Clear skies, no moon, and a whopping great telescope on Mt Stromlo…

By 4 January 2013 4


One of the great benefits flowing from the $30 annual membership fee of the Canberra Astronomical Society is that you also get free use of the society’s 350mm (14″) telescope up on top of Mount Stromlo. A scope worth more than $10,000, with some gorgeous Nagler eyepieces, in an observatory with a roll-off roof. For $30? The only negative about this bargain is the chronic Canberra light pollution…

You can also attach a DSLR camera to the telescope to do your own beginner-level astrophotography.


And that’s just what I did last night. Here are a few of the better shots, with minimal and rushed processing this morning before heading off to work. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a reasonable shot of Juptier out of the collection too.


The Moon came up after midnight, giving me a chance to get some nice sharp close-ups straight off the camera. I hope to stack a few and mosaic them over the weekend…


There are more details of the items featured and how to find them over on my blog.

[Photos: Great Orion Nebula, 47 Tucanae globular cluster, Tarantula Nebula, Moon]

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4 Responses to
Clear skies, no moon, and a whopping great telescope on Mt Stromlo…
Ozhair 3:37 pm
04 Jan 13

Awesome shots, Al. Very nice :-)

Northside-Guy 1:52 pm
05 Jan 13

Brilliant. Totally makes me want to get my Telescope out and have a look at he night sky.

Deref 3:08 pm
05 Jan 13

:-) Very nice!

aydee 7:28 pm
05 Jan 13

Awesome shots mate. Makes me want to accelerate some plans. I won’t.. Plans = When my now 3 1/2 yr old son is old enough, we’re going to build a Dobinson telescope. (2 – 4 yrs time)

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