Images of Canberra – Perspective shot of Commonwealth Avenue Bridge

By 22 May 2009 19

CoffeeGeek has sent in this great shot looking towards the city along Commonwealth Avenue from the southern shore of Lake Burley Griffin.

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19 Responses to Images of Canberra – Perspective shot of Commonwealth Avenue Bridge
grundy9:17 am, 22 May 09

Very nice!

Camera model/settings?

tortfeaser9:43 am, 22 May 09

Got post?

BenMac9:44 am, 22 May 09

HDR?? Looks great. Love the reflection

bohemian10:13 am, 22 May 09

Ohhh, love this!

Pommy bastard10:22 am, 22 May 09

Excellent rendition mate!

Ozhair11:02 am, 22 May 09

Very noice :-)

caf11:10 am, 22 May 09
Qbn Gal2:25 pm, 22 May 09

Coffeegeek, that shot is a beauty. Thank you for sharing it.

trevar3:19 pm, 22 May 09

caf said :

johnboy was ‘ere first ;)

Johnboy’s don’t have the same atmosphere…

GardeningGirl6:49 pm, 22 May 09

Ooh, very nice. I love how you’ve brought out the blue colours.

Granny7:47 pm, 22 May 09

It’s a gorgeous shot!

: )

I really enjoy the photos people send in. It’s one of my favourite features.

CoffeeGeek7:56 pm, 22 May 09

Thanks everyone! Johnboy, your shot is great! I hadn’t seen it until I clicked caf’s link, honest!

Grundy – Canon 50D, f/8.0@iso200

Granny8:23 pm, 22 May 09

Well, anybody who has ‘coffee’ and ‘geek’ in the one name must be a good person!

ant9:31 pm, 22 May 09

Nice colours, the whole thing is really impressive. I’m jealous.

damo111:30 pm, 22 May 09

wow! if i didnt know better, i would want to jump in and swim in that water. excellent shot.

Granny9:25 am, 23 May 09

It actually looks like a cityscape from a fantasy movie.

Thumper9:59 am, 23 May 09

Kind of looks like the ocean, or a big estuary.


Granny10:03 am, 23 May 09

I know – it makes us look far more grand than we really are!

barry ottor9:27 pm, 23 May 09

Far too appealling for a location in Canberra :)

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