Dickson College smart asses on the bus

By 2 May 2012 43

I had the misfortune to once again encounter the rude,  abusive, offensive and smart ass behaviour of Dickson College  students who catch the 4:30pm Deanes bus to Queanbeyan. On numerous occasions I have had to put up with their offensive and abusive language.

Today, finally fed up with it I asked “Could you please stop swearing?” To which a blonde haired girl about 16-17 years of age gave me an idiot grin and said “It’s a public bus.” I pointed out the rules on the bus which state that swearing is not permitted.

During the rest of the trip the students continued to swear, and made smart ass comments about swearing. They reffered to me several times, making rude and abusive comments. In addition, they made repeated racist comments, repeating “If you don’t like our country then get the hell out.”

What can one do though? I would have loved to plant my fist deep within their skull, but that’s kind of illegal, and well, just sinking to their level. I have written to the college about the issue.

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43 Responses to
Dickson College smart asses on the bus
Ben_Dover 11:29 am
03 May 12

E-mailing a link to this story to the school with a heading “Look what a sh!tty reputation your school is getting!” would be a smart move.

PBO 12:13 pm
03 May 12

1337Hax0r said :

PBO, your suggestion is interesting. Can you write one when you are sober or not stoned next time.

Man, it would have been awesome to write that stoned. Gimme 45 mins to go out to the carpark to think up a better response.

damien haas 12:25 pm
03 May 12

I hate to be the thread pedant, but should it not be ‘smart arse’ ?

BelcoMan 12:31 pm
03 May 12

damien haas said :

I hate to be the thread pedant,

No you don’t.

Jivrashia 12:40 pm
03 May 12

damien haas said :

I hate to be the thread pedant, but should it not be ‘smart arse’ ?

I do believe that the OP was attempting humour by using oxymoron.
(ass = donkey, or someone who is not too bright).
E.g. “These Dickson College students are making an ass of themselves.”

patrick_keogh 12:54 pm
03 May 12

Is it just me, or do others see some dissonance in an article where a self styled ’1337Hax0r’ takes exception at some swearing? 1337Hax0r5 are not what they used to be.

6matt9 1:56 pm
03 May 12

G-Fresh said :

I would get out of the country.

Haha! That made me LOL. : )

Sandman 7:18 pm
06 May 12

Unfortunately that behaviour isn’t limited to school kids on buses. We took the Action bus from Debacle to the Brumbies game last night and to be honest my expectations of punter behaviour were pretty low. The group of morons up the back who thought they were real funny and tough managed to shatter even my low expectations. I felt sorry for the family sitting nearby (youngest probably a 9 year old girl) who had to put up with the arrogance and constant swearing. I think I’d rather brave the Bruce Stadium car park next time than see that sort of crap.

1337Hax0r 7:34 pm
06 May 12

The school has emailed me back and advised they have the situation in hand. Some one needs to tell that to the kids on the bus who still have the situation out of hand.

childcare_worker 12:06 am
07 May 12

As a former student from Dickson College I feel a bit disapointed in the way these students are acting. I would suggest to you to let deans bus know about the situation and contact the school. I was on the 39 action bus last term and there were quite a few LHS students on the bus causing trouble as the public had reported it so the next day there was an action bus superviser on the bus who had a really good chat to the students even if they werent the ones causing trouble.

Henry82 12:37 am
07 May 12

So all you had to do was make a 2 minute phone call to the school? It must have taken you longer to write this post.

1337Hax0r 5:45 pm
15 May 12

Henry82 said :

So all you had to do was make a 2 minute phone call to the school? It must have taken you longer to write this post.

Obviously not, because they’re still being anti-social little smart arses. And I had to make 3 calls to the school because the first person said some one else dealt with the issue.

jasmine 5:50 pm
15 May 12

Drivers can’t even throw them off anymore if the last incident is anything to go by. The morally outraged would form a parent posse.

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