Chris Bourke. Minister or not?

By 6 December 2011 4


Sine Jon Stanhope’s departure the difficulties of Katy Gallagher’s team in mastering the Cheif Minister’s website have been a source of ongoing humour and fascination.

Today the Liberals have kindly pointed out to us that despite Chris Bourke having been made a minister some weeks ago there’s no mention of him on the Ministers Page.

A harmless goof? Or another symptom of a wider malaise?

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4 Responses to Chris Bourke. Minister or not?
mareva7:31 pm, 06 Dec 11

Heavens to betsy!!! Mr Bourke, quo vadis?

LSWCHP8:26 pm, 06 Dec 11

I don’t really care too much about the presence or absence of Mr Bourke. What really spoiled my day was opening this page and seeing a picture of Andrew Barr.

artuoui10:53 pm, 06 Dec 11

Ironic that the prominent Rainbow Alliance proponent is the only one with a B&W picture.

Gerry-Built10:04 pm, 07 Dec 11

I noticed that was fixed today… pity they can’t get some better portraits than that disparate collection; mind you – that reflects their reality too, doesn’t it?

A pity this Government needs everything pointed out to them in order to address it…

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