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Primary school class sizes in Canberra?

By 12 August 2013

I wonder if anyone can tell me if there are official limits for primary school class sizes in the ACT, and if so, is this information online somewhere? Searching for obvious terms has not come up with much useful info.

Motel / Hotel with facilities for disabled guest?

By 12 August 2013

Looking for advice please.
Mrs Lyons75′s father wants to visit, unfortunately he is quite unwell and needs a fair bit of care.
Does anyone know of a hotel (prefer southside) that has not only a disabled room, but a  lifter to assist him to get in and out of bed?
thanks all…

Prudishness at the Canberra Times

By 12 August 2013

Canberra Times has problems spelling ‘fIRETRuck’

Looking for Canberra firsts

By 10 August 2013

Hi riot act folks, I am doing a project around ‘firsts’ in Canberra and so wanted to reach out for a bit of crowdsourcing.
I am looking for anything that was a first in Canberra. Big, small, weird, etc.
Examples might be Canberra’s first takeaway, race track, etc. etc.
And also people … like I have found Canberra’s [...]

Why is cycling so popular in the Netherlands? (and not so much in Canberra?)

By 9 August 2013

Why is cycling so popular in the Netherlands? (and not so much in Canberra?)
There are more bicycles than residents in The Netherlands and in cities like Amsterdam and The Hague up to 70% of all journeys are made by bike. The BBC’s Hague correspondent, Anna Holligan, who rides an omafiets – or “granny style” – [...]

So Melbourne and Adelaide are better cycling cities than Canberra????

By 9 August 2013

The Guardian Australia is in search of Australia’s best cycling city
They are suggesting that Melbourne and Adelaide are the best cycling cities in Australia!
I would think that title should be hotly contested by Canberra.

How to stop Ol’ Lawnkiller raining down?

By 8 August 2013

We cannot stop the Chronicle being dumped on our driveway.
We have “no junk mail” on our letter box. We have accepted the bribe of the Chronicle and now get it delivered electronically. We have made 2 email requests and four phone calls but still it comes.
Our next steps are to threaten to cancel [...]

Floriade innovation competition – mixed message much

By 8 August 2013

Curious companions here – the ABC is running a “sustainability” and innovation competition where the prize is, er, not-so-sustainable flights to Canberra and Floriade, and it’s illustrated with a photo featuring electricity-wastrel Floriade in all its delightful glory.  The winner will be chosen from entrants who will outline the “most pressing sustainability issue facing Australians”. [...]

Cyclist not helping ‘The Cause”

By 7 August 2013

Time: 8.30ish Monday 5/8/13.
Place : stationary at left turn from intersection of Melrose drive and Hindmarsh drive
gingerbearded middleaged cyclist charged into my Subaru  rear vision mirror (I was not in the cycle lane)
I stopped further up to remonstrate with him .He laughed and took evasive action.
Have seen him since, pedalling slowly up Adelaide Avenue. Maybe a [...]

New Rail Costs

By 6 August 2013

An opinion from an anonymous Rioter about the costs of the new rail on Northbourne:
When I first moved to Canberra approximately 22 years ago I was told there was a housing shortage due to the high demand for low income housing in Canberra.Then the fires took 400+ houses. Then the wave of people from….
I have [...]

Good lawyer to help set up non-profit organization

By 5 August 2013

Hello Rioters,
I am in the process of setting up a small non-profit organization and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a good (and not too expensive) lawyer that can help get us registered and so on. I just want to make sure I keep everything kosher.
Many thanks!

Sweet Tooth Mapping in Canberra?

By 5 August 2013

Righto hive mind, I’m hunting three items and am hoping some of you will be able to point me in the right direction.
Item 1 – Cannoli. So far, I’ve been able to find them at Tusmo, in Forde, but only occasionally and sometimes only in the soft-shell variety, which don’t count as [...]

Gallagher and Corbell say it’s ok to use deadly force in self defence

By 5 August 2013

I came across a recent judgement by Justice Refshauge in a case where the accused,Joseph Shelvin was on trial for recklessly inflicting grievous bodily harm and assault occasioning actual bodily harm on Wayne Maloney. Shelvin was acquitted on the basis that the Crown had not disproved self-defence beyond reasonable doubt.
The incident occurred on 24 [...]

Mirrabei Drive/ Wanganeen Ave round?

By 3 August 2013

Can anybody enlighten me on the dumping that occurs here?
And the fact that dozers and heavy machinery turn up every month and appear to do nothing?

Raiders a team for the lower class? [With poll]

By 2 August 2013

It has long been noted that when Raiders fans attend a Brumbies game they are astonished and alarmed by the displays of manners and courtesy from the crowd.
Sometimes they mistake basic decency for a thing they call “lack of atmosphere”.
In The Roar today Kane Cassidy is opining about why Wollongong is a better choice for [...]

Hash House Harriers. NEWS

By 31 July 2013

A message from Polly Waffler…
Long-time readers would remember occasional references to Hash House Harriers – the “Drinkers with a Running Problem” – on this site. The origins of the Hash, or HHH, are steeped in a haze of sweat and beer, yet a good summary exists here. You don’t need to run and [...]

Does ANY cafe/restaurant in the ACT meet your service expectations?

By 31 July 2013

In recent years, most restaurants/cafes in Canberra have adopted outrageous, non-customer friendly policies regarding bill payments. As one of many people who don’t use cash, eating out with friends is quickly becoming a nightmare.
For example, at one popular venue:

We do not split bills. Minimum 10.00 for card transaction. All prices are GST inclusive. Surcharge applies [...]

Handyperson recommendations, Northside?

By 31 July 2013

Grateful for any recommendations of a handyman-slash-person to perform some small tasks around the home: basic plumbing, tiling, painting etc.
A callout for just one of these (small) jobs is obviously not economical, but if they are handy enough a number of jobs (and some repeat business) might make it worthwhile for someone with the skills [...]

Brumbies final in Canberra Centenary year. Public screenings?

By 30 July 2013

I am wondering if the ACT government will be preparing anything to celebrate the Brumbies making the final?
Should we not be putting this on the big screen in Garema place (or similar) in this our 100th year?
Please tell me that there is something being done and if not, what is the best option for [...]

Certificate of compliance in Canberra?

By 29 July 2013

We built our house in 2004.
Now we are selling and have been told that we did not obtain a certificate of compliance. Was that our responsibility or the builders?
Have to go to ACTPLA and pay for one now!

Level of littering disgraceful

By 29 July 2013

Have just returned from a 2 week trip to Myanmar, a 3rd world country just out of a military dictatorship. Plenty of hawker food stalls both in the city and countryside. Agricultural based society. Vegetation discarded from crops left in orderly piles for collection for composting. Minimal street rubbish – very impressed.
Come back home to [...]

Graffiti authorisation


On Saturday afternoon 27th July, I want for a walk around Yerrabi Pond. I noticed a smell of paint under the via duct on the western Side of the lake.
As I approached a couple of punks who were defacing the concrete wall with their so called “art” I asked what they were doing.
They informed me [...]

Medical records dumped in Woden?

By 28 July 2013

I found these dumped medical records in the paper recycling cage at Woden. There are records from several people there so it seems unlikely an individual decided to dump their medical records.
There are receipts that show credit card numbers, details of medical treatments and of course names and addresses. The photo is of just a [...]

Normal winter break for house sales in Canberra?

By 28 July 2013

Dear Riotact people
I am trying to buy a house, but there is really nothing on the market these days…  Is it the normal winter break?  Do you know when it usually finishes?  I have visited a not-so-bad house, but it is not exactly THE one.  And maybe in a few weeks time, there will be [...]

Ever needed an excuse to egg a house?

By 28 July 2013

ABC News reports that a Filipino lady was treated like a slave, made to surrender her passport and overworked without pay. All while being confined to the house.
The report only mentions the slave-master was ‘a foreign diplomat’, and does not specify which country. I’m presuming the house was an embassy but don’t know which [...]

Commuting with toddler to city: options?

By 27 July 2013

My 1.5 yo daughter is changing day care so she is next to my office in the city.
Having undertaken an uncomfortable test run with her on the bus (lots to carry, including child who doesn’t want to sit still), working out that it takes 45mins to get from home to work if traffic is [...]

Meal Delivery Service in Canberra?

By 27 July 2013

No pun intended but I’m looking for feedback on the level of interest in a meal delivery service for Canberra households and workplaces.
The concept is straightforward:  via an online store we we will offer a changing selection of main meals, starters, desserts, catering packs for delivery direct to homes/workplaces.  Meals are fresh (not frozen), made [...]

Disability Forum in Holt

By 23 July 2013

Belconnen Community Services are hosting a one day workship with world renowned disability advocates John O’Brien & Connie Lyle O’Brien on Tuesday the 30th of July, from 9:00am to 5:00pm, at the Holt Community Centre. The forum will cost $60, however if you are living with disability, or a family member is, you can attend [...]

Civic Traffic Signals?

By 22 July 2013

Noticed the slimline silver traffic signals which coincided in release with the Euro number plates have been altered to resemble a typical traffic signal.
Why not install standard signals in the first place?
Why can’t we have nice things?
If it is because it is a different format in regulatory traffic control which “confuses” some motorists I [...]

To To the d@#$head Skyline driver Sunday afternoon…

By 22 July 2013

Using Ginnindera Drive and Kingsford Smith Drive as your own personal race track.
You should know that your banged up cruddy looking vehicle with a milo tin for an exhaust was not looking cool or hot or rad or fully sick today…nor were you
Shame about the putrid grey and black smoke spewing out of your exhaust [...]

Where is this snow?


This in from Ben Dover, can anyone help him find the snow?
I took this this morning, looking from Stromlo, across Woden. Does anyone know which hill the snow in the distance is on?
Cheers M’dears.

Five things you should know before you enrol in a PhD program

By 20 July 2013

Online event/webcast
Tuesday 30 July, 7-8pm
Thinking of doing a PhD? Then this online session is not to be missed.
Dr Inger Mewburn (aka the Thesis Whisperer), Director of Research Training at ANU and author of How to tame your PhD, will discuss five ways to set yourself up for success in your PhD and beyond. She will [...]

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