Good general surgeon in Canberra?

By 18 December 2012 6

Just thought I’d make use of the vast array of knowledge that is RA!

I need to get  a relatively small procedure undertaken here in Canberra (removal of a smallish ‘cyst’ sort of thing from my arm). My GP (based where I am from in NSW) isn’t willing to do it because of its location, and he originally referred to me to a general surgeon where I am originally from. However, I am finding it exceptionally difficult to get an appointment with the surgeon up there that I can get time off work that is suitable to all.

Hence, I’m going to get my doctor to do a new referral to a general surgeon in Canberra, to make it easier to get it done. But I wouldn’t have a clue where to start in finding a decent general surgeon down here. I was hoping someone on here can make a recommendation based on past experiences as to who to go to.

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Good general surgeon in Canberra?
Gillian 11:59 am
18 Dec 12

For skin things – Chandra Patel or Peter Barry.

Everyone here has long waiting lists publically but private is generally fairly quick.

KB1971 9:31 pm
18 Dec 12

I just used Dr Ferraro in Kingston for my hernia. Great doctor and did the procedure in Queanbeyan. I have absolutely no complaints with him or the hospital. The anesthetist though………

MrNurseRatchet 7:21 pm
23 Dec 12

Dr. Piscioneri; would go private if you can though; list is shorter.

Vindalu 11:42 am
24 Dec 12

Check out your local vet, they’re good on cysts

Kim F 12:18 pm
24 Dec 12

Dr Shree at Belconnen General practice is very good at removal of minor bits via a local. Other Drs recommend him. His name is somewhat longer but everone calls him Dr Shree

mcs 6:34 pm
26 Dec 12

Thankyou to everyone that made serious answers to my question – will do a ring around when I’m back in Canberra and work out who I can get into in a reasonable amount of time.

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