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Election Wrap – 18 October

Posted By johnboy On 18 October 2008 @ 11:29 am In News,Politics | 7 Comments

Brightly dawns the day!

The Canberra Times is editorialising for the major parties against the Greens [1]

Having just spent a year in Kiama where a Green coalition rules the council (and has just been returned) I can say with some assurance that it beat the arse out of the Labor councils to the north (now sacked) and the Liberal shambles to the south in Shoalhaven.

This is not to say vote Green, it’s to say the fear campaigns are ludicrous.

Jack Waterford has a more thoughtful piece [2] on the Greens but with a dire headline.

The ABC has a place holder [3] acknowledging that an election is taking place.

In The Australian Angela Shanahan neatly skewers [4] much that ails the city but acknowledges the crapfulness of much of the Liberal opposition before bewailing again the fear of a Green planet.


The Canberra Times has new polling [5] predicting a result of 8 Labor, 5 Liberals and 4 Greens. A shame it’ll be bin liner tomorrow with a far superior poll currently being conducted.

Flashing lights:

In the CT John Hargreaves continues [6] his weird opposition to flashing lights in school zones which work so very well in NSW to indicate the zone is active without the need to consult a tide-table.


If I could link to specific ABC video items I would, as it is those who missed Stateline last night can have a look inside the homes of our leaders at the general ABC Canberra video page [7].


The ABC reports [8] that Mr Stanhope is suddenly much more amenable to working with the Greens tomorrow morning. What was it he was saying about them last week?

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