decided that life is unbearable without a pet.  
My wife has decided we must get a miniature poodle.  
Does anyone know of a local source – breeder or rescue?

Kianga complex in Harrison?

By 21 October 2012

Hi guys,
Just relocated from Sydney, first home buyer looking to settle in Canberra.
Wondering if anyone knows much about the Kianga complex of townhouses in Harrison?
Particularly how well they built, any design flaws, or if I should avoid?

Employment scam in Canberra?

By 21 October 2012

In the past week I have received two different unsolicited offers of employment via email that both look a little too generic to be true. They were sent to two separate email addresses, both of which I have used in the past to seek work. Neither email address has ever been “in the public” such [...]

Drinking Hole with Election Coverage

By 20 October 2012

So with the ACT going to the polls tomorrow, and me somehow managing to take an interest in the whole thing, I’m wondering if anyone knows of a venue that will be showing the election coverage and pouring beer?
If I can find a place and get some friends interested it might be a fun evening.

New name for Stromlo Crit Track?

By 19 October 2012

The criterium cycling circuit at Stromlo was named the Stephen Hodge Criterium Cycling circuit when it was opened in 2006.
Stephen Hodge has just admitted to doping during his career as a pro cyclist and has since resigned from his current position as vice-president of Cycling Australia.
So I think we need a new name for the [...]

What’s happening with the Albermarle building in Woden?

By 18 October 2012

Does anyone know what’s going on with the Albermarle Building in Woden? 
The ground floor is all boarded up.  It looks abandoned. 
Juliana House in Bowes St, Woden is also deserted.

Good, Quality Carpet Cleaners in Canberra?

By 18 October 2012

Hi everyone – apologies in advance for a “who’s the best” question, but I can’t think of a better place to ask than RA.
I’m finally getting around to getting our carpets cleaned for the first time since they were put in new a couple of years ago and want to find a good, [...]

Examples of Canberra in prose, verse or song?

By 18 October 2012

With the centenary fast approaching, the hive mind might care to ruminate on the finest examples of this ruined sheep station as depicted in prose, verse or song.  What should be on the centenary committee’s bookshelves or playlists next year?
i’m not after works by canberrans, but about canberra.  anyone?
a contemporary song that pops into my [...]

Can you buy land in the ACT?

By 17 October 2012

This is going to sounds like a dumb question. But I’ve been told that if you purchase a house in the ACT, you don’t actually own the land – you will get something like a 100-year lease from the ACT government. However, if this is true, I don’t understand the land rent program, [...]

Double Shopping Trolley in Canberra? Where?

By 16 October 2012

Hello Rioters, I was hoping for some help. I am trying to find out which supermarkets on the South side of town have the trolleys where two toddlers can sit side by side up the top.
Not the baby capsule we are past that stage but would like to be able to fit some groceries [...]

Woden cats (again)

By 15 October 2012

Firstly, cat haters should stop reading now. You can hate cats on your own time – this is not a post which requires your attention or input.
I have tried to engage the RSPCA on this issue with no luck, despite an offer to pay the costs involved. So I am opening up [...]

Canberra parking… dodgy… clown van… style?

By 15 October 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Posted on Reddit today. It looks like a setup for a film/photoshoot but not sure. Looks somewhere industrial. Anyone got an idea?

Terribad neighbours.

By 14 October 2012

Where I live has been relatively quiet. Apart from the odd person relieving me of the burden of a full tank of petrol. We had a neighbour that was troubling. Except for the odd screaming and banging in his house or eyeballing me, it wasn’t too much of an issue.
They moved out, we cheered and [...]

Greens and snail fodder

By 14 October 2012

There was a topic recently suggesting shredding documents and to then use the result as wormfood to get rid of sensitive material.
I just got back from an overseas business trip to discover the children had again totally ignored bringing the mail in. Kids these days don’t even use email, so you can imagine how much [...]

Voting question

By 12 October 2012

On Page 11 of the ACT Election 2012 booklet it says “If a candidate has more votes than the quota…..the surplus votes of that candidate are distributed….”
My scenario is -
The Electoral Commission counts the votes from a polling booth which heavily favors Candidate “A” first, Candidate “B” second, Candidate “C” third (perhaps “B” lives near [...]

Calling all collectors, hobbyists, enthusiasts and hoarders!

By 12 October 2012

Hi, I’m a first year photography student at the ANU school of art and I’m currently working on a series of photographs featuring people with interesting or unusual collections or hobbies. If you or someone you know has an interest that I might find interesting, and wouldn’t mind having a few photos taken please contact [...]

Parking Tuggeranong

By 12 October 2012

Anyone have any ideas or experience with street parking around Tuggeranong and walking into work? Will i upset the locals by doing this? Am i better off paying for roof parking at the hyperdome or parking at the hockey centre?

What ever happened to Canberra’s punk?

By 10 October 2012

Does anyone remember a guy who used to call himself Snotty, he was a fixture on the Canberra scene from 1990-1992 which is when I remember him being around.  He was a hard core punk, perhaps Canberra’s only punk.  He was a bit of a loser but a character nonetheless.  I wonder what ever became [...]

Canberra’s creepiest locations?

By 10 October 2012

I was wondering what Canberrans would consider to be the creepiest locations around town?  I used to live in Ipima Street, Braddon, in the days before the houses were demolished to make way for high density accommodation and I always found Haig Park to be a bit creepy.  The fact it had a reputation as [...]

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