Counsellor for 7yr old anxiety recommendations

By 12 April 2014 5

Would appreciate any recommendations for a counsellor who works with kids anxiety. We are booked in with the Canberra university health clinic  but the waiting period is about 2 months.  Wanted to get on top of it sooner than later. Our school counsellor is on leave for the next term. TIA.

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Counsellor for 7yr old anxiety recommendations
skip71 3:59 pm
14 Apr 14

The Child and Family Centres run a program called Cool Kids for young children with anxiety. I have only heard good things about it, but there is a waiting list for the West Belconnen program, not sure about Gungahlin or Tuggeranong though.

water_lily 7:28 pm
14 Apr 14

Have you been to see your GP to get a referral to a psychologist/psychiatrist who specialises in treating children with anxiety?

dtc 12:47 pm
15 Apr 14

Caroline Clark –

My son goes for asperger’s related issues, but that certainly includes anxiety and surrounding causes. My son thinks it is worthwhile, which I guess is all that I can ask for. We found the (public) school counsellers were pretty useless as well as being underfunded and generally not available.

I don’t know whether you need a referral, sorry.

Its not that cheap however. I’m not sure of the price but she is a doctor; its probably around $200 a session.

Walker 7:48 pm
15 Apr 14

Adding to the list, and speaking of universities, the ANU has a clinic as well.

JustThinking 8:00 pm
15 Apr 14

I think HeadSpace might be a bit too ‘advanced’ for your child… (not sure but thinks they mainly take teens)
Google them and ask… even for advice.
They are GREAT!!!

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