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Pension bludging scum

By 2 July, 2012

Now that I am a member of the great unwashed unemployed looking for work, I find I have to mix with some of the professional unemployed. I say professional, because some of them have turned it into a living of sorts.
I was talking to a couple who I’d seen around the traps. Both seemed like [...]

Buck’d off back on show

By 2 July, 2012

[ 2 July, 2012 to 27 July, 2012. ]

Canberra photographer Grace Costa is bringing her successful ‘Buck’d Off’ exhibition to Canberra this month. Following the success of ‘Buck’d Off’ at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre in March, Costa’s exhibition is now on show at Canberra City Framing Gallery from 2 July to 27th July.

‘Buck’d Off’ is Costa’s first solo photography exhibition and showcases [...]

Real Estate commissions?

By 2 July, 2012

Can anyone tell me what seems to be a fair comission to pay a real estate agent in Canberra?
Both upfront costs as well as final commission?

Bit of surly class warfare from Andrew Leigh on Radio National

By 2 July, 2012

Andrew Leigh has been securing himself a disproportionate presence on the ABC Radio airwaves lately. He secured a spot on the Science Show recently, then Breakfast on Saturday. Interestingly, on Saturday he exhibited quite a nasty bit of class warfare for a chap who represents the middle-class burghers of Canberra.
Speaking about higher education degrees, [...]

Krispy Kreme 7-Eleven Price Increase

By 2 July, 2012

My wife loves Krispy Kreme and with 7-Eleven now stocking them I have brought some over the last month at $8.95 for a 4 pack.
Howver, when I went in today that have risen to $11. How curious with the new tax year an increase in prices.
Anyone know why the increase or should I [...]

Someone to install wallpaper?

By 30 June, 2012

Hi Rioters
Can you recommend someone to install wallpaper in Canberra?
Is it expensive and where do you get wallpaper from these days?
Thanks so much!

Bad mobile phone and slowband in Canberra?

By 30 June, 2012

I am wondering if anyone else out there has been experiencing woeful reception from Vodaphone? I have both a mobile phone and mobile slowband with them. It is supposed to be broadband, but I’ve done online tests, and 4 kilobytes per second (kbs) is dial up speed. I used to own a 56k dial up [...]

Gibraltar Falls path closing for upgrades

By 29 June, 2012

Territory and Municipal Services are giving notice that as of Monday you won’t be able to walk up to Gibraltar Falls as they upgrade the path for two weeks.
“This safety upgrade to the walking track within the Gibraltar Falls recreation area will ensure visitors are able to enjoy the beauty of the falls in a [...]

Child care survey for the Fraser electorate

By 27 June, 2012

Calling all people from Fraser!
Federal member Andrew Leigh has asked that anyone living in the Fraser electorate with kids aged 0-4 fill in a survey regarding your views on child care.

Anybody out there ride a little motorbike or scooter?

By 27 June, 2012

A moto club dedicated to small bikes and scooters
 Symbas, Honda Cubs, Postie Bikes, Nifty Fifties, Weird Imports
Vintage European, Whatever 
We love them all, come ride with us !
For social events, café crawls, moto adventures 
Contact: motocento@gmail.com

Third Party Insurance – At what cost, for who?

By 27 June, 2012

The CT has an article describing the problems that Govco are having establishing a fair price for TPI for the forthcoming year. Seems NRMA (sole provider) has demanded a price Govco find excessive.
Mention is made of the opposition our local legal thieves put up to derail the attempt to widen the insurer field by limiting [...]

Roadworks, slow down!

By 27 June, 2012

Not sure what it is about the roadworks on Barry Drive that makes people think it is ok to speed through at what ever speed they like. Every word day afternoon I drive through there and hardly anyone slows down at either of the two areas the limit is reduced Belconnen bound. At least at [...]

The Australian Labor Party (ACT Branch) wants to change their name. Any objections?

By 26 June, 2012

Elections ACT has announced that the ACT branch of the Australian Labor Party has applied to change its name.
The proposed change is from the Australian Labor Party to ACT Labor.
If you have any objections to the change then you can file a written complaint with the Electoral Commissioner by the 11 of July.

Civic/Northside hairdressers

By 26 June, 2012

Can anyone recommend a hairdresser who charges less than $200 to cut, style, colour and blow dry, please?
I have now tried Sibu (charged $65 more than quoted and were not overly friendly), CJ’s in Florey (ok style, ok price, just nothing special), Boho (highly recommended but had two little girls playing with my hair [...]

Growing food in the city?

By 26 June, 2012

University of Canberra survey of food-growing in Canberra

The Pirate Party needs you!

By 26 June, 2012

Join before Thursday 28th if you want to vote Pirate in October.

Latvian community?

By 25 June, 2012

Is there much of a Latvian community in Canberra?
Are there any Latvian cultural organisations?

What’s on guide

By 25 June, 2012

We are relatively new in Canberra and it is truly a great place with lots going on.
It does, however, seem to be a bit of a lottery finding out what is going on.
Does Canberra have a listings magazine (I don’t mean Canberra weekly)?

Getting out of a vehicle lease in the ACT – Pickles and others?

By 24 June, 2012

I have a leased vehicle that I would like to sell.
I’m not in any hurry but myself and boyfriend just don’t need two sedans living so close to the city, we weren’t living together before we moved here.
Has anyone had any experience with Pickles/other novated lease remarketers who can assist?
It may only be an option [...]

Petrol rip-off continues….

By 23 June, 2012

Canberrans paying too much for petrol. Sydneysiders pay $1.20 while we pay $1.50/litre!

Turkeys for Xmas in July

By 23 June, 2012

Can someone please tell me where I can get a whole turkey in Canberra this time of year?

Need a builder in Gungahlin?

By 22 June, 2012

Hi Guys,
I Need a builder in Gungahlin
Does anyone have any feedback or opinions from their experiences???

Airport road disgrace

By 22 June, 2012

What’s the story with Canberra (international) Airport’s cobblestone (brick) loop road for dropping off passengers.
It’s been bad for a while, but on my last trip, some of the road surface was in such a mess, a puncture wasn’t out of the question.
Anyone else consider it’s in need of some repair work?

Life after Flatheads?

By 22 June, 2012

With the Squirrell squeezing the life out of the O’Connor shops, I am hoping someone can point me in the direction of great fish and chips since Flatheads closed last week.

Driving an unregistered car

By 21 June, 2012

Hi RiotACT,
I need to take my new car for an inspection so I can get registration, it’s a Toyota Landcruiser.
Unfortunantly I need to drive it to a workshop to get it checked out to make sure it’s roadworthy, as it’s over 6 years old.
Do you require an unregistered vehicle permit to drive a car to [...]

Murder/manslaughter and self-defence in the ACT

By 21 June, 2012

As some of you may be aware there was until recently a significant period in the ACT where those who had been charged with murder/manslaughter were not being convicted.The ACT Chief Justice Terrence Higgins was the trial judge in three such cases in recent years and all were acquitted on the basis of self-defence [...]

Cyclist v Cyclist on bike lights

By 21 June, 2012

After having several hundred cyclist v motorist threads over the years on here I thought I’d start up a Cyclist v Cyclist debate.
Given it’s almost the shortest day of the year and all of us are riding home in the dark, I thought I’d ask why do some people think it’s necessary to light their [...]

Coal seam gas: alternative energy source or environmental hazard

By 20 June, 2012

[ 3 July, 2012; 5:30 pm to 6:59 pm. ] Join the Australian Academy of Science at the Shine Dome in Canberra for the free public lecture:

Coal seam gas: alternative energy source or environmental hazard.

RSVPs essential.

Recommend a good insurance lawyer?

By 20 June, 2012

Hi everyone – I know this is a tricky area, so I appreciate it if no-one wants to stick their neck out.
I’m looking for a decent lawyer who handles insurance cases, preferably landlords insurance/body corporate issues. 
Let’s just say it involves a body corporate and tree roots.
Yellow pages is no real help and [...]

Time for the annual Gungahlin Drive dig up!

By 20 June, 2012

They’re digging it up! Again! Near Sandford Street. Again!
In honesty, they’ve made pretty good progress today. There was no action this morning and by this afternoon a goodish size chunk was removed.
Less comforting is the knowledge that while road removal is a smooth operation here in our nation’s capital, road laying seems to be somewhat [...]

Corin Dam / Stockyard Spur Trail

By 20 June, 2012

Has anyone been up this trail recently?  We went up last year and loved it…  lots of snow up the top although there are no reports of any snow recently (even though it seems cold enough).
Either way, a REALLY good walk, really enjoyed it..

Recommend a doctor for the autism spectrum in Canberra?

By 20 June, 2012

Hi, my 17 year old son has recently been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and is suffering anxiety and depression and may have to go on medication.
Can anybody recommend a good doctor on the southside that has experience working with teenagers on the autism spectrum?


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