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Learn Sign Language in Canberra?

By 15 September 2013

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is anywhere that teaches Auslan (Australian Sign Language) in Canberra.
I know that CIT used to offer a night class but it seems to not run anymore which is really disappointing.
I have been interested in learning this for such a long time and am [...]

ACT Housing continues to house those not entitled

By 14 September 2013

I was happy to hear that ACT Housing were asking people to leave or buy their house once their household income reached $80k.
However, I am disappointed that ACT housing are not enforcing this rule.
I know of a fulltime EL1, earning in excess of $100k who continues to live by herself in a four bedroom [...]

Dressmaker needed in Canberra?

By 13 September 2013

I’m needing help on finding a local dressmaker.
I had engaged a dressmaker three months ago but I’ve just been informed that they can now no longer supply me with the fabric I am after.
I am needing 7 bridesmaid dresses to be made before my wedding in January 2014.
I have a design that [...]

Farrer Ridge has flowers too

By 13 September 2013

Farrer Ridge is looking to get in on that sweet, sweet flower-loving tourist market.
If you’re a lover of perambulating amongst nature, you may want to check it out.
Floriade isn’t the only place you can take in the beautiful flowers this spring, the Farrer RidgeParkcare Group will make the most of the season on their [...]

Repairs to Belco skatepark this Fri/Sat

By 12 September 2013

Thanks to Territory and Municipal Services who have contracted repairs to the concrete surface of Belco skatepark in time for Belcopalooza on the 5 October.
Concrete patching will be occurring this Friday 13 and Saturday 14 September.
Please respect the works and leave them to cure. We love our skatepark and want to see it [...]

Disgusted with ACT Policing

By 11 September 2013

I just wanted state my absolute disgust with ACT policing.  On Monday 9th September, my daughter’s new car that she’d only had a few weeks was broken into out the front of our house in Calwell. 
Someone had popped the window which shattered it so as not to make any noise, they removed the shattered window in one piece [...]

Have Your Say in Belconnen Town Centre parking planning

By 11 September 2013

The Belconnen Community Council are conducting a survey to determine actual parking requirements in the Belconnen Town Centre.
We are holding a public meeting to begin our project to improve parking in Belconnen on Tuesday Sep 17th at Margaret Timpson park at 12.30PM. Look for the silver sculpture on the corner of Chandler St and Benjamin [...]

Recommendations for cabling work in Canberra?

By 11 September 2013

I’m after some recommendations for some cabling work to repair some old-style phone-wall connections to bring them into the 21st century.
Any recs?
I rang “Integrity Technical Solutions” but they are flat out for 1 month.

Joys of public transport

By 11 September 2013

Joys of public transport.

What does this mast do?

By 10 September 2013

This antenna/transmitter was installed during the night (literally) over the weekend on the 9th hole of the Gold Creek Golf Course.
Calls to the club manager received the helpful advice that he doesnt know anything about it(!)
Anyone know what it is?

Rattenbury talks to Belco residents: BCC September public meeting

By 10 September 2013

The Belconnen Community Council September 2013 Community Forum will be held at:
7.30pm, Tuesday 17 September 2013
Community Room above the Chandler Street Belconnen Library
Shane Rattenbury, Minister for Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Minister for Corrections, Minister for Housing, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs and Minister for Ageing, will answer questions about areas [...]

Keep left on Gininderra Drive

By 10 September 2013

On Gininderra Drive there are keep left unless over taking signs west bound going up the hill just before the intersection with Gungahlin Drive and east bound just past the intersection with Kingsford Smith Drive.
Under the road rules keep left unless overtaking applies on roads with a speed limit greater than 80km/h or where signs [...]

Looking for a good Beauty Therapist in Canberra?

By 9 September 2013

Hi Rioters,
Looking for a good beauty therapist for waxing, facials etc.  The last girl I had left her work and my new one (which will remain unnamed) ripped the skin off of my arm :(.  Would love to here all of your experiences and advice.
I live south side so anywhere there would be preferable.

CIT School Stars Band Competition. Call for Entries

By 9 September 2013

The 8th annual ‘School Stars Band Competition’ hosted by the CIT Music Industry Centre is now calling for entries from school and college students in the ACT region.

Camping Gungahlin Style?

By 9 September 2013

Anyone know what the deal is with the guy in Gungahlin who’s parked his van up on Kate Crace Street and set up a tent?
Has been there since Friday?

Cameras on Parkes Way?

By 9 September 2013

Driving east on Parkes Way this morning, I noticed (at least) two poles in the median, each with two cameras on them.
They look like fixed speed cameras, but there’s no signs and no talk of such.
Any ideas, hivemind?

Lost wedding rings in Woden

By 9 September 2013

Hi everyone, I incredibly stupidly managed to lose my wedding rings at Woden on the weekend and I hoped the Rioters could keep an eye out for me?
Either in the carpark between the Hellenic Club and the bus interchange, closest to the bus interchange side; Fernwood gym, Muffin Break or Big W; sometime between [...]

Question re roof repair in Canberra?

By 9 September 2013

I need to have some work done on my roof.  I checked all comments on RiotACT about various roof and gutter businesses in Canberra but none are recent.  
Any recent experiences with any such businesses?  Thank you very much in advance for any recent feedback I can get.
[ED - let's limit the discussion to positive [...]

Robyn Williams presents: Promise of miracles? The popularity, politics and future of science

By 8 September 2013

In episode one of Radio National’s The Science Show, hosted by Robyn Williams AM, the publisher of Scientific American said there was a stampede away from science. Was there? On 31 August 2013, almost two thousand episodes later, The Science Show celebrated its 38th birthday, and is still going strong.
Robyn has witnessed firsthand how [...]

Tales from the polling booths

By 7 September 2013

So, what’s the goss about polling booths today?

Good tax accountant in Canberra?

By 6 September 2013

I’m looking for a good taxation accountant who’s a registered tax agent. Does anyone have any recommendations?
My tax is not very complicated, but I prefer someone who is personable & knowledgeable, and can advise on issues such as investment properties and work-related deductions.

Newspaper Recommendation Sought

By 5 September 2013

I am planning a major window cleaning episode at chez troll and am seeking fellow rioters’ recommendations as to the best newspaper to get my glazing sparkling in this glorious spring sunshine.  The problem is, the newspapers I have tested this week are pretty woeful, and my limited testing has revealed the following traits:
All the [...]

Is spending time with his newborn more important than campaigning for Zed? [With Poll]

By 4 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

The Canberra Times is asking where’s Zed?
The Canberra Liberals have been accused of avoiding public scrutiny during the election campaign by skipping out on at least seven multi-candidate forums in the ACT.
But a senior Liberals campaign spokeswoman rejected the suggestion by Greens Senate candidate Simon Sheikh that the party was hiding its candidates.
Mr Sheikh’s Liberal [...]

Paving contractors. Recommendations?

By 4 September 2013

I require someone to do some paving work in my backyard.
It would be a small job (5-8 sq m) involving curved edging and paving around a drain.  
I’m in the inner north. 
Can anyone recommend a reliable paver who charges reasonable rates?

Barton Hwy Speed Cameras?

By 4 September 2013

Does anybody know if both directions are monitored between Gungahlin Dr and Ellenborough St?
You have what appears to be the flash unit and the radar box pointing in one direction (sure it’s Eastbound) however just the smaller flash unit is pointing westbound.
Is this a dummy set up similar to Lanyon Dr southbound?

FREE Learn to skateboard StreetWise at Belco this Saturday

By 4 September 2013

Learn to skateboard for FREE this Saturday 7 September 10am – 12pm at Belconnen Skatepark.
Skateboards and safety equipment is provided with qualified coaches sharing the stoke in a relaxed environment.
Kids and adults alike are all welcome.
If you’re under 18 and it’s your first time you just need a parent/guardian to complete the [...]

Canberra Centre Below completion time?

By 3 September 2013

Have any Rioters (staff, guest or otherwise) heard anything about when the Canberra Centre’s reconstruction of their Food Court/lower level is due for completion other than ‘late 2013′? (Though that’s a broad window, so they’re still on track.)
Anything? Investigative journalism, low-level publicity or some other source?

Geoscience Australia’s Top GeoShot: Australian earth science photography competition

By 3 September 2013

Geoscience Australia’s Top GeoShot photography competition is now open.
Geoscience Australia is looking for a collection of photographs that capture the essence of Earth science. The image can be anything from an unusual land formation, a link to our dynamic planet or even your favourite landscape. We are encouraging entrants to be as creative as possible [...]

Do interstate driving offences also reduce points on your ACT licence?

By 3 September 2013

I was in Victoria last month and managed to not see the lower speed signs around a level crossing on a country road.  
I was clocked doing 100km/h in a 80 km/h zone.  
I was wondering if the road authorities are organised enough for me to lose points on my ACT drivers licence as a [...]

Old school driving techniques

By 2 September 2013

I am just back from a weekend down at the far South Coast of NSW. As with many coastal towns, there is a large population of elderly drivers down that way. Not once, but twice did I end up in an intersection ‘stalemate’ with this genre of driver.
On both occasions I was at a four-way [...]

Explosion and Power Failure in Giralang?

By 2 September 2013

About 10:30 pm last night (Sun 1-Sep) I was heading for bed when I heard a loud explosion and we lost power for about 30 seconds. The bang was loud enough to wake up my kids, who all normally sleep like logs.
I called the Belco cops, and they said they’d had a brief power outage [...]

Gwen Shirlow vet?

By 31 August 2013

I just read that Gwen Shirlow, who took over the vet practice in Braddon from Peter Burgess, has left there.
Does anyone know where she moved to?
I urgently need a reliable vet for a complex medical problem my cat is suffering from.

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