Images of Canberra – Another child at the National Museum

By 3 September 2008 16

s-s-a took this photo at the National Museum in February.

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16 Responses to
Images of Canberra – Another child at the National Museum
Overheard 12:25 pm
03 Sep 08

Looks like that anti-cloning legislation just hasn’t kicked in yet.

Top shot, by the by.

emd 2:07 pm
03 Sep 08

Love what you can do with a mirror and a camera. Very artistic.

CHW 2:48 pm
03 Sep 08

You can never have enough cute little red-headed girls…

Overheard 3:21 pm
03 Sep 08

s-s-a, can she sing? I think there’s a local mob auditioning for “Annie”!

(With all this talk of kids, RoadRage has given up and emigrated to Graceland (??? Graceland, Memphis Tennessee, he’s goin’ to Graceland… ???)

Overheard 3:22 pm
03 Sep 08

^^ Those ?s were supposed to be crotchets, but I didn’t seriously think that was going to work…

Granny 3:33 pm
03 Sep 08

She’s gorgeous! The picture kind of reminds me of life in some ways.

Overheard 3:50 pm
03 Sep 08

Granny said :

The picture kind of reminds me of life in some ways.

Every now and then you need to go into the room of mirrors and take a good hard look at yourselves?

Granny 3:53 pm
03 Sep 08

More like indecision in the face of many choices.

ant 11:06 pm
03 Sep 08

How do kids like that balance when their heads are like basketballs and their feet are the size of matchboxes?

Granny 12:23 am
04 Sep 08

They do fall over a lot.

; )

ant 12:26 am
04 Sep 08

My only experience of them is on skis, and that works because the skis balance their ridiculous heads. Mostly.

Granny 12:29 am
04 Sep 08

You are exceedingly brave to experience them on skis. I would never do that.

ant 12:37 am
04 Sep 08

Skis are like hobbles. They can’t go anywhere much on them, other than down the hill. On the flat, smart instructors put the skis on them, so they can’t go off. I remember at Stowe (in Vermont) this escapologist 3 year old got away from its handlers (unqualified UK kiddies), and was gleefully riding up the magic carpet with my adult beginners group, he was LYING on the carpet across their skis. It was pretty funny. Last I heard of him, he’d escaped yet again and had got onto the old, slow and very LONG chair to the top of Spruce mountain. Sans skis. God only knows how he got down. It was a very, very long way.

Granny 12:47 am
04 Sep 08


Loquaciousness 9:51 am
04 Sep 08

I sent my four year old off to ski lessons this winter – it’s great! Not only can they not go anywhere while they’re on them (except down hill), they’re so tired when they get off them that they can’t do anything then either!


Granny 3:55 pm
04 Sep 08

Why have I been ignorant of this brilliant strategy for 27 years?! (It’s amazing what you miss out on when you’re athletically challenged).

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Images of Canberra

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