Greenhouse targets legislated without strategy

By 26 October 2010 7

Oh Happy Day! Simon Corbell has announced that the ACT now has ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets legislated.

We don’t have any plan at all legislated how to reach it. Or penalites in the event of failure.

But we are going to have councils and reports and we can all feel good about it until 2013 when we’ve allowed our emissions to peak (safely after the next ACT election).

And surely that’s the important thing?

UPDATE: The Liberal’s Zed Seselja has been asking who’s going to be paying the bill for this. Apparently Simon Corbell says that is:

a level of specificity not required

FURTHER UPDATE: The Greens however are celebrating what they see as the setting of a gold standard,

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7 Responses to Greenhouse targets legislated without strategy
Affirmative Action M8:56 am, 27 Oct 10

A bit like the “NO WASTE BY 2010″ project. A lot of hot air & bulldust but it made everyone feel warm & fuzzy.

Affirmative Action M8:59 am, 27 Oct 10

What a joke

Rawhide Kid Part38:59 am, 27 Oct 10

Another tick for those election promised achievements past and future ?

JessP9:02 am, 27 Oct 10

There is nothing like a target that doesnt have a plan on how to get there.

And lets face, its nothing like a target, it is just a motherhood statement.

Shame Simon Shame.

Frano10:51 am, 27 Oct 10

“No Australian child will live in poverty by 1990.” FAIL!

Chaz11:19 am, 27 Oct 10

Affirmative Action Man said :

A bit like the “NO WASTE BY 2010″ project. A lot of hot air & bulldust but it made everyone feel warm & fuzzy.

well to be fair, if they do fail all they have to do is paint over the 2010 part. just like my garbo has done :)

Plough the ACT with 11:10 pm, 27 Oct 10

Canberra. Home of the fatuous gesture. Particularly fatuous gestures that hurt the poor.

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