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XY Dumpling house gone?

By 1 October 2012

I haven’t visited this place for a long time, but according to my friend, it already closed down. any particular and solid reason?
I know they have been fined for a couple of times, but this is one of the only few places you can get night time eat-all-you-can yum cha.

Kombi Van Formal Hire in Canberra?

By 30 September 2012

I was having a little search around the internet for what car me and my friends might take to formal. I came across a RiotACT post from a few years back asking for kombi vans in canberra. Thinking that this was a good idea I followed the links and wasn’t fully satisfied, mainly because the [...]

CD Cabinets in Canberra?

By 30 September 2012

Can anyone help me with trying to find a cabinet maker who will make me a cd cabinet?
I bought one at the Kingston bus depot markets about 15 years ago in stained pine and stained glass doors and would like another one made.
I am told the maker has moved to Hall markets but haven’t [...]

Rubbing the right way. Massage in Canberra?

By 28 September 2012

Dear Rioters, who is the best masseur in Canberra?
I am inner north but prepared to travel (within reason). No specific injuries, just sore muscles.
I will ignore any Mitchell/Fyshwick recommendations.

Black strips across roads

By 27 September 2012

What are the temporary black strips across roads for?
There’s usually two of them parallel to each other and they’re attached to a box that’s off the road.
Are they just to monitor the amount of traffic?
Are they speed related in any way?

Discoloured water northside

By 26 September 2012

Dear Hivemind,
So our water is running a poo-brown colour this evening and we have just found out from ACTEW Water that this is happening at the moment – see link.
Although the bath water is not so bad as Neil’s in the Young Ones episode ‘Nasty’.. we are loathe to dip our baby in until we know [...]

The omnipresent Glen McCrea. Who is he?

By 26 September 2012

Is it just me or is Glen McCrea everywhere? 
I live in Florey and work in the city, and no matter which friggin route I take I see his signs, and no matter where I go for groceries the bloke seems to be out the front with flyers in hand…
Is he literally everywhere or [...]

Recommend a Gardener in Canberra?

By 25 September 2012

So with the weather warming up and the sun shining its time to sort my extremely neglected (to put it mildly) yard out finally.
Can someone recommend a good, honest and reliable gardener in Gungahlin, who can hack, slash, prune and lop their way through a jungle, and dispose of the trimmings?
Thanks in Advance.

Maths tutor in Canberra?

By 25 September 2012

My 16 yo daughter (year 10) has always had “issues” with maths, or to quote her “I like maths, it doesn’t like me”.  Prior to this year she maintained a B average. I think that she decided she wouldn’t need maths in College, she’s now failing and is behind is key concept areas.
She now wants [...]

Landscaper wanted!

By 24 September 2012

We paid $80 an hour for a chap with a Dingo machine to rip out some shrubs. Not an onerous task by any means. Cost $400. Not bad money for 5 hours work. We asked if he could come back to take out some more, but he never came back or even contacted us after [...]

Biblical Plague in Giralang?

By 22 September 2012

The plague I’m referring to is number 4 from Exodus:
“This is what the LORD says: Let my people go, so that they may worship me. If you do not let my people go, I will send swarms of flies upon you…”
So we don’t exactly have swarms of flies, but with the slightly warmer weather we are [...]

Good breakfast in Canberra??

By 21 September 2012

I love breakfast and am desperate to find a great breakfast spot in Canberra but everywhere is terrible and overpriced.
I went to Beess & Co in Yarralumla on the weekend and it was appalling…even the toast was bad (and how can you mess that up??). A few weeks ago had Urban Food and nearly $60 [...]

Dance classes just for fun for kids in Canberra?

By 21 September 2012

Hello Rioters,
My 12 year old would like a “just for fun” dance class that she could join.
Most of the dance places around the way seem to require uniforms or commitment to end of year performances or are for kids that attend term in and out.
Are there any classes that are suitable for a [...]

Buy a Pavlova?

By 20 September 2012

I would like to buy a good pavlova.  However, every shop I contact has either closed down or doesn’t sell them.  Suggestions please but not if you last went there a year ago as it has probably gone.
No I can’t cook it:
(a) I would probably burn it and
(b) competition for the stove. 
If [...]

What Ever Happened To… Jobline?

By 20 September 2012

Here’s one for Canberrans with longish memories.
Back in the 1980s and afterwards, there was a useful little service called Jobline.  If you were unemployed or at university (but I repeat myself!) you could dial their number — I remember it, it was 477777 — and sign up to do odd jobs.  Someone wants their windows [...]

Interstate removalists from Canberra?

By 19 September 2012

I know this has been discussed before but the most recent post I can find is a couple of years old.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a Canberra based removalist to move our things to Northern NSW?
In particular I have had a reasonable quote from National Capital Removals at Mitchell – has anyone [...]

Enclosed carport installation?

By 19 September 2012

I converted my existing garage to living space 5 years ago, and am finally getting around to putting up a new garage.  I want something affordable which can be made to look in keeping with the style of my house.  After much research, I think the way to go for me is a steel carport kit, enclosed with blueboard and [...]

Renting out an investment property

By 18 September 2012

I realise this has been touched on in the past, however I didn’t find a lot of the answers I was looking for, so here we are again.
For reasons inconsequential, Mrs Bendross and I will be leaving our house and sticking it on the rental market. For more reasons inconsequential, we will be going [...]

Land value question in Page

By 18 September 2012

I just got my rates, and the unimproved value of the land has not budged a dollar in twelve months. (It shows me the ULV from January to January)
We bought it in August 2010. That year the ULV went up $60,000!
So my question is, who got the benefit of that increase? Me or the [...]

Dodgy hairdressing apprenticeships?

By 17 September 2012

My cousin recently started on probation with a hairdressing chain in Canberra, with a view of obtaining a 1st year apprenticeship after 3 months.
My wife went to her hairdresser who told her that the chain had a reputation of hiring probationers for 3 months then not offering an apprenticeship.
The probationers clean the shop [...]

Built in wardrobe pricing in Canberra?

By 15 September 2012

We recently got 4 quotes from various Canberra companies (varying from stegbar to husband/wife combo) and the cheapest quote came in at $2400 installed. This is for a 3m 3 door (mirror sliding) with nothing fancy inside just hanging/4 drawers and some shelves.
In Sydney the same wardrobe can be installed for $800 – $1150. Why [...]

Where to find a hotdog?

By 15 September 2012

Its a silly question I know but Im stumped.  I have a little man who wants to go out for a hotdog for his birthday.  I cant think of where to take him.  Other than a bowling alley or an ice cream/frozen yogurt shop (I know, weird huh!) I cant think of anywhere that serves [...]

Topic of your choice. Get creative hivemind!

By 13 September 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Comedy ACT and Impro ACT are going head to head in The Great Debate, all they need now is a debate topic.
Captain for the improvisers: Nick Byrne, Artistic Director of Impro ACT and Improvention, Australia’s largest gaggle of improvisers and Australia’s second tallest improviser.
Captain for the comedians: Kale Bogdanovs, a Melbourne Comedy Festival veteran who’s [...]

Wi-fi and business class on the buses to Sydney?

By 13 September 2012

Greyhound are offering wi-fi and a business class service on buses to and from Sydney

Palmer Street, Garran

By 11 September 2012

Can anyone confirm that the paved section of road just after the corner of Palmer Street and Bateson Road in Garran is not a pedestrian crossing? This is just after the turn into the Canberra Hospital up near the Red Cross Centre.
There is no indication whatsoever that this is a crossing but it seems that [...]

Drawing up a Will

By 11 September 2012

Hi Rioters,
Has anyone got any recommendations for a legal firm on the Northside that can assist me in drawing up a will? Before you all say “Will Kits”, it’s slightly more complex in this instance and I do need to engage a lawyer. The only law firm I’ve used is for conveyancing and that wasn’t [...]

Transport of goods to Toowoomba/Brisbane

By 10 September 2012

Hello all.
I am looking to transport some goods to the Toowoomba/Brisbane area and am wondering if anyone knows a company who does regular trips and might have some room to carry a small load?
There is not enough stuff to consider a full removalist and nothing is urgently required up there.
Any advice or suggestions would be [...]

Will West Macgregor be Getting a New Name?

By 9 September 2012

I’ve heard rumours that the ACT suburb currently known as “West Macgregor” will be getting a new name. Is this true or not? And if so, what will the new name be? I could have sworn that I read online somewhere (or heard from a friend) that it was going to be [...]

Protected Tree removal – is it possible ?

By 8 September 2012

Due to changing family requirements I need to extend the family home, the only direction that I can go is in the path of a protected tree.
Moving isn’t really an option as I couldn’t afford to purchase back into the suburb and I am not about to move the kids away from their school [...]

Car Cameras and Black Boxes in Canberra?

By 7 September 2012

My wife and experience the daily nerve racking experience of Canberra commuting.  It seems every second day at least we see another accident.  Seven deaths in Canberra roads this year, and I dread to think of how many serious injuries or even insurance nightmares and work interruptions people are suffering every day.  Fatalities are only the tip [...]

Low flying plane

By 6 September 2012

Did anyone else see the plane flying crazy low over Torrens?

What is swaying your vote?

By 6 September 2012

As a fair and balanced, neutral political observer, with no allegiance to any political party, or political philosophy, I have been weighing up who will be getting my vote in the 2012 Assembly election.
I have gone into this with an open mind, taking into account the policy announcements and party platforms and have decided that [...]

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