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Important RiotACT announcement

By 6 April, 2014

RiotACT is now under new ownership and management. The site has been bought by a small group of local business people keen to see RiotACT survive and thrive. Before they make any changes or adjustments to the site, they have asked to hear from you, the community who make RiotACT what it is.
As many of [...]

Want to buy a RiotACT?

By 21 March, 2014

Dear Rioters,
Over the last couple of months many of you will have keenly noticed the absence of Johnboy’s and Barcham’s influence on the editorial tiller of RiotACT, and the subsequent reduction in new content being posted.
Many of you have also submitted posts or questions wanting to know what’s going on.
It is with a [...]

Well goodbye

By 24 January, 2014

Having started RiotACT in 2000 I’ve been informed my services cannot be retained.
A new buyer for the site is potentially in the wings and who knows what their plans will be?
It’s been an exciting ride and who knows what the future will bring? (I’ve thought we were done before).
Thanks so much to everyone who has [...]

All your wall calendars sucking? May we present the RiotACT Parking Calendar for 2014

By 8 January, 2014

Taking the best of parking photos, arrange by month in the iPhoto Calendar tool, add in the ACT Public Holidays, hey presto a pdf calendar to sneak down to your office reproduction room to bogart the glossy paper while the place is quiet.
(Also anyone who can get one of the relevant car owners to pose [...]

State of the Riot 2013

By 1 January, 2014

It’s time to look back at the vital stats for this site in 2013 and see what the most read stories and most searched for people were.
(All numbers courtesy Google Analytics)
Despite some technical disasters during the year we still racked up a very satisfying 7% increase in the all important Unique Visitors to 1,509,617.
Pageviews [...]

Goodbye 2013. We are afloat on rivers of crap and the boat is sinking

By 31 December, 2013

Cracked has a good article on the rising tide excrement trying to clog every potential avenue of information.
Here in Canberra looking back on the year it’s just as awful with things that look a bit like news filling up our letterboxes and the airwaves.
With no meaningful clashes of ideology (Labor being the party of big [...]

Here’s hoping you’re all having a merry Christmas

By 25 December, 2013

2013 has been, for many of us, harder than we ever imagined it would be.
But on Christmas Day it’s important to remember that love and laughter are far more important than the things in our life.
I hope you all have a great day and night.
But if not remember the cricket starts tomorrow.

Apology to Mr David Richards, Barrister Canberra

By 19 December, 2013

Between 28 November 2013 and 12 December 2013 we hosted on our website material posted by one of our registered users in respect to Mr David Richards and his Christmas Lights Display at his residence in Red Hill in the Australian Capital Territory. That material was defamatory of Mr Richards and entirely untrue. It had [...]

We’ve won an award!

By 12 December, 2013

And Smart Company’s Best Search Strategy award for 2013 goes to…
We tell no lies.

RiotWRAP Episode 18 with Alison McGregor

By 22 November, 2013

Hey look it’s Alison McGregor!
Actress, burlesque performer, everything else!
This week Barcham and Johnboy film from inside some very echo-ey caves.
Alison likes calling out jerks.
Barcham is old.
Alison has a public safety message about earplugs.
Johnboy defends the sex lives of shift workers.
All on this weeks episode…

Jerk Cyclist.
3.25 – 8.00
Strange residential noise problem in Canberra.
8.00 – 14.20
Police [...]

We apologise for the inconvenience, and we need your help.

By 21 November, 2013

So as some of you noticed we’ve been having technical difficulties for the last week.
A lot of very clever people have worked very, very hard to find the problems, and deal with them. We’ve now had the all clear from Google.
If you missed us, you should sign up for a paid subscription.
Because without your money [...]

RiotWRAP Epsiode 17 with Sean Hannigan

By 18 November, 2013

Stories you don’t want to have missed.
Hey look it’s Sean Hannigan!
Manager and overload of the Phoenix Pub!
This week Barcham goes native.
Sean had a nice burger.
Johnboy is scared of dinosaurs.
Barcham tries to get free beers.
Sean does the best segway.
All on this weeks episode…

People like free burgers.
0.45 – 4.50
Chuggers chuggers everywhere!
4.50 – 8.20
Why does Tony Abbot [...]

RiotWRAP Episode 16

By 8 November, 2013

Stories you don’t want to have missed.
Hey look it’s just us!
This week we things get weird quickly.
Barcham doesn’t realise it’s started.
Johnboy can’t remember the maths.
Barcham wants a bad-boy image.
Johnboy and Barcham would like to try Google Glass please.
All on this weeks episode…

– RIP Lindsay the Northbourne window washer. 1.20 – 5.40
– Giulia Jones having [...]

RiotWRAP Episode 15 with Simon Milman

By 1 November, 2013

Stories you don’t want to have missed.
Hey look it’s Simon Milman!
He plays with Los Chavos, performs as Coolio Desgracias, and does a bunch of other stuff around town.
Check out his Bandcamp page here.
This week we wonder what kind of a service Imperial Cupping may be.
Simon offers some safety tips for carpentry.
Barcham wonders if he can [...]

RiotWRAP Episode 14 with Andrew Galan

By 25 October, 2013

Hey look it’s Andrew Galan!
He’s a poet who wrote a book!
You can buy it here!
Or you can go check out his webpage here at Huitzilihuitl’s Reign of Death!
This week Andrew knows a lot about tanks.
Johnboy respects people who know a lot about tanks.
Barcham knows very little about tanks.
Tanks are not a topic that is discussed.
All [...]

The RiotWRAP Episode 11 with special guest Ellie Malbon

By 20 September, 2013

Stories you don’t want to have missed.
Hey look it’s Ellie Malbon!
Local word-wizard and poetry master!
Check her out at the Front Cafe next Friday.
Puppy feet are visible behind Johnboy.
Barcham errrs a lot.
Ellie could do with a job come December if you’ve got one.
Exactly how many birds are murdered every second by wind turbines?
All on this weeks [...]

RiotWRAP – Episode 10 with special guest Elena Kirschbaum

By 13 September, 2013

Stories you don’t want to have missed.
Hey look it’s Elena Kirschbaum!
She does a lot of things, and some of those things can be found on her site Highwire Entertainment.
Also, check out Kids, Creatures and 100 Harlequins.
Elena has opinions about food.
Barcham breaks a bottle while reaching for a magazine.
Digits get doubled.
Johnboy has hidden his puppies.
What is [...]

RiotWRAP Episode 9 with Emily McKay

By 6 September, 2013

Hey look it’s Emily Mckay!
Check out her YouTube channel Moppethead!
This week we extend our coverage from solely doing stories about the ACT to doing stories about the ACT and about American celebrities.
Johnboy clones himself.
For some reason the auto-focus never leaves Barcham.
Emily wonders why food is so trendy.
All on this weeks episode…

RiotWRAP for the [...]

Pets and landmarks is a thing now…

By 3 September, 2013

Because you asked for it, because Johnboy is a big softy when it comes to animals, and because I’m here for him to offload the actual work onto, we now have Furday.
It’s not Caturday because:
A) We’re not limiting it to cats. (We’re not limiting it to [...]

RiotWRAP Episode 8 with Penelope Asterisk

By 30 August, 2013

Stories you don’t want to have missed.
Hey look it’s Penelope Asterisk!
Check her out on the Sass and Tease page.
Her connection isn’t great so occasionally she transforms into her profile picture, but we forgive her.
Johnboy and Barcham are clean shaven.
Barcham and Penelope are terrible at taking out the trash.
Johnboy thinks high visibility vests may not cause [...]

RiotWRAP Episode 7 with Rosanna Stevens

By 23 August, 2013

Stories you don’t want to have missed.
Hey look it’s Rosanna Stevens!
From Scissors Paper Pen, check out their website or twitter!
This week we’re impressed by a man’s skills with a fork!
We solve a crime!
We fail at maths!
Well to be fair, we never actually tried to do maths.
All in this weeks instalment of the RiotWRAP!

RiotWRAP Episode 6 – With Amelia Filmer-Sankey

By 16 August, 2013

Hey look it’s Amelia Filmer-Sankey!
Johnboy and Joel disagree about the future of the internet, but Amelia thinks we’re having the wrong argument which is probably fair.
Joel is a fan of hats.
We all try to pretend we can’t hear Johnboy get a message halfway through.
All in this weeks instalment of the RiotWRAP.

RiotWRAP for [...]

RiotWRAP – Episode 5 with Chris Endrey

By 9 August, 2013

Stories you don’t want to have missed.
Hey look it’s Chris Endrey!
Johnboy and I have grown tired of each other’s faces. We decided to spice things up by adding Chris’ face, which I think we can all agree is quite nice.
We also discover that none of us have ever spoken to more than one person at [...]

The Mully Cup goes to Capital Metro!

By 5 August, 2013

The prestigious Mully Cup has returned to the RiotACT station, and this month we are awarding it to Capital Metro!
Capital Metro gave us a whole pile of stories last month, and each story was a rich vein of heated discussion ready to be tapped for delicious rage to shovel into the comments fire to power [...]

RiotWRAP – Episode 4

By 2 August, 2013

Welcome to the RiotWRAP!
Stories you don’t want to have missed.
Johnboy is back, and he’s a bit excited about the Brumbies.
Barcham isn’t really all that excited but he doesn’t want to upset anyone.
Both of them will discover they are sympathetic towards waiters and refugees.
Also Barcham’s mic troubles return in force… sorry!
That’s right boys and girl, it’s [...]

RiotWRAP – Episode 3

By 27 July, 2013

Stories you don’t want to have missed.
Where did Johnboy go?
This week Barcham attempts to run a conversation with himself in Johnboy’s absence, helped greatly by the “cup of tea” in his hands.
Johnboy has since been found and forced back behind his desk, a slight tan the only evidence of his brief escape from the RiotACT [...]

RiotWRAP – Episode 2

By 21 July, 2013

This week’s emails newsletter with video extravaganza.
Hope your weekends are being awesome Rioters!
This week Johnboy takes two steps forward and Barcham takes two steps back.
While Johnboy utilises fancy lighting, a freshly trimmed beard, and a dedicated microphone to look and sound great.
A combination of his motel’s poor wifi, strange lighting, malnutrition, and Barcham’s own terrible [...]

RiotWRAP – Episode 1.

By 12 July, 2013

Welcome to the RiotWRAP!
Stories you don’t want to have missed.
Here at the RiotACT we enjoy two things:
1. Using technology.
2. Hearing ourselves talk.
We figured we’d share these joys with you, our dear readers.
So here you go…
RiotACT’s first video newsletter. Or as you guys have named it, the RiotWRAP!

Here’s the background reading:
Arrest made in white powder hoax [...]

RiotACT Rugby Review Podcast 2013, Episode 18

By 10 June, 2013

Rob, Tim I mix up the rugby ideas in Duxton, expound on matters rugby.
The beer for review is the Gage Roads Atomic Pale Ale.
The music is by Hancock Basement.
You can download it now.

Stop making fun of the Winters family or they “well kell oll you muts”

By 7 June, 2013

This exciting email just in:
to contact
From: dylan winters
Subject: f*** you
Message Body:
you no if you kep saing thes stuf i well kell you oll you muts and josh winters i my and i men my big bruther so f*** off naw
Not quite flame of the week. A bit on the short side.
The Winters had completely escaped [...]

May 2013 in pictures

By 31 May, 2013

May is now behind us, winter is fully upon us, and we’re all another month closer to death.
But we do have a nifty collage with which to remember May of 2013.

Skywhale hat hits the national media

By 20 May, 2013

Amazing things happen at the monthly outings of In Canberra Tonight.
One of them was I had my photo taken wearing a Skywhale hat.
More remarkable still was the photo being picked up first by the Terror’s blogs. And now by the Australian.
It’s fair to say Skywhale has exceeded all expectations. Now can we please have some [...]


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