Corinbank Review

By 3 March 2008 71

I attended the Corinbank Music and Arts Festival over the weekend. I am now back at work but in my head I am still reclining on the grassy ampitheatre, relaxing with a beer with my mates and watching band after band after band.

For a first time festival – it was absolutely fantastic. There was no line up for drinks, campsites were flat and free of sticks and rocks. There were little places hidden away featuring different activities – you could be walking along a grassy corridor one minute and then come across a sculpture garden with an informal acoustic gig going on the next.

High points:

The pair of naked streakers totally putting one performer off. Try and segway into a song about your mum after that!
The volunteers everywhere. They were always smiling and helpful.
The rat patrol freakbikes were fantastic. The pedal powered dodgems kept the kids amused for hours.
The shower truck!!! Just the ticket to find that one morning.
The 300+ people conga line on Sunday arvo.

The only thing that sucked was how cold it got on Friday night. I was kept awake by the sound of my teeth chattering and couldn’t wait for the sun to come up. Should have brought a li-lo – those thin mat things are useless.

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Corinbank Review
justbands 11:50 am
03 Mar 08

What about the bands/music? How many people? I had a media pass myself & SHOULD have gone, but had an otherwise busy weekend & couldn’t make it.

Skidbladnir 11:57 am
03 Mar 08

This seems more a review of the festival grounds and infrastructure, than of the music and bands…

Also note: a Segway is a motorised two-wheeled thingy mostly driven by tools and fools. Illegal to put on Australian roads.

A segue (pron. “seg-way”) is a smooth and uninterrupted transition between two things.

Meconium 1:57 am
04 Mar 08

Are you a Canberra resident? If I’d gone I wouldn’t have considered camping there, because it’s getting cold and I just got a comfy new bed. But Corinbank sounds better than I anticipated, so maybe I’ll go next year.

Having said that I’d be much happier to pay to see The Herd, Darren Hanlon and the others in a fun venue like the ANU bar rather than paying through the nose to go to some so-called festival in Tuggeranong. While summer festivals can be fun, the number of bands that have been playing the festival circuit in preference to the pub circuit is outrageous.

Thank god we still have places like Transit supporting music local, national and international – and for free no less.

pippymoo 3:08 pm
04 Mar 08

I am a Canberra resident and had a ball camping out at the site! Even if it was cold, just take a few extra layers Meconium you wuss.

Also, as if the ANU bar is a fun venue, the sound is crap, it’s always so awkward to fit a band and stage in there and it’s often full of drunk dickheads. Darren Hanlon played an acoustic set on the grass at Corinbank because him and his band had another festival to attend and the Xavier Rudd sound check was running late. There is no way you can get that sort of intimacy in a gig at any pub, bar or cafe. And if forking out $65 a day for 2 stages of music and camping all within a rad valley environment (about 20 minutes out of Tuggeranong actually) then go and pay your $80 for one night with Cat Empire, Beautiful Girls etc. in Commonwealth Park. Your bed wont be too far away then and you can retire to some trashy bar for drinks afterwards.

I was so proud to be involved in this inaugural event and will definitely be volunteering again next year. Big ups to all the people who made this magical event happen. It was honestly one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to.

emd 3:29 pm
04 Mar 08

I reckon the camping would be good even if you’re a local. At least you don’t have to drive home late at night after burning up all your energy at the event. From the website it sounded like the festival was meant to be an immersive experience, rather than a night out.

MountainBoy 8:11 pm
04 Mar 08

Corinbank was a wonderful experience, it brought out the best in Canberra. There was quality music with a great vibe in a truly beautiful environment. It’s a really exciting beginning.

While Xavier Rudd is always fantastic, the headliners don’t make a festival, it’s the impulsive, impromptu moments like Darren Hanlon on the grass or everybody grooving on the Andi & George Band that make it special. Nice and intimate.

It’s not even about the music though – the whole atmosphere is what’s really special. Next year I’m definitely taking Friday to settle into it.

Shinigami-Gus 8:17 pm
04 Mar 08

I totally agree with pippymoo although,
I think it could have been better organised and advertised (the latter). Not that I’m criticising the festival planners too much,’cause I had an absolute ball! the setting was absolutely gorgeous, if a bit cold at night, but the days were lovely and you can’t put a price on how many more stars you can see out there than in the city… The people were,for the most part, really nice and thoughtful (both environmentally (( I volunteered as a garbologist)) and towards other festival goers)it was all together a great festival, even before the tremendous musical talent is added into the equation.
Another complaint stems from the lack of advertising, as there weren’t enough people, I think, to support the musicians enough… I saw acts on the billy billy stage where there was maybe two dozen people watching and they were really awesome musicians!! It’s just a bit sad really… :(
Also, they made me move my camp from next to may car after i’d set up due to “other” cars having to park there, but throughout the whole festival, not a single car parked there..
But every band or performer I saw played awesomely, notably the Cas-P, The Herd, The Andi & George Band, The Fuelers, Diafrix, The Latin Classics: who were watched by barely anyone on the billy billy stage at 12noon on the Sunday, DJ Perplex surprised me with some highly listenable electronic music,But I’d have to say my pick of the festival was the crooked fiddle band who played a infallible eargasm of a set regardless of the freezing cold conditions of their 12:30 start time on the billy billy’s saturday night line-up.. It seriously had me questioning whether they were Human it was so out of this world… The sheer technicality, grace and tightness of their playing was phenomenal.. And the fiddle player is a musical virtuoso/goddess/master of the strings who’s hands were moving so fast they were a blur and every note was perfect. The set ranged from Gypsy Folk to Thrash Metal, covering most everything in between.. I’m really surprised this band isn’t more famous! The billy billy stage really stood out to me, not that the main wasn’t awesome, but act after act thrilled me on the billy billy.. There was only one duo I didn’t really like on the billy billy,they were not feeling it by the sound of things and their songs lacked interest I thought, they play after the Latin Classics and had a much bigger crowd, but played a sloppy 4 songs and then walked off… Sometimes I just don’t get people! Oh well, each to their own. My final comment involves the sound guys whose performance i thought was inadequate as i know, from talkin to some of the performers and watching Xavier Rudd’s set, they cut into playing time for the musicians and just couldn’t get the fold back levels right right.. Xavier had to stop twice ’cause he couldn’t hear himself.. I think I might jump on board as a Sound Guy next time….

Shinigami-Gus 8:19 pm
04 Mar 08

the first brackets are meant to say (the latter especially)

Shinigami-Gus 8:23 pm
04 Mar 08

Let me apologize now for the grammatical monster that is my post too.. Before anyone criticises it anyway..

el ......TECortina 2 8:26 pm
04 Mar 08

Skid: My favourite mis-use is ‘segue-way’ :-)

Shinigami-Gus 8:27 pm
04 Mar 08

I also fully agree with MountainBoy on the X. Rudd thing, he played as always, an awesome set but it was the back up talent that made this festival intimate and unforgetable.

Shinigami-Gus 8:38 pm
04 Mar 08

“El Cortina” and “Skid” Thanks for the english lesson, but do you have anything to add that has to do with the actual comment or are you just here to show of your vocab?

el ......TECortina 2 8:40 pm
04 Mar 08

What’s it to you?

Shinigami-Gus 8:41 pm
04 Mar 08

$80 for one night with Cat Empire, Beautiful Girls etc. in Commonwealth Park. Isn’t reaaly a bad thing though pippymoo is it?
P.S. if you can’t tell I’m really F’ing bored hence the plethora of after comments…

Shinigami-Gus 8:44 pm
04 Mar 08

Nothing really in fact we could change the whole post to an english lesson and I wouldn’t care, but if you wanna ark up about it, don’t let me stop you… justr saying the post is about corinbank.. s’all…

Shinigami-Gus 8:45 pm
04 Mar 08

:Like I Said f’ing bored

el ......TECortina 2 8:48 pm
04 Mar 08

Ah, OK – you’re new here. I’m guessing you didn’t bother to lurk for a while before you started posting multiple (and consecutive) comments, right?

Most of us are actually able to deviate from a chosen topic. English pedantry seems to be quite popular here.

And you’re not a moderator.

HTH etc.

Oh, and PS – $80 for the Cat Empire is a rip-off by comparison with…well, pretty much anything.

Skidbladnir 9:41 am
05 Mar 08

I did comment on your article, not just hand out an english lesson.

But people getting fairly common usage words (ie: segue) confused with brand names (ie: segway) shits me. Its right up there on the shitlist, alongside sewerage\sewage, their\there, then\than, and effect\affect.

But as a Canberra resident of many years, a word of advice: Canberra takes its changes of season very seriously, so don’t rely your ‘just throw it in the back fo the car and off we go’ camping equipment after February.

Shinigami-Gus 9:58 am
05 Mar 08

I’m a little surprised you guys didn’t pick up on “ark up” in one of my posts which is clearly incorrect… as it should be “arc up”. Oh well, I was only playing Dev’s advocate anyway not to moderate which essentially is impossible and very pointless. And if you don’t like the Cat Empire, fair enough… but what sort of music do you listen to? And, have you ever even seen them live? Because they’re considered by many to be one of the best live shows around.

neanderthalsis 9:59 am
05 Mar 08

Unless your “throw in the car camping gear” consists of bivvy bag and an artic sleeping bag that once fell off the back of a Kiwi Gunner.

neanderthalsis 10:01 am
05 Mar 08

Arctic, sorry, fingers are yet to feel the effects of coffee #1 for the morning

Shinigami-Gus 10:06 am
05 Mar 08

P.S. it wasn’t just the Cat Empire anyway, included were Gotye, The Beautiful Girls and others… notably Katie Noonan who performed beautifully. As for camping, it’s true that in canberra after Feb, it gets a bit brisk for poorly planned camping… But you should always plan camping trips carefully, anywhere and at any point in the year. It also depends in which direction you head… It’s hard not to freeze your Googley’s off when your camped so close to the Brindabella’s. The wind off those mountains is nearly arctic!

Shinigami-Gus 10:07 am
05 Mar 08

Good call… Think I may have Coffee #1.. Peace guys

Shinigami-Gus 10:16 am
05 Mar 08

I’m back… Like your nickname neandarthalis :)… Coffee warming all the right places, brain again functioning… aaah

Mælinar 10:19 am
05 Mar 08

3 post nutbag

Shinigami-Gus 10:27 am
05 Mar 08

“Ah, OK – you’re new here. I’m guessing you didn’t bother to lurk for a while before you started posting multiple (and consecutive) comments, right?

Most of us are actually able to deviate from a chosen topic. English pedantry seems to be quite popular here.

And you’re not a moderator.

HTH etc.

Oh, and PS – $80 for the Cat Empire is a rip-off by comparison with…well, pretty much anything”
Couldn’t help yourself could you El Cortina, It’s like goading a bull with a red flag sometimes on these posts, but it is amusing… you really did arc up. hehe and yes i’m new to this post but a veteran of others… to use your words, what’s it to you?

Shinigami-Gus 10:28 am
05 Mar 08

“3 post nutbag” wtf? i’m just trying to illicit a response from someone….

Shinigami-Gus 10:29 am
05 Mar 08

I can do fifty posts, does that make me a mentally deranged and highly unstable person or something?

Mælinar 10:36 am
05 Mar 08


Shinigami-Gus 10:46 am
05 Mar 08

Well I’m o.k. with that… Who sets the standards anyway?

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