D’Browes Restaurant Reviewer above Criticism

By 23 September 2011 34

It appears that my letter, below, to the Editor of the Canberra Times regarding the review of D’Browes Restaurant in Narrabundah has been ignored. This reviewer and editor of Food & Wine clearly does not like local shopping centres south of the lake and tends to sledge them to pad out her articles to the required length. Even the architecture of Torrens shops previously got a serve from this specious epicure. Standards at the crimes have remarkably slipped since the old days of Michael Foster.

Comments from hospitality workers regarding this reviewer are particularly sought after!

I have heard that many restaurants will not accept a booking from her because of the unbalanced reviews she has done on their peers. A chef’s opinion would be more informative & constructive than a data analyst.

“Kirsten Lawson’s review of D’Browes Restaurant in Narrabundah, Canberra Times, Food & Wine Page 6, 14 Sept 2011, is more like a blog flame against our local shops than a self appointed gourmet’s opinion. Firstly Kirsten has to endure “the slightly shady feeling shops in Narrabundah” to get to the premises. Then the reviewer is confronted with the horror of a BYO which does seem below her comfort zone. The inconvenience location of the toilets is also criticised. The quality of the food is described as lacking finesse and good quality ingredients. As D’Browes is very busy and has a good loyal following, for many years, it is clear that Kirsten’s review will only make her opinions lacking credibility and finesse.

Of course one cannot please all the people all the time but this food reviewer apparently wants a dubious reputation. This meandering article leaves a lot to be desired about the word smithing capabilities of the author, let alone pontificating about the food quality of a restaurant. “

The CTs Review is here.

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34 Responses to
D’Browes Restaurant Reviewer above Criticism
Mothy 9:57 am
29 Sep 11

Jethro said :

If you read my post I never said anything about getting into an argument. All I did was question the charge and comment that they should change their sign to reflect the fact that all card payments have a surcharge, not just credit card payments. The waitresses response to this was rude and condescending.

I am reminded of Monty Python’s arguement sketch;

M: Oh look, this isn’t an argument.
A: Yes it is.
M: No it isn’t. It’s just contradiction.

Grail @ #25 has gotten to the distinction that I am talking about – did you hit the Savings or Cheque button, or did you hit Credit? You did use the word Debit, and hence the confusion.

thatsnotme said :

What’s crazy about the whole situation, is that if a business seriously looked at what it cost them to handle cash sales – ie time to balance the till, time to go to the bank to deposit the cash, let alone the security issues related to handling cash and having employees trusted with it – many businesses may conclude that they’d be better off charging a surcharge for cash sales, and absorbing the cost of EFTPOS transactions.


Die Lefty Scum said :

If someone walks up to me on the street and asks me a question, it’d be considered rather rude if I just ignored them and kept on walking.

Yes, but if someone on the street starts critiquing how you do your job, you might be well advised to ignore them. Don’t feed the trolls.

Erg0 10:04 am
29 Sep 11

Just so you know, the internet is not real life.

Watson 10:23 am
29 Sep 11

Beserk Keyboard Warrior said :

I also live in Bundah, though I loathe telling people where I live as I’m sick of the predictable “oooooooh” response accompanied with a wry smile. And what I find funny is that no-one will ever admit that the reason Bundah has a rough reputation in their mind is because of the higher than average Aboriginal component. But I guarantee, mention Bundah to someone and 100% of the time it will invoke irrational fears of being mugged by a bandanda-wearing aboriginal. I’d find it enormously refreshing if someone had the kahunas to just admit it for once instead of hiding behind their veil of racism.

It also was were the new migrants were housed in the 60s and 70s. There’s still a few of the original migrant families living there that have been there since then.

bleebleeblee 11:35 am
29 Sep 11

Watson said :

keepitup said :

It was a sad day when the quirky Italian deli/homeware store closed though. That must have been my favourite shop in the whole of Canberra. (Ok, apart from the old bike store in Dickson before it got replaced with the usual wanky upmarket place.)

Watson i must respectfully urge you to reconsider your intemperate view of the Dickson bike shop! They do sell some fancy and expensive bikes (and some less expensive ones) but I’ve found the service there to be second to none – they have always been more than gracious about doing quality and reasonably priced repairs/service/parts for my old clankers.

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