How do Drug Dealers see the world?

By 13 May 2005 3

Many politicians shy away from condeming users of illicit drugs. One suspects that’s because they have friends and family who fall into this category, and may well do so themselves. Instead we’re told of those evil, evil, manipulative drug dealers who risk their liberty to give the little darlings what they want.

While not a user of illicit drugs myself, situation and circumstance in my travels has seen me socialising with a number of drug dealers. I think they liked that I wasn’t asking them for anything, and I liked that they were generous to a fault when it was their round.

So personally I don’t consider dealers to be any more or less culpable than users.

I bring this up because Loadedog has posted the first in a series of Memoirs of a Suburban Drug Dealer. It’s an interesting insight.

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3 Responses to
How do Drug Dealers see the world?
bonfire 9:55 am
13 May 05

i think a bullet to the back of the head would be ideal for these people.

RandomGit 10:02 am
13 May 05

I could get excited and ask if their round tasted like the blood of the naive, but I’m trying to be nice today.

johnboy 10:58 pm
13 May 05

Well I drink the blood of the innocent every time I go to church.

I never saw the naive, the guys I was hanging out with were selling party drugs to people who had their eyes wide open.

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