Centrelink to cut staff

By 15 February 2008 18

IBN news is reporting that Centrelink has announced plans to reduce its staff numbers in Canberra.

It’s understood redundancies may be offered to some employees at the National Support Office after the government agency scrapped a plan to expand call centres in Launceston, Hobart and Coffs Harbour.

The CPSU is not happy.

I guess centrelink will now be paying these people less than before, and from the other side of the counter.

Who’s next on Kev-Oh-Sev’s Canberra hit list?

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18 Responses to
Centrelink to cut staff
Ralph 10:11 am
15 Feb 08

The CPSU is weak and ineffectual. With Labor in power they will still take PS job cuts up the arse.

la mente torbida 11:46 am
15 Feb 08

This is old news…Centrelink has been at this for months

VYBerlinaV8 4:07 pm
15 Feb 08

Given high employment, rising wages and general availability of $$ around the place, I would have thought demand for Centrelink’s services would be decreasing. Hence, less need for staff.

That said, there are other departments with vacant positions – surely an arrangement could be made to transition staff into similar available roles at other agencies?

Adza 4:10 pm
15 Feb 08

Most other agencies are downsizing too, so no there really is no chance to redeploy staff to other agencies.

Centrelink’s role is only partly for unemployment don’t forget… there are a hell of a lot of family payments as well…. so the services don’t decrease that much.

Your 3 hour wait in a Centrelink office is about to get longer.

neanderthalsis 4:47 pm
15 Feb 08

Centrelink sacking staff could be akin to a perpetual motion machine. Staff are sacked, go on dole, workload increases so sacked staff re-hired, workload decreases, staff sacked etc, etc, etc

caf 4:55 pm
15 Feb 08

I really don’t think these people are going to go on the dole, given the state of the job market I’m sure they’ll be able to get positions elsewhere.

neanderthalsis 5:07 pm
15 Feb 08

Please note, my post on the centrelink perpetual motion machine was meant to be HUMOUROUS

el ......VNBerlinaV8 5:33 pm
15 Feb 08

I laughed Neanderthalsis :-)

Pickle 5:38 pm
15 Feb 08

Whats happening with the Batemans Bay call centre?
Did it ever get finished?
Perhaps the national call centre staff can retire to BB and work from the beach

Ralph 5:47 pm
15 Feb 08

Apparently they are still building it as we speak.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 9:39 pm
15 Feb 08

I bet there’s a few pubes who’d line up to move to the coast!

smokey4 10:16 pm
15 Feb 08

Thin it down so Kev can give Centrelink to his wife for his next wedding present. Wonder if Hank Jongen feels comfortable sitting in his chair.

ant 10:23 pm
15 Feb 08

Astute comment, Smokey4, Mrs Rudd is already making millions out of the crappy replacement for the CES.

sepi 10:43 am
16 Feb 08

Yeah but it was the liberals who brought in the useless replacements for the CES.

ant 10:50 am
16 Feb 08

Yes, it was. And Mrs Rudd has successfully exploited Job Network to make a LOT of money. If Centrelink was privatised, the same thing would happen.

Adza 1:27 am
17 Feb 08

Batemans Bay Call Centre is still planned for 2010. Dunno if it will stay on the radar though.

NickD 2:07 pm
17 Feb 08

Aparantly the forumla Centrelink is funded through is linked to the unemployment rate, so as unemployment goes down Centrelink’s budget (and hence staffing) is also cut.

hey there 7:27 pm
22 Feb 08

NickD is correct but the current unemployment rate is a farce. It doesn’t take into account underemployed, students, aged and so on… If you work 1 hr a week you are officially employed but take more time in centrelink’s system than someone who doesn’t work at all.

The liberals slowly changed the definition of unemployment and now it is being exploited.

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