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Incompetent road resealing around Canberra

By 20 February 2013

The recent spate of resealing of Canberra’s roads highlights the incompetence of our Government and their cheaply paid contractors.
Gone are the days where they would spend some time and effort properly resealing a section of road – digging it up, laying a proper road-base, then sealing it with a nice mix of asphalt and tar, and finally finishing it [...]

Hellenic issues?

By 19 February 2013

Was just reading the john brennan thread and clicked on the asic link out of interest. When I clicked on the browse option, this came up as one of the first results:

Trading name: Hellenic Trattoria
So is anybody able to provide any further info on if this is the same as the hellenic club (which google seems [...]

Why cyclists enrage car drivers?

By 19 February 2013

Does this explain all of the cyclist angst in the ACT?
It’s not simply because they are annoying, argues Tom Stafford, it’s because they trigger a deep-seated rage within us by breaking the moral order of the road.
[ED - The article neglects the possibility that enraged car drivers are for the most part stupid, unattractive, and [...]

Lost dog in Gungahlin

By 19 February 2013

This one’s doing the rounds on Facebook but we thought we’d lend a hand.

Golf teacher in Canberra / Queanbeyan?

By 19 February 2013

Hi All,
Since nobody has posted any information about Canberra golf tutors I thought it would be good to start a post.
I am just starting golf and wanted to see everybody’s opinion on who in there experience has been a good golf coach in cbr or Qbn?

Telstra Tower

By 19 February 2013

Whats all the fuss about??
I was pleasantly surprised when I took my international guests to the Tower today to show them Canberra from a height. We went up to the viewing gallery and had lunch at the kiosk, the food and coffee we had was fresh and tasty and reasonably priced!
I was there not quite 12 months ago and it looks [...]

Where is my Brian!!?

By 18 February 2013

Hi Riot Act people,
So I used to have my hair styled at a salon in the Canberra Centre (John Brennan Hair) and apparently they have closed down. But I can’t find where my stylist has moved to!
The goss on the grapevine is that the owner of the salon hit hard times after someone slipped and fell in [...]

Map of bus/motorcycle lanes in ACT?

By 18 February 2013

Due to the increased traffic congestion in the mornings, I’ve started using my motorbike to travel to work.
I’m trying to plan the quickest route based on where the bus lanes are (motorcyclists can use them).
Is there a map showing all bus lanes in ACT?

Police profiling in C-town?

By 16 February 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

This afternoon I was on my treadly heading towards the AIS on the bike path when I noticed the north bound traffic on Gunghalin Drive at a virtual standstill. Upon investigating, I discovered that the cops were conducting a sizeable RBT/other drug testing operation a bit further along the road.
As I’ve previously noted here, [...]

Canberra Youth Theatre – Senior Actor Ensemble

By 15 February 2013

Designed for actors who have completed secondary school, Senior Actors Ensemble develops core skills in acting technique, movement, voice, improvisation, script analysis and audition technique. The program provides opportunities to put those skills to practical use, in a myriad of performance settings.

For more info, visit

Where’s the best wheel alignment place in Canberra?

By 15 February 2013

Hi all,
After a bit of a search, I came up with nothing, so I thought I’d ask the question:
Can anyone point me to, in their opinion the best wheel alignment place in Canberra.  It can be anywhere in Canberra (i’m Gungahlin side).  I’m after a place that will accept lease vehicles and that gives me [...]

Online Interior Design Course in Canberra?

By 15 February 2013

Has anyone completed and been satisfied with an online interior design course? Need some recommendations!
I am wanting to complete this part time, for personal interest to begin with.
Thanks, K.

Not Cyclists again! (and boot camps)

By 14 February 2013

Nope! Well. it has been a day without a new cycling related thread!
How about those masses of Boot Camp joggers on the cycle paths!
I like to go for an early morning ride arounds the lake, armed with my hooter and bell of course.
Of late, there have beem teeming masses of [...]

Canberra’s best mechanic?

By 14 February 2013

So I did a search, and much to my surprise, 2012 seemed to show a complete dearth of “best mechanic” questions on Riot Act! (This is likely the cue for a litany of people to start posting links that the search function didn’t reveal…)
Anyway, my car is passed it’s used car warranty.
So have it – [...]

Library planning day 20 February

By 13 February 2013

TAMS are putting the word out that the annual Librarians Jamboree is taking place this 20 February and thus you won’t be darkening their doors that day:
Ms Little said that regular programs, including children’s Story Time and Giggle and Wiggle will also not run on this day, nor will the mobile library and home library [...]

Front Gardens/Yards in the ACT … Appearance

By 12 February 2013

Anyone know the rules/regulations/requirements that apply to the maintenance of front gardens/yards of private properties in the suburbs of Canberra?  Or where to find such?  In our area I have begun to notice an increase in the number of private houses that seem to be using the front areas of the property for either the [...]

Do you want to pay for Zed’s Senate run? [With poll]

By 12 February 2013

It’s a bit of a poser, Zed Seselja intends to draw a front bench Legislative Assembly salary to the last possible moment while running for the Senate (assuming he gets up in the pre-selection).
Should the Canberra community be indulging him in this?

Zed mooching around the Assembly to election day
Sure, why not
He really should [...]

Hockey time!

By 12 February 2013

My children love their hockey, and this weekend sees the start of registrations for the winter season.  It’s a fun sport for the kiddies, and the games are played at either Lyneham or Tuggeranong (for the 13 yo and up) and at Nicholls, Ainslie, Deakin, Chisholm, Queanbeyan and ANU for minkey to u11.
Registration is at [...]

Cars parked in Badimara Street, Waramanga crashed into on Saturday night.

By 11 February 2013

Does anyone know anything about this incident?
It appears someone driving a 4WD, has failed to negotiate these cars, parked against the kerb. The white Barina suffered extensive damage, both rear and front end and had to be towed away.
[Picture courtesy Katie]

Website Design Ripoff. What to do?

By 11 February 2013

I recently decided that my 1980′s website needed upgrading.
I contacted a company and was told I had to pay half up front which I did. I was then emailed the Terms and Conditions which I signed and was then asked for the rest of the money.
Yes, I did pay it, what a fool!! [...]

Soundproofing in the ACT?

By 11 February 2013

hi Rioters,
Does anyone know of a consultant or a company in Canberra that can give advice about retrofitting soundproofing for a residential home?
Finding the source of the problem would be really good (i.e. where in the house the noise is leaking through the most), as would suggesting a range of options rather than one [...]

House Cleaners in Tuggeranong?

By 11 February 2013

Hi everyone,
I wonder if anyone has a recommendation for house cleaners? We need some reliable, honest folk to clean our place and, as usual, you recommendations essential in good decision making!

Hostage Bar and Tapas, a review

By 11 February 2013

Last night instead of the busy Multicultural Festival, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Dickson instead. We stumbled upon a relatively newish place called ‘Hostage Bar and Tapas’.  The menu looked enticing so we decided to give it a whirl.
The place was practically empty – that should have been all the warning we [...]

Zucchini Brothers Pizza?

By 10 February 2013

Dear Mr Zucchini,
Despite none of your pizzas actually containing either zucchini OR brothers, we are big fans of your work, and lament your absence since December.
It was rumoured that you would be reopening mid-February but having recently tried to call you and found your number disconnected, and the location of your new digs clearly vacant, [...]

Corrugated trees near the Bay.

By 10 February 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Hi Rioters,
Many times travelling to or from the Bay, I have noticed two trees close to the road that are wrapped in corrugated iron. The wrapping is about 8 metres off the ground and there is a wire rope between the two trees at about 15 metres. I reckon the wrapping has been in place [...]

Digital TV signal loss in Gungahlin?

By 10 February 2013

WIN and PRIME TV signals dropping out over the last month or so. Anyone else with these issues living in or around Gungahlin?

Female doctors in Canberra

By 9 February 2013

My previous doctor has unfortunately gone on materity leave and as I have a chronic illness I’m looking for a new doctor.
I was hoping to find someone who is youngish and female as I tend to feel more comfortable with women.
Experience with mental health is desired but not essential.

Hilarious Video And Travel Story Promote Canberra

By 8 February 2013

An hilarious video promoting Canberra (with special appearance by the Minister for Tourism, Andrew Barr) has been uploaded:
The video is also accompanied by an even more hilarious travel story by author of Funny English Errors and The Funny Dictionary, Troy Simpson, which shows the funny things that can happen when accents get in the way [...]

Think of your pets in hot weather….

By 8 February 2013

This morning in Bruce I was disgusted to see that one selfish pet owner had a dog in an almost entire concrete yard with no water or adequate shelter.

Learn to make great craft beer at the Multicultural Festival this weekend.

By 8 February 2013

The Canberra Brewers Club is back at the Canberra Multicultural Festival this year. Once again we’ll be selling some great handcrafted beers courtesy of the Wig and Pen, including last year’s hit brew, The Malty Cultural.
This this year we’re also going to be conducting live brewing demonstrations.
If you’ve ever wanted to get [...]

Tales from Tuggeranong, Katy at the TCC Meeting

By 7 February 2013

It was good to see the Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher at the last Tuggeranong Community Council Meeting. More than 60 people were at the meeting and asked her many questions about Tuggeranong, public transport, health, planning and development, aircraft noise and Tralee just to mention a few.
It was a very good night, spoiled only [...]

Philip Pocock and the October 2012 ACT Election

By 7 February 2013

Today as I trawled through The Riot Act to pass the time and I read about Zed’s impending coup against Gaz and a religious conservative displacing a secular moderate, I came across some posts about the October 2012 ACT Election.
Reading them, I was reminded of Philip Pocock. Remember him? The qualified and registered psychologist who had interesting [...]

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