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Tuggeranong Masters Swimmers Preparing for Big Year

By 4 January 2013

Tuggeranong Masters Swimmers are fired up and ready to go for the new year!!!
First training session is this SUNDAY 6th Jan at Tuggeranong pool and Endurance 1000 also starts this Saturday at 10.30 am. So come along and start the New Year with a good hit out swim!
## Regular lake swims are planned – [...]

Which Vet Clinic to Visit with new Puppy….

By 4 January 2013

Having recently acquired a new puppy, I am in the process of looking for a good quality, reliable vet for all his medical needs.
I have narrowed my search down to the Weston Creek Vet in Warramanga, or The Gables Vet Clinic in Monash.
Has anyone had any experiences with either of these Vets to possibly make my decision [...]

A Christmas Wish for Burglars

By 4 January 2013

Three years ago I bought my eldest son a guitar for Christmas. I didn’t have much money, and it wasn’t a great guitar, but I taught him to play on it and he’s a helluva lot better than me now. I hoped he’d play the blues, but he’s a metal head like most kids these [...]

Speeding a surprise to the ACT police

By 3 January 2013

Just saw a tweet from ABC News in Canberra that indicated that whilst the ACT remained fatality free, the local constabulary are alarmed at the number of drivers caught speeding over the festive period. 155 drivers were caught for speeding offences on our roads this Christmas. 155 speeding idiots will be the victim of the [...]

Band hire in Canberra?

By 3 January 2013

So I am looking to book a band of the semi-professional cover band type for a substantial (400+ people) event in March [not a wedding though]. As much as I would prefer to go with something a little more exciting, knowing the audience I have to play it conservative and go for a band [...]

Lawn irrigation Dripper v sprinkler in Canberra?

By 3 January 2013

Hi riotact,
Im looking at irrigation for the lawn I will soon be seeding. It’s a big lawn (over 1000mtrs) and I’ve heard a few things about planting drip line underneath as opposed to sprinklers.
Any help or advice you could offer would be appreciated


By 3 January 2013

This morning. Hot Cross Buns at Coles Belconnen.
Wonder if I could smuggles those into the Hoyts cinema?

Trying to find a bottle of Mastika in canberra

By 31 December 2012

Well It’s time to go shopping for drinks for new years (a bit late I know) and I was hoping to find some of this wonderful mastic flavored Greek liquor called Mastica.
I don’t suppose anyone would have a clue as to where to find it, a European grocery perhaps?
Do we have any specialist [...]

Does anyone know where I can buy real caviar in Canberra

By 30 December 2012

… never tried it, and want to do so!
I don’t mean the “fake” caviar that is sold in supermarkets, I want to try the real thing, Russian or similar, from sturgeon eggs. I know it isn’t cheap

Jerky anyone?

By 30 December 2012

I did try to search for “jerky” at T-Ra, but maybe not surprisingly I came up with TV reception, taxi’s and a popular drinking dive for the toff’s around Kingston.
What I’d love to know about is decent places to buy beef jerky?
The “old” Civic shopping centre used to have a butcher near the Supabarn that had good [...]

Fencing a pool: any suggestions?

By 29 December 2012

Our house has a pool but no fence.  We are therefore looking for somebody who could put a fence up around the pool area.
Is anyone able to recommend a company or individual?
Many thanks in advance.

Looking for the end of the world in Canberra?

By 29 December 2012

My son and some friends are doing an amateur video production about what would have happened if the world really did end on 12.21.12. They’re looking for suitably end of the world shooting locations that are publicly accessible. It is okay if the locality is on private property but can be filmed as background from [...]

Hoyts Belconnen Cracking Down on Contraband Consumables

By 29 December 2012

Now for the important debates of the day!
My wife and I were recently refused entry to Hoyts Belconnen for the heinous crime of carrying delicious take-away Muffin Break coffees into the cinemas.  Apparently the condition of not allowing any food or drink from external sources has always been a policy of the cinema -  but [...]

A pedicure at a beauty salon in Canberra?

By 29 December 2012

Before the days of the influx of the mall nail places (aka chop shops), one used to go to beauty salons to get a pedicure.
Now, I’ve noticed that most salons have those “thrones” for pedicures.
Does anyone know of a salon that still offers pedicures that involve laying down?

Canberra piercing advice?

By 28 December 2012

Hi! I’m after a nose piercing next week and was wondering where the best place to get it done would be? Any suggestions/experiences are appreciated!
At the moment I’m considering Redpath? Someone else told me to go to Hairhouse Warehouse but I’m not sure.
Also anyone with a nose piercing what should I expect??
Also I’m under 18, [...]

Eftpos ridiculousness

By 28 December 2012

Monsieur Cholet decided that we should take Master Cholet to do a spot of swimming on Boxing Day. We decided to give Woden pool a try for the first time, seeing as Erindale was closed and Tuggeranong centre never looks like it gets the once over with a wet cloth.
Had no cash on us, so [...]

Where to get copy of Holiday Happenings (school holiday program guide)?

By 28 December 2012

Hi everyone, do you know where I can get a copy of the little print booklet that gives a rundown on all the school holiday programs?
Someone told me it was called Holiday Happenings.
I find it maddening that it is so hard to find out about the various school holiday programs. [...]

Should you trust the Government?

By 27 December 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

A question asked on the pavement of O’Connor’s Banksia St wetlands.
(Perhaps demonstrating a marked difference from the graffiti of Tuggeranong.)
I’ll leave it to you dear reader, to make the case for your answer.

The No Bell Bicyclists

By 27 December 2012

An encounter today on the shared footpath/bicycle caused a bicyclist who had no bell. We did not hear him coming from behind. I asked him where his bell was. He said he didn’t need one as it didn’t fit on his bars.
Well here is what you need under the ACT Road Rules:
258 Equipment on a [...]

Cost of chemical termite barrier in Canberra?

By 25 December 2012

How much should a chemical termite barrier cost?

Bye Bye Sky Plaza

By 22 December 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Amateur (but armed) architectural criticism – a fitting end to one of the world’s worst buildings -
Sky Plaza.

The complete list of ACT Government services over Christmas 2012

By 21 December 2012

We’ve had some dribs and drabs but this morning sees the release of a comprehensive list of what’s open when and what’s shutting down from our lords and masters.

Tales from Tuggeranong – Shop keepers forget it’s Christmas

By 21 December 2012

I don’t think many people would even know it is Christmas in Tuggeranong.
The Hype Dome has few decorations.
Walking through there you would be forgiven for thinking it was just another day.
And, every other business in Greenway appears to have forgotten it is Christmas.
What is wrong with businesses in Tuggeranong joining forces, [...]

Some modest proposals for ACT Governance [With poll]

By 20 December 2012

In the budget submissions story PantsMan made some suggestions which struck me as worthy of a wider audience:
2012/12/20 at 10:45 am
Here are some ideas:
* Sell our public art collection to Macquarie Bank and lease it back for 50 years. (What this would achieve, I don’t know, but it would be the final ridiculous cherry on [...]

Christmas Eve Restaurants… Anyone out there?

By 18 December 2012

This year it seems that Christmas eve coincides with a Monday.
It looks like every restaurant in town is closed for dinner, and most for lunch.
I am looking for a nice place to go with a group, and I am sure I am not alone - does anyone know of somewhere that is open for dinner, looking for [...]

Good general surgeon in Canberra?

By 18 December 2012

Just thought I’d make use of the vast array of knowledge that is RA!
I need to get  a relatively small procedure undertaken here in Canberra (removal of a smallish ‘cyst’ sort of thing from my arm). My GP (based where I am from in NSW) isn’t willing to do it because of its location, and he originally referred to [...]

Getting money out of Canberra Real Estate Agents?

By 18 December 2012

Has anyone else had any problems with Real Estate Agents not paying for completed work/services?
Does anyone have tips on how to chase them for the money?

Help for finding a dentist who will consider full extraction

By 17 December 2012

My partner has had major gum disease and teeth loss, combined with trigeminal neuralgia and TMJ for over 7 years.
Every time we go to a dentist, we’ve been told that the remaining teeth are “fine” to stay in, but after the fourth occasion that the “perfectly fine” teeth have started to fall out, we’re at wit’s [...]

Exhibition of fine art photography by Michael Silver

By 17 December 2012

Michael has been a professional, fine art and journalistic photographer for more than thirty years. He is also a master printer and, with his wife Susanne, runs Photonet gallery and the new magnet gallery, both in Melbourne.
Opening 4:00pm Sunday, December 16th at Manning Clark House.
11 Tasmania Circle, Forrest.
Entry: $10/$7
To avoid disappointment please book by phoning [...]

Monaro Highway Line Marking, Sgt Bungers, can you help?

By 16 December 2012

A while ago my wife and I each had a near miss head on accident with the same car while travelling on the Monaro Highway.
We were in saparate cars travelling to Royalla, the traffic was light & we were not in a hurry. My wife was a minute ahead & out of sight. As I [...]

Tales From Tuggeranong – Lake Tuggeranong

By 15 December 2012

I attended the recent meeting of a group of Tuggeranong residents concerned about the state of the Lake.
It was apt that around the time of the meeting the Lake was again closed due to an outbreak of algae.
At the meeting they were saying that Lake Tuggeranong is closed more times than any other [...]

Stop Signs and Bridges

By 15 December 2012

So I thought I pretty well have the road rules sorted but something just happened to me that has got me thinking.
Tharwa Bridge. It has a give way on the northern end and a stop sign on the southern end.
The stop sign is there because you cant really see what is on the bridge so [...]

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