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NO Bus Stops on Athllon Drive? (Kambah/Wanniassa)

By 19 July 2013

It has come to my attention that between the bus stop on Athllon Drive at Farrer and the stop at Greenway (just before the bridge over the lake opposite Learmonth Drive) there are no bus stops! This means that residents of Kambah & Wanniassa cannot catch an express (i.e. 312/314 etc) bus to and from [...]

Reasonable time to fix heater in winter?

By 19 July 2013

My heater has been broken for 2 weeks and while the ‘man’ came and looked at it within a few days the ‘waiting for the part’ buisness is now stretching into weeks instead of days. 
The real estate will not return calls and now has been exceptionally rude when told it is now also becoming [...]

Washing Machine Repair

By 19 July 2013

Anybody recommend an honest and reasonable washing machine repair outfit?
I’m in the Weston Creek area.
My four-year-old Fisher & Paykel MW512 is on the blink.
When filling, the water comes in spurts, and the machine will not begin a cycle, sounding the out of balance beep instead.
Suspect the out of balance switch is [...]

Abandoned Vehicles in Canberra?

By 19 July 2013

I have lived in Canberra for 8 years having moved here from the good old RSA! It is thus not surprising that I find vehicles left on the side of the road, in car parks and nature strips for days (and sometimes) weeks on end, generally free of vandalism.
What is the correct thing to do [...]

Shoulder expert in Canberra?

By 19 July 2013

Needing a shoulder expert in the ACT.


By 18 July 2013

The Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC) has launched an online petition calling on WIN TV management to reverse its decision to downgrade its Canberra and region news service.
The TCC is encouraging all residents in the Canberra Region WIN TV viewing area to sign the petition (link below) and to circulate it to family and friends via email [...]

Ecuadorian Film Festival

By 18 July 2013

The Australian National Centre for Latin American Studies and the Embassy of Ecuador present 3 film adaptations of Ecuadorian literature directed by film-maker Camilo Luzuriaga:

La Tigra (The Tigress) (1990)
6:30pm Thursday 8 August
Manning Clark Centre, Theatre 2, ANU
Entre Marx y una Mujer desnuda (Between Marx and a naked Woman) (1996)
6:30pm Thursday 15 August
Manning Clark Centre, Theatre 2, [...]

Jeremy Hanson addresses Tuggeranong Community Council Meeting

By 18 July 2013

ACT Opposition Leader, Jeremy Hanson, is expected to be grilled on Liberal party policies towards Canberra and Tuggeranong when he addresses the next meeting of the Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC).
The TCC will meet at 7.30pm on Tuesday 6 August 2013 in the upstairs formal dining room at the Southern Cross Club in Greenway.
Members [...]

Would you prefer a nice new Ferrari to light rail? [With poll]


The Liberals’ Alistair Coe is having a fine time nitpicking the Capital Metro light rail proposal:
The ACT Government is spending $433,333 per additional commuter to ride the service, ACT Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe said today.
“The Government has stated that light rail patronage will be 4,500 people in the morning peak. However, currently 3,000 [...]

Web Page Basics in Canberra?

By 17 July 2013

Given the poor economic climate, by necessity I have been fortunate to come up with a product that could well save my business.
I would appreciate the opinion of the hive mind on who, how, and at what sort of cost I should expect to put up a one or two page web page to [...]

Power company defrauding me on bills. What can I do?

By 16 July 2013

I got my power bill a few days ago. It once again showed a stunning amount of dollars for a person living alone (the other half and I have considered moving in together but not quite yet). Over the past few years I have seen my bills go from under $100 in winter to over [...]

Digging-up burial pits

By 15 July 2013

I noticed this morning that TAMS is digging up a burial pit of last year’s kangaroo slaughter. The pit is in the horse paddocks next to the Wanniassa Hills Reserve (which I wrote about in 2011).
What is the purpose?
The trench that has been dug right over the burial pit, although substantial it would not carry [...]

Blockbuster exhibition at blockbuster prices

By 15 July 2013

Being footloose and fancy free at the weekend a friend and I agreed to have an afternoon out at the latest blockbuster exhibition at the National Gallery. I’m a regular at these things – getting my fill of travelling culture that I may never get the chance to see again.
Anyhow, my thirst for culture [...]

And while we’re talking about wheely bins…

By 15 July 2013

This was emailed into us from a Glenn:
We moved into a rental property last weekend, from interstate, and there were no bins.
At the first opportunity we alerted our landlords that we had no means of disposing of our waste or recyclables (Monday).
Our pickup day is Wednesday.
When Wednesday rolled [...]

Cycling from gungahlin to civic?

By 15 July 2013

I’m moving out of my inner north enclave to Gungahlin town centre.
Would love to continue to cycle to work but do not like the idea of bike lanes on busy roads.
Does anyone know of off-street dedicated paths that can get me most of the way there (even if it’s a bit further) or [...]

Beautiful Zeus has been given away without his owner’s permission

By 14 July 2013

Please help us find Zeus
Reward for information resulting in the return of  Zeus. He is a 3.5 year old staffy cross that is owned by Canberra Sparky Josh Way rescued when he was a pup.  Zeus has been given away without Josh’s permission. He is microchipped and will be missing his master and his young family.
Please [...]

Quiet Gyms for irritable old men in Canberra?

By 13 July 2013

Dear fellow rioters -
Having achieved a certain age and degree of blobbiness, I decide that some sort of gym work would be a good idea.
To this end I went to a certain northside gym, where I thought I’d start with a dumbed-down, westernised, yoga class.
However, while waiting for the class to start, the piped doof-doof [...]

Light Globes. Saving the Planet or Making Profits?

By 13 July 2013

Are we really better off with the new light globes?

Tree trimming. Reasonable price in Canberra?

By 11 July 2013

We live out of town with a long, tree- and bush-lined drive.  The trees grow, of course, and we periodically trim back to avoid damage to larger vehicles; Elgas in particular flags this to us.  Some of the growth that needs attention this time is higher up and we are going to have a couple [...]

An Open Letter to The Australian Society for Kangaroos

By 11 July 2013

Hi Guys,
Just a quick note to let you know what’s happening here in Canberra at the moment.
Being a Canberran born and bred I have grown up with kangaroos and have become pretty adept at spotting them near the road when driving. In fact until recently I had only ever clipped one which blindsided me back [...]

ACT Chief Minister apparently unconcerned by mass dangerous driving

By 11 July 2013

On 14 June 2013 I sent the ACT Chief Minister the following email:
==============start email================
Chief Minister
Urgent action required! Danger to life and property in the Homeworld carpark
Some time ago the rows in the Homeworld carpark in Tuggeranong were changed from 2 way to 1 way. (I make this statement assuming that my interpretation of the evidence [...]

New Car Stolen – Parliamentary Triangle – Sophisticated Criminals?

By 10 July 2013

New cars being stolen – tell all your friends…

Canberra: Things to see and do ….? (for a 17 year old girl)

By 9 July 2013

Afternoon all,
I have just welcomed my first Exchange Student and am looking for suggestions on what I do with her now …. should have thought about this before she arrived huh?
Well I did, only I was thinking about it all from the perspective of the things that my 7 year old likes …. who [...]

LOST: keys on Blackall St, Barton

By 9 July 2013

Hi everyone,
I was in a rush this morning and I seemed to have dropped my keys on Blackall St, Barton.
I retraced my steps to no avail
The keyring has one car key and remote, one house key, and one pair of blue ear plugs (Etymotic ER-20).
If anyone has seen them or picked them up, I would [...]

Dogs on leads?

By 9 July 2013

Has anyone been fined for not having your dog on a lead?
If so how much was it?

Cigarettes out car windows?

By 9 July 2013

Just wondering how much trouble I’d likely get in for giving someone back their discarded cigarette?
I was sitting at the lights at GDE and Belconnon Way this morning, and the driver of the van in front of me casually flicked his still lit cigarette out the window and onto the road.  Well, that was the [...]

Belconnen Community Council July Public Forum

By 9 July 2013

Hello, Everybody,
The July 2013 BCC Community Forum will be held at:
7.30pm, Tuesday 16 July 2013
Community Room above the Chandler Street Belconnen Library
The meeting will commence at 7.30PM with no more than 30 minutes of reports on BCC activities from Committee members. This includes a report on a meeting the BCC held with Ginninderra MLA’s concerning [...]

Flood insurance in the ACT?

By 8 July 2013

I live in Forde and I’m looking at renewing my house insurance. App $500 for hounse insurance+flood cover Vs app $360 for house insurance with no flood cover.
I am rather new to Canberra so any info about flood history, sort of floods that damage homes, will be appereciated.

Winter Warmer

By 8 July 2013

The AIDS Action Council of the ACT is delighted to invite you to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones at our Winter Warmer Party—a casual evening for you to see what’s happening at the Council and to meet others from the community who have been impacted by HIV and AIDS.
WHEN: Friday [...]

Rubbish neighbours

By 6 July 2013

I know there have been posts about dreadful and inconsiderate neighbours in the past but does this one from Waramanga take the cake or what?
Imagine living next to a construction eyesore for nearly 40 years!! What is wrong with these people?? If they can ‘scrape together’ $70k for legal fees, surely they can afford [...]

40 Zones on London Circuit?

By 5 July 2013

My office is in the AMP building, just off London Circuit. Recently as we know the 40 zones have been implemented on London Circuit, but I notice that on trying to cross University Avenue on the mornings that I take the bus to work, that just about all cars going past the police station are [...]

Registration renewal in ACT

By 5 July 2013

Looking for advice from anyone who has been in this position recently…….
Renewing rego for a vehicle where rego has expired > 12 months requires an inspection certificate, right ? My understanding based on previous experience with ACT Shopfronts (dodgier than Wiki I know but heh…..) – was that re-establishing registration and requiring new numberplates was [...]

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