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Light Rail – Have your say in our poll


We’ve had no end of opinion and argument over Light Rail in recent weeks/months.
To set a bit more fuel to the fire we have asked John Hargreaves and former Chief Minister Kate Carnell to step into the ring for our first RiotACT Face Off and their first topic will be ‘Light Rail for [...]

Hate Halloween? [with poll]

By 31 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Debate abounds, is Halloween a gross piece of American commercialism with no place in Australian society?

Popular meme bouncing around on Facebook.
Or is it a bit of fun that in no way needs to be commercial or American and what’s your problem with American culture anyway?

My response.
What do you think?
I tend to feel hating Halloween for [...]

Governor-General, please dissolve the ACT Government [With Poll]

By 21 October 2013

Quite frankly, I’ve had enough of Katy, Barr, Corbell, and that court jester Rattenbury. They have surely got to be the most irresponsible, dangerous, and seemingly unaccountable excuse for a government within the Australian Federation.
They appear to have largely abandoned any attempt to effectively deliver the core governmental services for which they [...]

Which horror movie is ANU sending its researchers into? [With Poll]

By 9 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

It sure as hell sounds like the start to a horror movie over at ANU:
Something massive is going on in East Antarctica’s Enderby Land and a team of researchers from the Research School of Earth Sciences are on their way to investigate.
The first hint of mystery came from the GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate [...]

Is spending time with his newborn more important than campaigning for Zed? [With Poll]

By 4 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

The Canberra Times is asking where’s Zed?
The Canberra Liberals have been accused of avoiding public scrutiny during the election campaign by skipping out on at least seven multi-candidate forums in the ACT.
But a senior Liberals campaign spokeswoman rejected the suggestion by Greens Senate candidate Simon Sheikh that the party was hiding its candidates.
Mr Sheikh’s Liberal [...]

Brumbies want your thoughts on cap design

By 22 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

The Brumbies have facebooked a desire to get the wisdom of the hivemind on their members’ caps for season 2014.
What do you think and what would you do differently?

The Brumbies 2014 cap design I like best is…
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Raiders a team for the lower class? [With poll]

By 2 August 2013

It has long been noted that when Raiders fans attend a Brumbies game they are astonished and alarmed by the displays of manners and courtesy from the crowd.
Sometimes they mistake basic decency for a thing they call “lack of atmosphere”.
In The Roar today Kane Cassidy is opining about why Wollongong is a better choice for [...]

Would you prefer a nice new Ferrari to light rail? [With poll]


The Liberals’ Alistair Coe is having a fine time nitpicking the Capital Metro light rail proposal:
The ACT Government is spending $433,333 per additional commuter to ride the service, ACT Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe said today.
“The Government has stated that light rail patronage will be 4,500 people in the morning peak. However, currently 3,000 [...]

Should the Merry-go-round go? [WITH POLL]

By 28 June 2013

Katy Gallagher is tossing around the idea of moving the iconic 100 year old merry-go-round from civic to somewhere else, reports ABC News.
“It gets a bit of an uptake of passengers on the weekends but I walked past it the other day during the week and there was no one on it,” she said.
“I thought [...]

‘Go to work tax’ Public Servants rage against paid parking [WITH POLL]

By 27 June 2013

Paid parking int he parliamentary triangle is a bit of a hot issue for a lot of Canberrans. Particularly those who work there.
ABC News are reporting that the NCA have received 70 formal submissions from public servants who are against the idea.
Dozens of Canberra residents have slammed a decision to introduce paid parking near the [...]

High Rise in Reid, yae or nay [With Poll]

By 4 June 2013

Rival Petitions are battling it out on the Internet!
You may remember yesterday’s story on a petition to ban a 15 story high-rise in Reid.
Today we’ve found the counter petition.
The ‘against it’ argument:
Minister Corbell’s planned 15 storey high rise, high density building redevelopment along Cooyong St and Ainslie Ave in Reid must NOT be allowed to [...]

The death of the tally room? [Poll]

By 20 May 2013

Antony Green from the ABC is predicting the demise of the tally-room, a longstanding part of the election process.
This year commercial networks will not be hosting their coverage from the tally room, and several states have already dropped tally rooms from their local elections. As it stands it may only be ABC News using [...]

Do You Support Mandatory Helmet Laws in the ACT [With poll]


When you reflect on the following photo from Holland, what do you see?

What do you see in the photo?
People that are irrationally and recklessly endangering their lives.
People recklessly endangering their lives, and they should have a law and fines imposed upon them to make them stop.
Ordinary people going about their day.
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Would you like a local council? [With poll]


Prime Minister Gillard has announced a referendum’s coming on constitutional recognition of local government.
We are asking the Australian people to support a small but important change to our Constitution so that the existing practice of Federal Government support for local communities is formally recognised in our Constitution.
This will make it easier for the Federales to [...]

Adding to the cyclist debate [With poll]


Loxmyf has sent us in this video of a cyclist turning around a corner at a dubious time.
Have a cyclist going through a red light. Coulter Drive and Southern Cross drive Monday 18 March 2013.
Time for another poll Rioters!

Is this cyclist doing the wrong thing?
Yes, all these anarchist scallywag cyclists need to be taught [...]

Scotty and Nige v. Jorian? [With Poll]

By 19 March 2013

For reasons best known to himself Canberra’s nomadic newsman Joran Gardner has blogged at length about his short little twitter war with Canberra’s third most popular thing, FM104′s Scotty and Nige.
I’ll leave it as an exercise for the readers as to who got the better of it.

The Twit War Winner Was…
Scotty and Nige

NSW government wants to slow down Kings Highway [with poll]

By 5 March 2013

The NSW Government have released the findings of a massive safety report into the Kings Highway today, reports ABC News.
The report recommends upgrades worth millions of dollars, which could be funded through the NSW black spots program.
Member for Monaro John Barilaro says road surfaces will be upgraded as well as improvements to signage and [...]

If Sinsations lasts 100 years will we celebrate Canberra girls going to work there? [With poll]


The Canberra Times is very excited the local girl Fuchsia Bullot will be getting her clothes off for tourists in Paris:
Canberra’s Fuchsia Bullot has become a member of an exclusive – and long-legged – club.
She’s the third student of Tuggeranong’s Legs Dance Studio to join the high-kicking cancan line of the Moulin Rouge in Paris.
The [...]

A second look at double jeopardy laws [with poll]

By 1 March 2013

ABC News is reporting that the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions has called for reforms to double jeopardy laws.
The idea behind double jeopardy is to stop someone from being prosecuted repeatedly for a single crime, the DPP however feels that he should be allowed to re-prosecute if new evidence comes to light after the trial.
Understandably, [...]

Do you want to pay for Zed’s Senate run? [With poll]

By 12 February 2013

It’s a bit of a poser, Zed Seselja intends to draw a front bench Legislative Assembly salary to the last possible moment while running for the Senate (assuming he gets up in the pre-selection).
Should the Canberra community be indulging him in this?

Zed mooching around the Assembly to election day
Sure, why not
He really should [...]

Paywalling the style guide? [With poll]

By 4 February 2013

Government news has a story on moves to charge for online access to the Style Manual.
Desperate gouging or reasonable cost recovery?

Paywalling the style manual
Sensible cost recovery
We’ve already paid for it!
View Results

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An end to Johnboy? [With poll]

By 29 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

As some readers have twigged your correspondent has turned 40 today.
At such decrepit and advanced years one has to wonder about posting as “johnboy” (I was 27 when I started posting here under that name and Nik The Pig suggested it).
So should I saw it down to just plain “John” or something else?
Let rip in [...]

I Am The Pearce. The most pointless thing on the internet? Or High Art? [With Poll]

By 10 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

I’ll confess to being a bit torn by this Vlog.
It’s screamingly pointless and narcissistic, yet strongly local, and features a killer set of star trek memorabilia in the background.
It occurred to me that the form was much like that of Garfield Minus Garfield. Is the emptiness in fact art?
I’ll leave that for readers to decide.

I [...]

Some modest proposals for ACT Governance [With poll]

By 20 December 2012

In the budget submissions story PantsMan made some suggestions which struck me as worthy of a wider audience:
2012/12/20 at 10:45 am
Here are some ideas:
* Sell our public art collection to Macquarie Bank and lease it back for 50 years. (What this would achieve, I don’t know, but it would be the final ridiculous cherry on [...]

Canberra 100 instead of the coat of arms on the Brumbies jersey? [With poll]

By 29 November 2012

The Centenary of Canberra people are very excited to have turfed the Canberra coat of arms off the Brumbies jersey in favour of their own logo:
Traditionally the right breast on the University of Canberra Brumbies jersey has been reserved for the ACT Coat of Arms, but with the Territory celebrating 100 years in 2013 [...]

Umbagong Stones. Stay or go? [With poll]

By 28 November 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Territory and Municipal Services are looking for public feedback on the stepping stones over Ginninderra Creek:
“The stepping stones have provided local residents with a means to cross Ginninderra Creek since 1993 when Umbagong District Park opened,” Mr Gill said. “A footbridge is also available further up the river near a playground and barbeque area for [...]

Is the Human Rights Commission game worth the candle? [With poll]

By 20 November 2012

The Australian is taking a red hot shot at the ACT Human Rights Commission. (Google the headline and click through to get around the paywall).
The author doesn’t understand the funding arrangements of the ACT Government which somewhat undermines the other claims but it remains an intriguing read and has some telling statistics:
The ACT has [...]

Should ambos pay for someone else’s cockup? [With Poll]

By 15 November 2012

The ABC reports that overpaid ambulance officers are being asked to hand the money back, despite the overpayment not being their fault.
The Transport Workers Union (TWU) says 80 per cent of frontline ambulance officers have received letters saying they have been significantly overpaid because of errors in personal leave records.
The errors were revealed in [...]

Where to put the inner north dog park? [With Poll]

By 8 November 2012

Territory and Municipal Services are asking where they should put a dog park in the Inner North:
“Three sites have been identified in the inner north region as potential locations for the new enclosed dog park. These sites are located in Russell, O’Connor and on the border of North Lyneham. All proposed sites are able to [...]

Pirate policies. Are government funded artists willing to give up their rights to the work? [With poll]

By 19 September 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

While the pirate campaign launch is still to happen down at Lake Burley Griffin the pirates have released a slew of policies.
Most of it is unlikely to get much argument but my god check this out:
The Pirate Party will seek to ensure that a proportion of Arts ACT grants are awarded
to artists who adopt creative [...]

Centenary program (Part 1) [Would you have preferred The Rolling Stones poll?]

By 4 September 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

The meeja reptiles are being entertained as I write in The Playhouse for the launch of the Centenary Program (Part 1), and tonight the Great and The Good will assemble for a gala event.
But here we’re more interested in the substance and so here’s the program (Part 1).
Anything leaping out at you there dear reader?
Apparently [...]

Will the Civic Cycle Loop reverse Canberra’s declining rate of cycling? [With poll]

By 22 August 2012

At the turn of the millennium Canberra had no on-road cycle lanes, 19% of Canberrans cycled more than once a month. Most of them were children. We had Australia’s highest rate of child cycling.
By 2009 we had 5,000 less child cyclists, and the proportion of Canberrans who cycled more than once a month had fallen [...]

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