Crace is going live in May 09.

By 9 September 2008 46

Mr Stanhope has announced that the charmlessly named “Crace” is going to start going under the hammer any day now.

Eventually 1,430 blocks will be taken up but the first release will be 160 blocks ranging from 450 to 760 square meters will be available.

Real estate speculators rejoice, 15% of them will go for under $300,000 as part of the “Affordable Housing Action Plan”.

This might all sound rather immediate, but the last para, as is so often the case, tells the real story.

    “The Crace Demonstration Village and sales information office are due to be opened in May 2009 along with the first stage sales release.

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46 Responses to
Crace is going live in May 09.
Overheard 12:20 pm
09 Sep 08

I’m opening a book on when any of our local publications trot out a ‘Crace under fire’ or ‘Crace under pressure’ headline, possibly on the flimsiest of pretences. ‘Amazing Crace’. Or if there’s a waterway therein, ‘By the Crace of Cod’.

caf 12:52 pm
09 Sep 08

You’re a dis-crace.

Whatsup 1:00 pm
09 Sep 08

I cracefully smirk at your post.

H1NG0 1:17 pm
09 Sep 08

The dis-crace-ful telephone exchange that keeps me from getting broadband. Yes, thats right Mr Standope.

Aurelius 1:34 pm
09 Sep 08

Hingo, you’ve got a good point there – the Crace exchange in Mitchell is massively overloaded. It was originally designed for Mitchell, and now struggles with all of Gungahlin. But Telstra refused to upgrade the exchange because why spend money on infrastructure when you need to inflate your bottom line for share floats?
The Watson development area suffers the same problems – too far from the exchange (Civic) to get any decent broadband connection.

Granny 1:44 pm
09 Sep 08

Cood cracious!!


Crace is the new Offal.

cmdwedge 2:07 pm
09 Sep 08

What a crass name for a suburb.

Aurelius 2:10 pm
09 Sep 08

After suburbs named Harrison & Forde, I was expecting maybe one of the new ones might be “Indiana” or “Solo”

Granny 2:19 pm
09 Sep 08

I want to live in Wookie.

: )

Jazz 2:37 pm
09 Sep 08

450 m2. that seems like a very small block to me. Can you even fit a house on that and still get inside the building envelope?

Loquaciousness 2:48 pm
09 Sep 08

Jazz said :

450 m2. that seems like a very small block to me. Can you even fit a house on that and still get inside the building envelope?

Nope. All access to the properties will be through the neighbouring windows.

Just make sure you pick neighbours who won’t ask you to wash up on the way through … :P


Granny 2:52 pm
09 Sep 08

I’m pretty sure our block is smaller than that, and it is the largest on our street.

tylersmayhem 3:02 pm
09 Sep 08

Hang on, let me get this right…$300K for a 450 square meter block = affordable. Just when I though housing prices in Canberra couldn’t get any more ridiculous!

sepi 3:10 pm
09 Sep 08

I had a quite good yard size on a 550 block in the inner north.

But the house was small, and close to the front of the block, and it was a duplex, so no land wasted on one side. Also no garage so minimal land wasted for driveway etc. And the house was small, so nothing like gungahlin real estate.

But perhaps they should consider duplexes. Better to be connected on one side and have decent gap between properties on the other than to have a scant metre on either side and be looking into everyone else’s loungeroom windows.

Thumper 3:14 pm
09 Sep 08

450m2 is tiny. In fact, less than half of my block.

Gungahlin Al 3:15 pm
09 Sep 08

You can check out the overall Crace subdivision concept plan on the GCC website.

Without getting into block sizes (a sore point in Gungahlin be assured), you can see that the concept plan is a vast improvement over the original ACTPLA plan – particularly from a passive solar design perspective.

Gungahlin Al 3:44 pm
09 Sep 08

tyler: that’s $300K for house and land – not just the block.

Skidbladnir 3:48 pm
09 Sep 08

Can we just call it “Hell without the elderly”?

As a not-yet-entering-the-buying-market person, if its empty land going for $666/m^2, why are people paying so much more in Crace than elsewhere?
Forde had blocks with houses changing hands at $415/m^2 in March.

Paying $300k for a small block, half the size but twice as far from Civic (As where i used to live), to live in a still developing cookie-cutter society seems like a soccer-mum version of Stepford Hell.

Growling Ferret 4:09 pm
09 Sep 08


It could be worse – Its 15 minutes closer to the GDE traffic jam than Amaroo.

Crace is a good location if you can avoid the highway road noise.

tylersmayhem 4:16 pm
09 Sep 08

tyler: that’s $300K for house and land – not just the block.

Gee, thank God for that.

peterh 4:41 pm
09 Sep 08

tylersmayhem said :

tyler: that’s $300K for house and land – not just the block.

Gee, thank God for that.

especially when my UV value on my block is now $205k…. bought it at $67k, house attached for $145k total. and I could split it into 2 blocks and still be bigger than the ones in crace… discraceful.

tylersmayhem 4:44 pm
09 Sep 08

I wish the UV on my property would stop going up! I really don’t believe it adds that much value to the sale – and it certainly suck having to pay a 22% increase in rates this year!

Whatsup 4:52 pm
09 Sep 08

Granny said :

I want to live in Wookie.

: )

If the leafy boutique suburb of Ewok is available I will be first in.

stonedwookie 6:56 pm
09 Sep 08

you cant live in me thats where i keep my organs

Granny 7:03 pm
09 Sep 08

Ewok will just have to do, then.

Overheard 7:04 pm
09 Sep 08

stonedwookie said :

you cant live in me thats where i keep my organs

Organs?! So YOU’RE the one keeping the young kids from congregating in the carparks and shopping malls.

Overheard 7:05 pm
09 Sep 08

^^ By which I mean ‘hammond’ organs, before you go getting the wrong idea…

cranky 7:06 pm
09 Sep 08

A musical bent?

stonedwookie 7:18 pm
09 Sep 08


futto 7:46 pm
09 Sep 08

I don’t really want to live in a suburb named after this guy. He was “almost” in a battle….

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