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Looking for a dentist

By 3 May 2013

Wondering if anyone knows where Pegah from Curtin Dental Care is now practicing? 
I think she left CDC in September 2012.  
Any help appreciated.

Three jets in parallel over Canberra?


Yesterday afternoon around 3:20pm I spotted 3 jets over Canberra, flying side by side, heading more or less North.
They were too high to see exactly what sort of planes they were – but I’m guessing they were quite large from the contrails. 
Slightly random/odd post I suppose – but I’ve never seen anything like it. 
Any [...]

Possible gas leak?? high gas consumption!!

By 3 May 2013

Hi guys,
I’m after some advice in regards to our gas meter readings if anyone can help!???!!
So my partner and I have just recently moved in to a newly built house in the new area of west Macgregor, we are the first people to occupy the house and seeing as we are due to have our [...]

Catching a taxi on the rank in Canberra?

By 3 May 2013

Is there some regulation that mandates you have to take the first cab off the rank in the ACT?
I went to catch one from by the Casino last week, and the first in the rank was a manky van. Since I was going to pick up a couple of colleagues for the journey, rattling around [...]

Preschools in Canberra?

By 2 May 2013

We are fairly new to Oz and Canberra and with a child turning four later this year, we need to select a preschool.  
First, can anyone tell me the difference between a preschool and an early childhood schools?  
They sound the same to me.  
And any opinions regarding South Curtin Preschool, Yarralumla Preschool (the regular, [...]

Airbrushed poster child Jackson still jerking the Capitals around

By 2 May 2013

The Canberra Times has a depressing story of confusion at the Capitals as Lauren Jackson plays a will she or won’t she game over the 2013 season.
Given a choice between investing in young talent or ageing big names a smart team bets on youth every time.
But in the minds of those who fund the Capitals [...]

Roof Restorations in Canberra?

By 2 May 2013

After some recent additions to our home we currently have two different coloured roof tiles and we need the capping re-bedded and pointed.
I have had 2 quotes on having the roof painted. The cheapest being just over $7,000 and the other being $11,000
Our roof is not small so I was prepared to pay more then [...]

Gate manufacturers in Canberra?

By 1 May 2013

Can anyone recommend a garden gate manufacturer?

Lady cyclists: please be killed politely


I very rarely have a rant.  But today, I ventured onto the road in Challis Street Dickson.  There are little bicycles painted on the road.  I was riding right over them on the left hand side of the road, near Dame Pattie Menzies House.
Suddenly a car passed me, pulled in ahead of me (that is, [...]

Gas bill showing no gas consumption in Canberra?

By 30 April 2013

When I moved in to my apartment I connected to ActewAGL for electricity and soon started receiving gas bills that included the normal service charge and some gas consumption. After a while the meter reading stopped increasing and from then on I have been only getting “service charges” as I am registering no gas consumption.
I [...]

Poor driving standards of ACTION drivers

By 30 April 2013

One question, what is with the appalling driving standards of ACTION drivers these days?
Last night travelling home from work is came across a roundabout on Athlon Drive. I was turning right, and so indicated nice and early and proceeded into the roundabout. As I was coming around to the traffic facing directly opposite me, an ACTION bus [...]

New Mini Bar? (where Ticketek used to be)

By 29 April 2013

Went to collect some tickets from Ticketek in the City and was shocked to find that they are no longer there!
They’ve been replaced by some sort of Mini Bar opening soon..anyone know any more info?

Panna cotta in Canberra?

By 28 April 2013

Any suggestion for a restaurant / cake shop that serves really good panna cotta?
I’ve been dying to eat one and I just want one where I can have a slices for take-away.

Shed renovations in Canberra?

By 28 April 2013

We have an old shed in our backyard. It’s in pretty good condition but ugly as hell. It was built when the house was built 50 years ago, and because it predates current planning rules as an existing structure we can keep it but not build a new one.
So Mr T and I want [...]

Retaining Walls and bad neighbours in Canberra?

By 28 April 2013

I have a neighbour in a newly developed estate that has cut into their block of land. That’s fine, so long as you retain the embankment that you cut. This neighbour hasn’t retained the embankment that they cut into, but claims that he is doing something about it (but I doubt that’s true as this [...]

Gravy free zone at Canberra Stadium

By 28 April 2013

Many recent posts have queried the poor food and beverage quality and range at Canberra Stadium – and here’s another contribution on this important theme.
Why on earth can I not get gravy put on hot chips while I watch the rugby.
It defies understanding.
I don’t want a port wine jus or anything.
Just [...]

Seems like an odd place to put a shed? Images of Canberra


As seen in Dickson this lunchtime.
Anyone care to explain why a shed would be in there?
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .

Fix my street. It works!

By 26 April 2013

Just wanted to give a positive story about Fix my street from the ACT government.  
I reported via the web that 2 large grates were missing in East Greenway pumping station on lake Tuggeranong.  
The gap was large enough for a child to fall through a few metres to the water below.  
I affixed a [...]

Serial hubcap stealer or am I just paranoid…

By 26 April 2013

This is going to sound strange but I came back to my car after watching a movie just now to find that my front driver side hubcap missing.
Noticed a few others around with the same problem….
Am I being paranoid or has this happened to people recently?

Calling on all former (and current) Canberra Punks

By 26 April 2013

“Head Full of Flames: Punk in the Nation’s Capital 1977 to 1992″ is a book being written to cover the forgotten history of Punk in Canberra from 1977 to 1992. If you were, or know of anyone, active in the scene at that time please contact local author Chris Shakallis who has put out a [...]

Lost; Vietnam War era dog tags ANZAC Day 2013

By 26 April 2013

Lost Vietnam War dogtags on ANZAC day 2013. Reward offered.

Review of the Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Act 1994 Consultation on the Second Exposure Draft [UPDATED]

By 26 April 2013

As the revisions to the Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Act 1994 seem to cover a lot of issues including treatment orders, search and frisking powers and, arrest without a warrant, some people may be interested in being involved in this consultation.
Consultation on the Second Exposure Draft: Wednesday 17 April – Tuesday 28 May 2013.
The [...]

Road resurfacing in Mawson and Phillip

By 24 April 2013

When will the madness of the ACT’s road surfacing programme end. Everyone I talk to is unhappy with the spray seal /  chip seal used yet the programme rolls on, this time in Mawson and Phillip. For those of you that live in Mawson, they seem to have done a particularily poor job as there are loose stones [...]

Latin America in 100 words: Short story competition

By 23 April 2013

Hi RioACTers,
We are only a few days to close the inaugural story contest “Latin America in 100 words”. I would encourage you to send us your short stories. It doesn’t matter if you have never been in Latin America. You would just need to tell us in a sentence, two or more (up [...]

Thank you, kind Canberrans!

By 23 April 2013

I know it’s entirely stupid, but I am terrified of spiders. I mean, properly terrified. Just seeing pictures of them makes me nervous. I’m even scared of them when they’re already dead. Yes, yes, I’m a million times bigger than they are. Yes, yes, they’re more scared of me, etc. But the thing about irrational [...]

Red Cross wants MORE volunteers

By 23 April 2013

Red Cross are in need of volunteers for the Community Visitors Scheme (CVS).
CVS is for residents of aged care facilities in the ACT and South East NSW region who are socially isolated and whose quality of life would be improved by friendship and companionship. Volunteers are matched with a client for social visits for about [...]

Where to buy a hat in Canberra?

By 23 April 2013

As the colder weather approaches I’m in need of something fashionable to cover what remains of where my full head of hair used to be.
As an early 30′s male who’d rather shave his head than look like a 60 year old bald man I’m having trouble finding anywhere that sells a wide assortment of [...]

New cafe in Mode 3?

By 22 April 2013

Was hoping someone had some information on the new cafe in Mode 3 in Braddon?
I think it’s called 86 (it faces Elouera Street) but Google came up blank. 
Went past there on Saturday evening and again yestedray morning and it was packed.

Possible cheated wages/being underpaid??!

By 22 April 2013

Hi everyone,
I am posting this for my partner, I do not wish to mention his exact trade nor the company for obvious reasons, as I wouldn’t want anyone he works for that may possibly read this see its about them,
My partner is working for a company as a sub-contracter, and has been with them for [...]

Doctors in Canberra?

By 21 April 2013

Hi there,
I am searching for a good doctor in Canberra preferably Northside.
I recently got some test results back and am not happy with how my current doctor handled the situation (she searched the condition on google, telling me just to leave it and see if it causes problems in the future). She didn’t make [...]

Roof insulation in Canberra. Who gives a good quote?

By 21 April 2013

After I received a quote from a long-known local energy efficiency businesses I asked them how many bags of insulation they will provide for the $’s quoted and the number of square metres that they will cover in the roof space.  Seems that it’s a case of ‘that’s the price and we will insulate your [...]

Final Gifts: understanding the special awareness and needs of the dying

By 19 April 2013

LifeCircle ACT presents a Life Matters Event Final Gifts: understanding the special awareness and needs of the dying.
A one-day gathering of speakers, community organisations and business specialising in palliative care, advanced care planning and end of life care.
Southern Cross Club
Saturday, July 6 2013
MC: Clair Hochstetler, Head Chaplain, Pastoral Care, Canberra Hospital
Program :
- Welcome to Country [...]

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