Conflux art show now open at National Museum

By 6 June 2006 4

The Conflux International Art Show is now open in the Friends Lounge at the National Museum of Australia.

The Art Show is one part of the Conflux 3 SF and fantasy convention taking place at the Museum and at Rydges Lakeside over the long weekend. The art show, which will be open the whole week leading up to the con itself and closes on the 12th, has works from convention guest artists Nick Stathopoulos, Greg Bridges, Les Petersen and more than fifty artists from Australia and around the world, plus a digital exhibition of more than three hundred works. This is the largest art show held at an Australian science fiction and fantasy convention, with $6000 in prize money up for grabs across a range of art styles and categories.

More details about Conflux, including the art show, film festival, games, events and discussion panels, are at

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4 Responses to
Conflux art show now open at National Museum
terubo 9:51 am
06 Jun 06

This looks great on their website – until you see the “Door Rates”. Whereupon I suffered a severe case of REflux. Is that what it costs to get in, or am I missing something??

Sikkukkut 11:49 am
06 Jun 06

Those would be for the full convention memberships, for if you want to go to films and panels and suchlike. I think that during the event there’s a small charge for the art show – a few bucks or something, but it ought to be free this week. I’ll see what I can find out.

capt_benno 1:50 pm
06 Jun 06


Join the friends of the NMA thingy. Cheaper (read:free) entry to the art show, and discounts for the rest of the year (assuming that there is something you’ll want to see later on). Bargain!

terubo 3:02 pm
06 Jun 06

Thanks, Capt’n, that’s a good idea. Except I shall soon need a large handbag for all my various “Friends” cards. (And that will look kinda strange on this large, hairy chested and tattoed male hunk).
-Why isn’t there a one-membership-fits-all thingy: Friends of the National Institutions? Have they tried that?

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