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By 25 July 2010 7

It’s not often that I eat out. It’s even less often that I attempt to do so with three small children. So tonight we thought we’d test out the children’s table manners and headed off to China Town restaurant in Weston.

Arriving before 6pm but without a booking, we managed to get a table and then watched the small room fill up fast. We weren’t the only ones with small children. Although possibly the most optimistic, thinking we could have a relaxed dinner with a six year old, four year old, and two year old. Anyhoo…

Service was cheerful and quick. The menu is exactly what we expected and wanted from a family-friendly Chinese place – plenty of under $15 mains to choose from, lots of familiar dishes. For under $65, we had two serves of spring rolls, chicken and sweet corn soup, honey prawns (nice big prawns), vege chow mein, beef in blackbean, and a metric ton of rice. All very nicely done dishes, enjoyed by kids and adults alike. It’s BYO only if you like a beer/wine with your dinner.

Highlights of the night: six year old telling me she wants to use chopsticks next time, and her fortune cookie message which advised her to try eating something she’d never had before.

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7 Responses to
China Town Weston
Dazzlar 10:10 am
25 Jul 10

mmmm metric tonne of rice, good to hear there is a kid friendly place to eat!

grumpyrhonda 11:05 am
25 Jul 10

Nice to read feedback about a good restaurant with good service.

jasmine 4:17 pm
25 Jul 10

We love it there two. Honey chicken – yummo.

prhhcd 8:35 am
26 Jul 10

Yum! I want chinese take away food now…. Not like the stuff I had from the chinese place in fraser on Friday. ERGH!

Affirmative Action M 9:38 am
26 Jul 10

What no lemon chicken !!!

I hate to be a snob but come on – honey prawns, vege chow mein, beef in blackbean – it sounds like a menu from 1958.

Time to move on

la mente torbida 11:18 am
26 Jul 10

Never been there, but any restaurant that allows you to take children (as part of the education process)can’t be all bad (except those American fast food ‘restaurants’ where the child is ‘king’).

I spent years avoiding fast food ‘restaurants’ and frequenting child friendly eateries so that eventually we could dine anywhere as a family without embarrassment.

As an aside: Thank you to all those diners that tolerated my children…I return the favour to the next/current generation of parents whenever I dine at restaurants that encourage children.

androo 11:26 am
26 Jul 10

I lurve that restaurant, good Chinese food at good prices, and plenty of it.

No not the latest gourmet chinese – plenty of places to find that if that’s what you’re after ‘Affirmative Action Man’ – but I thoroughly enjoy the China Town restaurant in Weston.

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