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AIAA Aerospace Research Symposium

By 9 November 2012
AIAA Aerospace Research Symposium

The Sydney Section of the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA) proudly presents the…
Date: Tuesday 13 November 2012
Time: 6:00pm till 7:30pm
Location: Engineering Lecture Theatre, Building #32, Faulty of Engineering, Off North Road, Australian National University, Canberra
Join us for the annual AIAA Aerospace Research Symposium and find out about the latest aerospace research [...]

What closed Tralee Speedway?

By 9 November 2012

I remember reading a comment on here, ages ago, about the reasoning behind the closure of Tralee Speedway. Searched, but can’t find it…. So what was the reason?
Something to do with the Liberal government I think I read.

Hiring a UTE and Credit Card Numbers

By 9 November 2012

Hi All,
Not sure if this is the norm going ahead, however when you hire a ute from Mitchell, one needs to provide a credit card the details of which are written down on a piece of paper and stored on site.
I guess this will be quite a simple steal for any of the employees who [...]

Vacant land need for storage unit for charity in Canberra?

By 8 November 2012

Does anyone know of any vacant land in Canberra or businesses that have an unused garage or room for a shipping container on their site? 
A not-for-profit organisation that collects donated baby items and redistributes them to people in need is experiencing peak demand and would like to expand their service but has run out [...]

Starting all over again: Rethinking the republic of Australia for the 21st century

By 8 November 2012

Mark McKenna presents The 13th Dymphna Clark Lecture
Starting all over again: Rethinking  the republic of Australia for the 21st century
Nov 14,  2012, 8pm- 9pm at The National Library of Australia
More than a decade since the 1999 referendum, there is no sign that the republican fire is about to be rekindled. The Labor Party offers mute support. [...]

Where to put the inner north dog park? [With Poll]

By 8 November 2012
Where to put the inner north dog park? [With Poll]

Territory and Municipal Services are asking where they should put a dog park in the Inner North:
“Three sites have been identified in the inner north region as potential locations for the new enclosed dog park. These sites are located in Russell, O’Connor and on the border of North Lyneham. All proposed sites are able to [...]

Did you win $28 million last night?

By 7 November 2012

Apparently one of the four OzLotto winners last night was from Canberra. The total division one prize pool was almost $112 million, so that’s $28 million about to be injected into the ACT economy (or not).
Quoted in the SMH the local winner said:
“First of all we’ll pay off our mortgage then we’ll settle the kids’ [...]

Bricks and mortar computers in Canberra?

By 6 November 2012

Hive mind – where do you recommend buying a new laptop and extended international warranty package?

Ask RiotACT: Could Your Car be a Star?

By 6 November 2012

Hi fellow Rioters! I count myself lucky to have scored myself a gig with the Art Department on a feature film currently shooting in Canberra. Galore was written and is being directed by Rhys Graham, who grew up in Canberra.
My reason for approaching Rioters for assistance is simple; the script calls [...]

Pen poor but making billions.

By 6 November 2012

I saw today that Westpac made the news again with another multi billion dollar profit. This news doesn’t surprise me in the least.  I can see the bank goes to extraordinary lengths to save on costs.
Take for instance today.
I walked in during my lunch to deposit a cheque at the Tuggeranong branch. The [...]

Security Door Sales and Installation in Canberra?

By 5 November 2012

Has anyone bought security doors lately? I’m interested in getting screen doors for the front and back so that I can catch some breezes without losing a toddler/gaining uninvited guests.
I’m thinking Crimsafe (or similar) for the front. Are they worth the extra money?
If anyone can recommend a local business that was a pleasure to [...]

School for Practical Philosophy?

By 5 November 2012

A mob going by the name of the School for Practical Philosophy has been running ads in the Crimes for some time now.
I’ve long suspected that it’s one of Scientology’s sock puppets. Does anyone know anything about them? Has anyone attended one of their sessions?

Speed dating in Canberra?

By 5 November 2012

I’m newly single and looking for opportunities meet new people.
I can’t seem to find much via google – just a handful of old events and fastimpressions (I’m only eligible to go to one).
So I was wondering if there is something I am missing and if anyone can point me the direction of good [...]

Krating Daeng (Thai Red Bull) in Canberra?

By 5 November 2012
Krating Daeng (Thai Red Bull) in Canberra?

Does anyone know if any shops in Canberra stock Krating Daeng (Thai Red Bull)?
Obviously I could order from the Internet, but at $90 a-case plus postage, I’d prefer to find somewhere local – if only to save on postage or the drive to Sydney.
For those not in the know, here’s a picture. Surely [...]

Calling all collectors, hobbyists, enthusiasts and hoarders! (Take 2)

By 5 November 2012

I’m a student at the ANU school of art and I’m currently working on a project that involves taking photos of collectors and hobbyists posing alongside their collections.
I posted a thread of the same title a couple of weeks ago and had a great response, thank you to everyone that was so kind as to [...]

Molonglo Energy Efficient Homes?

By 4 November 2012

I have heard that the Molonglo development has higher standards that guides home owners and builders to have a more energy efficient home through double glazing or using an insulated slab.
Is this correct?

Public Lecture: For Love…

By 3 November 2012

Building on the rich legacy of Clare Burton’s research and advocacy for women in the workforce, Jane Caro and Catherine Fox will bring their own take on the idea of “for love…”. As authors of The F Word: How we learnt to swear by feminism, their approach blends decades of experience as workers, mothers and commentators [...]

Space needed for a container! Do you know anywhere in Canberra?

By 3 November 2012

Hi Rioters, help needed to find spot to place 40ft shipping container for a period of 3-6mths, I am moving to Canberra mid November, so container is on the way!
I have tried all the commercial storage, container and removalist firms, but none can help at present, so looking for property or space somewhere else, [...]

Twilight Minkey – Hockey

By 3 November 2012

If you’re looking for a new sport for your kids to try, why not think about Minkey?
Minkey is a modified version of field hockey for younger players, under 11.  Each Friday evening during November, from 6pm until 7.30, one of the clubs is offering Twilight Minkey at Deakin.
More information can be found at:

Dog accommodation suggestions

By 3 November 2012

Hello riot-act!
I’m moving back to Canberra on a very small budget in about 2 weeks. Unfortunately I will be without a permanent address to house my medium sized dog until January.
Does anyone have any suggestions of places to keep her on a budget for about 2 months?
Thanks for your time!

Suggestions for a new concrete driveway?

By 2 November 2012

My old concrete driveway isn’t doing too well and its time to look at replacing it.
Its on a sloping land and probably needs ripping out before a new on is laid, I was originally going to break it up myself but perhaps I might include this in the quote.
Any suggestions or recommendations on people for [...]

Fernwood – Should I Join?!

By 2 November 2012

Hey Guys,
I’m looking at joining a women’s health club, mainly to use the creche, and as it’s close by to my work. I’ve just gone back part time, my daughter is 8 months old.
I am mainly looking at joining a Fernwood Woden/Civic, as they are the closest women’s gym to my work and home. Apparently, [...]

The Rotary Club of Canberra’s Seniors Concert

By 2 November 2012
The Rotary Club of Canberra's Seniors Concert

While we don’t go out of our way to target the wrinkly market our readers might well know someone who’ll enjoy a good old knees up:
The annual free Seniors Concert will be held on Sunday 18 November at the Albert Hall from 2.00 – 4.00 pm.
Details are in the attached ?yer.
The concert has been [...]

Tattoo removalists in Canberra?

By 2 November 2012

A family member has decided to get a small tattoo removed.
Where should they go?

Seafood restaurant suggestions in Canberra?

By 2 November 2012

My better half’s 50th approaches and is great lover of  Lobster Mornay.
Sadly the expense prohibits this on a regular basis, the last one was 10 years ago so any suggestions for a fine purveyor of said lobster would be appreciated.
One that’s open on Sunday evenings but not necessarily.

Is it Idiot Week on the roads?

By 1 November 2012

Is there some sort of driving Idiots convention going on in Canberra at the moment?
I’ve seen 8 P-Plate morons (all different ones) speeding around at about 20 km/h above traffic flow (way above the speed limit); two of them were red plates and three either almost rear-ended someone or swerved across traffic in a [...]

Anyone get IKEA delivered recently?

By 1 November 2012

I’m heading to Ikea in Sydney on the weekend, and won’t be able to bring everything back in a trailer. I’ve seen the local “buy and deliver it for you” service, but their pricing is a bit much.
I know last time I was there the Homebush store delivered to Canberra for a flat fee of [...]

Rules about Roadside Ads?

By 31 October 2012

Hive Mind can you help me out please?
Are there any rules about putting up road side signs to advertise something? I’m not talking about a permanent structure more those signs on a post you see advertising the Hall Markets, model train exhibitions, fetes and fairs and more recently the election candidates (though the latter might [...]

Resume assistance in Canberra?

By 30 October 2012

After 10 years I am in the position of looking for a new job. 
I know that the standards for resumes etc have changed in that time – so I am looking for someone to help me overhaul my resume. 
There are several people who advertise this service but has anyone had any experience with [...]

Brindabella Beer Festival?

By 30 October 2012
Brindabella Beer Festival?

Question for my fellow RA beer lovers…
I picked up a flyer for the “Brindabella Beer Festival” at the CRDL semi-final last week, which promised to rival the National Capital Beer Festival held each year at the Mercure in Braddon.
This magical event was to be held in Weston Creek (I think it was at the observatory) [...]

Airport Transfer with Kids?

By 30 October 2012

Hi, I’m looking for a solution to the problem of how to get my partner and young kids (2 + 4) to the airport at 6am in the morning? 
Presumably a taxi is out of the question as they won’t have car seats available? 
6am is too early for the buses to be running from [...]

School enrolment help in Canberra?

By 30 October 2012

We have moved from another state to Canberra.  We enrolled our child at a catholic high school.  
Now this is not a session on bagging the school but due to some bullying issues we need to find our child a new school.  
Most private schools I have contacted are full.  
I have nothing against public [...]

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