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Review of the Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Act 1994 Consultation on the Second Exposure Draft [UPDATED]

By 26 April 2013

As the revisions to the Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Act 1994 seem to cover a lot of issues including treatment orders, search and frisking powers and, arrest without a warrant, some people may be interested in being involved in this consultation.
Consultation on the Second Exposure Draft: Wednesday 17 April – Tuesday 28 May 2013.
The [...]

Road resurfacing in Mawson and Phillip

By 24 April 2013

When will the madness of the ACT’s road surfacing programme end. Everyone I talk to is unhappy with the spray seal /  chip seal used yet the programme rolls on, this time in Mawson and Phillip. For those of you that live in Mawson, they seem to have done a particularily poor job as there are loose stones [...]

Latin America in 100 words: Short story competition

By 23 April 2013

Hi RioACTers,
We are only a few days to close the inaugural story contest “Latin America in 100 words”. I would encourage you to send us your short stories. It doesn’t matter if you have never been in Latin America. You would just need to tell us in a sentence, two or more (up [...]

Thank you, kind Canberrans!

By 23 April 2013

I know it’s entirely stupid, but I am terrified of spiders. I mean, properly terrified. Just seeing pictures of them makes me nervous. I’m even scared of them when they’re already dead. Yes, yes, I’m a million times bigger than they are. Yes, yes, they’re more scared of me, etc. But the thing about irrational [...]

Red Cross wants MORE volunteers

By 23 April 2013

Red Cross are in need of volunteers for the Community Visitors Scheme (CVS).
CVS is for residents of aged care facilities in the ACT and South East NSW region who are socially isolated and whose quality of life would be improved by friendship and companionship. Volunteers are matched with a client for social visits for about [...]

Where to buy a hat in Canberra?

By 23 April 2013

As the colder weather approaches I’m in need of something fashionable to cover what remains of where my full head of hair used to be.
As an early 30′s male who’d rather shave his head than look like a 60 year old bald man I’m having trouble finding anywhere that sells a wide assortment of [...]

New cafe in Mode 3?

By 22 April 2013

Was hoping someone had some information on the new cafe in Mode 3 in Braddon?
I think it’s called 86 (it faces Elouera Street) but Google came up blank. 
Went past there on Saturday evening and again yestedray morning and it was packed.

Possible cheated wages/being underpaid??!

By 22 April 2013

Hi everyone,
I am posting this for my partner, I do not wish to mention his exact trade nor the company for obvious reasons, as I wouldn’t want anyone he works for that may possibly read this see its about them,
My partner is working for a company as a sub-contracter, and has been with them for [...]

Doctors in Canberra?

By 21 April 2013

Hi there,
I am searching for a good doctor in Canberra preferably Northside.
I recently got some test results back and am not happy with how my current doctor handled the situation (she searched the condition on google, telling me just to leave it and see if it causes problems in the future). She didn’t make [...]

Roof insulation in Canberra. Who gives a good quote?

By 21 April 2013

After I received a quote from a long-known local energy efficiency businesses I asked them how many bags of insulation they will provide for the $’s quoted and the number of square metres that they will cover in the roof space.  Seems that it’s a case of ‘that’s the price and we will insulate your [...]

Final Gifts: understanding the special awareness and needs of the dying

By 19 April 2013

LifeCircle ACT presents a Life Matters Event Final Gifts: understanding the special awareness and needs of the dying.
A one-day gathering of speakers, community organisations and business specialising in palliative care, advanced care planning and end of life care.
Southern Cross Club
Saturday, July 6 2013
MC: Clair Hochstetler, Head Chaplain, Pastoral Care, Canberra Hospital
Program :
- Welcome to Country [...]

Canberra: Planning for the next 100 Years

By 18 April 2013

Genevieve Wauchope, Executive Director of the Canberra Environment Centre, is inviting us along to think about and discuss what Canberra should look like for the next 100 years.
Does the Canberra you want to live in have higher density living areas? Does it have community vegetable gardens in public parks or recycling stations throughout Civic? [...]

Politics in the Pub. A conversation with Bob Brown

By 18 April 2013

The Australia Institute is inviting us to a conversation between Richard Denniss and Bob Brown.
Since the last time Bob Brown spoke to Politics in the Pub he has resigned from Parliament, created the Bob Brown Foundation which aims to help front-line environmentalists, as well as led a Sea Shepherd anti-whaling mission.
In an election year [...]

(Re)surfacing epic fail x 2


This morning’s commute took me past two examples of terrible resurfacing; one on the bike path and one on the road.  The first is on the  bit of bike path that runs from Cook/Aranda to LBG, running parallel with both Bindubi Street and William Hovell Drive.  That path is one of the best things about [...]

Huge increase to Body Corporate Levies. ACAT?

By 17 April 2013

Body Corporate levy increases by 65% per year — well above what Independent Property Group said when purchasing the property.

How lazy is the local HR?

By 17 April 2013

I was getting ready to send out a few resumes and see where they stick.
Once again I’ve encountered the scourge of Canberra: the custom-built employment portal and the mountain of position criteria.
From a UX point of view this seems self-defeating. I understand wanting to take a few steps to weed out unsuitable candidates but how [...]

Digging up Gungahlin, Lecture

By 17 April 2013

The Canberra Archaeological Society has been active in local archaeology and heritage protection for most of its 50 years.
At this presentation, Helen Cook will start with a panoramic view of Canberra Archaeological Society involvement in identifying, recording, excavating, conserving and promoting cultural heritage in Gungahlin, including embarrassing photos, the ghosts of history past and [...]

A mighty rigid structure appears in the Canberra Centre. Pour Quoi?


The food court atrium in the Canberra Centre has developed a large steel frame for what seems to be some sort of internal roofing.
Anyone want to suggest what could be the cause?

Diversity ACT’s People’s Choice Awards

By 16 April 2013

This one rattled into my inbox and so I thought the Canberra community might like to know they can [and maybe would like to] vote for their favourite gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer identifying Canberran, business or organisation.
The People’s Choice award is an annual event which recognises nominees’ contributions to the LGBTIQ community [...]

The Red Cross is looking for some Mates

By 16 April 2013

Red Cross is looking for new volunteers for its MATES program, which assists socially isolated people in reconnecting to their community in the ACT and region. Volunteers are matched with participants one-to-one and meet regularly – usually for an hour or so a week or fortnight – to undertake social activities in the community. Volunteers [...]

Marymead Foster Care Information Night

By 16 April 2013

Are you interested in becoming a Foster Carer?
Marymead’s next information session will be held at
– Marymead
– 255 Goyder Street Narrabundah
– 18 April at 6.00pm.
Children are always welcome and light refreshments are provided.
If you are unable to attend an information session but are interested in finding out about foster [...]

Meteor Shower over Canberra?

By 15 April 2013

Hi there,
This will hopefully be seen by Gunghalin Al who seems to know all about what’s going on above us at night. I’ve heard that there will be a meteor shower on the night of Monday April 22nd and was hoping Al might be able to give us some info on which  direction we should [...]

Yoga in Canberra?

By 15 April 2013

I’m looking for a yoga class that’s very gentle, as I’m recovering from surgery and have a weak right shoulder as a result.
Preferably northside, but I’m happy to travel for the right place.
It would need to be outside of work hours.
I identified a place in Torrens (but the class times don’t suit) [...]

How to deal with an unprofessional photographer?

By 15 April 2013

Dear Rioters,
I need an advice on how to deal with an unprofessional photographer. Here is the story –
Last year we got married and hired a professional photographer for two hours. We received our photographs 4 months after our wedding. The pictures were great but we started noticing that some pictures were missing that he took. [...]

Merging on and off the Monaro Highway – the back door manoeuvre

By 15 April 2013

Being a bit of a Costco addicit, I travel along the Monaro Highway quite often (coming on and off at the Hindmarsh Dr junction.
What I have noticed is the increasing use of what I like to call the ‘back door’ manoeuvre, where people, who really can not wait two seconds, merge on and off from behind [...]

Let’s Get Loud! For Women’s Rights

By 15 April 2013

The irresistable Melanie Poole has sent through details about an upcoming conference:
‘Let’s Get Loud’ is a conference that will bring together NGOs, academics and students to
tackle critical issues in women’s rights. We will provide a deeper understanding of the
global and Australian context in which attacks on women’s rights occur.
Over the course of one day attendees [...]

ACT Library Fines?

By 14 April 2013

So I may or may not have recently been slapped with one of the new ACT library ‘administration fees’ after being unaware of a book being out for the last couple of months thanks to letters being sent to my old address =(
Does anyone have any experience with not paying library fines in the [...]

Why have they decommissioned the BBQs in the John Knight Memorial Park?

By 13 April 2013

Katrina has mailed this in raising some pretty fair questions:
Hi, just want to make the public aware that the BBQ’s (near the park and carpark) at John Knight Memorial Park are out of order!
Just what we needed when we arrived to host a kids bday party for 27 kids!
No sign and when I [...]

Bowes Street Woden, Juliana House Revamp


This is a whinge really and yes I know you ‘perfect’ people will shoot me down in flames but I don’t care.
How is it that developers are able to obtain permission to supposedly  close off only  half a road, when in fact it is most of the road and then encroach on the rest of it [...]

Overcoming timbre fetishism: Sound music, and the perceiving body

By 12 April 2013

Experimental composer Dr David Worrall is giving a lecture at Manning Clark House Overcoming timbre fetishism: Sound music, and the perceiving body at Manning Clark House on Wednesday 17th April at 5:30pm

Throw Out the Lifeline

By 11 April 2013

This year’s March Lifeline bookfair was arguably the most successful ever, with high attendances, high sales and a good spread of visitors and buyers through the whole weekend. Volunteers also reported that it was remarkably well organised in the setup and preparation. It comes as a shock, and an unexpected one, to all volunteers that [...]

Beggar’s Belief

By 10 April 2013

I am a regular consumer at Woolworths in Dickson and besides fighting with traffic I have found there to be an even greater threat.. the beggars!
It is getting out of control. I think there is at least 5 who have taken up residence and continue to badger me going in and coming out. I was even accosted [...]

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