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Online Privacy in Canberra

By 4 May 2014

Forget the NSA, browsing the average website returns anywhere between three and 30 trackers, all merrily logging your online activity. (Riot Act is pretty tame registering only three – Google Adsense, Google Analytics and Double-Click.)

Superannuation changes to military


According to an article in the Canberra Times, military superannuation will potentially affected by audit commission recommendations (assuming they’re taken on).  In the line of fire is their 16% super payment by the Govt for the first 6 years of service.
I have always questioned why a government would set one amount to be paid by [...]

Virgin Mobile offline – completely

By 3 May 2014

Can’t make any calls or txt. Their web site is also chucking 503 errors (application errors) and is offline.

Monaro Highway bumper to bumper


Yesterday, I had an appointment in Jerrabomberra at 4pm. Travelling from Kambah, I allowed half an hour, which is plenty of time. Unfortunately, when I reached the roundabout, just before the lights at Mugga Lane and Monaro Highway, there was a policeman redirecting us to go back the way we had come. Thankfully my appointment [...]

Smoking in playgrounds and bus-stops next to playgrounds…


Does anyone know the status of this? I’m so tired of having to ask people not to smoke near my child in a play-ground or when waiting to catch a bus, and the tirade of verbal abuse when politely requesting such an action is horrific..
From: An election promise to count on: outdoor smoking bans coming [...]

Car Exhaust Replacement

By 2 May 2014

Greetings fellow rioters,
Can anyone recommend an exhaust shop in Canberra for car exhaust replacement and who to avoid?

Is ‘exposure’ appropriate as a ‘pay’?


I have heard all of the recent controversy about the 100 dancers that were asked to work for 11hours for a Video Clip filming – and then a selection would be asked to perform at The Logies – for free.
The basis of this would be that their pay would be the ‘exposure’ they would receive.
This [...]

Good mechanic in Phillip?

By 29 April 2014

Hi all
Can anyone recommend a good mechanic in Phillip?

Chronic Fatigue


My daughter has suspected chronic fatigue at 19. She is in second year uni and everything is a struggle.
I am asking if anyone knows of a GP or specialist who had dealt with CFS and if there is any (useful) advice you might have for dealing with and getting over CFS?

Budget fears


It seems to me that every day we are now hearing new ‘worst case’ scenarios in preparation for Joe Hockeys big moment in the sun.  Increased taxes, rising pension ages, changes to university funding – the list goes on (funnily enough no talk of changes to paid maternity leave which I find surprising).  It seems [...]

Charging to get quote on crash repairs


Recently I stupidly backed into a pole and got a scrape on the rear bumper bar – sufficient that I need to get it professionally repaired.
This morning I ventured into a local smash shop to get a quote. I wasn’t too fussed at being told she would book me in for an appointment tomorrow but [...]

MyGov is a Dog (with apologies to all our canine friends)


I see that the ATO is about to announce that we will need to use MyGov for tax returns in the future.
My experience with MyGov has been appalling. I just tried it again, with no success at all. When I go to eHealth, which is linked to my MyGov account, it gives a “Sorry, this [...]

Paid parking at UC and Groovin the Moo

By 27 April 2014

In March, the University of Canberra started charging for parking. It has caused a fair amount of anger and outrage, not to mention a few heated discussions in class. It hasn’t bothered me that much as it’s not particularly expensive and for the most part seems to discouraged some from driving, freeing up parks closer [...]

Where can you watch the Alex Leapai vs Wladimir Klitschko fight?


Hello Rioters – does anyone know if any Canberra venues are opening tomorrow morning to broadcast the Alex Leapai vs Wladimir Klitschko fight? I know it is being broadcasted on Foxtel Main Event.

Belconnen murder?

By 26 April 2014

There’s some news going around facebook about a murder today in Belconnen. Does anyone have a source if its legit?
Might explain the lack of police on road patrol.

Riot Post – New Local Tip


Message from one of our Rioters:
Emu Bank Belconnen has become the new tip. There is a trolley cemetery in the water. Heaps of plastic bottles, glass bottles – garbage upon garbage heaping up. The poor water birds! Is anyone doing anything? Broken glass on paths – from beer bottles. Does [...]

Seeking recommendation for someone to build a retaining wall

By 22 April 2014

Hi Riotact Minds,
I have just built a new property and now need to get someone in to build my retaining walls. I would like my fences to be installed ASAP but this can’t be done until my walls are completed as one of them runs along the property line.
Can anyone recommend anyone they [...]

Has Canberra’s heart relocated?


ACT executive director of the Property Council of Australia, Catherine Carter has called for Canberrans to maximize the opportunities available through the City Plan to revive our city’s heart and connect all our individual suburbs into one great city (in an article written by her for the Canberra Times).
The City Plan is the first planned [...]

Changing the face of the K9 dog industry

By 21 April 2014

Hi, I’m left side pup.
I’ve been training and rehabilitating problem dogs, for over 15 years. I went overseas, the USA to be exact, because, compared to us I believe they are miles, decades ahead of us in their methods and empathy towards dog’s. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great people in this industry [...]

The Tuggeranong Community Council & the Hume Solar Farm

By 21 April 2014

[ 6 May 2014 at 7:30 pm; ] Hi,

Just to let Tuggeranong residents know the planned Hume Solar Farm will be high on the agenda of the next meeting of the Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC). The developers of the proposed solar farm will be our guest speakers. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 6 May commencing at 7.30pm in the upstairs [...]

What is your most dangerous stretch of road in Canberra?

By 21 April 2014

I am interested in people’s thoughts about the most dangerous stretch of road/s in Canberra.  For me it is the Hindmarsh Drive section running from the hospital to the turn off to the tip on Mugga Way.
As a shift worker I drive this piece of road in complete darkness or dimly lit (depending on daylight saving)  in the early hours [...]


By 21 April 2014

I must confess that I am making an assumption in writing this.  That is that many of you will be technologically minded…
What has been your take on heartbleed?  Have you changed passwords and done this widely or just for banking etc?
I’m getting differing pictures on this – some are screaming heads ablaze to change passwords [...]

Did anyone else hear cannon fire?

By 20 April 2014

At around 11.30pm Easter Saturday night I heard what sounded like fireworks, but I couldn’t work out what was so special about 11.34pm that required celebrating. Then as the night progresses into Sunday morning that noise was replaced by what sounded very much like cannon fire.
Did anyone else hear this, or know what is was?
I’m [...]

Where to see the Royals (assuming you’re that way inclined)


Next week we will be sharing our fair city with real life Royalty.  As ‘Wils and Kate’ or ‘the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’ (depending on how familiar you feel, or how formal you may or may not be) prepare to visit, and my house goes into some form of light excitement over this, it [...]

2014 ACT Asthma Consumer Survey

By 18 April 2014

We would like to invite you to participate in the 2014 ACT Asthma Support Network (ASN) Survey being conducted by TNS on behalf of the ASN.
The purpose of the research is to gain detailed information regarding peoples’ experiences of asthma and linked conditions in the ACT.
Results of the survey will help the ASN in developing [...]

School holiday activities

By 16 April 2014

I can’t seem to find much online about school holiday activities for this break.  My 5 year old is testing my patience and I’m only 2 days in!
The Botanic Gardens are doing bilby mask making over Easter 9.30-4.30pm so we might check that out as craft is usually a winner around our house.
Has anyone got [...]

Resturants / Cafes open on Good Friday?

By 15 April 2014

It’s my birthday on Good Friday this year and I was hoping to catch a movie and go out for lunch with friends to celebrate.
I know that the cinemas will be open, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a good restaurant or café in either Civic or Woden that will be open [...]

Belconnen Community Council – April Forum: Old Belco photos, Jamison Inn redevelopment & Belco Town Centre ‘desired character’

By 14 April 2014

[ 15 April 2014 at 7:30 pm; ] The April 2014 Community Forum for the Belconnen Community Council will be held at:

7.30pm, Tuesday 15 April 2014
Community Room above the Belconnen Library
Chandler Street, Belconnen

A pre-DA consultation will be presented by Warwick Dunstone from the dezignteam on the revised plans for the old Jamison Inn site. Now known as Macquarie Park, the earlier plans [...]

Geoscience Australia’s Top GeoShot: Australian earth science photography competition

By 14 April 2014

Geoscience Australia’s Top GeoShot photography competition is now open.
Geoscience Australia is looking for a collection of photographs that show the beauty of our great southern land. The image can be anything from an unusual land formation, a link to our dynamic planet or even your favourite landscape. We are encouraging entrants to be as creative [...]

Pest control recomendation

By 14 April 2014

Hi All.
My young son went to get my esky on the weekend and came across this fella sitting on the side. I have found lots of creepy crawlies over the last couple of weeks so with this latest addition now is definitely time to get my house sprayed.
I’ve read through some old RiotACT articles on [...]

Phillip Medical Centre – Colby Court

By 13 April 2014

Can any one in the Hive tell me who owns the Phillip Medical Centre?

Car tyre repair

By 13 April 2014

Fellow Rioters,
Any suggestions on a cheap, reliable Southside (preferably Weston, Phillip) car tyre repairer? I have a flat 165/70R13 (off a Ford Festiva).
If I can get the tyre fixed at a reasonable price well and good; if not, I’ll buy a new tyre.
Thanks in advance.

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