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Canberra builders recommendations?

By 4 April 2013

Hi all
Was just wondering if anyone had any experience dealing with any of the following builders:
Ruiz Constructions
Rawson Homes
Sekisui House
They all seem pretty competent with good inclusions – hard to choose between them. Are there any other builders that come recommended?
[Ed - let's stick to positive contributions people]

Tax accountant recommendation in Canberra?

By 4 April 2013

I have a couple of years worth of tax returns to do. I have a trust that has its own tax file number which makes things a little more complicated – otherwise I’d just do it myself online.  Can anyone give me a ballpark figure for how much I might expect to pay for this [...]

Should Dugan have been paid not to tweet?

By 3 April 2013

Uni of Canberra National Institute of Sports Science director Ken Lyons raised the idea that sporting stars should be paid a bonus to stay away from social media in this Crimes article yesterday.
Maybe I’m taking it out of context but my favourite quote from him on the matter would have to be:
What happened [...]

Tales from Tuggeranong, TCC Update

By 3 April 2013

I have just returned from another Tuggeranong Community Council meeting and it seems things are going from bad to worse under the new president. 
A number of members left in disgust tonight over his performance and some have vowed not to return. 
The TCC Executive need to pull him into line, explain how to run [...]

Riding Bikes with Dogs in Canberra?

By 3 April 2013

Hi Canberra.
I recently started riding my bike around the fantastic bike paths here in Canberra. I’d like to go riding with my dog (Belgian Shepherd – Best Dog Ever), but I’ve been told previously that it’s illegal to be in control of a dog whilst riding a bike.
Is it? I tried google, but kept getting [...]

Where to buy an overcoat in Canberra?

By 2 April 2013

Having recently returned from the Middle East, I am starting to feel the cold.
Could anyone tell me where I might buy an overcoat (not a jacket) to be worn over a suit.
I will try DJs of course but grateful for any other suggestions?

So how do you say ‘Gingera’ anyway?

By 2 April 2013

I’m hoping some old-hand, bonafide Canberrans can answer this one for me.
I’m from northern NSW, and I lost all confidence in pronouncing local names after being (vehemently) told that Namadgi is pronounced na-MAD-jy rather than NAM-a-jai, as it would be up north.
So what about Gingera? I climbed it on the weekend, and it was beautiful. [...]

Get on board for the RSPCA trivia night

By 2 April 2013

[ 5 April 2013 at 6:15 pm; ]

This just in and worth a look:

The much anticipated RSPCA ACT Trivia Night is happening again and this year we are aiming to make it bigger and better than ever before! In line with the Canberra Centenary our theme is birthdays and celebration.

Gather your friends, dress up in your best party outfit and put those [...]

Is this for REAL? (whitegoods scam bites consumers)

By 31 March 2013

I was recently contacted by my real estate agent to say that she had arranged for a new stove to be paid for and picked up at a large well-known white goods supplier.  So I rang them to arrange payment and to let them know that the plumber would pick it up in a day [...]

Being a judgy judgster. When being right sucks

By 28 March 2013

I know rioters are roundly criticised for making judgements against the poor criminals (or those accused of criminal behaviour) but here is a follow up in the Canberra Times on my earlier post about the wisdom of letting a man accused of producing/using/disseminating child pornography out on bail.
My point? Some crimes should require a [...]

Obstacle course training in Canberra?

By 28 March 2013

Hi all,
Any tips on places around Canberra that are good for training for obstacle course races?  
For example, parallel bars, extended monkeybars, hurdles and lots of stairs.  
I’m training for the Mens Health Urbanathlon in Sydney in June and don’t know where to start.
Any tips much appreciated.

Horse riding holiday programs around Canberra?

By 28 March 2013

I’ve just been googling and decided I needed to consult the hive.
I would like to book my 8yo in for 2 days of horse riding during the 2nd week of school holidays. Can’t really afford 4 and have care for the other days.
But it looks like the main equestrian places I can find online require [...]

Canberra based Indigenous Training Centre Launches New Brand

By 28 March 2013

Dr Tom Calma AO has launched the new look Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre (AILC) – a milestone for the organisation that has trained more than 1,000 Indigenous leaders throughout Australia. A new DVD, celebrating the work of the AILC, has also been released.
Dr Calma, Australian of the Year Finalist and AILC Chairman commented, “We’re working [...]


By 27 March 2013

Canberra’s school, government and corporate communities banded together to demonstrate their support for the Boundless Canberra project.

Big Brother is Watching. Government Invades Resident Privacy


TAMS has been surreptitiously tracking and recording the movements of residents in Canberra’s South through the interception of the private Bluetooth emissions of their mobile phones and car hands-free systems.

Being taken to ACAT by Real Estate. Good lawyers?

By 27 March 2013

We have just been served a notice to attend ACAT for dispute resolution for breaking a lease. They have lied througout their application (the real estates).
Looking for a lawyer in Canberra who is good with ACAT matters.
Does anyone have any recommendations?

Woden Police: Thank you

By 25 March 2013

On Friday a tragic event happened in my life. My 87 year old aunt, after many years of pain and recent severe suffering both physically and mentally, decided to end her own life. She left a note and due to the nature of her death, the issue of fowl play has to be ruled out, [...]

Too young to retire, too old to work in the public service?

By 25 March 2013

Public servants and other employees who have secure employment and are happy doing what they are doing and where they are doing it have one major advantage: they are less likely to find themselves on the scrap heap when they are 60.
The federal and ACT public service, in addition to a swag of professional [...]

Underground: The Julian Assange Story – cinema launch Thurs 4 April

By 25 March 2013

Underground is the story of Julian Assange’s exploits as a teenage computer hacker in Melbourne, and his youthful commitment to revealing the truth about the world, power and injustice.
Following the screening there will be a Q&A session with writer/director Robert Connolly, actor Alex Williams (Julian Assange), Christine Assange (Julian’s mother) and Sam Castro (co-founder of [...]

Looking for Plantation Shutters

By 23 March 2013

Hi All
As the title states, the wife and I are looking at installing plantation shutters in the living (2 windows 1.5 x 2m) room and kitchen (1.5m x 1.5m). Just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with the local companies or sole traders? An idea on cost would also be great (in total [...]

Police Operation on the Federal Highway

By 23 March 2013

I drove into Canberra on the Federal Highway on Saturday arvo about 4pm. Just before the big roundabout at Antill Street there was a major police gig happening. The left lane was blocked by a police car with flashing lights, and in a clearing on the side of the road there were maybe half a [...]

Looking for new members for our Book Club

By 23 March 2013

We run a fantastically enlightening and friendly monthly book club that is looking for new members, due to some members no longer able to attend.
We love to read and discuss literature and contemporary fiction.
We meet once a month at each others houses and it’s a good excuse to have a few nibbles and a glass [...]

Venture into Physics at the CSIRO

By 22 March 2013

CSIRO is making it known they’re bringing physics to the masses:
An exhibition exploring the physics of the universe in sculpture and on the canvas by south coast artist Bob Baker opens Monday night at CSIRO Discovery Centre.
Bodalla artist Bob Baker explores and expresses some of the deepest physical structures in our universe, not through the [...]

Golden Retriever Found – Wanniassa 22 March

By 22 March 2013

A golden retriever was found this morning around 7:30 at the roundabout on Erindale Drive between Wanniassa and Monash.  She’s about 6 years old and microchipped however, it doesn’t seem that the chip information has been updated and there is no collar.
Hoping that we can find the owners so she doesn’t have to spend the [...]

Robert Macklin misses a simpler time when everybody listened to him

By 21 March 2013

Professionally opinionated man Robert Macklin is raging against the modern era where everyone gets to have an opinion, and misses when he was in the privileged position of everyone having to listen to what he thought.
For example, after I joined “The Canberra Times” in 1990 and became arts editor and a columnist, it was [...]

OUTBIZ invites you for canapes and drinks at Dickson Tradies

By 21 March 2013

A new LGBTI community group aimed at connecting business and individuals with the LGBTI community is having an inaugural gathering on the 3rd of April.
OUTBIZ — Canberra’s LGBTI Business Network.
A special invitation to the inaugural gathering of OUTBIZ — Canberra’s LGBTI Business Network.
Please join us for Networking, Canapes & Drinks.
Wednesday 3 April 2013 — 7pm [...]

Involved in a forced adoption? The National Archives want your story

By 21 March 2013

The National Archives are following up today’s Prime Ministerial apology to people affected by forced adoption practices.
They want those affected to tell them their stories for the purposes of an exhibition and website.
‘We recognise the sensitivities and responsibilities around the issue of forced adoption and feel very privileged to have been tasked with a project [...]

Adding to the cyclist debate [With poll]


Loxmyf has sent us in this video of a cyclist turning around a corner at a dubious time.
Have a cyclist going through a red light. Coulter Drive and Southern Cross drive Monday 18 March 2013.
Time for another poll Rioters!

Is this cyclist doing the wrong thing?
Yes, all these anarchist scallywag cyclists need to be taught [...]

Scotty and Nige v. Jorian? [With Poll]

By 19 March 2013

For reasons best known to himself Canberra’s nomadic newsman Joran Gardner has blogged at length about his short little twitter war with Canberra’s third most popular thing, FM104′s Scotty and Nige.
I’ll leave it as an exercise for the readers as to who got the better of it.

The Twit War Winner Was…
Scotty and Nige

Anyone know what this is?

By 19 March 2013

Anyone have any idea where this foam is from Rioters?
James Fahy discovered this foam on Dickson playing fields and is understandably confused. He would like answers and has turned to us.
Let’s help James Fahy.

Psychiatrist that will prescribe ADHD medication in north canberra?

By 19 March 2013

I am looking to get prescribed adhd medication and I don’t want to have to go round to 5 different psychiatrist’s and waste my time finding one that will presribe medication to me.
Does anyone know a psychiatrist that will easily prescribe this kind of medication? Prefferably north canberra.

Selection criteria writers in Canberra?

By 19 March 2013

Hi rioters, I am looking at applying for a promotion and have to do a selection criteria up. I’m awesome but I’m not good at selling myself.
Has anyone used one of the many companies that write the criteria for you? If so any good ones to speak of?

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