Fair Canberra Parking

By 24 June 2007 64

Nathanael, author of local blog has kicked off a project attempting to address the issue of parking in Canberra.

Making some sensible points Fair Parking Canberra states its purpose is to:

channel our frustration with the parking situation into change. Let’s stop whinging to our co-workers and tell someone who has to care – the Government. What we propose is not unreasonable, but the recommendations are designed to fix an unreasonable system.

If parking is an issue for you it is probably worth at least a look and maybe signing the petition.

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64 Responses to
Fair Canberra Parking
ant 9:50 am
24 Jun 07

It’ll be interesting to see how he goes. The current situation certainly is a debacle.

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:32 am
24 Jun 07

Sounds like somebody who got a ticket and has decided to throw a tanty. I’ve never had any problem parking anywhere in Canberra, on any day, at any time of week. At worst, I’ve had to park five minutes’ walk from my destination. If I drive into a shopping centre carpark on a Saturday morning, I expect it to be busy, and I expect to drive around for a few minutes. If I get to work after 8:30am, I expect to have to park further away from work – ditto if I work anywhere remotely busy, or have to visit an office during the day. Maybe if he stopped expecting a free parking space in front of everywhere he decides to drive to he wouldn’t be so unhappy.

To answer his ‘problems’:

The fine is the same because parking inspectors cannot, and should not be expected to, calculate a sliding scale fine for each and every car they ticket. ‘Let’s see, you were 3 minutes and 12 seconds over when I visisted, and it’s a 4 hour spot, and it’s 80c for the first hour, and you’re coming from the bank, so carry the 3…”. Do what normal people do when they visit busy places like shops, banks and post offices – anticipate a delay and pay more at the meter in the first place. You admit you’re late getting back, so it’s like you want free time to make up for your inability to plan an hour into the future. If you overstay your park, then _you_ are the one contributing to a lack of parking in Canberra, not the evil gubmint, and you should be fined.

Yes, I always carry around change, because *gasp* I know I may need to use a parking meter. Know all that useless change you dump into a bowl near the door when you get home? Dump it in the change drawer / ashtray / centre console of the car instead, and you’ll always have change like I do. You’re like the whiny bitches who try to pay for the bus with a $50, and then when the driver can’t change it, insist they should ride for free. You’re an adult – act like one, and take responsibility for your own actions instead of blaming the government because you can’t rustle up a handful of shrapnel in the morning.

It won’t matter what limit the government places on car parks – an hour, two, four – there’ll always be numbnuts like you who overstay their welcome. Admit it – you won’t be happy until there’s a six-storey car park built just for you in front of everwhere you’re likely to go, and you get a special gold key to your own floor.

el 11:58 am
24 Jun 07

Agreed 100% WMC. Very well said.

el 12:00 pm
24 Jun 07

And ant: Please describe exactly what it is about the current parking ‘situation’ that makes it a debacle. Anyone whinging about parking in Civic obviously hasn’t bothered to try the multi-storey carparks that have hundreds of empty spaces on the upper levels EVERY DAY.

sepi 2:03 pm
24 Jun 07

el – are there really empty spots up there at lunchtime?

Pandy 3:53 pm
24 Jun 07

I’ll answer for el: YES! Never a problem with the one behind the skate-park/Dendy.

And now it is $2 flat after 6pm Mon-Thurs and after 9pm Friday. Good one!

bd84 5:19 pm
24 Jun 07

I have no problems with the fines in place for overstaying.. do the crime pay the fine.

Though if they keep charging a fortune for all day parking in dirt carparks it’s time to introduce note machines for all day carparks, finding $40 in change a week is a pain.

The parking is getting rediculous. Working at City West it’s getting to the point where all surface car parks are full by 8.30am, the multi story carpark is full not long after, and you pay more for it. In the next few months all the surface carparks in City West, and the short stay near the Law Courts will be built on, with the useless Government having no forsight to provide any contingencies for the 1500 odd cars who use those carparks each day, unless you want to walk for 20 minutes from the lake or 10 mins from the Canberra Centre site?

I’d catch a bus, but I need a car quite regularly for my job, and I don’t particularly want to be packed like a sardine in a bus that runs late or takes an hour and a half to get me to or from work if I miss the 3 direct ones a day!

bd84 5:29 pm
24 Jun 07

I forget to mention, they need to make the pricing structures fairer for all day parking. If you work a half day you still need to pay a full $7.50 if you park in the city anytime before 1pm! The obvious Government greed is rediculous, the fee should be proportionate to the length of stay, $4 should be the maximum paid after 12-12.30pm.

You 7:05 pm
24 Jun 07

The complainers do realise that you can buy a monthly or yearly parking ticket for any long term stay carpark in Canberra from the government shopfront right?

Tape it to your dash and your parking problems are over.

ant 7:33 pm
24 Jun 07

WMC, putting change in the ashtray/tray/anywhere in your car means the druggies will break into your car to get it. the popular car park near the Rex was full of smashed glass… I had my canopy slashed to get 50 cents in change. Most of my workmates had windows broken there at some point. I rang the cops once to report 2 guys going around the carpark, doing this, and I waited there for 20 minutes watching them, and the cops never showed.

well, “el”, you must certainly be trying to park in a different city. Or so you only use short-term parking? There’s enough of that.
Parking in Civic if you have to work there is horrific. I tend to work over the Western side… I don’t work in shops. Certainly the highrise on that side has a full all-day top floor very early in the morning. You discover this after going round and round to get to the top. Next option was $8/day a year ago. Nowadays, if they really want me to work for them and they’re in Civic, they are required to chip in $50/week extra to pay for my parking (oddly enough, they do). I used to park rooftop above Target in the 90s, and the roof used to fill up very fast also. Has that changed, el?

Brindabella Park, another work venue, wants to charge CBD prices to park in a paddock. won’t work there on principle.

Barton, although better, is still tricky. So I prefer to work for employers who have their own carpark so you’re not doing battle with all and sundry. some precincts are full by 8.25am.

I didn’t know about being able to buy all-day parking permits though. That would be handy if still working in civic. Thank you, “You”, something useful rather than the “I’m all right Jack” comments by some.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 8:12 pm
24 Jun 07

Parking’s not terrific in this town, but will likely get worse over time. Fortunately I never have to pay for parking as I have an effectively unlimited company expense account. But the driving around looking can get annoying.

el 8:44 pm
24 Jun 07

OK then “Ant” (do we need to justify our usernames now?) – guess what: I work in Civic too. Your line that ‘parking in Civic if you have to work there is horrific’ is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. I’ve never had issues parking right next to the very same multi-level on the Western side of Civic (opposite 40 Marcus Clark Street, yes?) that you mentioned. Or finding a spot in the MASSIVE car park opposite the ATO Building. Or a bit further round (also on London Cct) behind the Police Station (opposite the new construction sites).

Are you seriously not aware that these large carparks exist?

You 8:55 pm
24 Jun 07

I park in the long term carpark opposite the ATO. Entry is off London Circuit (directly opposite Constitution ave) and you can turn left to head for long stay or right to go for short stay.

I get there at around 8:30 – 8:45 every day and have never had a problem finding spaces down the far end of the carpark. Sure you have to walk about 10 or so minutes before you make it to the Canberra Centre, but if that is considered an effort then you have some fitness problems to deal with.

el 8:56 pm
24 Jun 07

And yes, all these car parks I mentioned are useable for long-stay/all day parking, $7.50. I’ve arrived as late as 9AM and still been able to find a spot. Unless of course you consider 9AM ‘very early in the morning’…?

el 9:06 pm
24 Jun 07

Agreed You. I think the absolute longest walk to my office has taken about 12 minutes. Maybe that’s too far for certain folks?

sepi 9:28 pm
24 Jun 07

But both those large carparks are now slated for development aren’t they?

There are some people who can’t walk for 12 minutes – pregnant women for one.

And I have driven around ALL carparks one lunchtime a few months ago and eventually gave up in disgust and parked about 3 blocks away in Braddon (and was massively late).

It is great that you can currently find parking – but I think we should be trying not to lose any more civic carparks. With a couple of carparks already sold off, and Anzac Park soon beign occupied it is only going to get worse, not better.

At Russell you have to get ther before 8.25 to get a spot.

p1 10:20 pm
24 Jun 07

prehaps the government, as part of development approval for any new building, should insist that they have sufficent parking for the same number of cars that are being displaced by the loss of the car park.

Or perhaps they could just put money from the sale of the land into public transport….

Pandy 1:41 am
25 Jun 07

p1. That is the requirement according tothe media reportsn the law court development.

The government also has said that if you have to walk 800m from you all day car park, well you are getting some exercise.

Danman 7:29 am
25 Jun 07

I always have a good parking spot in the morning.

Its there everyday – and if not – I can move my car 200m down the road and find an even more spacious carpark.

I think (where its practical of course, not everyone can do it because of family commitments – dropping kids at school etc) people should start addressing the issues themselves.

When I started working in Civic I refused to pay for parking – and took measures to do this legally.

I now get to my “Spot” at 0630 and walk 15 minutes to work.

Civic parking may not be ideal – but what do you want – it served to you on a silver platter.

Instead of having a crack at other people – why dont you try and address it for your circumstances..

I have been working in the same office in Civic for about 1.75 years – and saved approx $3120.

Not saying this is ideal for everyone – as I do no thave any children to make lunches for and drop at work etc etc yet – and Mrs Danman usually beats me out the door in the mornings (Nurse) – but this is how I addressed it without bleeting poor me.

Danman 7:30 am
25 Jun 07

children at school – rather than dropping them at work :P

neanderthalsis 9:43 am
25 Jun 07

And here I was thinking you endorsed child labour Danman…

ant 10:03 am
25 Jun 07

Wow! I never knew parking could be such an exciting subject, but El has certainly enlightened me. Well, you can continue to pay $7.50 a day for parking, and I’ll continue to pay zilch, and be able to get a spot up til around 9am. I’m sure the parking in Civic will get even better as they develop those sites and I’ll look forward to all the happy positive posts about it.

sepi 10:44 am
25 Jun 07

danman how do you suggest those with kids address the parking problem for themselves?

If you have to drop kids and pick them up by 5.45, you are already pushed to do your 8 hours at work. Adding a 20 minute walk to and from the car is just not possible.

MrMagoo 10:50 am
25 Jun 07

Leave the car at home, walk, ride or catch the bus, our reliance on our cars to get to and from work each day and leaving in carparks all days is a waste of resources. If more people take alternate trnsport options, greater services and frequency will increase. It is time the Government stopped listening to loud minority voices and started acting to save the place. Public transport is the answer. Stop pretending your are too good for the bus and don’t want to ‘sit next to those people’. Lock cars out of the city I say.

Thumper 11:08 am
25 Jun 07

I park at the Rex and walk for 15-20 minutes.

Not a problem. Free car park as long as I get there before 0745.

Absent Diane 11:14 am
25 Jun 07

why do people think that because they have kids there should be exceptions made for them or that they are special?

Ralph 11:16 am
25 Jun 07

It amuses me the people in the Edmund Barton Building, who already struggle for parking, are being transplanted to that new building where the parking problems are even worse (and they have to pay as well).

ant 11:33 am
25 Jun 07

Where are the Edmund Barton people moving to?

that whole precinct struggles, and I’ve noticed changes from even a year ago. The carpark behind The Ottoman fills quickly and chaotically from Edmund Barton people, AGs, and the various office buildings all around (to the south). Edmund Barton people also park over the other side of Kings Ave, near Finance/Heritage, which means they’re doing battle with people who work in the old Admin building.
PM&C were competing for spots in a very pot-holed dirt park behind their old building, but fences went up there a while back so I think it was going to be built-on. God knows where they will park. The Archive mob seem to have some reserved parking around their building, and various other buildings seem to have boom gates up – DCITA and DFAT put one up for their staff some years ago.

Thumper 11:52 am
25 Jun 07


I agree totally…

sepi 11:59 am
25 Jun 07

Because people with kids have to make two stops of a morning – at childcare, then to work. Childcare opens at 8 and shuts at 6, so parking at the crack of dawn is not possible. Neither is a long walk to the car if you want to work an 8 hour day.

I’m happy to pay my 7,50 a day, I just want to be able to actually find a carpark.

If more employers would incorporate childcare into workplaces this problem would be solved, but that is a separate issue.

Bus is not possible unless the childcare is co-located with the workplace.

I used to bus until I had a child – now I do need different facilities, as my circumstances have changed.

Do you also resent the additional requirements of the elderly and infirm?

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