Hindmarsh Drive closed to Queanbeyan

By 6 February 2007 49

As of 3:45pm this afternoon Hindmarsh Drive is closed to Queanbeyan. Police are directing traffic to Queanbeyan via the Monaro Highway to Jerrabomberra.

Anyone know the reason for the road closure?

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49 Responses to
Hindmarsh Drive closed to Queanbeyan
Samuel Gordon-Stewar 5:04 pm
06 Feb 07

Late teen P Plater hit a tree and was taken to hospital in a critical condition. Police estimate he was travelling in excess of 140km/h. Accident happened just after 2pm, the road will probably be closed right through peak hour.

Sammy 5:08 pm
06 Feb 07

Yay. Monaro Highway will be (extra) chaos.

kimba 5:23 pm
06 Feb 07

Hindmarsh Drive doesn’t go to Queanbeyan?

Anomoly 5:27 pm
06 Feb 07

It does if you live in Jerra

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 5:27 pm
06 Feb 07

It’s Canberra Avenue that was closed, just after the Hindmarsh intersection. Apparently it is open again now, but there are still longer than usual delays in and around the area.

Anomoly 5:28 pm
06 Feb 07

Actually no it doesn’t, my mistake

Sammy 5:51 pm
06 Feb 07

Yeah, sorry, Canberra Avenue is the road that was closed, at it’s intersection with Hindmarsh Drive.

TAD 7:37 pm
06 Feb 07

Welcome back SGS

el 10:29 pm
06 Feb 07

Any news on whether the kid’s gonna be OK?

Nik_the_Pig 10:51 pm
06 Feb 07

Sorry, when you’re driving at 140+ it ain’t an accident, its an inevitability

Hasdrubahl 7:23 am
07 Feb 07

Only if you take your hands off the wheel to light a cigarette/text your mate/pick your nose.

Sammy 7:33 am
07 Feb 07

Looking at the footage on the ABC News, it looked like he crossed the median strip, across 3 lanes of traffic going the other way, up an embankment and into a tree.

There were thick skid marks the whole way, so he must have been travelling at a *very* quick pace.

Thumper 7:49 am
07 Feb 07

P plater, 140 clicks…

That’s close to 90 mph folks, sounds faster in mph, doesn’t it.

I’m with NTP on this one…

terubo 8:24 am
07 Feb 07

If you need two hands to pick your nose, Hasdrubahl, you probably need medical attention…

West_Kambah_4eva 8:28 am
07 Feb 07

The car crash is a cover story, it was actually a UFO crash.

terubo 8:31 am
07 Feb 07

As in “U F***ing Onanist”. (The driver, not you West_K).

Maelinar 8:33 am
07 Feb 07

Oh well.

I blame the parents. When I was the equivalent of a P Plater, the maximum top speed on a downhill run with the wind behind me was 120, in a gutless 1.3l Nissan Sunny.

Retrospectively, it saved my life by being such a go-cart, I was not able to put myself into the serious risk category between in this example a regulated traffic light stretch of road.

My guess is one of those hotted up holdens that go for around $30k, and a harsh welcome to the world of enduring debt.

CouldExpire 8:41 am
07 Feb 07

Just plain stupidity!
Getting home yesterday afternoon was a nightmare!

Thumper 8:50 am
07 Feb 07

A bloody P plater with his head up his arse, (obviously, because he was not watching the road), wrote my partner’s car off a couple of weeks ago.

Great big four wheel drive with a huge bull bar. It didn’t leave much of the poor little Mirage after he plowed into the back of it. Even though she had been stopped at the round about for quite a while whilst giving way to traffic.

Don’t anyone tell me that P platers are good drivers because they are not. They just haven’t got the experience.

End of rant.

And I know that not all P platers are idiots on the road. There are idiots everywhere.

sheer 9:10 am
07 Feb 07

I hear you Maelinar – my first car was 998cc, and the speedo didn’t even go to 140kmh. If I wanted to show off to my mates I had to bang on about my power to weight ratio, rather than impress them with speed. Looking back, I’m glad I had the car I did too.

Sammy 9:31 am
07 Feb 07

When you first get your motorcycle license you are restricted to 250cc. Should be the same for car drivers. Restrict them to 100 kw.

Nik_the_Pig 9:44 am
07 Feb 07

Sammy, that actually makes sense.

fnaah 10:06 am
07 Feb 07

I learned to drive in a ’68 Fairmont XT with a 302 Windsor V8, and have an exemplary driving record. A friend of mine learned to drive in one of those 3-cylinder Suzuki jobbies, and he totaled two cars before he turned twenty.

Restricting drivers to low-power cars won’t really help much. I know they do it for motorcycles (I let my L’s expire a year ago, but I’ve still got my 250cc yamaharley), but what of the Sydney P-plate biker who was caught doing 190km/h on his brand new R1 (which he wasn’t legally allowed to ride)?

Doesn’t Victoria have power restrictions on L and P plate drivers? Does anyone have any numbers that show the restrictions have any effect (one way or the other)?

fnaah 10:10 am
07 Feb 07

Actually Sammy, you’re not restricted to 250cc at all, you are restricted to a certain power/weight ratio. 1100cc cruisers are generally “learner legal” due to their massive weight, and I can tell you that they will propel you down the road faster than just about any car.

Sammy 10:22 am
07 Feb 07

Yeah, you’re right fnaah. Strange I forgot about this, as I contemplated getting a Kawasaki Vulcan 800 when I got my ‘L’s, but went for a ZZR-250 instead.

How ridiculous I looked on that tiny little sport bike.

schmerica_ 10:49 am
07 Feb 07

Restricting drivers to low-power cars won’t really help much.

I disagree. If you take away P-Platers power to drive at high speeds, it lessens the chance that they’ll wrap themselves around a tree.

terubo 10:52 am
07 Feb 07

Engine size has got sod all to do with it. You can kill yourself on a pair of roller blades if you wanted to (or even if you didn’t want to).

schmerica_ 11:02 am
07 Feb 07

Thats true, but wouldn’t there be more chance if those rollerblades went really fast?

terubo 11:04 am
07 Feb 07

Take a look at the other thread, with the small red car on its roof.
-It’s all about engaging brain before gear.

terubo 11:05 am
07 Feb 07

I meant, “small red car”. [ED. edited]

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