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Dangerous Passenger

Posted By LSWCHP On 15 November 2012 @ 7:47 am In Opinion | 48 Comments

So there I was, motoring home along Parkes Way about 6pm this afternoon. As I went under the Kings Avenue overpass I noticed the passenger in the little green s***box in front of me stick his forearm out the window a little. I thought he was playing the old kids game of balancing his hand in the airflow, but sadly not.

What this total knob was doing was getting ready to drop his empty beer stubby on the road, which is what he did after a couple of seconds. The bottle went off like a grenade and shards of glass pattered against my car. If the windows had been down I could’ve had glass shards flying around inside my car.

I have never seen such contempt towards the environment and the safety of other road users. And this was particularly ironic because the tool was clearly wearing an orange Hi-Viz safety shirt at the time. So get stuffed Mr Safety Shirt Passenger Fool, and may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your pubic hair.

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