Christmas Tree Entry: Paul Deakin

By 8 December 2006 24

Paul Deakin is studying at the University of Southampton (the south coast on England), but he’s sent in his amazing tree for consideration in our Christmas Tree competition, and this being the season of good will to all who are we to say no?

This is the christmas tree I have made from 1050 beer bottles, it also has a bubble lamp in the centre.

Hope you like it.

Entries should be sent to before 8pm, 20-Dec-06.

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24 Responses to
Christmas Tree Entry: Paul Deakin
vg 10:05 am
08 Dec 06

Stop the competition. This wins

johnboy 10:10 am
08 Dec 06

Well we might well categorise, certainly a strong entry.

Drinking the 1050 beers would have been fun as well.

“Where are you going?”

“Just popping round to help Paul with his Christmas tree”

Also he can keep adding to it year on year!

Mr Evil 10:10 am
08 Dec 06

Yep, that is pretty freakin awesome.

Give that man a Tooheys! :)

toastie 10:12 am
08 Dec 06

you win. i can’t compete with that.

johnboy 10:14 am
08 Dec 06

Not that long ago I got back from a trip overseas, particularly indulging in the superb beers of Japan.

Che picked me up at the airport to go to a party somewhere out past Gundagai and handed me a beer from the esky once we’d cleared city limits.

Without looking or thinking I took a swig and immediately spat the Tooheys across the windscreen in an involuntary reflex.

Just saying that Toohey’s isn’t a great choice to give the international beer drinker (unless they’re american in which case they’ll be gratefull).

johnboy 10:15 am
08 Dec 06

“you win. i can’t compete with that”

It’s all about taking part. As I said, we might need to have a Canberra category depending on what other entries we get.

Thumper 10:16 am
08 Dec 06

Okay, competition over. That is a seriously good tree.

Mr Evil 10:17 am
08 Dec 06

I know what you mean, JB – I had the same experience with VB after coming back from Germany.

Give that man a James Squires?

Ralph 10:18 am
08 Dec 06


Tooheys gives me a filthy migraine. Nasty stuff. So I stick with VB.

Absent Diane 10:21 am
08 Dec 06

pils is alright.. probably the best beer tooheys do…

toastie 10:22 am
08 Dec 06

my house burnt down in september so i don’t have anywhere to put a chrissy tree! can i compete if i just decorate a gum tree?

Maelinar 10:29 am
08 Dec 06

Well, as first prize has gone my only hope remains with the Canberra entrant contest.

Mr Evil 10:31 am
08 Dec 06

Toastie, a gum tree will suffice – good creative line of thought.

I love the decorated Wattle alongside the parkway, at the foot of Dairy Farmers Hill.

Thumper 10:33 am
08 Dec 06

There’s a Xmas tree on top of a security fence where on the old Rex carpark site which is currently being excavated.

Looks kind of cool, in a minimalist sort of way.

Danman 10:43 am
08 Dec 06

how squeaky is that steam shovelly thing whatsamaajiggit

Thumper 10:47 am
08 Dec 06


And how big is bloody hole!

CouldExpire 10:58 am
08 Dec 06

I am so jealous of his beer bottle tree… but love it!

Danman 11:03 am
08 Dec 06

Its a mass grave for the cull (and subsequent removal of) the tenants across the road.

I think ill still take a pic of my x-mas tree – tho i dont think ill get this much Kudos.

terubo 3:13 pm
08 Dec 06

How ’bout a north v. south (Canberra) comp? We’ve been too friendly to each other recently, anyway.

Vic Bitterman 8:08 pm
08 Dec 06

I hate VB :-)

But this tree is the winner!

pauld 11:43 pm
08 Dec 06

Thanks for you comments everyone, I’m glad you like it. We enjoyed building it.

The tree stands 2 meters high and 1 meter wide – meaning that it takes up a large part of the lounge in our student house!

Meconium 12:03 am
09 Dec 06

Got any more photos of it Paul? URL links etc? Never seen anything like this before.

By the way anyone who knocks Tooheys beer in favour of Carlton beer is an idiot. It’s all the same diluted piss. Take a trip to the Wig and Pen or anywhere that serves Zierholz… support your local brewer.

pauld 3:04 am
09 Dec 06

If you want to see more photos you can go to (you will need to register but it is very simple) and then join the group called ‘The Ultimate Christmas Project’ which is dedicated to the tree. If there are enough requests from members of the group I will try to post some building instructions for anyone that is interested.

sexynotsmart 11:14 pm
09 Dec 06


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