Cholesterol testing

By 13 July 2014 1

As usual, I had the standard five cholesterol (Lipid Studies) tests done via my Dr.  From reading, I know that there are a number of others than can be done to get an idea of the Why? of a high LDL reading, e.g. LDL-P, LipoProtein(a)…  Anybody know whether it is possible to get these done in Canberra?  Sydney?

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Cholesterol testing
Shercom 9:23 pm
21 Jul 14

Here’s what I’ve found out subsequent to the post:
• There is no lab is Canberra that offers more than the standard lipid studies (five markers).
• Nutripath are, according to them (and I have, following a cursory Google search, no reason to disbelieve them), the only private (i.e. non-hospital) business in Australia offering LDL breakdown as part of lipid studies.
• They offer two cardiovascular profiles, the more comprehensive of which is $270.
• They routinely receive samples from all over the country from individuals, ie. not through a doctor, and make it very easy for that to happen (paperwork, tubes, return envelope).
• In Canberra they have an association with the main private lab, Capital Pathology.

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