Got some change for the bus mate? (What really happens)

By 1 March 2006 25

Something of genuine interest over in SGS-land (BTW was I the only one who thought of him during “The Story of the Bubbleboy” at Tropfest?). He’s observed one of Civic’s beggars changing his “bus-fare money” into cold hard cash.

While I was in there enjoying a flat white, the previously sighted regular bus fare scammer walked in and asked the staff if they could change some coins into a $10 note, they agreed and he spent the better half of the next minute unloading his scammed booty of 20c, 10c and 5c coins, which was then counted by the staff and exchanged for a $10 note. The bus fare scammer then walked back home, which as I know is up at the top end of Ainslie Avenue

Seems like a lot of work for $10, but i guess I’ll feel a little less guilty next time I blank one of them.

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25 Responses to
Got some change for the bus mate? (What really happens)
mr sawdust 8:58 am
01 Mar 06

Coming soon, what happens when you hold your breath for ten minutes (i hope).

terubo 9:38 am
01 Mar 06

Makes sense to me, I hate all that change wearing holes in my pockets.
And how does the observant Mr SGS know that the ‘scammer’ has not simply gone home for a crap before catching the aforementioned bus?

johnboy 9:39 am
01 Mar 06

well I assumed they were lying through their teeth (which is a shame ebcause i can remember as a kid having to legitimately scab a bus fare). I hadn’t given much thought to how they turned the change into something they could take to the pub.

Does ACTION still sell those books of bus tickets?

Blamemonkey 9:49 am
01 Mar 06

Books of bus tickets??? (watch as i mock Johnboy)

Action must of stopped using those about 10 years ago.

And i’m spent….

Blossy 9:52 am
01 Mar 06

yep, they’ve moved on to a magnetic card though. Unfortunately you can’t give the person a single bus ticket without actually getting on the bus with them and paying.

johnboy 11:41 am
01 Mar 06

you’re mocking me because i’m not a saddo on the back of the loser cruiser?

how odd…

bonfire 12:03 pm
01 Mar 06

i thought they turned the begged for money into heroin.

nice to see sgs getting out and seeing what happens in the real world though.

simto 12:38 pm
01 Mar 06

Yes, bonfire, everyone you don’t like is doing heroin.

I don’t quite get how every single beggar is apparently hunting smack nowdays. Can’t some of them simply be alcoholics?

T_Bone 1:04 pm
01 Mar 06

That guy told me he was using the money for employment improvement acquisitions. I think that meant he was buying a squeegee and a bucket. Good to see SGS getting out.

Blamemonkey 1:10 pm
01 Mar 06

Johnboy for someone who created (with mates) a website about comings and goings in Canberra, to be so out of touch not to know that action does not use paper tickets any more..

I vote that Johnboy gets evicted from his website!!

Now how will you fill your time ya bum!

RandomGit 1:42 pm
01 Mar 06

Calling for people to be banned because you can’t keep up with the wit level in a word fight…… is a time honoured tradition of the internet.

Good job that.

colsim 3:21 pm
01 Mar 06

Are you sure it wasn’t a latte JB?

Flat-white sipper just doesn’t have the same ring :)

johnboy 3:34 pm
01 Mar 06

it’s a quote col, not my words.

colsim 5:05 pm
01 Mar 06

My bad. I stand by my facetious observation however.

bubzie 7:20 pm
01 Mar 06

wow, i think i’ve seen him around civic.

for example, last year, when i was in civic for school, we were making our way home, and this guy trys to scab us for money for his ‘bus fare’ then apparently he went on a bus heading to woden, and went on there with a normal ticket! (as in, he had already paid for it)
and then we saw him again in woden trying to scam people.

man i’ve lost my faith in mankind (again)

Jey 7:45 am
02 Mar 06

I used to work at the Akuna Club and a lot of the ‘scammers’ would come and put their ‘booty’ through the pokies.

Thumper 8:44 am
02 Mar 06

I reckon young Sammy has a point. Fucked if I’m going to give some dildo any change for the bus.

They can bloody walk as far as I’m concerned.

Thumper 8:46 am
02 Mar 06

I reckon young Sammy has a point. Fucked if I’m going to give some dildo any change for the bus.

They can bloody walk as far as I’m concerned.

seepi 8:58 am
02 Mar 06

The big old ethnic guy near electric shadows takes his to the TAB.

T_Bone 10:06 am
02 Mar 06

The guy in the jacket near Electric shadows asked me for $6.30 straight up. I am not sure how he came to that amount but I guessed that asking for change wasn’t getting him enough money to make a decent bet at the TAB.

RandomGit 11:28 am
02 Mar 06

Ditto the guy on the crutch.

Indi 9:09 pm
02 Mar 06

The guy on the crutch seen mainly around City Walk/Commonwealth Bank on London Cct (Pweter) is a scammer, on a pension and should not be given any money.

Although he is slightly retarded, he should be reprimanded for his constant ‘begging’ – he knows what he is doing is illegal, but continues to hassle ppl for $$.

Jey 7:18 am
03 Mar 06

The guy with the shaved blonde hair who talks to himself is a bit scary.
I’ve never seen him board a bus once!

Jey 7:36 am
03 Mar 06

and if I read Sammy’s post I would see that’s probably the one he’s writing about!

bonfire 10:24 am
03 Mar 06

no one in oz NEEDS to beg. the ones that do are scamming you or have a habit to support.

the police should arrest these people for fraudulent misrepresentation.

no doubt the strict act courts will sort them out.

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