Internet Providers in Canberra?

By 17 June 2011 13

I have an Irish lass boarding and she requires internet with the capacity to use skype.

I’m in Latham and given I only pay windscreen washers 20c I’m after a pretty cheap say $30/month prepaid deal (if poss).

I have a wireless router as I was with Transact but apart from that not really any idea!!

Can anyone recommend a good service provider?

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13 Responses to
Internet Providers in Canberra?
Skip 11:08 am
17 Jun 11

If you are with Transact and wish to continue to use them for your internet access, have a look at these service providers.

Mysteryman 11:17 am
17 Jun 11

Check this site out:

It’s got a lot of information concerning priced, availability, and user experiences.

Holden Caulfield 11:20 am
17 Jun 11

I’ll start the Internode bandwagon. Who’s with me…

(Although not sure if they do prepaid.)

Spectra 11:54 am
17 Jun 11

As HC implied, Internode is the popular choice amongst those who put thought into such things (and with good cause). However a $30 prepaid deal might be a bit lower than where their offerings start.

Watson 12:00 pm
17 Jun 11

Why doesn’t she just get a dongle? (Man, that sounds so wrong!)

Loxmyf 1:26 pm
17 Jun 11

She can buy a Telstra 3g access point for $49.50 from HN and Domayne this week as part of their 50% off sale. (Aldi have it too, but they’re charging $79)

It comes with 5GB and a 90 day expiry, which works out at $16.50 per month

Grrrr 1:34 pm
17 Jun 11

You can get 3G wireless for $30/mo. In fact, all the providers offer $150 for 10-12 gig with a year expiry on prepaid which will work for you if you keep usage under control. No guarantees that it’ll be fast. Telstra > Optus > Voda (typically.)

3G bargain of the moment is the Telstra Prepaid Mobile Wifi Router (MF30) for $50 from Officeworks or HN if you can find stock, comes with 5 gig/3 months. Works well, free to unlock (which never hurts.)

Also on the topic of Wireless, Netspeed Longreach fixed wireless seems to be something of a bargain if you’re in a coverage area. (Their online coverage map is down – call them.) $100-300 setup (and you can use your router) then as little as $18/mo. Similar speeds to ADSL.

Otherwise, ADSL2+ from the likes of Internode on iiNet. Will cost a little more than $30/mo but you’ll get much more reliable performance than 3G and bigger quotas.

Gungahlin Al 1:49 pm
17 Jun 11

Watson said :

Why doesn’t she just get a dongle? (Man, that sounds so wrong!)


Jivrashia 1:50 pm
17 Jun 11

OP doesn’t have internet….


(and how the flapping hell did he post this?)

Tether from your 3G mobile phone OP? She has a wifi laptop doesn’t she?

Pooks 3:21 pm
17 Jun 11

Holden Caulfield said :

I’ll start the Internode bandwagon. Who’s with me…

(Although not sure if they do prepaid.)

Internode is the balls. And by balls, I mean awesome. We are with them and it’s perfect. Found out about them on Whirlpool forums.

STAY AWAY FROM TPG! If anything goes wrong you’ll be sent to their call center in Indonesia. Apparently the answer to every connection problem can be solved by “Please turn your router on and off.’

Primal 4:21 pm
17 Jun 11

Another proud rider of the ‘Nodewagon here.

Pre-paid v post-paid isn’t that much of an issue any more, with most ISPs able to throttle your speeds once you go over your monthly quota rather than charging you some exorbitant per-MB rate thereafter.

Catty 5:08 pm
17 Jun 11

Wanted cheap internet for my Dad, a sporadic user who had dialup. After investigation, found a “dongle” deal and it’s brilliant! One of its advantages is that it can be plugged in almost anywhere. However, beware of ones that use Telstra as the carrier, because they charge MEGA $$$$ if you go over the download limit. We chose to go with “3″ as there was not much choice for the price at the time. The only time there was a problem was when it dropped out because we had changed credit cards and they couldn’t process the payments. Fixed it easily.

arescarti42 7:25 pm
17 Jun 11

Holden Caulfield said :

I’ll start the Internode bandwagon. Who’s with me…

(Although not sure if they do prepaid.)

I also ride the node pony and highly recommend it.

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