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Camera repairs in Canberra?

By 29 August 2013

Does anyone know of a decent camera repair place in  Canberra?
I’m having all sorts of problems with mine!!

Believe Achieve Fundraiser

By 27 August 2013

An auction for a good cause, get to it Rioters:
Auctions, Raffles, food, beer, wine, soft drink and all proceeds coming directly back to Zac to assist in his rehabilitation.
19.30 Friday, 6 September 2013, Olympus Room, Hellenic Club Woden.

Beyond Bank Australia and Volunteering Australia join forces to build better communities

By 27 August 2013

The $14.6 billion contribution that volunteers make to Australian society will receive a substantial boost from the nation’s newest customer-owned bank, Beyond Bank Australia, under a new three-year partnership with Volunteering Australia.
The 100 per cent customer-owned bank has become the major national partner of Volunteering Australia, which represents the nation’s six million volunteers and many [...]

Animal Justice Party ACT

By 27 August 2013

The Animal Justice Party is preferencing liberals Zed Seselja over the Greens Simon Sheikh in the Senate. They are also top of the ballot paper, which means they will get the donkey vote. If you’re voting for the libs anyway, obviously it won’t matter.
If you think you’re voting for animal welfare however, you’re actually sending [...]

Embarrassed putting hand out!

By 26 August 2013

Raiders players must be embarrassed  putting their hands out for payment particularly over the last 3 weeks – if they are then they should be!
Against Manly I switched off as I usually do these day’s when it reached 24 nil .
Manly were keeping time with the clock the white flag had been raised [...]

Letter to ACTION Buses. After two near misses in the space of one hour.

By 24 August 2013

GPO BOX 158,
Canberra City ACT 2601

I don’t normally make a big fuss of things as I am quite a tolerant person, however the other day I had a couple run ins with ACTION BUS drivers.  Both incidents occurred at the same intersection within 1 hour of each other.  One face value they may [...]

Acoustic band/singer and mc for wedding in Canberra?

By 23 August 2013

Hi fellow rioters my fiancé and I are looking for an acoustic guitarist/band and mc for our wedding this year, does anyone have any recommendations?
Look forward to hearing everyone’s opinions!

A Salute to our Rangers

By 23 August 2013

I was riding home along Bindubi St bike path, Thursday night, dark, cold and raining.
Suddenly, along the roadside, I hear a loud gunshot. I look over to see a man pointing a gun towards the ground where someone was lying.
It took a second or two to make sense of the scene. It was an [...]

Introducing A Gender Agenda and Rethinking Man Woman

By 23 August 2013

A Gender Agenda is a support and advocacy group for Gender Diverse people in Canberra. While we primarily aim to support Trans and Intersex people, A Gender Agenda is also for friends and family of those people.
AGA is for every woman who put on a pair of trousers or a male shirt and thought [...]

Approaching Magpie Swooping Season

By 22 August 2013

The first magpie attack of the season was reported on the 23rd of August last year.
Coming up to the anniversary of that date, I wanted to invite Rioters to add pins to this google map, as swooping magpies are encountered this season.

Brumbies want your thoughts on cap design

By 22 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

The Brumbies have facebooked a desire to get the wisdom of the hivemind on their members’ caps for season 2014.
What do you think and what would you do differently?

The Brumbies 2014 cap design I like best is…
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Where to find a cheap used tricycle?

By 22 August 2013

I am looking for a cheap used tricycle.
I am bulding the young uns a billy cart and need the rear axle and gear/cog assembally.
The rest could be broken, no issue. I have checked a few bike shops but they essentially only have new tricycles.
Where would be a good place to look for [...]

Raw milk in Canberra?

By 22 August 2013

Where can I buy raw milk in Canberra?

Frozen Gua Bao in Canberra?

By 21 August 2013

Hi guys,
I really want to make gua bao, except that I don’t actually want to make the bao part (even David Chang of Momofuku says he buys his bao).
Does anyone know where I can obtain these buns- they are usually frozen, no filling but I’ve tried a dozen different Asian grocers and can’t find them [...]

World’s biggest dork spy threatens to sue

By 21 August 2013

NineMSN has the depressing news of another loser in ASIO embarassing the nation:
The Canberra-based man, who cannot be identified, was four years into his career at the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation in 2011 when he met a foreign diplomat who would later become his wife, the Canberra Times reports.
When he became aware the woman [...]

Need help finding a psychologist in Canberra for Depression

By 21 August 2013

My GP has advised me to chat to a psychologist for help with depression + anxiety issues.
The psychologist the GP referred is unable to see me due to age restrictions so I am looking for other alternatives.
I found an old article on this site from 3 years ago, so am hoping people [...]

Best place for Acrylic In-Fills?

By 21 August 2013

Trying to find a place in Canberra, preferably on the North side, to get my in-fills done.
So far the one place I tried didn’t sterilise their equipment and did a horrid job.

What’s your prediction on the order the minor party’s will finish in the Senate?

By 20 August 2013

Given here in the ACT, we won’t have any change to the status quo when it comes to this federal election. Both lower house seats will go labor and senate will be labor first the liberal second.
For a bit more fun can you guess what the order of the minor party’s will be in [...]

Turtles, Papua New Guinea, culture, and biology

By 19 August 2013

The Distinguished Professor Arthur Georges will be talking about his adventures studying turtles in Papua New Guinea tomorrow, and you can go listen if you like.
Adventures in the wild of lowland Papua New Guinea
Distinguished Professor Arthur Georges
Tuesday 20 August 2013 4:30 – 5:30pm
INSPIRE Centre, Building 25 Pantowora Street, University of Canberra
Distinguished [...]

BodyCorp Gate Blocking Visitors Access

By 19 August 2013

I have lived in my townhouse for almost a year, which is inside a large open complex with a 12 standalone townhouses and communal carport/carpark.
Prior to buying the place, the executive committee and the body corporate had organised and funded to install a large security gate around the complex – which is opened by a [...]

Cataract surgery for kangaroos.

By 18 August 2013

The Canberra Times tells me that a 90 kg kangaroo has received cataract surgery.
What is the world coming to?

Raiders Finished For Another Year

By 18 August 2013

Raiders V Canterbury
Canberra Raiders the perennial loosers  finished for another session – ah but we are getting used to it.
What with an administration that has sacked or let go of perhaps some of the best footballers currently playing what else can we expect.
Now joining Josh Dugan, Tod Carney it looks like Ferguson is [...]

Visit the ANU Classics Museum

By 18 August 2013

Take this rare opportunity to visit the ANU Classics Museum on a weekend and enjoy free parking.
The Classics Museum was established in 1962 by Professor Richard Johnson, Professor of Classics at ANU. Amongst its first acquisitions were an Attic wine bowl, a gold lion’s head earring, and some coins. From those [...]

Dump Light Rail. Get a Gondola.

By 17 August 2013

Go, Go, Gadget, Gondola.

First gas bill $1484.83!

By 17 August 2013

Should my gas bill be $1483?

Meteor/Fireball filmed over Canberra

By 16 August 2013

At 9:37pm on Tuesday night (13th Aug 2013), a large meteor fell south of Canberra. Here is the story on NineMSN.
If anyone was a witness to this event, please report it at;
Also if anyone may have access to cctv footage of this event, please send me a pm as this will be crucial to pinpointing [...]

Searching for Good Samaritan. Barton Highway Motorcycle Accident July 2013

By 16 August 2013

On 23rd July this year there was a motorcycle accident on Barton Highway which claimed the life of Michael Griffiths. A good Samaritan stopped and tried to revive him. When ambulances arrived, the stranger simply disappeared.
This person also visited the crash site not long after the accident occurred and left flowers and an anonymous note [...]

Sleeping bag give-away

By 15 August 2013

Hello Rioters
I have a high quality, used only once sleeping bag that would benefit a homeless person. Just wondering what the best way to approach this would be.
Should I drive around Tuggeranong or donate to SVdeP? Sleeping bag is designed for temp as low as 2C and has been dry cleaned recently.
Don’t want [...]

Evening Art Workshops at Belconnen Community Centre

By 15 August 2013

The Belconnen Community Centre is excited to announce our upcoming Spring Sessions Art Taster program. We are offering a series of six evening Art Workshops open to anyone interested in learning something new – no artistic experience is necessary!
In our first workshop, on the 2nd of September, you will explore basic glassmaking techniques as you [...]

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows talk by Dr Melanie Joy

By 14 August 2013

Those of you who enjoy meaty discussion about various issues may be interested in this:
Dr Melanie Joy, Ph.D., Ed.M. is a Harvard-educated psychologist, professor of psychology and sociology at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, she is the best selling Author of the award-winning primer on carnism, Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows.
Dr [...]

Sleep your weight off? Sounds perfect

By 14 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Australian Sleep Medicine research scientist Dr Carmel Harrington is giving a lecture at UC tomorrow where she argues that a good nights sleep may be the secret to weight loss.
Hopefully she has more compelling evidence than noticing a correlation between average hours slept and average weight over time, otherwise I’d like to talk to her [...]

Fishing Book launch at the Hellenic Club

By 14 August 2013

I have little talent at fishing, however you might be good at it! In fact you may be so good at it that you’ve gotten really into it, and spend your time watching fishing programs and reading fishing books.
I think that’s kinda weird, but you would probably think the things I’m into are weird so [...]

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