Hannah Lord is the Young Canberra Citizen of the Year

By 19 April 2007 25

Katy Gallagher has announced that Hannah Lord bears the title of 2007 Young Canberra Citizen of the Year.

Some brief googling and a Scouts web page suggests this could be a picture of her:

Why is she so special?

“She has won a Queens Scout Award in 2005 and in 2006 was a Team Leader of 42 young people in the Solomon Islands Project as part of a United Nations and the Scouts ACT project.

She is also a member of the ACT Youth Orchestra where she plays both piano and the violin.

“Hannah’s compassion and dedication towards others in the community is commendable,” Ms Gallagher said.”

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25 Responses to
Hannah Lord is the Young Canberra Citizen of the Year
Meconium 6:06 am
19 Apr 07

I’d hit it

Ralph 7:05 am
19 Apr 07

Lay buy.

Danman 7:07 am
19 Apr 07

Jesus christ you guys – bit of maturuty please.

Ralph – if you going to be so crass at least you could get the spelling right.

Danman 7:24 am
19 Apr 07


lateralis 8:15 am
19 Apr 07

Ha Dan!
I imagine she is a great girl, but I can’t help thinking of the ABC series “We can be heroes”, that had that charity girl as one of the Australian of the year nominees. Fargin’ funny.

Ralph 8:27 am
19 Apr 07

Apologies :-P

I couldn’t help myself after Meconium’s comment. I will continue to contribute elsewhere with my usual high standard of commentary and opinion. :-P

Beli 8:40 am
19 Apr 07

Well deserved, I say.

Absent Diane 8:45 am
19 Apr 07

yeah and the scouts are such a fantastic organisation…apparently you are only allowed into scout if you are a theist of some sort. discriminative bastards.

gurunik 8:51 am
19 Apr 07

i take issue with the use of a koala as a woggle. would have never have happened in my day.
shows that when you suppress good old fashioned bastardisation, standards start slipping.

Danman 9:42 am
19 Apr 07

I only used the 100% genuine dead cow with press stud version myself.

bonfire 9:58 am
19 Apr 07

shouldnt she be in the brownies or guides ?

johnboy 10:04 am
19 Apr 07

C’mon bonfire, get with the century, it must be 20 years there have been girls in scouts.

bonfire 10:13 am
19 Apr 07

i left the scouts and joined the cadets, where they let us shoot guns.

and cadets was co-ed…

edlang 12:24 pm
19 Apr 07

My sister was a Queen Scout with Hannah and they both kick arse. Easily better than you lot!

johnboy 12:29 pm
19 Apr 07

Jeez ed, does it have to be so Us and Them?

edlang 12:33 pm
19 Apr 07

I didn’t win the award, I don’t need to be inclusive ;-)

neanderthalsis 1:13 pm
19 Apr 07

Being in the army is like being in the Boy Scouts, except that the Boy Scouts have adult supervision.
– Blake Clark

neanderthalsis 2:38 pm
19 Apr 07

It said on the website that she was a rover anyway Mecon and Ralph, which from what I can gather is the retirement home for Scouts that don’t want to let go and face the real world (ages 17-26 according the the website).

When I was that age, I felt the need to do something productive that would benefit both myself and the wider community while allowing me to further develop my great affitinity with nature. I joined Artillery…

Absent Diane 3:30 pm
19 Apr 07

when I was that age I wanted to have fun and enjoy myself so I got blasted on booze and drugs.

bonfire 3:31 pm
19 Apr 07

i wonder if she is one of guys persecutors ?

bubzie 3:52 pm
19 Apr 07

i went to venturers with her, she defiantly deserves the award :)

Snahons_scv6_berlina 4:01 pm
19 Apr 07

defiantly deserves huh :)

Hasdrubahl 6:55 pm
19 Apr 07

Note the funeral pyre burning behind them.

Danman 7:33 pm
19 Apr 07

Note the funeral pyre burning behind them.
The smiles all make sense now – thanks Hasdrubahl :)

terry_wrist 2:44 am
24 Apr 07

Bonfire: hang on, you joined the cadets for the guns.
But don’t most scout groups keep a well stocked paramilitary grade armoury in the cellar.

Well… don’t they. The scout group my friend was in a few years back did..

Oh wait, he was from Iraq:)

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