First federal campaign poster

By 5 December 2006 33

Walking down Northbourne today I discovered the local Liberals are making a particularly early start on their campaign for the (as yet unannounced) federal election next year.

Troy Williams, candidate for Fraser so up against Bob McMullan, has planted his poster in the front garden between one of the new blocks of flats springing up and an office building. I vaguely wondered if that was either his home or work, or just seemed like a good place. Any other sightings?

Troy Williams poster

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33 Responses to
First federal campaign poster
gurunik 7:30 pm
05 Dec 06

is he wandering in the wilderness?

johnboy 7:46 pm
05 Dec 06

is he hoping people will confuse that chrome dome with Bob’s???

Pandy 7:53 pm
05 Dec 06

He looks gay.

el 8:26 pm
05 Dec 06

Lazy (right) eye?

lateralis 8:37 pm
05 Dec 06

Looks ripe for a bit of artistic improvement. Perhaps a pirate hat?

Pandy 9:35 pm
05 Dec 06

What about calling him Helen?

boomacat 10:26 pm
05 Dec 06

Don’t insult gays. He just looks like a typical fucking tory gimp.

simbo 10:49 pm
05 Dec 06

Actually, he looks a bit like David Koch.

auntiesocial 4:27 am
06 Dec 06

With a little bit of lube on that head……..he will fit right in.

Sammy 8:10 am
06 Dec 06

Actually, he looks a bit like David Koch

He must be a gay accountant then.

che 8:33 am
06 Dec 06

is he hoping people will confuse that chrome dome with Bob’s???

thats what I first thought too

roccon 9:05 am
06 Dec 06

a poster of anyone would be more productive than Bob McMullan, wouldn’t it ??

ozmreeee 9:25 am
06 Dec 06

Has he actually nailed the poster to the tree?!?! Bugger for him – looks like he’s lost the Green preferences ~W~

youshould_knowthis 10:36 am
06 Dec 06

Being a Liberal, was he ever going to get the Green preferences? Really?

ScepticVoter 11:09 am
06 Dec 06

Maybe he will get the green vote:

Yes, a poster of anyone would be more productive than Bob McMullan, so we should go with the Koch look alike.

roccon 1:49 pm
06 Dec 06

can we elect just the poster ??

CanberraGreen 4:00 pm
06 Dec 06

I checked, no trees were hurt during the installation of this poster, although a chunk of wood looks to have been severly bashed.

If it’s a choice between McMullan and somebody else, I’ll take the poster of this Accountant Pirate that is Troy Williams (decision on the man himself is reserved).

el 4:15 pm
06 Dec 06

Are we able to vote for the small tree just behind the poster?

Thumper 4:25 pm
06 Dec 06

I’ll vote for the small tree as well.

It probably has green credentials…

CanberraGreen 5:03 pm
06 Dec 06

I’m pissing myself. This poster is next to where i live. It now has the words “As seen on Crikey” pasted above it. Somebody is quick!

So the poll is:

50% Small green tree
25% Pirate ‘Koch’ Williams Poster
25% Undecided
0% Bob McMullan

cranky 5:08 pm
06 Dec 06

Gee you lot are cruel. His mother thinks he’s wonderful, and is so proud she has taken a similar picture to post to the rellies in Tasmania.

CanberraGreen 5:11 pm
06 Dec 06

You are talking about the small green tree right?

johnboy 6:13 pm
06 Dec 06

Did any of their dwindling band of subscribers note if they credited us for the picture they’ve stolen without permission?

Pandy 9:39 pm
06 Dec 06

Dwindling? Source?

Thumper 8:15 am
07 Dec 06

Someone should go and write, ‘As seen on RiotACT’ above it….

Thumper 8:17 am
07 Dec 06

Actually, if it weren’t for this post I woulodn’t even know who the hell Troy Williams was.

Therefore it has to be good publicity, not that I’ll vote for him.

Maybe we should have an RA interview with Mr Williams?

Maelinar 8:30 am
07 Dec 06

I’m going with the tree as well.

It would be great if he could do an interview though, but what kind of questions do you ask a tree ?

Ari 8:46 am
07 Dec 06

JB, Crikey did credit RiotACT – they simply put a link to this site.

johnboy 9:04 am
07 Dec 06

All is well then, I’ll cancel that call the Mark Day.

CanberraGreen 9:49 am
07 Dec 06

At the suggestions of those posting messages an urban terrorist has changed the poster – Complete with pirate hat.

Sorry for the link, posting stuff here (ie the pic) isn’t my specialty.

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