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Taken off the roster

By 4 February 2014

I would love some advice if anyone can help.  I am asking on behalf of a friend of mine – he is an employee of a company that is contracted as a security contractor to a business here in Canberra.
He also happens to be in the country on a student visa – one [...]

Payment for fences?

By 3 February 2014

Part question but mostly a rant.
Two of my neighbours recently agreed to replace the fence between them.  The blocks don’t align perfectly so it made sense to also replace a small section (4m) of my fence at the same time. My neighbour (NOT the fencing company) asked me if I was ok with it being replaced, as [...]

Door fitter

By 3 February 2014

I need to replace an internal door that is starting to warp a little. Not sure why it is warping as it is an internal door well away from moisture/steam sources.
Is anyone who has had doors replaced recently able to recommend someone that might be willing to fit just a single door?
I would go get [...]

DIY Conveyancing in Canberra (house sale)

By 3 February 2014

I’ll be selling my house soon and am really considering doing conveyancing on my own. The cost of putting the house on the market is huge, and while I can’t avoid paying for advertising and building/compliance/pest/EER report, I could have a go at conveyancing to save about $1,000.
If anyone’s done it, please post as much [...]

Can anyone recommend someone for car rust repairs?

By 31 January 2014

Hi Guys,
I have discovered some nice rust on my car around the windscreen recently and was wondering if anyone on RA could suggest someone who will do a good job on it.
Thanks in advance, as always.

regional excursions for dining

By 30 January 2014

i thought i’d trawl the riotous hive mind for some food for thought.  my family has a significant milestone this year and we are considering clumping together, a rare event, and go somewhere nice for a meal and perhaps an overnight stay (there’s the folks and three [proper old] kids, mebbe a partner or two [...]

$500 reward for lost dog

By 29 January 2014

Genie went missing after let out from the groomers in Macquarie on 3rd January 2014. We are offering a $500 reward for her safe return.
Please email and include a photo of our dog if you have found her. We will only be responding to authentic claims of having our dog.
If you know anything at [...]

Engagement Party Ideas…

By 29 January 2014

I’m struggling to plan an engagement party. I really don’t want to spend a lot as my partner and I are paying off one mortgage and saving for another property… But I love the idea of high tea in the gardens. Which has given me the idea to rent out high tea items/ tablets etc for a [...]

Canberra rates of violence

By 29 January 2014

New reports released by the Productivity Commission are pointing to Canberra having the highest rate of physical and sexual assault victims in the country – the country!   Showing a victim rate of 4706 per 100,000 this places the ACT above the Northern Territory for physical and sexual assault.
The Productivity Commission have flagged some room for [...]

Blackberry picking plans

By 29 January 2014

Having moved to ACT 18 months ago, I’m keen to take the family out for first season of Blackberry picking soon.
Hoping some RIOTees could assist with:

Best time to pick (I have to organise sister in law to travel from Sydney for the weekend to assist)
Best place to pick this season
Do I need to weak snake [...]

Good panel beater?

By 28 January 2014

Does anyone know of a good, reliable panel beater who charges a fair price for his services? I don’t know if such a thing exists, but I have a small dent in my bumper that is the result of a car park accident (they didn’t leave a message)

Bats with lights

By 28 January 2014

Hello all.
Mrs Ryoma and I went to the fireworks in Commonwealth Park last night. Just on dusk, the bats came out of the trees and started their usual swooping about.
But to our surprise,some of the bats were colourful – or, more to the point, had some type of lights attached to them (lime green, from memory). Now, [...]

Thieving flatmate

By 25 January 2014

A friend of mine shares a flat with a girl who keeps going through her stuff, taking things and taking money from her wallet.
They each have a lease so I assume she cannot evict her.
Do you have any ideas what she can do.
Calling the police is not going to make for good flatmate relaions.

Quality Jewellers in Canberra?

By 24 January 2014

I am thinking of buying my friend a ring and would like to hear recommendations for a quality jeweller here in Canberra.
I have reasonable money to spend and am not interested in cheap, chain store stuff.
Would appreciate advice.

ACTION fail again – Australia Day 2014

By 24 January 2014

So, ACTION has once again failed to deliver anything useful.
We were thinking about going to the big day down at Regatta Point on Sunday, for the shows, displays and fireworks. Instead of driving and having to do the big long walk from Civic to the lake, I found that Action are doing post-show shuttle services [...]

Turner chooks taking free range to a new level

By 24 January 2014

This just in from a reader:
There is currently a small chook scratching around the premises of Hepatitis ACT at 36 David St Turner (Next to the Polish Club).

He did it Otway (or how do you book a show in Canberra?)

By 24 January 2014

John Otway, micro-star, “rock and roll’s greatest failure”, and subject of a recent Cannes premiered movie, is thinking about a trip to Aus. As a fan, (and friend,) of his I’m trying to get him to play Canberra. But never having been involved in something like this, how does one go about  arranging a gig? [...]

Parkes Way Widening?

By 24 January 2014

Surprised it hasn’t been mentioned on here, but the other day there was a media release saying that the west bound work on the Parkes Way widening will be finished before the end of the month.
When I first heard it I thought they must have been mistaken as quite clearly the bridge over Sullivans Creek [...]

Design advice for courses online from Canberra?

By 23 January 2014

Hi all I’m after a quick cost effective certified design course or just creative suite training on a program like Adobe.  I’m a bit of a novice regarding the design programmes but know my way around a computer.
This will be purely for recreational/personal purposes I’m not looking to make a career out of it.

UN Women Australia Color Run (TM) Team, “National Committee for UN Women (Rothnie-Jones)” Wants You to Run/Walk w Their Team 16/2/14, Sun

By 23 January 2014

Consider this your invitation to UN Women Australia Team, men and women, alike:
Sunday, 16 Feb at 8AM. Commonwealth Park.
 “National Committee for UN Women (Rothnie-Jones)” is the name of the team and it will be fun, inclusive, and there will be a range of fitness so you will have team mates to run/walk with….we promise. [...]

Where’s Braidwood shifted to ?

By 22 January 2014

I click on the BOM site to see if the easterlies have hit Braidwood; and cooled that joint down on a stinkin hot day. Coz then I know they will hit here eventually,,, hopefully.
But Braidwood has done a runner from the BOM site.  Anyone know why please.

Billiards anyone ?

By 22 January 2014

Ok I have a confession to make.  I play competition billards.
There is a small community of players who play in fixtures organised by the Billiards and Snooker Association ACT.  There are also snooker comps.
Games are played weekly, on a handicap basis, ie better players have a higher target score. Venues are clubs with full size [...]

Channel 10 No Reception?

By 22 January 2014

Hi folks
Staying with family in Canberra for a week, and just noticed they can’t get Channel 10 in Red Hill (direct sightline to Telstra Tower).
When doing the channel search it says weak signal, check antennae connection. All other channels are fine however.
Problem is same whether coming through Strongbox or TV (there is an [...]

St Margaret’s Hackett 50th Anniversary

By 22 January 2014

Worship Service at St Margaret’s Uniting Church, Hackett followed by Morning Tea, 10.30 AM, 2 February 2014 – open to all.

Framing meteor fragments in Canberra?

By 21 January 2014

I have been given some meteor fragments and I would like to get them framed for my kids.
Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing or can recommend a good framer?

Toll Roads for Canberra?

By 21 January 2014

According to the recent Crimes article on the State of the State, Action buses are bleeding between $93 and $100 million a year. I’m wondering if the time has come for the ACT Government to consider toll roads across Canberra in an effort to stop the bleeding.
With an extensive and ever growing road [...]

What gecko is this?

By 21 January 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

Bec wants to know:
Hi John,
Could you please ask your valued readers for help identifying this gecko I came across in the early hours of this morning?
I was thinking it was a Marbled Gecko, but not too sure…..never seen one in 34 years in the same suburb.
Should I beware our reptile overlords?
Thanks in advance,

What is a good rent yield for investment properties in Canberra?

By 20 January 2014

New to Canberra. Thinking about purchasing a property as an investment. I’ve been told that investment properties are good here because you get high rental rates.
However, looking at your allhomes site, it seems that rental yields are quite low. Properties that are selling for 500k may be only renting out for $460-470 p/w. If it’s [...]

Another ACTION whinge, but I think it’s justified.

By 20 January 2014

I have been catching a bus to work as of late. Some days I start work around 12pm, and I don’t work in the city or a town centre.
Today I was walking down to the stop to catch the 11:13am bus. I always attempt to get to the stop 6 to 7 minutes early because [...]

Under 2 childcare?

By 20 January 2014

Who can tell me if they or someone they know is on a waiting list for child care in Canberra?
Would love to hear from you as to how long you have been waiting, what your stories are etc
it would be good to talk to people to hear what they think about the current wait and [...]

Where did you get your licence?

By 19 January 2014

Dear Rioters,
After spending the last month driving up and down the south coast with the wife and kids, I’ve observed many thousands of Canberrans holidaying during the festive season, so I feel I am in a good position to make this statement – ACT drivers are not only bad, they’re disrespectful of everyone else.
Here are [...]

Southern Air Conditioning & Refrigeration – had a great experience

By 18 January 2014

I am calling these guys the Compassionate Air Conditioning Guys and I have so much gratitude for them.
My mother was discharged from hospital post-surgery on the Monday and we returned home to discover that her air-conditioner was broken.
I did a Google search and called around and eventually got a hold of Nick at Southern Air [...]

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