Good male masseur in Canberra?

By 3 August 2011 9

I’m a rough-playing athlete here and I need some recommendations on a good male masseur here in Canberra. I find female masseurs–while great (no offense, ladies!)–don’t have the upper body strength I need.

So, are there any good ones around?

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9 Responses to
Good male masseur in Canberra?
Holden Caulfield 10:17 am
03 Aug 11

Haha, after yesterday’s thread this is a wind up right?

If not, call 0432 074 487 and book your free massage.

Stevian 10:25 am
03 Aug 11

We’ve done that one already

Stevian 10:25 am
03 Aug 11

Holden Caulfield said :

Haha, after yesterday’s thread this is a wind up right?

If not, call 0432 074 487 and book your free massage.

What he said

colourful sydney rac 11:01 am
03 Aug 11

is ‘rough-playing’ a euphamism?

MissChief 11:08 am
03 Aug 11

Sebastian at the Old Bus Depot Markets is really good or try a remedial Chinese massage at one of the Miracle Massage places around town, has to be remedial for full effect.

Vonbare 1:23 pm
03 Aug 11

The fella at Ainslie – Massage for Health – is pretty good. I can’t remember his name right now.

R. Slicker 3:03 pm
04 Aug 11

I would suggest the best place to get a “massage” from another male in Canberra is Mustang Ranch.

la_psyche 1:41 pm
20 Aug 11

You could try Om Shanti in Griffith, or Foot & Thai or Club MMM in Belconnen, they all have male masseurs. Have tried all and found them to be quite good (although female I also usually need a strong masseur/masseuse because my back is like a rock, so soft massages don’t do anything for me). Thai Bliss is also good but I don’t know if they have male masseurs.

gkcasey 5:20 pm
16 Mar 12

Ah from one of the “girls” I can assure you that the criteria that a male is the only one that can give a firm massage is a misconception. As one of the long term and highly skilled professional soft tissue therapists in Canberra its about technique, experience and aptitude. I have trained numerous fledging therapists – some of the women outdid most of the men on being able to give a deep tissue treatment that was both firm and effective.

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