Injured kangaroo on William Hovell Drive this morning

By 8 November 2011 34

At about 8.10 am this morning, we saw an injured kangaroo on William Hovell Drive (between Coulter and Bindubi) – we were going in the direction of Civic.  From appearances, it had been hit, had made its way to the grassy island in the middle and was contemplating getting across to the other side of the road.  Fortunately that side of the road was less busy because it was traffic away from Civic – but still very busy.

OH was driving so I used my phone to look up the number for injured wildlife.  I finally got through on the RSPCA mobile at 8.18 am.  The woman who answered asked: “Is this the kangaroo on William Hovell?”  It turned out she had notified the rangers 45 minutes earlier.  I let her know that the animal was up and hobbling around – apparently it was on its side when the report had been called through.

At 9.10 am I phoned just to make sure that the kangaroo had been collected.  The rangers had been busy with another kangaroo this morning so the kangaroo hadn’t been picked up yet – no idea if it’s still alive.  I have no doubt it will have to be put to sleep but it’s pretty terrifying for it.  Anyway, I have now saved the following numbers into my phone for next time.  I thought I’d share them in case other people want them, too.

The RSPCA Phone (Business Hours) (02) 6287 8100
Mobile 0413 495 031

For information about injured wildlife in your area (e.g. snakes, possums and magpies) contact the Urban Wildlife Ranger.

Urban Wildlife Ranger
Phone (Business Hours) (02) 6207 2127 (Southside) Phone (Business Hours) (02) 6207 1679 (Northside)

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34 Responses to
Injured kangaroo on William Hovell Drive this morning
460cixy 7:53 pm
14 Dec 12

Last one I saw on the road still alive after being hit I stopped and donged it on the head like any decent human should do

FootyFan 11:06 pm
14 Dec 12

Roundhead89 said :

My God, where do people find these zombie threads?

My apologies; I had a similar incident happen to a friend and I saw this thread, but did not realise it was over a year old!

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 6:50 am
15 Dec 12

460cixy said :

Last one I saw on the road still alive after being hit I stopped and donged it on the head like any decent human should do

Freddyvegan is not amused.

You should have lay down with the poor thing and prayed together then come on here and post your outrage that a rod was built near some beautiful and endangered kangaroos.

460cixy 9:54 am
15 Dec 12

Haha looks like I got it all wrong then. But seriously be very carefull with injured roos leave them well alown or dong em on the head but don’t just walk up to them to try and help them they really wig out. And always come from behind so they can’t see you

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