Dave Shillington bigger than the law?

By 16 December 2010 5

If I were to be in a dead pool on which Raider was most likely to Go Carney in 2011 I’d be thrilled to get Dave Shillington in the draw.

The ABC brings word that the big fellow is due to front the Magistrates in January having been accused of not sticking to the terms of his good behaviour order following his second drink driving offence:

ACT police allege he withdrew from the driving program in May with two sessions to go, and has repeatedly failed to attend supervision interviews.

They also accuse him of failing to apply for a travel pass when he flew to New Zealand to play rugby league.

Raiders management reportedly say he’ll finish the driving course when he feels like it next year.

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5 Responses to
Dave Shillington bigger than the law?
Ian 9:52 am
16 Dec 10

Give him weekend detention for the duration of the footy season. That’ll teach him.

Holden Caulfield 12:40 pm
16 Dec 10

Didn’t he take that… no, I’m sure it wasn’t him.

BerraBoy68 2:41 pm
16 Dec 10

As if more evidence was needed that league players and officials simply can’t learn from past experience…

Shillington simply reinforces the notion that he’s a moron who, like his collegues and employers, think they’re above the law and who treat their fans and the broader Canberra community with contempt.

No doubt Don Furner will find a way to lay the blame with someone else other than one of his idiot followers…

sunshine 6:33 pm
16 Dec 10

he’ll get away with it again – i mean what is the law for anyway when you are a Raider.
shocking really – sets a good example to the rest of the community

erv 11:02 pm
19 Dec 10

We should all know by now that being a sportsman does mean you are above the law. All sportsmen are heroes are they not?

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