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Time to rethink mobile phone penalties?

By 1 February 2013

I was sitting on the bus this afternoon, staring out the window as usual. On my 20 minute commute I spotted three drivers using their mobile phones, hand held, with no hands free kits. One, in a dark blue RAV 4 on Canberra Ave drifted all over the lane, and almost side swiped a car, [...]

Canberra Youth Theatre 2013 Workshops

By 1 February 2013

CYT’s acting workshops and ensemble groups are now enrolling for 2013! For more information, or to enrol, visit

Why would you hang your laundry out to dry on David Street

By 31 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Most days of the week David Street in O’Connor is gracedby one young lady’s laundry.
Can anyone suggest how this works as a good idea?
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .

Schools kids bonus handouts in Canberra?

By 31 January 2013

School kids bonus… Paid twice in a year to help cover the costs in sending our precious kids to school in a hope they gain a respectable education and not be on the dole system when they leave and enter the adulthood.
So, I received mine for two of my precious angels, one starting year 7 [...]

Conservation Council Forum with Minister Shane Rattenbury

By 30 January 2013

[ 20 February 2013 at 5:30 pm; 20 February 2013 at 5:30 pm; ] Conservation Council Forum with Minister Shane Rattenbury: 20 February 2013

The Conservation Council invites you to our first forum of 2013.

What: Mr Shane Rattenbury MLA, ACT Minister for Territory and Municipal Services: My first 100 days as Minister responsible for land management in the ACT. Implications for biodiversity conservation
When: Wednesday 20 February 2013 @ 5:30pm networking [...]

Burnout season in Weston Creek?

By 30 January 2013

Hello fellow Rioteers.
I’ve lived in Weston Creek for 3 years now, never had this issue before. However, for the last 3-4 months, we are routinely getting d***heads doing burnouts in our cul-de-sac, then taking off (with headlights off) before anyone can catch them. Saturday night it was a Silvia with a ridiculously loud blow off [...]

Manuka Oval … not so brilliant.

By 30 January 2013

Drove past the PMs XI today at Manuka Oval and noticed a Parking Inspector slapping down dozens and dozens of fines in the vicinity (wih no exaggeration).
Checked out the official parking which was fronted with a sign: PARKING FULL. Whats the use of updating the Oval if it cant even accomidate people parking first? [...]

Corin Forest?

By 30 January 2013

Is Corin Forest Closed?
Both their own website and the ACT Govt’s “Visit Canberra” page state it should be open from 10-4 public holidays, but we drove out there for the first time yesterday and it was closed.
I feel I missed something…

ACT Health Directorate Australia Day Awards Craziness

By 30 January 2013

Firstly I don’t want to cast aspersions, nor infer any wrongdoing on the part of this individual but I noted in an ACT Health Directorate Director General’s News Bulletin that one of the staff members named during discussions over the ED data tampering affair (no not KJ) was awarded an ACT Health Directorate Australia Day [...]

An end to Johnboy? [With poll]

By 29 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

As some readers have twigged your correspondent has turned 40 today.
At such decrepit and advanced years one has to wonder about posting as “johnboy” (I was 27 when I started posting here under that name and Nik The Pig suggested it).
So should I saw it down to just plain “John” or something else?
Let rip in [...]

Guitar teachers north side?

By 29 January 2013

Can anyone recommend a guitar teacher north side (Ainslie, Hackett, Watson area)? I’m looking for someone who knows a few different genres.
Appreciate any advice.

Yepgot, lending, borrowing and a solution to the housing crisis

By 29 January 2013

I have been a fan of services like freecycle that lets people give away stuff they don’t need or want for free, and others to obtain those items. Some while ago I discovered Yepgot,
Yepgot is a service which lets you lend out things you have in return for money, and borrow things you need for [...]

Total power outage at Calvary Hospital, but Code Yellow not activated?

By 29 January 2013

On Saturday, the Canberra Times brought word that the Australia Day storm caused a total power outage at Calvary Hospital:
Calvary Hospital lost all power, both main and auxiliary, for about 30 minutes during the storm.
No patients were affected and no operations were being conducted during the storm.
But the hospital came close to declaring a “code [...]

Where to get ‘keep calm’ plaques in Canberra?

By 29 January 2013

Does anyone know where I can get those ‘keep calm’ plaques in canberra? (eg keep calm and drink tea, carry on, etc).
I know Flight of Fancy used to have them but they’ve sold out mostly…

Best 30 min Bike Ride in the ACT?

By 29 January 2013

I’ve been bragging to relatives for months about how fun it is to ride a bike around Canberra and surrounds, and they’ve decided to visit the ACT and see it for themselves.
My relatives are older adults who probably couldn’t ride more than 30 minutes or so, so I wanted to ask readers of [...]

Hire a 4wd for use on unsealed roads in the ACT

By 28 January 2013

Hi all,
I’d like to hire a 4wd to drive to certain spots such as Blue Waterholes and across the Brindabellas from Tumut. 
I intend to stay on the formed roads and drive very carefully.  I know that some car hire companies in some other states will allow their vehicles to be taken on to unsealed [...]

Canberra Hospital, waiting over a month for triage

By 26 January 2013

I submitted a referral to canberra hospital outpatient clinics well before xmas. I have confirmed that they recieved it, but apparently it is still waiting to be triaged. I asked about the xmas shutdown for this clinic and it was only very minimal, so no real explanation as to why it is taking [...]

NBN woes for Watson residents

By 24 January 2013

The National Broadband Network is only weeks away from a rollout to around 14,000 homes in Gungahlin. It heralds a shiny-bright future of super-fast connection speeds amid promises to “transform Australia as much as the telegraph, railways and highways did for previous generations”.
But this dream has been nothing more than a nightmare for a group [...]

Musical instrument insurance in Canberra?

By 24 January 2013

Hi Fellow Riot Actors,
I know there is a whole lot of knowledge out there. I am a touring musician looking for insurance for my musical instruments and equipment both while I am at home in Canberra and while I am traveling domestically and overseas.
Does anyone have any wisdom to impart on this matter?? Best [...]

Recommendation for architect or building designer

By 24 January 2013

Hi Rioacters
We’re looking to whack an extension onto our house built in the 1960s on a sizeable block.
We’d like to talk to an architect or building designer about our project.
We’d really appreciate some recommendations for good people to contact in the ACT.

Renting from a private property in Canberra?

By 23 January 2013

Hi Rioters,
I’ve been looking for a place to live so I went to to search.
Then I found out some of listed properties have no real estate agent, is that gonna be a issue?
And what should I notice when signing the contract with a private renter?
Cheers guys

Canberra needs Mud Race!

By 23 January 2013

What do you get when you mix mud and an obstacle course?  You get a heap of options which presently seem to be evading the Capital.
Being a regular gym attendee and a sociable chap, if you haven’t heard about the advent of mud races then likely you need to get out more.    These mud races [...]

Need to hire a room for a party.

By 23 January 2013

Hi All,
I’ve searched old threads but nothing came up that matched what I was looking for, I’ve also done plenty of google searches and come up empty.
I’m organising a 50th for a good friend, I want to hire a function room/hall, but not one attached to a club etc
I have alcohol organised through a [...]

Bed and breakfast close to Canberra?

By 22 January 2013

I’ve been looking to take the missus to a bed and breakfast somewhere close by (preferably with a swank restaurant) and keen for some recommendations.
There appear to be any number of places around Bungendore, but they’re all self-rated, and the majority seem to have some pretty scathing reviews online.

Anybody need some free mulch?

By 22 January 2013

Had some mulch delivered and ended up with heaps too much so its blocking my driveway.
Located in gordon if anybody wants it send me an email at

A speech the like of which we are unlikely to hear in ACT politics

By 22 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

If you haven’t had a listen to Barack Obama’s second inaugural address it’s well worth a listen.
While meant for an American audience it struck me that he’s getting close to a viable political philosophy for the 21st century in stark contrast to the ever more tired nostrums of Australia’s political parties.

Graduation Dinner Suggestions in Canberra?

By 22 January 2013

My graduation dinner is coming up in a month or so, and family tradition is we go somewhere a little more expensive and fancy to celebrate when someone graduates university.
I am looking for suggestions of restaurants that have a good menu selection to keep everyone happy, and isn’t ‘little meals on big plates’ kind of [...]

Suggestions for somwhere to have a morning tea?

By 22 January 2013

Normally my morning tea of choice for catching up with friends is at the Hyatt but shock – horror – this is no more! The Hyatt now only offers afternoon tea with 2 sessions (starting at 11am) at a large-ish price……
Problem is I need a 10am start and I would rather not pay $52 per person!
Any [...]

Scrap Metal Pickup in Canberra?

By 22 January 2013

Just wondering does anyone know of scrap metal dealers who still come and collect items for free? 
Seems according to some of the merchants I’ve spoken to, there is no money in picking up scrap metal and they are happy to take your unwanted metal, so long as you either deliver it to them or [...]

Applying for Divorce in Canberra?

By 22 January 2013

Hey guys,
With the new fees out for applying for divorce (it now costs $800 to apply) I’d rather get this sorted now than before they go up again. Only problem is I have no idea what steps to take. Do I just fill out the forms, sign them in front of someone who is legally [...]

More players wanted for AFL 9′s team

By 22 January 2013

Good morning all
I am trying to organise an AFL 9′s team before 28 Janaury. (which is the cutoff for registration). We currently have 5 players, including myself, and are happy to have either a mixed team, or an all-male team. However, if any ladies would like to join, you’ll need to bring two female friends with you, [...]

Civic: more beggars and junkies than usual?

By 22 January 2013

Over the last few weeks I seem to have had more beggars approaching me in Civic wanting money.
Also, there have appeared to be a lot more syringes and empty methadone containers in North Canberra.
Has anyone else noticed more of these adornments to this fine city of late, and can explain why?

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