Favourite Canberra Restaurants

By 1 May 2006 66

Inspired By CitySearch’s ” 2006 AHA peoples choice award” for best canberra Restaurants – What are your favourite places in canberrra to dine?

For me… its Iori Japanese Resturant in civic

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66 Responses to
Favourite Canberra Restaurants
johnboy 4:53 pm
01 May 06

Bang for buck?

Tradies Nooder How!

Class, go Sage.

Fun dinner with friends, go Debacle.

caf 6:01 pm
01 May 06

Sage for upmarket, Pronto for a boozy wine & pasta, Tandoor for takeaway, Fish-o-king at Mawson for fish&chips.

Slinky the Shocker 6:08 pm
01 May 06

Carlo’s as a tradeoff between a hearty meal and something a bit upmarket. Flatheads as a fish-and-chip shop where you can take a beer.

Big Al 9:16 pm
01 May 06

Flatheads or the van at Wanniassa for fish & Chips, Sage or Verve for a slap-up feed and The Ginger Room or Anise for somthing special. Can’t go past the wine list at Ginger Room for choice and value.

Vic Bitterman 10:24 pm
01 May 06

Ramas in Pearce here.

Special G 7:35 am
02 May 06

WEnt to Ginseng in Manuka the other night. Upmarket Chinese with regular prices. The ninja waiters pulled our chairs out, had our table reset, water and glasses and our napkins on our laps almost before we sat down. Great food too, they even made tofu taste good.

Jey 7:59 am
02 May 06

I used to like Montezumas but then they became wholly franchised, leaving me rather disenfranchised. They still have the best margaritas around though and they do have a comprehensive allergy/intolerance menu which is fantastically useful.

DaNmAn 8:06 am
02 May 06

Mezzalira on London is good 1 on 1 with my lady.
For the undisputed best Duck/chicken/seafood/vegetarian laksa in town go to the Tai Garden restaraunt in Dickson chinatown, in the courtyard near turkoz and Zeffers

bulldog 8:15 am
02 May 06

Pangea in Manuka – where Tossolini’s used to be – if you haven’t checked it out yet do it soon.

On the cheap – can’t beat the Schnitty at the Austrian Club in Mawson.

And with Vic on Ramas – that place kicks arse but I would advise take-away or delivery because the dining space can get a bit squeezy.

Thumper 8:19 am
02 May 06

Kashmir, Narrabundah.

Iqbal does a brilliant vindaloo.

Absent Diane 9:01 am
02 May 06

Spice of India in Belcos Mallos does one of the hottest vindaloos going around…

Speaking of which does anyone know where I can get a good fish curry… I used to get a beautiful goan fish curry from toorak…. and there used to be a good one in watson but someone told me that the indian restaurants there had closed…

Maelinar 10:20 am
02 May 06

Sammy’s Kitchen in Civic for the chicken laksa that you will compare every other laksa you ever eat again against.

wonsworld 10:55 am
02 May 06

FEKERTE’S ETHIOPIAN CUISINE restaurant in Dickson do a pretty good fish curry type of thing. And whilst not my fave place, I can recommend the restaurant all round. If you have a few people, go and try the lunch banquet (the fish dish is a part of it).

As for my fave eating hole, it may not be fine dining, but Marty’s van in Phillip is always pretty handy coming home late from a show.

Mr_Shab 11:09 am
02 May 06

For class – I also a fondness for Sage.

Cheap – the Nixon Doodle House can’t be beat (especially now they’ve stopped washing the Laksa pots again).

I’d also like to see a smackdown between Jimmy’s in Dickson and Ginseng in Manuka (though I’m backing Jimmy – he’s a scary looking dude). Both are reasonably priced and excellent on all fronts.

Slinky the Shocker 11:41 am
02 May 06

Mr. Shab: Apart from the duck’s feet at Jimmy’s. Brrrrr… I forgot: In terms of Asian, I also love the Griffith Vietnamese and Khin Do (sp?) at Macquarie Shops. I think they are run by the same people.

Absent Diane 12:07 pm
02 May 06

Thanks Wonsworld funnily enough I was actually saying to my GF alst night that I fancied trying some curried coke can…(sorry that was really bad) seriously though I have been keen to try the ethopian cuisine….

Les Whinin 12:08 pm
02 May 06

Kingsland in Dickson. Vegetarian cuisine that will please even the most uptight hippy or worst vego-phobe alike.

The Italian Kitchen in Kaleen for great meals and really generous portions.

And who could forget The Pancake Parlour, the only place you can get a decent dinner (or a pancake fix) at 11pm at night.

wonsworld 12:14 pm
02 May 06

AD .. I think you can try them at the Kingston Bus Depot Markets. I was just told that they have a stall there. Coke cans optional hehe

Ari 12:16 pm
02 May 06

I hear Ethiopian cuisine is good for those on a diet.

Maelinar 12:29 pm
02 May 06

DaNMaN, I’m gonna check out your Dickson chicken laksa against my Civic chicken laksa.

Absent Diane 12:45 pm
02 May 06

The laksa at thai garden is on par with the noodle house laksa…

Jay Wayward 1:00 pm
02 May 06

Rucchis in Belconnnen. Lamb Saag and Cascade Premium Lager. Is there anything better ?

Fekerte’s Ethiopian in Dickson and at the Kingston Markets. The chicken dish and the pumpkin dish are my two faves.

Ramas in Pearce.

Niche Indian in East Row (apparently the same people who used to run the restaurant in Downer). $12 all you can eat at lunch followed by a $3.50 lunchtime pint of Cascade Pale Ale at Mooseheads (the only time i will go to mooseheads).

Three Mothers Thai in Civic. Bad acoustics (as echoing as hell)but great food and great service for good prices).

Ethiopian at Gorman House on Saturdays. Go the red lentils, pumpkin and spicy beef.

The Waterfront in Gungahlin. Good cheap takeaway.

Slinky the Shocker 1:02 pm
02 May 06

I second Danman over Maelinar…sorry Mael, Dickson Noodle beats Sammys imho. Haven’t tried the Thai Garden…

Thumper 1:06 pm
02 May 06

West Belco Rugby league club had a great Schnitzel late on ANZAC Day…

Then again, I would have eaten a dessicated hyenas tongue at that stage of the night.

And would have enjoyed it as well!

VYBerlinaV8 1:38 pm
02 May 06

Central Café Queanbeyan!!

Heavs 3:49 pm
02 May 06

Echo the call for Kinh Do at Macquarie shops. Tackiest decor ever – but awesome food done cheap, especially the takeaway.

Special G 4:13 pm
02 May 06

Kinh Do at Macquarie does some great take away. I don’t think I would ever go there to eat though.
Can’t beat the Central Cafe for meal size.
Got food poisoning from the Laksa House in Weston once and haven’t been as fond of laksa’s since then.

Maelinar 4:35 pm
02 May 06


Green light for the RiotACT Laksa night JB ?

Slinky the Shocker 4:38 pm
02 May 06

He he…Laksa off would be great ;)

Blossy 4:40 pm
02 May 06

My’s Vietnamese in Weston do a decent nosh up

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