Help fund Sam King’s new studio space

By 4 December, 2013 1

Sam King has great hair, and works his butt off in the Canberra music scene.

He’s been recording and producing albums for Canberra bands since he was a teenager, and he’s pretty darn good at it.

He’s put up a Pozible to get together the last of the cash he needs to build his own studio space, and has already hit his goal.

Why am I posting it up now then?

Well there are 13 days left on the Pozible, and still plenty of rewards to be gained by donating, and there always more Sam can do with more money.

Think of it like a little investment into Canberra’s music scene.

This is all about a recording space called I Am Merloc Studios.
(Named after the bike-riding fish on the wall of Dickson pool, bless his cotton socks)

It’s a project that has been on the boil for a little while now. It’s located in Watson, at the Canberra Technology Park, in an old classroom. The fit-out consists of three rooms; a live room 27m2, vocal booth 4.5m2 and control room 12m2. The live room and booth are both built on a floating floor to decouple them from the rest of the building (Woo! Soundproof!).

It’s been a pretty hectic project and I’ve learnt heaps from it.

I’m so close to finishing but unfortunately (as with most building projects) the budget blew-out a bit and I’ve only been able to make enough money to cover the rent for the last little while. I’ve tried getting a bank loan but they don’t take too kindly to the self-employed ; )

Sam King is sidewards

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