Hollow Vase – Fake Flowers, Real Opium

By 29 March 2005 4

Customs have put out this media release about the seize of 3kg of opium as part of a drug bust in Canberra and Sydney. So I guess all the smackheads will be seeing an increase in price in the coming weeks. I wonder if there is any correlation between big drug busts, lower availablility, higher prices and increased burglaries? I’m sure someone out there has done their PHD on this already. Good work Customs on finding the vase.

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Hollow Vase – Fake Flowers, Real Opium - 2 are blacklisted
johnboy 10:52 pm
29 Mar 05

the lack of impact of “major” drug busts on prices has been the driver of speculaton that the drug economy is comparable to a significant percentage of the legitimate economy.

just think of the benefits if it was brought into the taxable realm?

johnboy 12:35 am
31 Mar 05

Leaving aside major land warfare in central asia, and significant changes in demand (rise of china), i suppose we could credit AFP action with the “Heroin Drought”

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