Images of Canberra – Storm over Civic

By 22 February 2007 10

Miranda took an interesting shot of the storm raining down over Civic yesterday afternoon.

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10 Responses to Images of Canberra – Storm over Civic
Absent Diane9:47 am, 22 Feb 07

that looks awesome..

A couple of months ago I was at the lighthouse and there was a 20 metre willy willy on the lake heading right towards us… it broke up as soon as it hit land and sprayed everyone.. was quite funny…. i wish I had taken a photo of it.. I have seen plenty of willy willy’s in australia but this one was huge…

Danman10:10 am, 22 Feb 07

There was a huge 100 or so meter willy willy in harrison on the weekend – I watched it for ages before pulling over for my brother toget some video footage of it – only to have it dissipate – It was a sweet perfectly formed twisting cylinder up the top – and a big cloud of dust down the bottom. Nature rocks.

Thumper10:23 am, 22 Feb 07

I don’t remember being nuked yesterday….

astrojax12:39 pm, 22 Feb 07

I just wanted to add, what a fabulous storm last night. Aaah, rain..! (me garden loved it, it did)

Sammy12:52 pm, 22 Feb 07

what a fabulous storm last night

I was a little disappointed with it. It buzzed around for about 5 hours before it actually dumped any rain in Chisholm.

Sammy12:54 pm, 22 Feb 07

Seems to me the recent rain has had a measurable effect on Lake Burley Griffin. The water appears much closer to the top of the wall at Scrivener Dam.

sim_m_o1:48 pm, 22 Feb 07

I was at the canberra centre last night, and the new part of the building failed to hold up again. There was an uninterrupted stream of water coming out of many light fittings, and poor old Dendy’s had water issues again, with leakage in one of their cinemas.

Pandy8:01 am, 23 Feb 07

with leakage in one of their cinemas

Old people should be banned from cinemas.

Al1:09 pm, 23 Feb 07

Leakage: LOL Pandy!
The big willys are a regular feature at Harrison – unfortunately. More common now from the new school site and the Franklin development, they can be easily 100m high and more, and sometimes skinny, sometimes 20m wide. They rip through the building sites, with seriously dangerous missiles flying everywhere. And if you’ve left any windows at home open, well what a wonderful cleaning job you have…

Pandy2:18 pm, 23 Feb 07

It’s a Sonic brain fart!!!!

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