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Anyone know of a car for sale?

By 28 June 2013

#2 daughter managed to rear-end someone recently. No-one was hurt, but her car’s been written off. It’s a damn shame – it was a mess cosmetically but it was mechanically superb. So we’re now in the market for a cheap (~$4.5k) reliable, economical car*.
Do any Rioters have, or know of, such a beast?
* Wanted: a [...]

‘Go to work tax’ Public Servants rage against paid parking [WITH POLL]

By 27 June 2013

Paid parking int he parliamentary triangle is a bit of a hot issue for a lot of Canberrans. Particularly those who work there.
ABC News are reporting that the NCA have received 70 formal submissions from public servants who are against the idea.
Dozens of Canberra residents have slammed a decision to introduce paid parking near the [...]

Closing the gate at Kambah Pool


TAMS are making sure there’s no doubt that Kambah Pool’s gates are closing at night from Monday:
Canberrans are reminded that the gates to Kambah Pool will be closed overnight from Monday 1 July to reduce ongoing vandalism and antisocial behaviour at the recreation area, Brett McNamara, Manager Regional Operations for ACT Parks and Conservation Service, [...]

Remedial massage on Canberra’s south side?

By 26 June 2013

Anyone know of a good remedial massage place in Tuggeranong or Woden area? I am looking to avoid places like Miracle Therapy or any of the other shopping centre type.
I get quite bad upper back and neck pains which isn’t helped much by sitting at a desk all day long. Looking for someone who has good [...]

Southern Cross Ten: broken?

By 26 June 2013

Anyone else having reception issues with Southern Cross Ten / Eleven / ONE?
I know no one actually watches Ten, but thought someone might have noticed when flipping channels to avoid sitting through ads. It seems to have been playing up since yesterday arvo.

Shame, Canberra Real Estates, Shame

By 26 June 2013

We are a family of 3 – 2 adults and 1 child – plus an elderly cat.
Over the past 3 and a bit weeks, we have applied for 8 rental properties with no success. In one case, the Agent failed to do due diligence in checking with the owner as to whether they would accept [...]

LED Bicycle Light Etiquette on Canberra’s bike paths

By 24 June 2013

Aren’t those new high-power LED bike lights amazing? For under $100, you can now get a 300 or 600 lumen bike light. A few bucks more gets you 1200 lumens! That’s brighter than most car headlights. All powered by a couple of AA batteries or equivalent.
Car headlights have a design standard that makes sure the [...]

CTPI Compensation for non-fault accident?

By 22 June 2013

A question for the hive-mind. I am at home with a badly broken leg and multiple other injuries, after being cleaned up by a 4WD driver who “never saw me” on my cruiser motorbike.
I’ve been told that NRMA (currently the only CTP insurer in the ACT) are mongrels to deal with, and that their record [...]

Black Mountain Tower (terrible interior)

By 22 June 2013

Has anyone else noticed how shameful and run down the interior of the Black Mtn Tower is?
It is the first landmark sight for many visitors and I personally think it’s an appealing and interesting structure however inside is a complete let down.
Cold and raw concrete walls, floor and tacky displays. All the binoculars have [...]

CTPI Providers in Canberra (ACT)

By 22 June 2013

Just a quick rant slash wanting to know how others are feeling on this subject, I did see a post about this but it was back in 2009.
Just Got my rego bill (2 in fact, 3rd on its way) but for the smaller car the bill is $286.50 government Fee which is fine gotta put [...]

ActewAGL “Bitterly Disappointed” it can’t waste another $300k

By 21 June 2013

The Crimes has the unbelievably narcissistic Michael Costello saying how sad he is that he can’t blow $300,000 on a June staff party.
After all the shenanigans (Cotter Dam cost blow-out), John Mackay being sacked by ACTGov, and the $855,000 under-reporting of Mark Sullivan’s salary, Costello must be living in a parallel universe.
He also claims that [...]

Athllon Drive Point-to-Point ‘Safety’ Cameras?

By 21 June 2013

So, driving past them every night and seeing their rapid progress towards functionality, I’m still baffled as to how the Athllon Drive point-to-point cameras are going to work. Unlike their counterparts on Hindmarsh Drive, this point-to-point zone is riddled with obstructions that will surely render them useless right? Things such as 2 roundabouts, single lane [...]

Opportunity for Local Artists

By 21 June 2013

Belconnen Community Service is seeking expressions of interest from local and emerging artists interested in facilitating community art workshops.

The initial commitment would be for a one-off two hour workshop, forming part of the BCS “Spring Sessions” Art Taster Program.
Spring Sessions will be a series of six individual workshops on a fortnightly basis from 2/9/13-21/11/13. The [...]

Dog attacked a roo in Ainslie this morning

By 21 June 2013

A little after 8 this morning a solid largeish black dog was chasing a kangaroo from O’Connell Street park area toward the Ainslie shops – the roo (a very large grey) slipped and fell heavily on the road in front of my car, in Cox Street, and the dog bit its hindquarter. Roo managed to [...]

Looking for 40+ yo PS3 BF3 Gamers in Canberra

By 20 June 2013

I’m trying to set up a clan of “older” Playstation 3 gamers for online Battlefield 3 and other games. We’re looking for relaxed team members who don’t take the whole gaming thing too seriously. (An example of the relaxed gameplay can be found on youtube under user name “DamnYaks”.
Contact Jack via the youtube DamnYaks channel [...]

GP Recommendations on the Southside?

By 20 June 2013

Hi Rioters,
So I know this topic comes us quite often but there doesnt seem to be any recent chats on GP recommendations for the Southside of Canberra…..
My husband and I currently go to different GP clinics as the books at mine are ALWAYS closed! Im due to give birth in a few weeks and want us [...]

Alfa Romeo Service in Caneberra?

By 20 June 2013

Hi All,
Just bought my first Alfa Romeo, and I’m quite excited.
Can anyone recommend a good Alfa Romeo service agent in Canberra? A google search only brings up the dealer here, but I was hoping for something… more.

Another driver [dis]courtesy story. Am I wrong?

By 18 June 2013

[no cyclists were harmed or even invoked in the development of this article]
so, what do rioters think?  i am approaching among other traffic at or just under the posted speed limit, on a major arterial road in the nearside (left) lane, a major thoroughfare (let’s call it ‘northbourne avenue’) when about two-three hundred metres ahead [...]

Thanks for the interest, please if you have not already entered, do it soon!

By 18 June 2013

We love RiotACT and we love Canberra.  We are running a FREE giveaway, even if you have already entered, please tell your friends because it only has a little while to go and it will be a while until we do it again.  Ever seen a Nixie Clock? A Playable Guitar Shirt? Go to Prinstant [...]

Testing gas heaters in Canberra?

By 17 June 2013

Now that Winter is upon us our gas heaters are in full use.  I recently read an article about the death of two little boys due to Carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide poisoning and I was wondering who do I get to test my heaters?
They are the old wall heaters and are original to the [...]

Taking a Voluntary Redundancy from the public service

By 17 June 2013

Ok folks, here’s the thing. After 26 years in the APS I’ve given it the flick. Or, to put it in more technical terms, I’ve been offered a Voluntary Redundancy from the Australian Public Service and I’m going to take it.
There’s one part of me that says “Hoo-Bluddy-Ray, Hallelujah, Saints Preserve Me and Toorah all [...]

Inside Out comes to Canberra

By 14 June 2013

A two-day forum entitles Inside Out: new actions for change by First Australians will take place in Canberra next month.
The event will cost $440 and you can grab tickets through the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies website at
Registrations are now open for Inside Out: new actions for change by First [...]

Should we get solar power by 30 June 2013?

By 14 June 2013

Hi Canberra,
I have a basic understanding of the changes occurring to the solar power tariff system in the ACT on 1 July 2013, however it would be good to get some advice. Is it worth jumping in now and buying a 4kW system (approx $7000), or should we wait?  We have until 17 June to decide..
Thanks in advance.

How’s Palmerston?

By 14 June 2013

Hey, I posted about Charnwood a few days ago and learnt many many useful things! I would appreciate your views on Palmerston, Gungahlin.
Is it a safe place to consider buying a house for a small family?
I’ve heard about new suburbs growing next to Palmerston. Thanks!

Temporary lane closure on Gungahlin Drive

By 14 June 2013

For your information Rioters:
The ACT Government wishes to advise motorists and other road users of a temporary lane closure on Gungahlin Drive, from the intersection at Well Station Drive to the intersection at Kosciuszko Avenue, from 6 am Saturday 15 June until 6 am Monday 17 June, weather permitting.
The following lane closure will take place [...]

Help! Non-hipster wedding photography needed

By 14 June 2013

We’re looking for a wedding photographer. We looked at the responses to this post from 2012, and scanned the websites of the photographers referred to and many others. It seems there is a strong prevalence of a particular kind of wedding photography. It’s either contrived, or has gone right through contrived and come out the [...]

Pet door installation in Canberra?

By 12 June 2013

Hello Rioters,
I’m looking for someone to install a pet door in my house. Any recommendations?
I left a message a couple of times at one business and they never called me back.
Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you!

Charnwood 2615 ACT?

By 12 June 2013

Hello, I am looking at buying a house in Charnwood, Belconnen.
I haven’t been in Canberra for long, I would appreciate your opinion about the neighbourhood, especially concerning safety and good neighbours

Prinstant giveaway celebrating 2 years


As a special thankyou to all the Rioteers who have come to us for printing, you are all encouraged to visit our website and click on the ‘Free Giveaway’ button to enter our free raffle.
We are a proudly Canberran family business and we are celebrating 2 years successful trading in Fyshwick and Majura. [...]

How do you drive a car into a shopping mall?

By 12 June 2013

Help me Riot Act!
I frequent the Belco mall every 3 or 4 weeks… but this has been confusing me for months.
To the extent that I’ve measured the cars. I’ve measured the door ways. I’ve tried to assess the angles between the door ways and this location. They can’t have just been driven through the nearest [...]

Ohh no light rail

By 12 June 2013

You have got to be joking , it would be funny it it wasn’t serious.
18 Million dollars to look into light rail, considering the buses are not fully patronized and this would serve one suburb.
Why do you think other city councils would never consider it, like Geelong, Woolongong or Gold coast or Bendigo [...]

Child psychologist recommendations in Canberra?

By 12 June 2013

Without going into the ‘why’ I need to look into psychologist / psychiatrist for my five year old.
Does anyone have any experience with them in Canberra as well as one that takes on child cases?

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