Images of Canberra – Sky on fire over Parliament House 18-JAN-20052003

By 14 September 2005 7

STW sent in the following corker of the sky over Parliament House on 18-JAN-03. Just in case you’d forgotten how apocalyptic that day was.

Parliament House Canberra - with the sky on fire

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7 Responses to
Images of Canberra – Sky on fire over Parliament House 18-JAN-20052003
Thumper 11:25 pm
14 Sep 05

That is a seriously good shot….

postcard sort of stuff…

Well done !

Thumper 11:26 pm
14 Sep 05

I should add that yes I really do remember what it was like.

Pity our elected representatives have forgotten….

Chris 9:15 am
15 Sep 05

For me and my neighbours, it was when the sky darkened so much that streetlights popped on – we’re a small loop-street group and most of us have lived there for over 20 years – we just gathered and tried to make some sense of it NO ONE had heard any word of warning ‘this is what you should do/be doing’ from the ACT Government.
BTW – on Comrade Bruford – it’s ironic that that there a glossy flyer on Action buses now, about graffiti and the reporting thereof…..

OpenYourMind 9:35 am
15 Sep 05

Shouldn’t that be 18-Jan-2003??

el 11:46 am
15 Sep 05

That’s a chills-down-the-spine photo. What time was it taken? 4-ish?

Absent Diane 4:31 pm
15 Sep 05

Thats a bloody awesome photo….. in a morbid way I am disappointed that I missed the fires….

Spot the wog 9:15 pm
15 Sep 05

This photo was taken by police from woden station on a compilation disc i managed to swindle and yes unfortunatly the date was wrong on the camera. !t is part of a 3 piece collage the first being in the morning, clear blue sky, second being the above and the third being a black cloud behind all in the one day!
and it was not don on PHOTOSHOP!!!

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