Images of Canberra – the curse in bloom

By 28 October 2010 13

curse bloom

With the capeweed going to seed it’s pleasing that another invasive weed is coming into bloom to entertain us with riotous colour and the moans of those who have to fight it.

Pommy Bastard has sent in this picture of the Pattersons Curse doing well at the Aranda bushlands.

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13 Responses to
Images of Canberra – the curse in bloom
Fiona 11:15 am
28 Oct 10

Very cool.

Yes, I know it’s a weed, but still. <3

switch 11:56 am
28 Oct 10

Don’t you mean “Salvation Jane?” :-)

Monster of the Deep 12:00 pm
28 Oct 10

Pulling up paddock after paddock of PC with your bare hands makes it look less pretty and more like a nightmare.

Twit 12:20 pm
28 Oct 10

It may be an unpleasant weed but it sure takes a purdy picture.

Pommy bastard 1:57 pm
28 Oct 10

Many thanks :-)

Buzz2600 2:52 pm
28 Oct 10

I can’t believe Patersons Curse has been allowed to get out of control like this. Its nothing new, I know, but its definitely a ‘curse’ that doesn’t get better by itself.

Ditto “monster of the deep” after chipping acres of the stuff by hand, it doesn’t look so pretty any more.

Woody Mann-Caruso 3:02 pm
28 Oct 10


Carmody’s Curse! If we’re not consistent it’ll never catch on!

creative_canberran 9:12 pm
28 Oct 10

Nice shot! Perhaps a name change to “Artistic Bastard” is in order.

sirocco 12:21 am
29 Oct 10

switch said :

Don’t you mean “Salvation Jane?” :-)

Aren’t we in sheep country? If so doesn’t that mean it’s Salvation Jane cos it is digestible for complex ruminants like sheep and cattle? It’s only poisonous to things like horses (yes, yes and all the other mammals with only one gut :-) )

JessicaNumber 7:41 am
29 Oct 10

Awful stuff. It’s also in the less travelled area between Majura and Ainslie, though not in such numbers. I guess the volunteers are keeping it cleared out of the popular areas.

homeone 6:59 pm
29 Oct 10

‘Salvation Jane’ was a SA name as I recall it and that’s the direction it came from.

Sometime in the late sixties it arrived in large proportions in the Riverina. Every man & his dog tooled around on their tractor with the boom sprays going trying to wipe it out (the boom sprays were left over from 4 or 5 years earlier when we’d tried, without no luck at all, to wipe out the ‘Cape Weed’. The Cape weed was much more hated because it got in the wheat crops.

I’ve never seen stock of any type eat it! If it was the ‘salvation’ in the legend the stock in SA must have been very hard up.

Muttsybignuts 10:11 pm
29 Oct 10

My grandmother always told stories that back in her day, they used to sell it as a flower in Sydney known as “Riverina Bluebelle”.

Jethro 9:51 am
30 Oct 10

There’s fields and fields of it out past Dunlop and Macgregor. Very perdy.

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Images of Canberra

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