Just when you thought it was all over – a look at the campaign trail

By 20 October 2008 7

Jon Reynolds from Canberra Votes has sent in the video above. A pretty good look at life on the campaign trail for election candidates.

Well worth the download.

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7 Responses to
Just when you thought it was all over – a look at the campaign trail
Granny 2:52 pm
20 Oct 08

Nobody told me that Roger the Donkey was running! I think I had a defective ballot sheet.

Kramer 3:18 pm
20 Oct 08

That’s a wasted vote for Roger – didn’t the person watch the ads on TV? No ticks, or crosses – numbers only!

Granny 3:30 pm
20 Oct 08

What an idiot …. Poor Roger!


Primal 3:44 pm
20 Oct 08

“Roger the Donkey”. A name or an instruction?

Granny 4:28 pm
20 Oct 08

Yes, well, better than Roger the Dead Donkey I suppose ….

*chortle snort*

Jonathon Reynolds 7:20 am
21 Oct 08

Having filmed the count at the Farrer booth… all I can say is never underestimate the “donkey” vote!

Granny 8:20 am
21 Oct 08

Donkey: I just know, before this is over, I’m gonna need a whole lot of serious therapy. Look at my eye twitchin’.

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