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Travel vaccines in Canberra?

By 14 January 2014

Would anyone have any advice as to where to do travel vaccines in Canberra?
I’ve been told some G.Ps don’t stock them. Has anyone travelled to Bali and done the vaccines here? Thanks!

Anxiety Treatments in Canberra?

By 14 January 2014

A good friend of ours has suffered with high anxiety and OCD for many years.
Having attended many of the local mental health centres there has been little ongoing relief.
Recently they discovered a method advertised as the “Linden method” with guaranteed results via a UK website for Charles Linden.
I would like to know [...]

Manuka Oval Hydration Policy for PM’s 11

By 14 January 2014

I’m going to the cricket this arvo with my two boys; knowing that its going to be hot, I’m planning for our hydration. I’m intending to take some soft drinks (three sealed 1250 ml plastic bottles) and some ice (frozen tap water in used 1250ml plastic soft drink bottles). I’ve heard some chatter [...]

What is the best portable fan to buy in Canberra?

By 14 January 2014

Hello rioters,
It’s hot and getting hotter. I like to sleep without sweating so I am looking for advice on the quietest pedestal or tower fan to buy so that I can use it in my bedroom at night. It needs to be as quiet as possible or the missus gets the hump and turns it [...]

Hats, Heels and Handbags (Wanted!)

By 13 January 2014

Verve Promotions will again present the Canberra Show Fashion Parade from the 21st to 23rd February. 
The fashion parade entitled Hats, Heels and Handbags will showcase a variety of fashion wares and promoters are searching for Canberra’s biggest, oldest, most expensive and weirdest handbags, heels and hats. 
If you own something of the sort please [...]

Rainwater tank installers in Canberra?

By 13 January 2014

Having thoroughly failed to find enough round tuits to install a water tank myself, I’m considering hiring someone to do it for me.
Have you had someone install a rainwater tank and electric pump (but not necessarily the plumbing to the gutters) recently? Who did you hire? Did they do a decent job?
At this point I’m [...]

Where have all the cherries gone?

By 13 January 2014

I am looking to source a heap of cherries, but I haven’t seen any of the roadside guys for a while. I also checked the fresh life in Tuggeranong today and they didnt have any at all.
I did read that the yield was low this year, but I think they are still in seasons.
Has [...]

Hovercraft tours on Lake Burley Griffin?

By 12 January 2014

 I have a friend who is looking to expand his business by offering Hovercraft tours around Lake Burley Griffin.  It is felt that it would be a wonderful attraction for tourists and family outings.  A small Hovercraft will also add an interesting backdrop to the lake, which arguably can be perceived as fairly bland to a proportion of residents.  [...]

Best bunny savvy vets in Canberra??

By 11 January 2014

Hi All,
I have recently become the owner of a baby rabbit, and have been looking around at the different vets in town that I might take her to.
And I am wondering if any bunny owners out there have any recommendations for vets that are particularly good with rabbits?
Ideally, I would like to find a good, [...]

Zimmer / walking frame hire in Canberra?

By 10 January 2014

Hi there hive mind.
An elderly relative has broken her ankle while base jumping  in the Arapiles*.
As this happened out of state she has been sent home on crutches.
We feel she would be better off with a walking frame.
So does anyone know where we can hire one in Canberra?
*Ok, not really.

Landlord/Agent breaking lease agreement

By 8 January 2014

One week before moving into a rental property, the landlord/agent decided to back out of the rental lease agreement which was signed back in mid-December. The agreement was counter-signed and witnessed by one of the agent’s assistants.
Since I wasn’t going to move in  until mid-Jan, agent had agreed to let me pay bond and 2 [...]

Chippy for Choppa?

By 8 January 2014

I have a carport that I would like to enclose.
Does anyone have any recommendations for getting a carpenter in Canberra to frame the walls?

Recommendations for a good Brickie?

By 8 January 2014

I am after a recommendation for a good Brickie that does breeze block/brick retaining walls at a reasonable cost with good workmanship. 
I’d go stone (using a Stonemason) but that is considerably more expensive apparently. 
Also the wall is to be build at the side of the house so aesthetics are not an issue for [...]

Campos Coffee in Civic? Or just some decent decaff?

By 7 January 2014

Does anyone know where I can get a cup of Campos Coffee in Civic? We have a love affair, and I haven’t had a good cup of joe in a very long time.
Or perhaps you can suggest somewhere this pregnant lady can get a decent decaff in this town. Harvest didn’t do it for [...]

Missing Russian Blue Cat from Kambah

By 7 January 2014

We have lost our Russian Blue cat and are missing him HEAPS. He is dark grey with a maroon/red collar with a bell. He went missing in Kambah near Learmonth / Meridith. We live in Stirling, so we also have thoughts that he may have made his way home towards Weston Creek.
He went missing over [...]

nightride tomorrow night (tuesday) + free bike fix workshop this weekend

By 6 January 2014

hey guys
couple of casual cycling events this week.
tomorrow I’m organizing a nightride from belco to the city.  more social than a training ride, we will stopping along the way for a moonlit picnic.  no need to wear stretchy clothes
details via
this weekend cyclejam is running their monthly bikefix at gormon house markets.  use some tools, get [...]

ACT Housing maintenance phone number not working.

By 4 January 2014

On Thursday at around 6:30PM, a tap in my bathroom broke, well the plastic part shattered into several pieces.   I am in a ACT Housing unit so I rang the maintenance number (6207 1500) to let them know and to have a plumber come out to fix it.
Well the number didn’t work.   I tried many [...]

Helicopters over Kaleen

By 4 January 2014

They’re not all black.
But for some time now the helicopters have been overflying Kaleen.
Should I be worried? Should I be alert but not alarmed?

Lack of post-NYE buses to Queanbeyan and Jerra?

By 31 December 2013

G’day all,
Decided I’d go into Canberra City for the NYE celebrations have a few drinks and then catch the bus home.  Unfortunately it looks like neither Action Buses or Deans will be running a late service out to Queanbeyan and Jerra?  Pretty disappointing if this is accurate.

Goodbye 2013. We are afloat on rivers of crap and the boat is sinking

By 31 December 2013

Cracked has a good article on the rising tide excrement trying to clog every potential avenue of information.
Here in Canberra looking back on the year it’s just as awful with things that look a bit like news filling up our letterboxes and the airwaves.
With no meaningful clashes of ideology (Labor being the party of big [...]

RBTs out in force already

By 31 December 2013

Passed a substantial gathering of police at 2 PM blocking a major thoroughfare, clearly looking to get an early start to wishing as many motorists as possible a happy New Year.  
The constabulary revellers also seemed keen to share their party whistles with all and sundry.

Swimming Pool Water Consumption in Canberra?

By 31 December 2013

Does anyone have first hand experience of how much extra water they used each year by installing an inground swimming pool?
And, how effective are pool blankets really?
Would installing a rain water tank be sufficient for topping-up the pool?
Perhaps someone has done a comparison before and after installing their pool.
After the first fill-up I suspect a [...]

After advice on dealing with harrassment in the ACT Gov workplace?

By 29 December 2013

So my dream has come true to try out a career in the Public sector,  I have gotten a temp job in an office for a local department and have been enthusiastically trying my hardest for the last month.  It is quite a career change from the Building industry to Administration.
So unfortunately I have come [...]

Child Care Info in Canberra?

By 29 December 2013

Hello all,
Maybe this riot act community could provide a little bit of assistance for some analysis of the current state of mind and positions for families seeking child care.
Here is a hypothetical for you….
Lets assume for conversations sake, that a new child care facility was going to open in the not so distant future.
Again lets [...]

Belconnen lake-front eateries

By 29 December 2013

I’m wondering what other RiotACT-ers feel about the atmosphere and functionality/appeal of the waterfront eateries strip along Emu Bank in Belconnen. Went there yesterday late afternoon and, granted, I was hoping for a pleasant drink and perhaps a quick bite at the Lighthouse which disappointingly turned out to be closed.
But in wandering about considering the [...]

Compensation advice please…

By 28 December 2013

In late 2009 I was living in an ACT Government housing property, on this particular day I had a washing machine delivered, the delivery driver moved my old washing machine outside and I stayed in the laundry to sweep the area underneath where it had lived for a number of years. I was done sweeping [...]

Cafés open this time of year in Canberra?

By 27 December 2013

Driving about Fyshwick on Monday and Tuesday, the only two places that were open and served a reasonable coffee had queues out the door.  
The difficult thing this time of year is to know who is actually open outside of the big shopping centres.  
Any rioters have tips on the decent suburban venues that trade [...]

In search of a bingled white Toyota ute

By 27 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

On Boxing Day around 10.30pm, someone driving a white Toyota ute caused an accident at the corner of Drakeford and Erindale Drive.
Two other cars were involved, one of which was rear-ended and then smashed driver’s side first into a light pole. I have no idea of the full extent of the driver’s injuries, but she [...]

Looking for quirky/fun/adventurous weekend activities or getaways for couples

By 24 December 2013

I’m looking for some quirky/fun/adventurous weekend activities or getaways for couples.
It could be free or paid, right here in Canberra or up to 2 hours away, energetic or laid back. Think gold panning, fossil hunting, abseiling, DIY classes, farm stays where we get to milk cows and that sort of thing…
I’m open to [...]

Ascot townhouses in Harrison

By 24 December 2013

I’m thinking of buying a 2 br townhouse at the Ascot development in Harrison on the Flemington rd side to live in with my wife and small child.
I am wondering if anyone has any advice? In particular, how are they during winter?
The weatherboard part at the back seem to lack insulation and you can [...]

Good aftersales experience

By 24 December 2013

Its pretty common to read when you have been given some bad service, but on this occassion I would like to acknowledge the service I got from the local BCF (I have no connection whatsoever) in Belconnen, Canberra.
I recently bought a HDS 7 Touch depth sounder for fishing, and for me it was a massive [...]

Open Invitation to Christmas Lunch

By 23 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Woden Community Service (WCS) is hosting a Christmas Day Lunch for people who may not have family or friends to share the festive season.
The event provides an opportunity for people who may be on their own at this time of year to come and connect with others in their local community.
Lunch is free to attend [...]

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