Israeli art scam back but this time they’re French…

By 9 May 2010 5

I just got “hit” in O’Connor. 

This was so obviously dodgy I politely shooed him off.  And of course when I found an example of the Israeli version from last year, the painting the poor scammed woman was holding was exactly the same as one he was trying to sell for $250 which you can buy from the Internet for $5.

[Ed] And the local Neighbourhood Watch are now including the RiotACT scam spotting in their newsletter.

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5 Responses to Israeli art scam back but this time they’re French…
harley11:59 am, 09 May 10

12th of April “Kevin” came knocking at my door.

So they’re still using the same paintings? I didn’t even give Kevin time for the gate to hit his arse on the way out.

phototext12:53 pm, 09 May 10

Calling it “art” seems a bit generous.

Hard to have any sympathy for anyone who pays $195 for a painting as hideous as that.

bd849:35 pm, 09 May 10

I think they were around here last year too, I don’t think they were Israeli though. I remember an AFP or Fair Trading warning about the scam going out at some point. I’m sure there are plenty of idiots around who fall for the scams anyway.

cleo11:40 pm, 10 May 10

It’s a bit like the asian paintings, but we didn’t pay that much, of course we were posted in Malaysia at the time.

s-s-a7:33 pm, 21 May 10

Just had a door knocker – Weston Creek area. French accent. It’s at least 10 degrees colder outside my front door than inside, so as soon as I saw the big portfolio thingy by his side I shooed him off, politely.

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