Images of Canberra – Kangaroos in the park

By 23 November 2008 30

Saw these two this morning trimming the grass in an Ainslie park on Officer Crescent.

Pests I know, but still magical in the right context.

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30 Responses to
Images of Canberra – Kangaroos in the park
Granny 12:28 pm
23 Nov 08

My friend Skippy is still so cute!

: )

Despite a terrible automobile accident.

farnarkler 5:55 am
24 Nov 08

It’s funny you say they’re pests when they’ve been (I mean the species not those two individuals) here a lot longer than we have.

willo 6:01 am
24 Nov 08

I hate kangaroos…..they taste terrible!!!

Granny 9:45 am
24 Nov 08

Well, of course it’s distasteful to eat the family of a classic Australian cultural icon. Only the worst of the criminally minded would be capable of committing such an abominable atrocity ….

Skippy is pictured here visiting her aunty’s sister-in-law’s second cousin thrice removed in response to the Bruce Murray Canberra song. As you can see, she is clearly loving Canberra and may never, in fact, leave.

Unless she is run over by an out-of-control automobile of course, necessitating months of convalescence in a top Sydney hospital.

willo 9:52 am
24 Nov 08

well….they do taste slightly better than koalas……

Granny 9:57 am
24 Nov 08

And now you’ve gone too far!!


seekay 11:20 am
24 Nov 08

There was a dead roo on the median strip outside the Hyatt when I drove past at about 10 last night. Presumably they were killed by a Canberran parking his/her car. That’s what footpaths and median strips in the ACT are for, isn’t it?

Granny 11:34 am
24 Nov 08

It’s just another nail in the coffin of kangaroos everywhere, seekay.

willo 11:39 am
24 Nov 08

have no fear granny…..we are NOT going to run out of kangaroos in the A.C.T anytime soon

Granny 11:46 am
24 Nov 08

Humph! Coming from a man who eats koalas!!


Skidbladnir 11:48 am
24 Nov 08

Kangaroo is really easy to do badly.
But apparently dugong is quite tasty when cooked well.

Granny 11:53 am
24 Nov 08

You should all be ashamed of yourselves! Why don’t you eat ugly but interesting animals such as cows, pigs, chickens and sheep?

Huh? Huh?

What’s your problem, people? What problem exactly do you people have? And why do you people have such a problem? People!!

Jim Jones 11:55 am
24 Nov 08

I always thought Panda would taste great. They eat nothing but bamboo shoots, which would be much better than ‘grain fed’, and a big layer of fat would mean that the meat would be really tender and moist; would probably make great crackling too.

Damn, now I’m really hungry.

willo 11:56 am
24 Nov 08

na…dugong is VERY fatty….but does have a nice flavour…..sea turtle is not bad either…but you cant go past a freshwater croc as far as tasty wildlife goes…..salties are ok too….

Granny 12:00 pm
24 Nov 08

I presume you have not seen the Tropic Thunder movie then, Jim Jones?

; )

ant 12:41 pm
24 Nov 08

Plenty of roos, everywhere. You can’t walk on my lawns in bare feet, they’re just carpetted with roo poo (they love lawns). When pickings got slim last autumn though, they et my convovulus which was a bit rude. Gourmet roos. They have also worked out how to navigate the garden stairs.

Granny 12:46 pm
24 Nov 08

I agree that it’s incredibly rude to eat one’s convovulus sans invitation. I think you must really consider putting up signs which explicitly forbid such behaviour.

; )

Roo Poo could be the new true blue Zoo Poo perhaps?

ant 12:52 pm
24 Nov 08

I put wire baskets over the tattered scraps they left, and they’re growing back, but they certainly suffered a set back. Thse are the big silver ones, and I’m quite annoyed. I think they’ve been at the proteas too (leptospermums, I think) but haven’t caught them in the act. Yet.

And roo poo is usless poo, the lawns still need that stuff put on to make them go green. The only beings that get any benefit from it is the dogs, who like to eat it. (there’s a nice thought for lunch time!).

Granny 12:58 pm
24 Nov 08

The more dead and disgusting and regurgitated the better for our canine friends, it would seem.

Skippy, on the other hand, is a true lady and would never indulge in such fare.

cranky 1:05 pm
24 Nov 08

Another vote for sea turtle. One bit will taste like fish, the next like chicken. Great when ‘cooked’ overnight in lemon juice.

astrojax 1:14 pm
24 Nov 08

new true blue Zoo Poo

and hooroo to you, too. ooh! roo stew; true, who knew?


willo 1:21 pm
24 Nov 08

cranky said :

Another vote for sea turtle. One bit will taste like fish, the next like chicken. Great when ‘cooked’ overnight in lemon juice.

yea..not bad but my favourite was one time in torres strait when the islanders butchered a huge turtle then used the shell as a pot on hot coals and made a soup containing the turtle and a host of other seafood….took bout 12hrs to cook and was absolutely beautiful……..

astrojax 1:55 pm
24 Nov 08

isn’t there some sort of treaty regulation allows traditional inhabitants of TI to imbibe turtle (and dugongs), but not outsiders, willo?

i wanna second the call to croc. yum.

willo 2:02 pm
24 Nov 08

outsiders can eat it with the islanders if invited but only the islanders can kill them…….this goes for mainland aboriginals and other native wildlife as well…..

Gungahlin Al 2:05 pm
24 Nov 08

My votes are for possum (New Zealand specialty), wallaby (Tassie), and emu.

Kanga bangers from Coles are near impossible to do well, but the preprepared kanga roast is quite passable, and dirt cheap.

Granny, it’s good for the environment – stuff all methane from roos, and it’s good for human health – lean and the roo is much further removed evolutionarily from humans than the domestic livestock, so the chance of disease like mad cow jumping over to humans is vastly reduced.

On the question of pests, roos are not pests per se. But excess numbers concentrated in certain areas do make those ones pests. Same applies for noisy miners almost everywhere, wombats in some situations, etc etc. Unfortunately the artificial environments we create in our suburbs and farms sometimes create perfect breeding environments for single species – at the expense of all the others…

Granny 2:06 pm
24 Nov 08

Good grief!! Surely they’re not allowed to kill the mainland aboriginals!

Gungahlin Al 2:06 pm
24 Nov 08

outsiders can eat it with the islanders if invited but only the islanders can kill them

What – the outsiders? “You can try it, but then I’ll have to kill you.”


willo 2:08 pm
24 Nov 08

well they were still eating humans up there in the 1950′s…….

Granny 2:10 pm
24 Nov 08

I’m too old to start eating foreign native beasties now, Gungahlin Al – oh, that’s right – we’re too old!!


ultramelon 5:06 pm
24 Nov 08

There are always kangaroos outside the science block at my school.
Last week a brown snake decided to join the bush part but ate all the guests

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