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Good on ya Aunty

By 15 January 2013

Ah to be able to listen to 666 in the mornings again!
After the sad and Solly ravings of 2012 sanity returns to the airways.
Endless blah blah blah is no more.  I actually heard a song in its entirety without interruption or inane comment and then a guest speaker who was allowed to speak. 
The morning [...]

Mode 3

By 15 January 2013

What’s the deal with the brand new Mode 3 building sitting on Lonsdale St, which is supposed to have 2000m of retail space?
I’m not sure if it’s even completed yet (project mgrs projected May 2012) but what are they proposing to put in there anyway that can attract customers?

Two weeks until the Manuka lights come on! Come and show your support for Canberra’s young men.

By 15 January 2013

Come along and support Menslink at the PM’s XI cricket match on Tuesday January 29th.
Menslink are a Canberra born and bred charity who have supported local young men for over ten years through our free counselling and mentoring programs. We strongly believe in the potential of all young men regardless of background.
We’ve been selected by [...]

Moving truck hire in Tuggeranong?

By 14 January 2013

Are there any reliable moving truck company pick up locations in Tuggeranong?
Have done some research and they all seem to be Fyshwick or near the city.  
Not a deal breaker but would be more convenient in Tuggeranong.  
Need a 3 tonne pantech style (can be driven with car licence) with a rear lift gate.

Grits in Canberra?

By 14 January 2013

I thought I’d try the RiotACT brains trust and ask: anybody here know of a local store stocking grits?

Did your son lose a toy dog at Bemboka Bakery back in November?

By 13 January 2013

The fluffy toy dog ended up being posted to me, as an incorrect address was given to the bakery…
I would very much like to get this toy back to its owner, but we have no way of contacting them… the bakery kindly posted the toy but they do not have any other contact details.
All I [...]

Pest control and DHCS

By 13 January 2013

Hi folks,
With all this heat I’ve been finding quite a large amount of spiders. Usually adult wolf and huntsman spiders. This i can take care of, just yesterday i killed a six legged wolf spider no problem.
My problem today is that i have just terminated the lives of 20 tiny babies. They were making a nest between [...]

Three moutain bikes STOLEN – Trek Superfly, Giant Trance & Giant Anthem

By 13 January 2013

My housemate and I had three bikes stolen from us in New Acton. We believe they where stolen the day after boxing day.

2012 Trek Superfly 100 AL Pro – Medium frame. Black, blue and white in colour with Maxxis Ikon tires (actual bike pictured below before tires where changed):

2011 Giant Trance X1 – Medium frame. [...]

Dog burial in Canberra nature reserves?

By 12 January 2013

We had to have our old mutt put to sleep before Xmas.
A combination of ill-health, blindness, and the heat of the season, reduced his quality of life to the point where it was kinder to have his troubles ended. We had him cremated, and have his ashes in a pot. As we spent many happy times, [...]

Rangehood installation in Canberra?

By 11 January 2013

Does anyone have any idea how much it will cost to install a new rangehood and what type of contractor do you call in to do the install?
My new house doesn’t have rangehood in the kitchen, only a vent above the stove. Therefore, I bought an canopy rangehood and I want it to be ducted [...]

I Am The Pearce. The most pointless thing on the internet? Or High Art? [With Poll]

By 10 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

I’ll confess to being a bit torn by this Vlog.
It’s screamingly pointless and narcissistic, yet strongly local, and features a killer set of star trek memorabilia in the background.
It occurred to me that the form was much like that of Garfield Minus Garfield. Is the emptiness in fact art?
I’ll leave that for readers to decide.

I [...]

What’s the go with the Federal Highway Henge?

By 10 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Noticed this mini-Stonehenge off the federal highway, opposite turn for the tulip farm just before dipping down to yass river…
Anyone know its provenance?
UPDATE: Thanks to BenMac who sent in the aerial view:
View Larger Map

Medical care for arthritis in Canberra?

By 10 January 2013

I think I am probably developing osteoarthritis, and it is getting to the point where it intereferes with my life.
So I want some sound medical care and advice.
When I went to my GP he did no diagnosis at all, offered me a script and a sample pack of anti-inflammatories, and waved goodbye.
ny [...]

Office Space for Professional Services

By 10 January 2013

Fellow Rioter’s,
Long time visitor, but first time poster. I’m planning to have a small business/professional services business. Does anyone have any idea where to look for share offices or does anyone know of cheap professional services suite around town?
PS: I have had a look at serviced offices option (too expensive, plus don’t need things like [...]

Reliable electrician needed

By 10 January 2013

Hubby & I are hoping the hive mind can give us some information regarding a good, reliable electrician or even who to avoid.
We have a couple of ceiling fans we want installed and we would also like to have a couple of extra power points and track lighting installed.
We live in the Gungahlin area.

Belconnen GP who can talk to my old Dad?

By 10 January 2013

Hi. I am hoping someone can suggest a (preferably male) GP in the inner Belconnen area who is interested in older patients like my dear old Dad and actually has some space to take on a new patient….
It seems an impossible task.

Missing Dogs in Melba?

By 9 January 2013

At about 8:30pm tonight 2x little dogs came wondering into our yard on Copland Drive.
1x Black and White Terrier and 1x Brown/Grey fluffy thing.
No indentification on them.
I’ve got them til the morning and I’ll take them to the local vet to see if they are microchipped.
can be contacted via

Recommendations for Aged Care Accomodation

By 8 January 2013

The time has come for my 89 year old father and 82 year old mother to move into aged care accomodation – they have both had their ACAT assessments – both low care, however ideally they would like to move into Independent Living for 12 months or so before moving into low care accomodation. 
I [...]

Venue Hire – Halls & Non-Licenced

By 8 January 2013

Hi all,
I am organising a welcome home party for a friend that has been studying overseas. We’re looking to have 30-40 guests, and want to provide our own food and alcohol.
For this reason, I’m looking at a venue that is not licensed (so we can provide our own alcohol). I’ve looked into the Yarralumla Woolshed, [...]

How to report a defective vehicle?

By 8 January 2013

After years of having several “random inspections of the ACT Road fleet” Dickson inspections in my letterbox, and years of having cars randomly defected while on my street (Including one for bald rear tyres which was the reason why the car wasn’t driven that day as I was waiting for a mate to drop some [...]

Greening Australia – Watering Day 12th January Oaks Estate

By 8 January 2013

Oaks Estate Progress Association, supported by Queanbeyan Landcare, and Greening Australia invite all lovers of plants and rivers  join us on the morning of the 12th January for the annual ‘watering of the  plants’ – your participation will ensure the grasses, trees and shrubs planted along the Molonglo and Queanbeyan Rivers continue to thrive.
Be active, support your [...]

Gungahlin GP’s with cardiology special interest?

By 7 January 2013

Hi all,
A friend of mine has recently arrived in Canberra and needs long term support for a heart condition and a referral to a Cardiologist,
I’m looking for  GP in Gungahlin/North that has a special interest in cardiology. Can anyone recommend one?
Many thanks

Criminal Lawyers in Canberra with computer crime experience?

By 7 January 2013

I’m having a real hard time finding a Criminal Lawyer who can deal with computer related crimes, or has experience in it.
There’s an abundance of them in Sydney and Melbourne but can’t find one for the life of me here in the ACT.
Anyone know of lawyers that wont think .Gif is a misspelling of gift?

Your thoughts wanted for the Babylon Village

By 7 January 2013

This via Facebook:
We are bringing together artists with past associations with Splinters to create a new event in collaboration with The Village for the Centenary of Canberra.
Get Involved:
Please let us know your interest/availability by 20th January 2013.
We are asking that you come to one of the meetings below with some creative suggestions of [...]

Protests over Deakin McMansions.

By 7 January 2013

Protests over Deakin McMansion
Personally I think it’s time for this kind of thing to come to and end. Big houses right to the edge of the block don’t belong in established suburbs!
I live in West Belconnen, we had one of these cheap Rietveld-Schröder House knock offs built across the road. It’s big(almost 3 [...]

Centenary Snobs?

By 7 January 2013

Is Chic right?  Is the Canberra Centenary an event for the elite?  
I think the program is full of basket weaving spectaculars – and most of the cash was given to Robyn Archer for a darn good holiday to promote the basket weavers!
What do the rioters think?
[ED - Oddly enough the very first event in [...]

B-Triples on the Hume Highway

By 6 January 2013

Having read in the Canberra Times (December 30, page 10) that the NSW and presumably Victorian governments are proposing to trial B-Triples on the Hume highway in 2014, you have got to wonder how such an idiotic decision  could be made.
Bill McKinley of the Australian Trucking Association is quoted as saying “we have an excellent understanding [...]

Inexpensive car hire in Canberra?

By 6 January 2013

Hi Guys,
I am looking for some advice on inexpensive car hire in the ACT region.
When I need a hire car in Perth or Sydney, I use Bayswater (No Birds) hire. They do Corollas for under 300 for 7 days including excess reduction. I am looking for someone who will do hire for similar rates in [...]

3 bikes stolen from Braddon

By 6 January 2013

Some scum have stolen 3 Giant mountain bikes worth over 3k from our home in Braddon between 4am and 7am this morning. My partner had been up playing computer games until 4am which was when they were last seen. Whoever stole them also took a large ashtray full of cigarette butts so no doubt will [...]

No more relaxed bushwalking in Tidbinbilla

By 6 January 2013

Whilst reading Tim the Yowie Man in yesterday’s Canberra Times I was horrified to see that the powers that be are changing some trails in the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve to be shared by bicyclists. We can no longer walk in Mt Stromlo, so now they want Tidbinbilla.
Roos better watch out – they do not have [...]

Gourmet City closed

By 5 January 2013

I’ve noticed that Gourmet City in the Canberra Centre is boarded up.
Anyone know if it is being refurbished or replaced? It will be missed if so.
The Canberra Centre needs a decent delicatessen.

At what cost do we can summernats.

By 5 January 2013

Seems there is an ever increasing crime rate for the weekend of summernats.
At what point do we say no, and at what point do we start claiming for our share of the profits to fix all the property damage cause by interstate guests.
Just this morning I witnessed fireworks being let off at 1:30am in a [...]

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